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By January 27, 2017Company Updates

Coaster, a new app that launched recently is a mobil-drink ordering app. The users can order their drinks and pay for it on the app without waiting in line. But, there are only selected bars on the app not all and the real trouble that Coaster faced was to reach out to all the bars so it just released secoaster-1lf-serve iPad app that bars can install on their own. The local small business market is not as easy as it may look. It’s not exactly ideal to go door-to-door to sign a new partner in the bar scene of just one city, San Francisco. Also, it’s not like there a few number of bars. Bars are everywhere, Where else would you go after a long day, to party, to recover, need a break, getting married, broken up, etc?

Since the app was having trouble signing partners the iPad app enabled bars to roll out the system themselves. They can create their own menus, price their drinks and add drink specials. Since the app already had a couple of drinks that were standard, the bars would have to choose from those options ( like beer ) and price them. coaster-app-clone-script-3

The app lets you pay via credit card in the bars that only expect cash. Sounds good doesn’t it? You wouldn’t want to carry cash to a place you may not remember coming back from. There are numerous advantages for the bars as well. Bartenders don’t need to worry about keeping track of tabs and credit cards that users leave behind. Since Coaster users online payment (including tips) everything is easier and faster for both, the customers and the bars.

Coaster founder Inderpal Singh says one other advantage is that bars will be able to sell more drinks. Users don’t have to wait in line for the next round, the payment is quick and easy. The most important reason why bars will choose the Coaster iPad app for their orders is that Coaster charges no payment-processing fees. By making the app free, Coaster is inviting the bars to try it out at least once. Once you try it, you’ll see the benefits and there’s no going back.

Uber for x, Uber for drinks!

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