Layout a Digital Transaction Utility Empire with Our PhonePe Clone!

Not just before a couple of years, payments were identified with never-ending queues and irrational waiting times. Fast forward to the present day, and we observe a striking difference. Whether it is general shopping or buying goods, anything and everything is paid now using mobile application-based digital wallets. Why so? The absolute speed and comforts conferred by digital wallets are unrivaled. Coupled with magnanimous security and privacy, they have transformed the way payments are undertaken.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to encash on this digital wallet adulation, our PhonePe clone is your go-to option. Bestowed with the best of top eWallets like PhonePay, Google Pay, etc., it proffers users with secured digital transaction experience. Now at an unbeatable price!

Highlighted Features
of our PhonePe Clone

Instant PaymentsThis is the headlining feature of our PhonePe clone. Users can transfer amounts in the blink of an eye to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Push NotificationsUsers are immediately updated about the payment status, such as sent, received, and completion status on the likes of payment successful/payment declined, etc.

Debit Card & Bank Account LinkingUsers can facilitate payments directly from their bank accounts by linking our PhonePe clone with their debit cards and several bank accounts.

Purchases / ShoppingOur PhonePe clone enables users to purchase through several existing online shopping and ecommerce sites and handle transactions of their websites.

Money TransferNot just peer-to-peer money transfer, our PhonePe clone accredits users to transfer from their bank accounts to the Phonepe clone app and vice-versa.

Transaction SharingEmpower users with the power of sharing as they’re entitled to send the transaction history to their friends through an in-app chat field.

Contacts & Social Media SyncEffectivity is promoted exponentially as users can sync contacts from their social media accounts and initiate transactions almost instantly.

End-to-End EncryptionRaising the security stakes to its zenith, our PhonePe clone app assures uncompromising privacy to user data and particularly, transaction details.

Money RequestNot just send, users can also request transactions from their contacts promptly through our multi-functional PhonePe clone.

Transactions HistoryOur PhonePe clone presents a comprehensive transfer history of their account and helps them track and manage payments with detailed reports.

OTP IntegrationTo emulate stringent financial security measures, users receive a unique code or one-time-password to confirm any payment through our PhonePe clone.

App Entry SecurityArm your payments account with the enhanced precaution features such as setting up PIN code/ Password or even a fingerprint authentication through biometrics integration.

Account SettingsOur PhonePe clone permits users to willingly configure their account settings such as user ID, passkey, preferred bank account, transaction limit, etc.

Our PhonePe Clone
Centered Payments App Development Solutions

Our PhonePe Clone can quench every single payment needs, and it could be ingeniously modified to cater to a range of distinct customer silos. Take a peek at some of the payment app solutions that can be made available by our PhonePe clone app.

Standalone Service App DevelopmentLaunch a highly robust independent services app that doesn’t require any integration of bank accounts. Instead, it possesses a private mechanism for facilitating transactions and storing that mirrors the operations of a typical bank. A futuristic approach to financial solutions!

Bank-based App DevelopmentStorm the lucrative digital payment business by plunging in with a complete bank-centric solution that collaborates with different banks and credit unions and expedites fund transfer between users. Proffer the trustworthiness of the conventional banking system as these apps transfer directly from bank accounts.

Social-Media Based App DevelopmentPlausibly, the most used digital payment solutions must be these highly streamlined social-media-based transaction applications that allow users to engage in transactions/purchases without leaving the platform they’re currently in. A spectacular value-driven payment system!

Our PhonePe Clone’s
Recharge and Money Transfer Solutions

Catering to a multitude of customer needs, we have developed ingrained recharge solutions.

Full-fledged Recharge Our PhonePe clone is compatible with a range of services such as Landline, Water, Gas, Electricity, DTH, Ethernet bills, and the customary mobile recharge plans that are either prepaid or postpaid.

White-Label Payments SystemWe ideate, plan, develop, and deploy most relevant digital payment applications and rebrand them based on your preferences, everything from brand name to logo. In other words, we offer complete white-label solutions!

B2B Payments AppsFacilitate smooth business proceedings within the business circle by launching an exclusive business-to-business mobile payment application.

B2C Payments AppsForay into the highly-rewarding business-to-customer transaction businesses that aid industries like insurance with our intelligent B2C payments application.

eWallet integrationProffer the power of superior convenience to your users with our first-grade eWallet development solutions devoid of any glitch.

Emerge as the next breakthrough Fintech Company.

Made possible by our all-encompassing PhonePe Clone

How does our PhonePe App Work?


RegistrationUser registers on the app with necessary fields like email ID/phone number.


Bank A/C Linking User then links his bank account with his PhonePe clone account through a text message.


Select ContactUser adds the contact number/unique ID/bank account number of the recipient to send money.


Choose AmountUser enters the exact value of money to be sent.


Enter PassWordUser enters the password on the directed page.


ConfirmationA confirmation message denoting the status of payment appears.

A similar workflow is adapted for receiving money too.

Why is our PhonePe Clone the most secure?

  • Obliged to Regulations Our PhonePe clone app has been developed, recognizing the stringent rules of financial regulatory bodies such as FDA, SEBI, FRB, FDIC, etc. Security and legal complications are out of the equation as we religiously follow the regulatory guidelines on every stage of our PhonePe clone development process.

  • Fully EncryptedWe provide astonishing levels of security as every single operation on our PhonePe clone is entirely encrypted. From getting into the PoS terminal till authorization, the app encrypts and proffers a poised sense of security among your users.

  • 3D SecurityTaking a cue from digital payments giants like MasterCard and Visa, we have ramped up privacy by enforcing the process of evaluating and verifying the user’s identity, also known as the 3D security system.

  • TokenizationEliminating the need for comprehension of card details, our PhonePe clone can well process payments by issuing random-numbered tokens as payment parameters. To assert precisely, it enhances your app security into the levels of the stratosphere.

  • BioMetric-based EntryHarnessing the latest advancements in biometrics-centered security systems, we deploy an extremely accurate fingerprint and face recognition systems as a single-window entry into our remarkable PhonePe clone app.

  • Passwords/PINIn addition to these meticulous security features, our PhonePe clone also employs the ever-reliable password-based entry into the application. An additional layer of protection can also be conferred besides biometric authentication.

Complete List of our PhonePe Clone

  • Instant OnboardingUsers are accredited to enter our PhonePe clone by entering only essential information like phone number, email address, etc.

  • Bank Account LinkingTo ensure seamless digital transactions, users can connect their bank account details and debit card details to their user accounts.

  • Add BalanceUsers can dismiss the need for manually adding money into their user account by the automated add balance feature.

  • Check Account BalanceUsers can quickly have a hold on their transactions and spending by immediately accessing their account balance.

  • Send MoneySwift transfer of money is fulfilled as users are required to enter the amount and the mobile number/account details of the recipient.

  • Receive MoneyBy sharing their phone number/account details/unique ID, users are facilitated to accept transactions from others.

  • Shopping/BillingUsers are empowered to pay third-party bills, purchase bills, subscription recharges within the PhonePe application without any hassle.

  • Transaction HistoryUsers can monitor their transactions and keep track of expenditures as they can access the complete transaction history.

  • Offers and Scratch CardsFor every transaction above a prefixed limit, users can receive scratch cards and offers from other merchants.

  • Referral BonusUsers can earn a substantial amount as a reward for referring their friends and acquaintances into the application.

  • Agent RegistrationAgents can ensure astute login with their user ID and password to enter the digital transactions platform.

  • Wallet AccessBy entering their agency name/account details, agents can have full access to their accounts and make transactions in it.

  • Transactions HistoryAgents can keep an updated log of their previous transactions and expenditures through this feature.

  • Send/Receive PaymentsAgents are authorized to express transaction services as they can remit/accept/reject payments almost instantly.

  • Analytical ReportsBetter financial planning will be a commonality as agents are accorded with real-time comparison reports.

  • User PaymentAgents can exclusively send money to users with the allied details using our PhonePe clone application.

  • Referral BonusChipping in extra revenue becomes simplified as agents can earn by referring users to the digital payments platform.

  • SupportAgents are permitted to register their queries and complaints regarding technical issues or payment issues and receive prompt assistance.

  • Centralized DashboardAdmins are proffered with a wall-to-wall view on the entire proceedings and transactions of the PhonePe clone.

  • User ManagementAdmins can effectively manage the entire details and data of the user base of the app.

  • Contact ManagementAdmins can necessarily evaluate and verify users and contacts accessing the service of the application.

  • Push NotificationsAdmins are able to keep users engaged with the app by updating them with the latest offers, deals via push notifications.

  • Block UsersIn case of any suspicious activity, admins can readily temporarily or permanently block related user accounts.

  • Offers ManagementIn order to positively accelerate business tractions, admins are required to create offers and payment deals to the user base.

  • Analytics CornerAdmins are extended with powerful analytical reports on the overall business performance and other crucial metrics.

  • Live ChatUsers can interact with each other other than payment transactions and share transaction details/history.

  • Geo-LocationCreate personalized geofences by integrating locating services such as GPS and aid your users to process highly secured payments.

  • Payment SchedulingTaking a leaf out of the famous calendar feature, our PhonePe clone allows users to schedule payments to specified numbers/bank accounts.

  • Data Feeds IntegrationEnsure data durability through massive data feed integrations and extend the longevity of your application.

  • Cloud-based OperationsSuperfast transactions are made possible as our PhonePe clone facilitates cloud-based financial operations services.

  • In-App ChatBotOur PhonePe clone app is embedded with an AI-powered chatbot that resolves users’ queries in no time and aids them in swift transaction experience.

  • Bill SplittingArguably one of the features valued immensely by millennials, and it lets users to split bills of any purchases. Made possible by our PhonePe clone!

Premium Add-Ons
for our PhonePe Clone

High-PortabilityAt the touch of a button, users can send/receive payments even offline. This well may be the chief differentiator of your payment app business.

Back-UpRestart precisely at where you left with our highly demanded back up facility and secure your app configurations.

Digital ReceiptFor every transaction processed over the app, digital receipts are generated and assorted into the payments history.

Digital SignatureSuperimpose the already sturdy security systems with authentication through your users’ digital signatures that make your app unshakable.

Complete ProtectionMake defects and vulnerabilities non-existent with our secured PhonePe clone that flaunts PCI compliance.

Reward PointsCredit your users with redeemable reward points for every successful referral into the application.

Cryptocurrency TradingBacked with the revolutionary blockchain technology, stratosphere levels of security are assured, and users can trade premium cryptocurrencies within the app.

Launch the world’s premier digital payments app with our PhonePe Clone

End-to-End Solutions
Made Possible By Our PhonePe Clone

Intrinsically intuitive; exceptionally simple

  • Near-Field CommunicationDelivery contactless payments between NFC powered smartphones that are fast, safe, and extremely secured. Internet connectivity is a non-issue here!

  • QR Code TechnologyRelentlessly fast payment transactions can be attained by integrating our original QR Code configuration; all that requires is scanning of the QR code!

  • iBeacon & Bluetooth TechnologyAnother wireless payment technology, BlueTooth, can be utilized to amplify the speed of transactions in a short-range.

  • Digital Payments AppThe bread and butter of our PhonePe Clone, digital payments app makes transactions fast, secured sans the queue.

Send Money In Phonepe Clone

Launch your PhonePe Clone App with Us

Give life to the singular solution that’s going to ascend your entrepreneurial efforts
- the PhonePe clone by partnering with us.

  • Complete ComplianceArrive into the digipayments scene with a wholesome application in every sense. Our PhonePe clone is compatible with international financial regulations like PCI, SEBI, etc.

  • API IntegrationStill, want to furnish your PhonePe clone with extra features? You can always nurture the app with third-party API integrations stress-free.

  • Notifications In-App marketing with updates is made tremendously simple with push notifications, text messages, email notifications, etc.

  • Server and Data BackUpOur futuristic technology allows us to aid you in backing up your entire app data without a fuss.

  • App DeploymentOur extended partnership wiggles from development to deployment as we submit your PhonePe clone to the various app stores.

  • Complete SupportCollaborating with Appdupe means anything, and everything in our development process is breezy and extraordinary support is conferred to you.

How Does Your PhonePe Clone Become Ingenious?

User FriendlyWe have an indomitable hold on the user psyche; that’s why our PhonePe Clone being a robust payments solution possesses a streamlined and straightforward login, and transactions request system to aid end-users.

Security First! Digital transactions are sustained by the inherent security and privacy they promise. With our PhonePe Clone, we have taken it a step further with integrating biometrics authentication besides two-layer protection.

Godspeed Transactions Fast is an understatement to depict the swiftness of transactions facilitated by our PhonePe Clone. Bank account linking, verification, and authentication are all processed in a matter of seconds. To enhance further, we have embedded the NFC and BlueTooth technology into the app.

Better Business TractionUser engagement multiplies as our PhonePe Clone is capable of proffering users with exciting offers, cashback, scratch cards, and the lucrative referral bonus that churns out redeemable points.

Enhanced Business ConversionWith a state of the art user interface that aids a seamless transactions experience, the clone app is destined to staggeringly increase the payments conversion rate. The more the payments, the more is your revenue!

Arm yourself with a payments solution from the Market Leader

With astonishing expertise exceeding a decade, we have mastered the art of conferring only with the best mobile digital transactions app for your business. We have come up with our best-ever solution in this niche, the PhonePe clone.

Diligently constructing every single nuance of the app offers, our mobile payments development experts infuse eccentric cosmopolitan components that deliver an edifying user experience. What’s best of all, it’s our ability to easily recreate your exact vision as an app that is both robust and reliable.

PhonePe Clone App Solution

Premium Add-on:
Crypto Currency Wallet Functionality

Through our blockchain-integrated wallet, users don’t have to worry about any irregularities in the trade practices at a cryptocurrency exchange. They can experience an effortless usage and zero involvement from third-party servers. The best part is that they can transfer funds without any transaction fee.

Profits of Cryptocurrency:

  • They are completely unhackable

  • Powerful trading engine

  • Open for 24 hours

  • Strong encryption

Why Appdupe?

SecurityWe believe in the notion of absolute security and secrecy, and we scrupulously adhere to following our Non-Disclosure Agreement stricken between us.

On-Time DeliveryOur holistic approach to the mobile payments app development process enables us to deliver your PhonePe clone on or before the promised deadline.

Easy-to-UseYou need not be a tech wizard to operate the app proceedings as we entirely coded the solution to impart distinct user-friendliness.

360° SupportFull-blown support in every possible way is accorded to you along with a range of requirement silos. We are always looking to assist you!

In-App AnalyticsBusiness operations are enhanced as you are aided with insightful reports flaunting the vital business metrics.

Multi-Lingual SupportSimultaneous leveraging of the regional and global user base is now a piece of cake as we are well-equipped to create your PhonePe clone that supports multiple languages.

Our Best-in-Class PhonePe Clone is now available at an unbeatable price.



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Tech Stack

Frequently Asked Questions about our PhonePe Clone (FAQ)

Our premier PhonePe clone solution script is 100% open source and can be modified as per you needs and requirements.
  • Web Server - Apache
  • Database - MySQL
  • PHP - 7.1
  • Linux-based Operating System
  • Cron Jobs Setup module
If you have purchased your server, we will host the script and install it with your FTP or Cpanel.
We integrate APIs in accordance with your preferences. Anything and everything is possible!
We handover a comprehensive usage guide along with documentation during the app delivery. Trust us, anybody with a pair of eyes can seamlessly work with it.
App cost depends on a variety of factors such as features, UI, features, add-ons, etc. Reach out to us to get exact quotations.
You are entitled to one year of quintessential care, and support. Bugs or glitches will be fixed for absolutely free.
Our strong industry presence arms us with references tof top API providers. We help you find them with direct contact.
No, redistribution and reselling are strictly prohibited, and anyone violating this will be liable for legal action.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.