Shareit Clone - An Advanced Solution For Instant File Transfers!

There are several apps on the Android and iOS platforms that allow media and file transfers from one mobile device to another. However, only a few of them extend instant transfers without any delays. One such application that caught the attention of several users in recent years is Shareit.

Entrepreneurs and business people are looking to launch a similar app like Shareit that enables faster file and media sharing. At Appdupe, we offer Shareit clone app development services at affordable prices. You can connect with us, discuss your needs, and get your app developed quickly!

How Does Our Shareit Clone Work?

Our Shareit clone works based on the concept of networking. Here, the file transfer takes place between two parties - a sender and a receiver. The devices of both these parties will have their own IP addresses. One device will create a WiFi hotspot, and the other will connect to it to establish a connection.

Once both these devices are connected, the sender will begin the file transfer, and the receiver will wait for it till its completion. Our Shareit clone does not rely on cables of data; it uses Transmission File Protocol (TCP) for file transfers.

The files are broken into small data packets, and the broken data is transmitted to the receiver. Once all packets are received, everything combines to form the original file in the receiver end. Once all files are received, both the devices can disconnect to complete the file transfer.

  • Turn on WiFi hotspot in one device
  • Connect the other device to the hotspot
  • Sender initiates the file transfer
  • Receiver collects the files
  • File transfer is completed
  • Both devices are disconnected

Pre-packed In Our Shareit Clone Solution

  • File UploadsUsers can upload their files and documents in the app and list them under various categories. They can also add tags to find them quickly.

  • File SearchUsers can browse for the files and documents uploaded in their devices by searching for them using the advanced filters included in the app.

  • File EncryptionThe files uploaded in the app are encrypted end-to-end to ensure secure storage. The file transfers are also guarded to prevent possible data theft and cyber-attacks.

  • Location SharingUsers can share their current locations with other users to gain access to a specific file. This way, the file transfer takes place in a secure and encrypted environment.

  • Instant File TransfersUsers can send any numbers of files to the receivers via the instant transfer feature. No delay will occur even when multiple files are transferred at once.

  • View DocumentsUsers can open and view the documents received directly from the app, using the document viewer option. The app supports documents in various formats, including PDF, PPT, and Word documents.

  • Overall ActivityUsers can view all their activities in this section. Here, file transfers that took place in a specified period are mentioned for future reference, along with their detailed information.

Exclusive Benefits
Offered By Building An App Like Shareit

At Appdupe, we strive to develop a cutting edge file transfer application that extends instant transfer of unlimited files, documents in various formats, audio files, images, and video files. Even GIFs can be transmitted via our robust solution. The major selling point of our Shareit clone is that it does not need data for its file transfers.

Our solutions are reasonably priced, and our clients opt for them for various reasons, including:

Quick File TransfersOur Shareit clone app supports file transfers at lightning speed, faster than any other file-sharing medium like Bluetooth.

Supports All File TypesUsers can transfer any files, such as images, documents, audios, videos, and many more, using our advanced solution.

Offline AccessThe files shared and stored in our Shareit clone can be accessed even when the device is not connected to the internet. The videos will still be displayed in high-definition quality.

Integrated Video PlayerUsers can view the videos stored in the app via the in-built video player in HD quality. Also, we ensure that the videos are streamed without any buffering.

Trending SongsThe app displays the latest and the trending songs in this section, enabling users to discover them effortlessly.

Built-in Music PlayerUsers can listen to the latest and trending songs listed in the app via the music player integrated into the app. It eliminates the need to have a separate app for listening to music.

Wallpapers Users can also view personalized and unique images and wallpapers available in the app. Even they can view GIFs and use them if need be.

Intuitive UI/UXOur expert team has taken the utmost care in designing the user interface of the app. This way, we ensure it is intuitive and easy to use, offering an enhanced user experience.

How We Carry Out Our
Shareit Clone App Development Process?

  • 1

    Brainstorming As you get on board with us, we closely work with you to understand your business model and requirements. Based on this, we discuss to finalize the feature set, technology stack, and other necessary elements involved in the development process.

  • 2

    UI/UX DesignOur design team strives to present a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible and intuitive, offering an enhanced app experience. This way, your solution will be easy to use and attractive, gaining more traction among your target customers.

  • 3

    Back-end DevelopmentOur developers ensure to build a robust back-end, using the most advanced tools and technologies. They make sure the app has sufficient storage space, and it includes all the required functionality.

  • 4

    TestingThe fully developed app undergoes a series of testing to ensure its cutting edge performance. Speed tests, security tests, and many more are conducted during this stage. If any issues arise, it is fixed, and the testing process is repeated.

  • 5

    App DeploymentAfter the testing is completed, the app is deployed on major app platforms - Google Play Store and iOS App Store. If the submitted app gets rejected by the app platforms due to any issue, our team will fix and resubmit it promptly to ensure a quick launch.

Why Choose Us
For Your Shareit Clone App Development?

A Detailed PlanWe work with you to understand your business model, objectives, and desire to succeed in your niche. Based on this, we come up with an execution plan that helps your business grow.

Result-Driven ApproachWe have collaborated with several businesses, from small startups to large conglomerates. Our extensive knowledge of the industry helps us devise proven strategies that bring success to your business in the long run.

Seasoned TeamOur development team includes business analysts, designers, developers, qualified testers, and a project manager who endeavor to take care of every stage of your app development project efficiently.

Time-Efficient, Budget-FriendlyWe employ the best minds for your app development process who strive to deliver the fully functional app on time and budget. We do not impose any hidden charges.

24x7 SupportOur clients are our first priority. We assign a project manager as we start the development of your app. You can reach out to them anytime to resolve your queries and get updates on your project.

End-to-end SolutionAlong with app development, we offer maintenance support to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Also, we provide marketing services to assist your business in reaching its target market.

Tech Stack Powered In Our Shareit App Clone


We do provide source codes while handing over the fully functional app if you opt for our premium app development package. The basic package does not include source codes. We suggest that you opt for the premium package as possessing source codes will help you in making app enhancements in the future with ease.

At Appdupe, we offer additional benefits for businesses opting for our development services. Those are:

App launch and rejection support: After developing the fully functional app, we assist you in deploying the app on major app platforms. Also, we will extend our support in case the app stores reject the submitted app. We will look into it, fix, and resubmit it for instant launch.

Technical support: We offer free-of-cost maintenance support for a specified time to help you run your business seamlessly. After the given period, you can avail of our paid maintenance services.

Our app development team includes a project manager, business analysts, UI/UX designers, seasoned developers, and qualified testers. They work together to build a cutting edge file sharing application for your business.

The development of an instant file sharing app like Shareit takes a few days if you choose to customize a ready-made solution. If you opt for developing the app from scratch, it will take up to a few months.

It is always suggested to customize the Shareit clone solution as it saves you both time and money.

Connect with us over a call - +91 9384 843 395, email - [email protected], or through the chat option included on our website. Our support team will explain our app development process in detail and help you get started promptly.

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