Gojek Clone Features

Encompass a wide variety of on-demand services from taxi rides and delivery services to babysitting and laundry services in a single GoJek clone app.

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Gojek Clone Features

The below list entails the basic features of the app like Gojek that can be customized to suit and weave any on-demand services.

Call features

Users of the application can communicate with the inbuilt call service provided for them.

iOS App for User & providers

The iOS app we provide is also built natively to function without any delay or hurdles.

Dispatcher Panel

The dispatcher panel helps to efficiently manage the booking of services and dispatching of drivers.

Android App for User & Providers

We build the Android app natively for both the users and providers of the service to ensure that it works seamlessly.

Promo code

This feature enables the users of the app to enjoy discounts and offers, thereby bringing in more users.

Rate Card

When the user is not sure of proper destination, the rate card gives a rate in accordance with the distance travelled.

Schedule Bookings

If one needs to commute daily at a routine time, this feature enables them to perform schedule bookings.

Estimated Travel Time

This feature enables one to calculate the estimated travel time from the pick-up point to the destination point.

Trip Rate Estimator

Trip Fare estimator helps to calculate the approximate trip fare based on the distance to be travelled.

SMS/ Email Notifications

This feature enables the service provider to send notifications or alerts to their customers through SMS or Emails.

Instant notification

The app instantly alerts or notifies its users on booking status, change/cancellation, payment notifications, etc.

Flexible Vehicle Option

An app provides its users with multiple vehicle options to choose from based on their requirements.

Store/restaurant web panel

We provide the store /restaurant with a web panel that enables tasks and transactions to be carried out seamlessly.

Analytics Tracking

This feature helps collect user-based data to make changes and further improve the services provided.

Availability Options

Availability toggles allow users to determine whether drivers/delivery personnel are available to provide their services.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Real-time tracking helps the customer to be aware of the location of their delivery and also for drivers and riders to locate each other.

In App Support

Users and service providers can avail support assistance or clarify service related questions via in-app chat, call and mail.

Multiple City/Country

Business admins can add countries, cities, and zones where they wish to activate the platform and enable their services.

Store/restaurant iOS and Android App

Both iOS and Android apps for the store/restaurant are built natively in order to allow bug-free usage.

Register and Login with mobile number or email

Users and drivers register and log into the application and its features using either their email or mobile number.

Driver/Delivery Person iOS and Android App

The iOS and Android app for the driver or delivery personnel is developed by us under careful scrutiny to ensure they perform without any lag.


Geo-fencing allows the drivers/delivery person to locate the customers and vice versa. Its accuracy goes a long way in increasing the efficiency of the service provided.


This feature helps with maintaining quality standards on the application based on feedback received from both service providers and customers.


This feature helps with maintaining quality standards on the application based on feedback received from both service providers and customers.

Booking Records

This feature keeps a record of the user's trip destinations, the price of trips and other information. It helps the user in case he/she needs to obtain information on their past trips.

Admin Panel

The admin app is built with a lot of considerations to ensure that it can manage and supervise all the activities of the users and service providers.

Service Provider web panel

We develop a web panel that ensures easy navigation for a service provider. They can manage their everyday transactions conveniently.


A user/service provider can update their detailed profile and also add/remove their info from the application. It is ensured that information is not stored without the approval or knowledge of a user.

Multiple Payment Methods

This feature enables the user to pay through multiple modes like cash, card or any e-commerce payment applications, therefore, making it convenient for users to make payments.

Featured services

Users view new services integrated into the application. Admins via the panel add or enhance services in the menu under “Featured services” section. The new services reflect users as “Recommended.”

History details

Users and drivers can access the feature to view the past/ongoing/upcoming services, including more information such as date & time, cost, driver/delivery person ID, and other info.

Billing Admin Panel

This panel helps generate a monthly receipt for drivers, delivery personnel and service providers. It facilitates the admin to maintain the revenue reports and keep track of earnings.

Peak Hours

The feature, when activated charges double the cost (can be modified via Admin panel) to users. The admin sets the peak hours (specific time during the day), and the app auto-activates surge price.


Taxi vehicles equipped with Wheelchair favorable accessories can be marked as “Wheelchair friendly” by drivers. Drivers will receive service requests by users opting for “Wheelchair friendly” rides.

In-app push notification

In-app push notifications convey internal/service-related messages to the users & service providers. The feature is configured in coding and operated via the admin panel seamlessly.

Socket implementation

By creating a separate layer in the app integrated with Socket.io, we ensure seamless request, chat, and location fetch functionalities. This provides system flexibility while receiving service requests.

List of providers

For the smart on-demand platform, users can view the list of providers on the map and their details, including name, ratings, service specialty, and others.

OTP/Service image

Business admins via the panel can either enable or disable dynamic OTP feature as per business requirements. If enabled, the option will be made available for users.

OTP Verification

Users & drivers registering into the application using a mobile number or email will receive OTP via SMS or email. Users/drivers verify the profile and proceed with registration via OTP.

Toll charge

The smart feature enables drivers/service providers to include/input toll charges manually during the ride/service. At the end-of-the trip/service, the toll charges get added with the final service cost.


The application feature notifies both users and service providers regarding coupons, promotions, in-app chats, service confirmations, and other alerts posted in admin

Location and status visibility and update inflow

Once the driver accepts the service request, the location, and the status of the ride/order service gets visible to the users. This feature is enabled with the help of the GPS.


Service providers will be linked to specific zones with predefined payroll. During payment settlements, business admins the concerned payroll templates according to service providers zone and proceed further.

User & service provider in-app chat

Once the service provider accepts the ride/order request, he/she can chat with the customers for clarification regarding location and direction. The feature eliminates users (Customers & service providers) the necessity to call.

Tips for Driver

Users can grant additional tips to drivers' after service completion. However, the option is enabled for card payments only. Users provide the concerned tip amount (that gets added to the invoice) and proceed with the final payment.

Admin roles and responsibility

Admins can assign and provide limited/specific access to sub-admins. The sub-admins can handle particular functions in the application. For example, a sub-admin designated to handle disputes raised by users and service providers.

Saved Address

Frequently visited addresses can be saved. This eliminates the repetitive entry of a location every time a user travels. For example, a user can add and then automatically choose their home address instead of typing it every time.

Pricing management for specific city

Business admins manage and activate city-based pricing. Users receive invoice based on the location and the concerned pricing logic. The commission, tax, delivery charges, and others are predefined for each city via the admin panel.

Invite and Earn

Users and service providers can share invite codes with others and earn money upon successful registrations. The amount (as set by Admin) will be credited to the users/service providers wallets. The referral count and amount can be configured and declared in the admin panel.

Payment mode change in Invoice

The remarkable feature allows users to change payment methods from card to cash or vice versa. Furthermore, users looking to change card details can do so by choosing any of the listed card numbers/information previously added or manually enter new card details with ease.

Dispute management

The custom feature caters to the disputes requests of both users and service providers. Users/drivers/service providers raise dispute for past trips by selecting any of the prefilled options or enter the details manually. The difference can either be resolved by Admin or dispute manager promptly.

Lost Item Management

Users can raise queries with admins regarding their lost items after the ride/service. The query involves details about the object, trip/service date & time, booking ID, and others. The Admin performs inquiries (with users & service providers) based on the provided details and delivers a timely solution.

Document Management

Drivers/service providers upload admin listed documents. The Admin verifies and approves the records as per service policy. Drivers/Service providers can modify the uploaded documents and admins get notified of the same simultaneously. The revised papers get verified and approved by Admin as per discretion.

Fleet Management

Fleet management empowers the Admin to manage and maintain the entire taxi fleet. Integrate the fleet of cars from other companies and manage the business efficiently. The admin panel offers secure login and dedicated panels to track drivers/service providers, check/perform commission deduction/allocation for fleet, timely dispatches, and other functions.

Paid Plugins

To increase your app's usability and to make it extra appealing, our team of developers provides a set of unique paid-plugins along with GoJek clone script. You can discuss and select plugins that fit your business operations. Integrating these plugins can improve functionality while helping you handle operations easily.

Technologies We Use!

With prominent and cutting-edge technology, we structure each app with flexible features to retain its performance and quality. We have a team of developers who have years of experience in dealing with these technologies. Having handled more than 50+ products, our experts will ensure to provide the best app for you.

React Native
React Native
Angular 1 & 2
Google VR & Daydream
Unity 3D
Oculus Platform
HTC Vive
Microsoft Azure
Digital Ocean
Amazon AWS
Node JS
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The on-demand service marketplace is filled to the brim with various on-demand apps and creating an all-in-one GoJek clone app can help you and your venture attain high places on a vertical scale. Our tried and tested business model will guide you in honing the GoJek app clone. The variety of services included in the app will be the main success of your app. By providing instant appeasement of services to your customers, your venture will rake in profits. Develop a well-rounded and functional app and give your competitors a run for their money.


Go-Jek clone is a mobile application that offers 50+ in-app services under 3 relevant subcategories. From transportation and payment to food delivery, the app has it all.
There are more than 50+ on-demand services that can be included in the GoJek clone app. The main services include transportation, delivery services and other services.
Yes, we will develop your website and host it on your server.
Yes. We provide a similar product as seen in the demo. Also, the product can be modified to your requirements.
GoJek clone app has several in-app features like dispatcher panel, admin panel, separate apps for the customer, service provider and admin respectively. There are many more features that can be included in the GoJek clone app.
Yes, it is easy to set up your own Business like GoJek with AppDupe's finest GoJek clone app. With AppDupe, you can customize the clone app with your specification and launch the app within a week.
Yes, GoJek clone has established itself as a successful business model and AppDupe can help you in every step of the way.
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