We are one of the leading location-based mobile app and Uber clone script development company. Our Uber Clone app package gives you your own Uber-like app which will boost you ahead in this competitive market. We provide you a customisable source code script for iOS and Android for your customers and drivers. In just 3 days, we will give you a ready-to-use technically advanced yet user-friendly Uber clone app package, white-labeled with your brand name and logo in a language and currency of your choice. What’s more? We also launch iOS and Android native apps for your customers and drivers and get your apps approved and upload them to iOS AppStore and Android Play store. You can use our complete taxi booking app solution to kick-start your business. As an admin, you will have complete power over the functioning of your business at your fingertips and can use data derived from the app to plan future business moves. Get more location-based service applications from us at unbelievable prices.

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Admin Panel

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Username : admin@demo.com

Password : 123456

User Panel

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User Name : demo@demo.com

password : 123456

Provider Panel

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User Name : demo@demo.com

password : 123456


Download our clone Uber app on your device and experience it for yourself before you order from us. View recorded video to see the functioning of the app and to understand how it allows the for the passenger and driver to communicate in sync.
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Take a look at our web visuals to see how our driver, company & passenger Web Panel screen will look like.
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Our apps boast of the most advanced features, implemented in a simple & user-friendly format which makes for an easy experience for drivers, riders, companies and app owners.
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Economical and full value for your money, our pricing is the best, no matter which package you choose.
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Refer the screen and visuals to get a working view of the apps for user and customer for iOS and Android phones.
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From the crowd of development tools in the market, we have picked the best for building our Uber-like clone apps for iOS and Android.

  1. We have developed both SWIFT and Objective C versions of our iOS apps, using Xcode as IDE
  2. Our Android apps are built on the latest native Java technology, extensively supported by Google. We have used Android Studio as IDE
  3. We have built our web panels in PHP, a strong web language used by brands like Facebook and Yahoo.com
  4. Our highly optimized Uber clone apps can run on commonly available servers like Linux, Amazon AWS cloud server and shared servers.

Best Uber Clone Script

Uber is the worldwide transportation phenomenon that has eaten entire industries, because of their technology dominance. They have created a scalable profitable empire depending on their On-demand app infrastructure. Here’s how we define it:

  1. Scalable Fleet management server
  2. Extensive Admin Dashboard for every city
  3. Dispute Dashboard to manage discrepancies
  4. Web App for Users
  5. iOS and Android apps for your users
  6. iOS and Android apps for your drivers
  7. Partner Fleet Dashboard

With these components readily available, all you have to do is to give us your logo and we can launch your venture by setting up the server, web app for your users, featureful Admin dashboard, recompiling the iOS and Android Apps for your customers and drivers. This will let us launch your venture within 48 hours.



The admin is the backbone of the system. He/She manages the apps and controls the riders, drivers, commission payment mode(cash/credit), car types, rates, reports, minimum fares, tax/vat etc


The rider registers from the mobile or web app and can view the available car types. They can also view driver details and decide according to their convenience and requirement.


The driver can register on the mobile app and must be approved by the admin. Once the registration is complete, the driver can toggle availability and monitor ride requests.