You know the story of Robin hood..don’t you? He steals from the rich who are wicked and feeds the poor who find no help. That’s a hero at heart and deed. Unafraid of showing the World he doesn’t care what they think about him but caring deeply about those whose voices never get heard. Well, the legend has it that Robinhood wasn’t actually killed but went missing in action when sky came falling. He could be anywhere and we are frantically trying to reach him.

Why are we looking for Robin Hood?

We want him to steal from us. We have awesome products such as high quality clones of Instagram, Uber, Tinder,Vine, Snapchat and so on. They are selling like hot cakes and we are getting richer by the night. Now, we want him to come and steal not just one or two but everything we have – our entire catalog of world’s amazing ideas and their clone scripts which if you put a number would gross over $3600 in rack price total and the kinda businesses you can build with our ready-made scripts can very well surpass a few billion dollars.

Instagram alone sold for a Billion to Facebook. Imagine 6 like that. So, we want Robinhood to steal billions of dollars from our 6 scripts and give it to the World. Now, to tempt him further, we are turning this hot contest between us and Robin Hood into a charity event. Every time he steals all of our 6 clones worth billions for just $49, we would also donate a huge part of our income to charity. He steals, we give to the poor. Very Robin Hood like! 🙂

Now, if Robinhood can’t grow a pair and show up, you can. Steal all the 6 products we have made over years and insult us by paying just $49. We will consider you to be Robin Hood’s clan and still hold true to our promise to donate a big chunk of it to the poor and needy. Man up, Robinhood! Man up! 🙂


Let the stealing begin!