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Looking for clone app of popular Mobile apps? we have complete white label clone app development like uber for x, uber clone and Tinder Clone with Website PHP open source code.

Your one-stop complete solution for customised mobile app clone scripts for any business.

Give wings to your business venture with our advanced mobile app clone scripts. We provide complete ready-to-use clone app scripts tailored for your business and white-labelled with your brand, all within 48 hours. Our seamless clones like Uber for x, Tinder dating app clone and many more are carefully designed and thoroughly tested for optimum performance that paves a smooth digital path for your venture. Our clone app scripts will make your time to market almost zero. With your entire technology venture managed from an Owner’s Dashboard, we leave you to scale your business and remain as a virtual CTO.

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Why AppDupe?

All our app clones are “Turnkey” solutions. It really is a venture-in-a-box with a powerful admin dashboard, iOS and Android apps for your customers and service providers.

Once you give us your logo, we shall launch your apps for you, under your own white-labelled brand within hours. Buy our pre made apps to market in less than a week.

Our server app source code that comes with the purchase can easily scale up to a million users, making it perfect for entrepreneurs to get fast traction and raise funds.

Our Uber Like Products

Uber For X Clone Script

Complete Uber for X clone script with mobile and web app source code. Buy pre made apps and templates for app like Uber for Laundry, Uber for Courier, Uber for Tow trucks, uber for movers etc.,

Uber For Taxi

A proper clone of Uber like taxi booking script with android and iOS mobile applications powered by an admin dashboard. It’s an exact Uber clone script for making instant revenue.

UberEATS Clone Script

A proper clone of UberEATS like food ordering app with android and iOS mobile applications powered by an admin dashboard. It’s an exact UberEATS clone script for making instant revenue.

Taskrabbit Clone Script

A proper clone of taskrabbit script with android and iOS mobile applications powered by an admin dashboard.

Uber for Mechanics

Create a mobile app for your friends in need of help from mechanics with our awesome Uber for Mechanics clone script. The entire app source code is easily customisable to suit your requirements.

Uber for Laundry

Start an instant Uber for Laundry business with this script. It’s a complete washio clone script with added features

Uber for Courier

Start an instant Uber for Courier with this clone script. Provide an easy-to-use app experience to users with this app clone.

Uber for Movers

It’s a complete Uber for Movers script with Mobile apps and web apps cloned to suit the criteria for Movers perfectly.

Uber for Tow Truck

Create a day-one-monetizable Tow Truck business with this Uber clone script. Give instant services for those in need.

Uber for Plumber

Create a mobile app for your friends in need of help from plumbers with our awesome Uber for Plumber clone script. The entire app source code is easily customisable to suit your requirements.

Uber for Beauty

Start an instant Uber for Beauty Services with this clone script. Provide an easy-to-use app experience to users with this app clone.

Uber for Massage

Start an instant Uber for Massage business with this script. It’s a complete massage clone script with added features

Car Rental Script

Create an app with the complete Uber for car rental and help car tenants and drivers to connect through a common platform. This Uber for car rental is available for Android and iOS applications powered by an admin dashboard.

Our Other Products

Flipboard Clone Script

Start an instant Flipboard clone or inShorts clone with this awesome script. It has awesome mobile apps with complete source code.

Tinder Clone Script

Complete Tinder clone script with Website and mobile app source code. Buy pre made android and iOS native apps with web admin dashboard.

9GAG Clone Script

We offer you the best 9gag clone script available in the market at the cheapest possible price. Our 9gag clone also comes with mobile apps.

9GAG TV Clone Script

We offer you the best 9gag TV clone script available in the market at the cheapest possible price. Our 9gag TV clone also comes with mobile apps.

Netflix Clone Script

Maxflix is an exact clone script of Netflix. Own an app like Netflix on a self-hosted platform and make business quickly.

Instacart Clone Script

Create a new leader in the niche of food or grocery delivery with our Instacart clone app. Complete package has entire source code with mobile apps.

Amazon/Flipkart Clone Script

Start a new multi vendor marketplace and shopping ecommerce platform with our flipkart clone script. Our online store/shopping script is built for performance and scalability.

Whatsapp Clone Script

Start an instant messaging app like whatsapp for Android and iOS with our whatsapp clone script. It has a web version, Android and iOS apps which are white-labelled on purchase.

Twitter Clone Script

Radar is a Twitter like social discovery platform. It is the top Twitter clone script in the market with beautiful Mobile and web apps.

Instagram Clone Script

Start your own Instagram like app instantly with our Mogram clone script. Take beautiful pictures with image filters and share it on your feed!

Snapchat Clone Script

Create an app like Snapchat in minutes with our readily deployable SnapChat clone script. Give users a mobile app experience like no other.


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From Our Blog

Online Dating Apps: Have We Met (Online) Before?

By | Tinder clone | No Comments

In today’s digital age, we know everything about our friends through social media. In fact, most of us share everything about our day-to-day lives on social media platforms. Ask a friend what they know about you and they probably will tell where you like to eat, your favorite sport, how you handled your last breakup, and so on. Social media has made the sharing of personal information more apparent and people have no qualms about sharing their personal thoughts and experiences online.

However, for the longest time, people were hesitant or even embarrassed to admit that they had met someone through online dating. Drunken shenanigans posted to Instagram, check! Met the love of your life via an online dating app? Absolutely not! This was due to the general perception that online dating was used as a way to just find a partner for casual flings.

Thankfully, it is no longer a taboo to find love online. The increasing popularity of dating apps, such as Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn, and so on, in the past few years is indicative of the mass adoption of such apps. Also, most of the apps are interconnected with social media platforms, which makes it hard for online users to hide the objects of their affection.

Now, what is more, important than your love life becoming public knowledge? The safety of the data that you share through these dating apps. Most dating apps were not that well protected against security threats. According to research conducted by a leading security firm, many dating apps do not have even the basic HTTPS encryption. So, if users share images when connected via a public WiFi network, other users on the network can see these pics and even insert their own pics into the pic stream of the app user. Also, it is possible for hackers to track the exact location of dating app users.

Most of the dating apps have strengthened their security and there is no reason why you shouldn’t use such apps. You should be a bit careful in sharing your personal information, such as personal/work email, social media accounts, using your real name, and so on.

AppDupe: Quit Sitting on the Fence
If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur in the online dating app space, you do not really have to create your dating app from scratch.

You can obtain a clone of a popular online dating app, such as a Tinder app clone. That’s exactly what you need to get your online dating app business up and running in no time.

Why look elsewhere, when you can engage with AppDupe? We have in-depth experience in dating app development and offer a Tinder clone that is loaded with features, easy to implement, and flexible to accommodate the needs of your business. We place a strong emphasis on data security and ensure that the information of your users will be protected against security breaches and hacker attacks. Some of the features we offer with our clone are:

  • Discovery Settings
  • Gender Interest
  • Age based matches
  • Profiles rewind
  • Admin dashboard

You can try our demo to have a feel of the ‘as-is’ features we offer with our Tinder clone. It is important to offer a fair level of customization; so, we can help in customizing the admin dashboard, splash screen, logo, and much more.

Step up your entrepreneurial game and get in touch with us right away.


Bike Sharing Apps: Paving the Way Forward Through Innovation

By | Uber Clone | No Comments

Consumers around the world are looking for unique ways to decrease time spent on commuting. Sensing a gap in the transportation industry, startups such as Uber and Lyft were able to successfully disrupt traditional taxi businesses and create delightful travel experiences for consumers. Instead of complicating the commuting process, these startups have and still continue to focus on providing innovative, yet easy to adopt commute options for their customer base. Also, these startups are looking to be socially responsible by reducing the carbon footprint of their taxi operations.

Usage of Bike Sharing on the Rise

Bike sharing, in recent times, has experienced tremendous growth and attention across the world. Bike sharing services are easy to use, as users can just park their bike at the location where their ride ends. Public use bikes or bicycles are also popular, as they help reduce congestion and pollution in large metropolitan areas. Some of the factors that contribute to the adoption of bike sharing services are:

  • Well-connected Network: Extensive networks of bikes and stations boosts user engagement.
  • Multidimensional Consolidation: Infrastructure, payment modes, operations, and information systems are well integrated into a single entity.
  • User-friendly Interaction: The automation of the rental processes, as well as easy or no mandatory registration, has proven attractive to the general public.
  • Appealing Pricing: Demand for bikes and bike sharing services is driven by cost-effective and strategic price points.
  • Top-Notch Bikes: Dependable bikes need low maintenance and are specifically designed to prevent theft and still satisfy the needs of users.
  • Backing of local Authorities: Bike sharing is successful, only when local authorities are engaged for the use of public funds, public land, and government agencies.

Bike Sharing Models

Currently, there are two bike-sharing models available in the market:

Free-floating Bike Sharing

Station-based Bike Sharing

  • Restricted to city limits rental without any fixed pickup points
  • Bicycles can be picked up or dropped at any junction
  • Transactions are completed through phone or app
  • Restricted to city limits rental with designated pickup points
  • Bicycles are picked up or returned at specific pickup points
  • Transactions are completed at a user terminal or through an app

Even e-bikes are rented to consumers using the above-mentioned model. E-bikes have to be plugged into a charging port on return and the transactions are either completed at a user terminal or through an app.

Customized Bike Sharing App

If you are thinking of getting into the bike sharing business, you must be 100% sure of certain bike sharing app features, which could make or break your entrepreneurial foray. Some of these must-have features are:

  • Effortless Booking Process: Users should be able to quickly and easily navigate through the app to locate and book a bike at their convenience. Also, bike availability should be constantly updated, as your customers might want to book a bike, whenever and wherever.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Customers today like to make payments through a multitude of payment channels. You need to make sure that the most popular payment methods/systems are integrated with the bike sharing app. Also, as customers are sharing sensitive personal information, data privacy and security should be given top priority.
  • Advanced Bike Booking: Some customers have their entire commute planned out; so they might need to book a bike in advance to avoid waiting. They also might want to avoid the risk of bike unavailability during peak hours. It is always a safer bet to allow your customers to book bike rides much in advance.

How to Get a Customized Bike Sharing App (Hint: AppDupe)

Now that you have made up your mind to get into the bike sharing business with a customized app, your next move should be to look for a reliable and technologically sound app development company. Not just any company, but a company with a vast app portfolio, in-depth experience in technology integration, and holistic approach to app development. 

Look no further. AppDupe has solid experience in developing uber clone apps for the transportation industry, as well as offering app customization as per your business requirements. Some of the clone apps that we offer are:

  • Uber for Taxi
  • UberEats clone
  • Uber for Courier
  • Instacart clone

We also offer an Uber for X clone, which is an all-inclusive script that can be customized to fit all the on-demand services offered by Uber. As you must already know, Uber has added bike sharing to its portfolio of transportation services; which means that you can create a clone app similar to Uber for bikes. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will set the wheels in motion for your bike sharing business.


Launch your Uber for Bikes.

Pedal your way to success.

Going the Extra Mile: 4 Ways to Save Money with Electric Cars in Your Car Rental Fleet

By | Car Rental Software | No Comments

Countries around the world have recognized the need to eliminate or reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and transition to environment-friendly methods of transportation. Electric cars have been around for quite some time, but the abundance of crude oil lead to the ‘If-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it’ attitude being adopted by leading economies across the world.

Today, with increased awareness about the effect of fossil fuels and car emissions on the environment, adoption of electric vehicles have become an inevitable truth. Of course, electric cars are more expensive than regular cars, but the long-term cost savings are huge and eco-friendly, and good karma is created.

You can earn a lot of brownie points with your customers by using electric cars in your car rental business. With the right car rental software and car rental booking script, you can get your cars accessible through your very own mobile app. Anyway, we will get to that later. According to a study by Roland Berger, 1 million ride-sharing electric cars will be sold in Europe, United States, and China alone, and by 2025, sales of ride-sharing electric cars could reach 2.5 million annually.

  • United States: Electric car proponents seek to extend accessibility to the low-income populace
  • China: Shanghai experiences a huge surge in demand for electric cars on the hourly rental basis
  • India: Govt. sets low GST rate of 12% for electric cars compared to 28% for cars

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using electric cars in your car rental fleet:

  • Electric cars, specifically made for ride-sharing, are quicker to develop, simpler in design, and the manufacturing cost is cut in half when compared to conventional cars.
  • Fuel costs can be drastically reduced with electric cars. According to a study by Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, the average cost to operate an electric car is $485, whereas the cost to operate a gasoline-powered car is $1,117.
  • Electric cars are good for the environment, as they produce zero emissions. Also, the maintenance costs associated with electric cars is substantially lower. Electric cars do not have exhaust systems and have no need for oil changes, fan belt replacements, air filter replacements, spark plug replacements, and so on.
  • Electric car owners receive a plethora of government rebates and incentives to offset the high cost of buying electric cars, which subsequently drives the adoption of such eco-friendly cars.

Car Rental Software: Engage with AppDupe to Go Carbon-Neutral

Apart from adding electric cars to your fleet, you need to scale up the business operations of your car rental business, and simultaneously have tighter reins over customer and driver experiences and interactions. For that, you need the apt car rental booking script. For that, you need the right car rental software. And for all of that, you need AppDupe.

Our ready-to-deploy, car rental software system, and car rental booking script handle the end-to-end operations of your car rental business, so that you can focus on growing your business, instead of figuring out how to synchronously manage your customers and drivers. AppDupe gives a lot of importance to easy-to-use web/mobile features, as well as a superior user experience. Some of the key features of our car rental software include:

  • Car model lookup
  • Live Geotracking
  • Work history
  • Pickup/drop anywhere
  • Admin dashboard

New Cogs in the Engine: Features Update

Appdupe does not believe in just delivering car rental software to clients. We constantly learn from each implementation and our efforts to improve our product offering never stops. So, with each new version of our car rental software, we add new features that impact each participant in the car rental ecosystem. Here are the latest feature additions we have made:

Travel Options: Your customers can select travel options as per their needs:

  • Shuttle
  • Ride Share
  • Car Rental (hourly basis)
  • Outstation travel
  • Airport ride



Customer Experience: AppDupe strives to improve the relationship between you and your customers with every release of our car rental software:

  • Multi-country and multi-currency support
  • Filter options – Driver rating, female drivers  for female passengers, region, pin code, and search radius (range of distance)
  • Child seat & Wheelchair Seat options
  • Tracking of ride status (ETA, trip status)
  • Emergency contact
  • Recovery of lost items in the car


Car Fares: Your drivers need to get paid for their time and your customers should have different payment options:

  • Driver wait time fare
  • Driver and User cancellation fares
  • Split fare

Promotional activities: We understand that you have to keep the world updated about the car rental services you offer:

  • In-app ads
  • Special offers
  • Customized mail and notifications for registered users
  • Book ride for others
  • Corporate commute packages
  • Referral – personal invitation code

Appdupe has the pedal to the metal in accelerating your car rental business online. Contact us to get started.


Uber and Tinder Clone Script
Maps & Navigation
Requires Andriod 6.0
Rating 5 (5 ratings)
Price: 999.00