On-demand startup for ’emergency’ items launches in Stanford. Get the Jetpack Clone for $999.

By March 6, 2017Company Updates

What if you were at uni and you din’t have a box of kleenex, a full pack of Sudafed(or whatever you require) and you don’t want to buy them because you have a pack at home? What would you do? Wouldn’t it be great if someone can just offer you a sample size of the product you’re looking for? It defiantly would, that’s why Jetpack is a huge hit.  Just like Uber for Taxi booking, Jetpack is Uber for remedies! jetpack-1

The app launched on campus at Stanford recently. The founder and CEO Fatima Dicko is a graduate student at the Stanford University. “It’s not about running out, it’s just that they’re in a situation where they want a sample size of  a particular product they don’t want to buy” says fatima.

Jetpack delivers “emergency” supplies to students on demand. There are about 15 items for on-demand delivery and each item costs anywhere from one dollar to five. There are 100 students on campus thrilled to be a part of Jetpack bags, supplying anything from energy drinks to hangover remedies. Considering that the users are college students this might come handy aye.

This is how it works, Jetpackpers pre-stock with the items, so once they get a request all they have to worry about is the delivery. A standard weekly fee is obtained by Jetpackers for selling a percentage of the products.jetpack-2

GOAL: Expand into cities and sell kits which will cost five to $10. CEO, fatima  wanted to start small to understand which products are most wanted. You can probably get these supplies through postmates, but caught in a situation like this, users would want speedy delivery and thats where Jetpack has leverage. The CEO, Fatima previously received $130,000 in funding, and is looking to raise a seed round.

NEXT : Jetpack’s next launch is hoping to be at Cornell and Harvard in the next year or so, this is one of the priorities as of now. Fatima said  “understanding the interactions between people and understanding how helping other people can solve different psychological gaps people have,” Everyone should be able to find deodorant or an aspirin to feel better, more comfortable. Thats the aim, to help people in an uneasy situation to a comfortable one.

Uber for everything, Uber for remedies!

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