An idea from a stoned student makes it to the market! Get the Push For Pizza clone for $999

By September 29, 2016Company Updates

Five teens from Brooklyn have created an app called Push For Pizza that makes it easy to get a PIZZA delivered to your door, Just when we thought it’s over!

This is how the app works, once the user has entered the required information, like address and payment information you’re just a touch away from ordering your favorite pizza. Instead of the hassle of going through all the options, users can choose from two options cheese or pepperoni, who needs more options than that?push-for-pizza-3

The pizza and the tip are paid for before it arrives thanks to the inbuilt payment option. This idea seems like it’s from a stoned teenager making the lives of stoners easier since there isn’t much to choose from. Also no inconvenience is caused to the state of the mind. Yes, that is right! It did indeed.

The marketing video features a couple of the creators of the app and their friend sitting around on the couch complaining about being hungry. A quick drag and lets not forget the  joke about Uber show that they know what type of market they’re getting into. This app makes it more convenient to order your pizza and kill hunger wether you’re stoned or not.Push For Pizza 2

If you wish to have your own Push For Pizza contact us :