Case Studies


Client Name: Lawrence I. Morris
Enviroment: PHP 5.*, Laravel 5.2, MySQL, Ubuntu 16.04, Node JS

Ideas and plans, was all that I had when approaching them. Wished they were reasonable at cost. Yes! They were. This troupe was particularly easy going and gave us all the support we wanted, in terms of deciphering the basics.

Our plan was to create an on-demand service app that provides very significant items packed in a bag. For instance, if you are travelling to a destination and you badly need pills for headache or an antibiotic, Jetpack delivers it! It was all planned to work out like a part time occupation.

During the initial stages I had no clue how much of effort was needed to develop an app, what the flow was like or even the basics of it! ‘Appoets’ were extremely helpful in simplifying it for us. We had a thorough knowledge transfer which most business concerns don’t do, fearing competition.

Unlike other business, it is prohibited to rotate cash within the campus. This created a complication in setting a delivery method in the app! Which is adding a ‘Cash on Delivery’ button was a strict ‘NO’. The complication -If the app goes without a COD button, provider delivers the product but the receiver could get the item and decline payment, which may be a loss for us. But if COD is given, chances of being seized was really high! To my surprise, they supported us with God’s Eye from the back end.

We were the only U.S. clients, the only people with huge time difference, for them at the time of our bond. But the crew was more dedicated in getting the job done, they decided to allot a special team who put their heart and soul in development round the clock and stayed with us till the very end of the project. We were able to make it with few or no errors or bugs at all!

Since we were budding then, a Business analyst team was also given particularly to guide us through the project. We planned to get an investor good enough to clear the bills. But the final output fetched us somebody who invested close to 13,000 dollars.

If you are going to them for an app development, it is important that you go with a clear goal and a plan. Giving them suggestions and letting them know the needs, kindles their spirit for a cool output!!




Client Name: Bruno
Translator: Deborah
Enviroment: PHP 5.*, Laravel 5.2, MySQL, Ubuntu 16.04, Node JS

Environment: iOS Xcode, Objective C, Android studio, Web PHP Imagine a child lost in a huge crowd, in a different country! That's exactly how I felt when I initially shared my idea with AppDupe. It was not because of any mistakes from either side but because of the language barrier. Being a native Brazilian, and not knowing English was the most challenging task I had to face.

My idea, HelpCars was a tow truck service app which helps the customers to request a tow truck anywhere and anytime in Brazil. After its initial release in Brazil, our organization had plans to expand the business to European countries. With an ambitious task at hand, I approached AppDupe for a Uber for tow truck clone script.

Though hiring a translator was a wise decision, we still faced some challenges. But, AppDupe was with us all along the way and explained each and every requirement with the visual presentation designed especially for the project and made sure that they understood my requirements and also made me understand what I wanted and can do to improve the app drastically.

After the initial talks and struggles, we successfully froze the requirements with the help of translators and thus the development of the app began. Being the only Brazilian client for AppDupe and a vast time difference in the time zone, AppDupe decided to appoint a team of dedicated developers who were in constant touch with us and supported us in the development of the app. As the app developed and progressed from stage to stage, I was happy with the way how things were progressing and wanted to invest more in the User Interface and additional features.

After the development of the app, the team encountered few bugs and handled it efficiently during the testing phase. Both the development team and the testing team worked together to resolve the issues in a short period of time.

Flash forwarding 3 months, HelpCars was delivered to me even before the allotted time limit and went live on the market. The regressive marketing strategies used by AppDupe allowed us to gain 10,000 users quickly.

AppDupe is currently providing us around the clock support and helping us to constantly improve the app to meet the latest market trends. With a dedicated and hardworking team, AppDupe has thoroughly impressed us. We have referred AppDupe for an upcoming app for cab services and are looking forward to working with AppDupe in the future.