Uber for X – Recovery Trucks

By June 4, 2014Company Updates

uber for x service - tow or recovery truck service

Imagine you are driving off into the sunset for a long deserved vacation. What if your car breaks down in the middle?

You call the number of a nearby recovery truck service. They ask you where you are…you go on to describe the highway you were on and what kind of food they served in the last diner you crossed, all in the interest of you trying to pinpoint your location to the recovery truck guy. This just shouldn’t be! In the age of smartphones and apps…we want to be able to give you a way to let the service men know exactly where you are.

Enter our Uber for X clone script. On buying our script, we have a particular module, that allows you to launch an app and run a  service industry like a recovery or tow truck service, within minutes.

You, the owner of the script, the operator of the said vehicle recovery service, will be able to see when a customer requests a pickup, along with their location on a map interface. You will also be able to see your drivers who are free and nearby, that you can assign this job to. They will then accept the job and enter an ETA for them to reach and service your client. Which your client will also get as a notification saying “A recovery truck has been assigned to service you, and will reach you in <Driver-set-ETA-Time> HH:MM. Please stay in the same spot you hailed us from. Thanks!”.

That is it, your truck will reach your customer and service them, generate a bill amount plus tip (All inside their service person app!) and that amount (plus your fee) will be sent to the client. Now, the client will receive a notification that this is the amount they have to pay using in-app PayPal payment method using their PayPal account or credit card.

And done 🙂

Congratulations…you are now the proud owner and operator of a recovery truck service, leveraging state of the art technologies!

We can also put the who thing on autopilot, depending on your requirements 🙂

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