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eBay Clone - App Development

Shopping has become a core human desire that requires constant fulfilment. With a rising economy coupled with evolving technology, the industry has been rapidly shifting towards convenience. E-Shopping has given rise to the next generation shoppers who have access over a billion choices of clothes, electronic devices, accessories and much more via their smart devices.With the power of the internet, infused with the growing millennials, the online marketplace is heating up with next-generation websites and applications. An ideal time to join the online bandwagon with our eBay Clone designed to offer you with the most eBayced features to keep you ahead in the race. AppDupe’s cutting-edge eBay Readymade Clone Script ensures your app stands out from the rest, and our end-to-end development solutions keep you in the development loop from ideation to launch, always!. So what’s the hold-up? Let’s start!

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Our eBay Clone- App Features

Powerful Dashboard

A powerful and user-friendly dashboard for seamless end-to-end site administration management.

Stock Management

The feature allows app admins to monitor the stock and receive automatic notification during changes in-stock inventory.


Manage an infinite number of products with numerous options like commodity size, colour, price, weight and more.


Users can invite friends, family, colleagues or others to join the app and receive promo coupons and referral rewards.


Integrate ad banners with ease. App users will view customized ads based on their location, time, festive season and much more as per client requirements.

eBay clone

Bulk Orders

Wholesalers can set different pricing based upon product quantity. Customers have the option to place large orders in one checkout or as per their convenience.

Customer management

Manage your customers by segregating them in multiple groups like regular buyers, idle accounts, bulk buyers and much more.


Attract users by issuing them special coupons carrying discounts, special offers during purchase or much more as per admin’s discretion.

Multi-Language integration

App users can choose from a wide range of languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin and others. Designed to cater to global users.

Login via OTP

For a secured login, app users can sign up or login via OTP (One Time Password) using their mobile number

Add to cart

Users can add the products to the shopping cart by clicking the “add to cart? button or by simply drag and drop option. Designed for user convenience.


Allows app users to filter the products or items and customize the search to suit their needs.

Compare products

Buyers can compare products based upon its brand, quantity, size, price, features and more effectively.


App users will receive service related notification via Push notification, SMS and Email as per admins discretion.

eBay clone

Rating and Review

Buyers can check product rating before purchase and drop in their reviews post-purchase.


A simple checkout feature designed to assist buyers to pay easy and quick without any glitches or hassles

Order Status

Notify buyers with the order status including purchase confirmation, product shipping, returns, order cancellation and other via SMS or email.

Payment mode

Integrate multiple payment modes like credit/debit card, digital payment wallet, cash on delivery and more for boosting convenience during checkout.

Selling Platform

Sellers can sell their product anywhere around the globe with our state-of-the-art mobile application and website.

Showcase Product

Infinite products can be showcased in the online shopping platform including enhanced colours, product price, size, zoom and other features.

Vendor Management

Admin can manage, create, delete vendors and their products via the dedicated admin panel and similarly set vendor limitation and limit their access as per their discretion.

eBay clone app

Product Upload

Sellers can add products via their profiles and publish the same post review or auto approval as per admins discretion.

Recently Viewed Products

Products recently viewed by customers can be cross-promoted by the admin to boost sales.

Commission Rate

Commission rate for vendors and products can be set globally and be customized as per the client's discretion.

Launch your powerful online marketplace with us

We ensure your app and Web panels are up and ready in no time. And Yes, we will take care of launching your customized digital marketplace on your dedicated server, Play store and App Store with ease!

  • 1.Requirement Analysis :

    We analyze the client's requirements and deliver them with comprehensive solutions.

  • 2.Payment Integration :

    We integrate the most secured and popular payment gateways to best suit clients requirements.

  • 3.API Integration :

    Our cutting-edge apps support all API and ensure smooth functioning always.

  • 4.Notification Integration :

    All crucial notifications including Email, Push notification and SMS alerts will be integrated.

eBay clone app

eBay Clone - How it Works

  • step 1:
    User logs in the App.
  • step 2:
    Searches for the product.
  • step 3:
    Adds the product to the shopping cart.
  • step 4:
    Product check-out via the payment gateway.
  • step 5:
    Product Dispatch.
  • step 6:
    Product delivered to the customer's location.
  • step 7:
    Rating and Feedback.
eBay clone app
eBay clone script
eBay clone script
eBay clone script
eBay clone script


Yes, our eBayced eBay Readymade Clone Script is 100% customizable and can integrate all your requirements with ease.

Yes, our team will be delighted to assist you with all your app enhancement needs post your app launch.

You will own the entire source code of your application. The app will be hosted on your company server as per agreement.

Based on your requirements, there is no limit to the number of Vendors joining your app. As per your discretion, you can even limit the number of vendors.

No, there is no limit to the number of users that can join your app.

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