By July 1, 2017Company Updates

Planet of the Apes, NO, it’s APPS!

Apple’s new tv show ‘PLANET OF THE APPS’ has released it’s first episode last week. Planet of the Apps is an unscripted television show about apps and the developers who make them, The show’s a lot like the tv show – ‘The Voice’ or ‘Shrank Tank’. It has a similar concept, well most shows do if the judges like what they’re presented you stay on the show. But, unlike other shows we watch, this show has nothing to do with dancing, singing or other entertaining things. The participants are given 60 seconds to pitch their mobile application ideas while in a descending elevator. Yes, that is entertaining to a restricted crowd but what expands the ratings are the judges. Let me take you over who the judges are for the show – Produced by Ben Silverman, Howard Owens, and with celebrity judges (judges/advisors): Gweneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba,, and Gary Vaynerchuk who are all well known in their fields as well as the business world, along with DJ-turned-host Zane Lowe. This is the first original TV show made by Apple. This may be Apple’s first step into original content creation.

The entrepreneurs need to convince the judges why the world needs their app in 60 seconds. With apps influencing our lives majorly, this show might be the right way to choose which one makes it. The judges would vote whether or not they would like to hear more about the app presented to them, after which they can vote on whether or not they would like to mentor the company for a chance to gain funding at the end of the show. The developer chooses the advisor/judge under whom he/she wishes to work and has 6 weeks to prepare with their mentor to come with the most kick ass plan to gain funding. There were a lot of young individuals, men, and women, who came forward to pitch their ideas to the judges hoping to seek guidance from them. The participant requires a yes/green swipe from at least one of the judges to stay in the competition. The show did not have the kind of response Apple hoped it would.

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