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Looking for Taxi Booking App like Uber

Must Have in Uber Clone App for User

An ideal on-demand service user app must have the
following features to stay on top of the competition.

  1. Scheduled Booking
  2. Live Navigation
  3. Geo-Fencing
  4. In App Call / Chat
  5. Multiple Language Support
  6. Wallet Payment
  7. Promotion Codes

Must Have in Uber Clone App for Driver

A well-designed driver app for an on-demand service
should include the following useful features.

  1. Toggle Online / Offline
  2. User Profile
  3. In-App Call / Chat
  4. Work History
  5. Ride Request Notifications
  6. Route To Destination
  7. In-App Floating Button

Uber Clone App - Live Demo

Uber Clone Web Demo

Admin Panel

View Demo

Username : admin@demo.com

Password : 123456

User Panel

View Demo

User Name : demo@demo.com

password : 123456

Provider Panel

View Demo

User Name : demo@demo.com

password : 123456

Uber Clone App Demo

Download our Uber like app video to see the functioning of the app and to understand how it allows the for the passenger and driver to communicate in sync.
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Uber Clone Web Panel

Take a look at our web visuals to see how our driver, company & passenger Web Panel screen will look like.
Front Visuals Admin Visuals

Uber Clone App Features

Our apps boast of the most advanced features, implemented in a simple & user-friendly format which makes for an easy experience for drivers, riders, companies and app owners.
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Uber Clone App Pricing

Economical and full value for your money, our pricing is the best, no matter which package you choose.
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Uber Clone App Screens

Refer the screen and visuals to get a working view of the apps for user and customer for iOS and Android phones.
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Range Of Technologies Supporting Our Uber Clone App Product

After analyzing a myriad of development softwares and tools, we opted the the most remarkable ones to build our Uber scripts for iOS and Android apps:

  1. We use iOS Swift Technology by Apple to design and develop our iOS applications. Xcode is our integrated development environment.
  2. Our Android applications are built on high-end protocol such as Native Java Technology authored by Google. Android studio is our IDE.
  3. Our Uber Clone App web panels are backed by highly sophisticated PHP.
  4. Designed to seamlessly function on the popular servers like Linux, AWS cloud server, and Shared server.
  5. For location and navigation ease, our applications are integrated with Google maps API.

Best Uber Clone App Script

Introduction of outstanding on-demand initiatives by Uber has entirely changed how people nowadays wish to access their immediate needs. From car rental, plumbing, courier to food delivery services, every service and product is accessible via phone and web apps. Hence our expert designed Uber clone script contains ideal subsystems, such as:

  1. Scalable Fleet management server
  2. Extensive Admin Dashboard for every city
  3. Dispute Dashboard to manage discrepancies
  4. Web App for Users
  5. iOS and Android apps for your users
  6. iOS and Android apps for your drivers
  7. Partner Fleet Dashboard

Our Uber like app script is scalable across various industries and is optimized to best fit all types of the industrial requirement and are intended to support every user needs.



The admin is the backbone of the system. He/She manages the apps and controls the riders, drivers, commission payment mode(cash/credit), car types, rates, reports, minimum fares, tax/vat etc


The rider registers from the mobile or web app and can view the available car types. They can also view driver details and decide according to their convenience and requirement.


The driver can register on the mobile app and must be approved by the admin. Once the registration is complete, the driver can toggle availability and monitor ride requests.