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Launch An NFT Art Marketplace Like SuperRare And Jump Up The Bandwagon!

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have netted immense popularity in a year. Obviously, the tokens’ scarcity and uniqueness are the two traits to be credited to have made it enter the billion-dollar market. This has made investors across the globe turn their attention towards NFTs. With the potential of these digital collectibles rising day by day, crypto lovers have gathered wits and are coveting to reap profits by trading in dynamic NFTs.

With all these points backing up the positive outlook of NFTs, the NFT marketplace has become the perfect business model to begin your crypto preneurial journey.

However, this is no more a dream, as AppDupe renders extensive SuperRare-like platform development services, which will help you to launch a feature-rich NFT marketplace. It facilitates artists to purchase, sell, mint and trade NFTs. The creators can tokenize their unique artworks into crypto collectibles and it has become a white knight for the artists to get their royalties, who otherwise have to struggle for getting paid for their hard work.

What Is SuperRare Clone?

The SuperRare Clone is a white-label NFT marketplace that includes basic and exquisite features and functionalities that lets creators trade their NFTs. It uses its own Ethereum-based smart contract, which allows artists to release limited-edition digital artwork making it collectible, rare, and verified.To save you from the cumbersome process of building the platform ground up, we provide a ready-made solution that can be personalized to meet your business essentials. As an automatic consequence, you can save both your time and money.

Our Clients

Advantages Of Our White-Label SuperRare Clone To Investors & Artists

For Artists

Every artwork is an original creation

Since they are rare, they cannot be duplicated or made available everywhere

There are a set of guidelines to be met before submitting artwork for a secure and verified trading experience

For Investors

Complete transparency of ownership on the blockchain

Enriched assurance for investors

Full history of ownership and price paid

Commission, gas fees, and minting charges can be viewed on the blockchain network

The Need For Digital Art NFT Marketplace Development

Develop NFT Marketplace Like SuperRare

The craze of NFT is huge in the market, and its potential is not something that can be taken lightly. Started off as a mere buzz, it has grown eventually to be a billion-dollar market. The sales of NFTs does not just benefit the creators and collectors, but even the owners of the marketplace can rake in huge profits.

Being a hub for connecting buy and sell trades creates a chance to charge commission for every NFT deal. As an entrepreneur, it is best to take advantage of this opportunity. So, if you are looking for one, then it is the right time to kickstart your Digital Art NFT Marketplace Development. Touch base with our team to initiate your crypto venture, develop an NFT marketplace like SuperRare and make headway in the market.

How Does A SuperRare Clone Work?

Distinct Categories Of Our SuperRare Like NFT Marketplace

SuperRare clone script offers a simple and modish graphical user interface that features a list of different options as part of NFT marketplace development.

  • ActivitiesA hub of personalized news feeds of NFT artists and collectors wedged on the page for the users to follow. Tiered according to the trend, the platform offers a straightforward illustration of what’s new, so the investors have no technical hitches while purchasing them.

  • FeaturesThe SuperRare clone script offers an amazing space for artists, content creators, and communities to host a project or exhibitions and more. As an icing on the cake, the script allows the creators to present references in image, text, and video formats. Innovation at its best!

  • MarketUsers get the leverage to filter their searches. Thanks to the subtle technology, the investors can filter their searches by different specs like age of the NFT,auction’s deadline, and price preference. They can also get enlightened whether the item has a reserve or list price or an open offer.

Ready To Crown Yourself The King Of The NFT Industry? Then Phone Us To Develop NFT Marketplace Like SuperRare

Pivotal Features Of Our NFT Platform Development Like SuperRare

StorefrontA home page to the future masterpieces aligned in a single page with their information like bids, owners, preview, price history, and so much more.

SearchEnhance customer satisfaction to multi folds by allowing them to get their search sorted in the blink of an eye by relevant keyword suggestions. Feature sets and filters to search content by images, videos, and voices can do the surfing for them.

FiltersFast and furious search to back the statement that our NFT marketplace is built with the latest tech! Relegate the millions of NFTs based on their categories like best selling, hot offers, prices, recent goods, and so on.

Creating ListingAllow the creators to develop and transfer collectibles without any lags behind. Tech-savvy or not, the platform makes it easier for the creators to submit a file, punch in the descriptions, name, tags, and title. It will be ready to make a storm in the market!

Status Of ListingOnce the verification is done, the creators can keep track of the listing procedure. Transparency does not end with just the blockchain technology, in this case!

Bidding OptionMake the auction platform more transparent and engaging by introducing the bidding option with expiration dates. Let users get to know the current status of the NFTs and their bids. The choice is theirs, and the revenue you get for every bidding is yours!

WalletEndorse a convenient and safe NFT marketplace platform by allowing the users to create and get connected to a native wallet.

RatingsOptimise the credibility of users of your platform by allowing them to get each other rated and provide feedback based on their impressions.

Monetization Models Of SuperRare Clone

  • Marketplace FeesMake a pretty penny out by charging a percentage of every trading deal that happens through your NFT marketplace.

  • Sales FeeDiversify your sales earnings through primary sales and secondary sales fees from the trading. Strategize your percentage rate and never miss out on a chance of striking it lucky!

A Glimpse Of Our SuperRare Clone

The following picture shows the screen of the home page.
The section has numerous filters to help the users land the right NFT they are looking for.

In an overview, the user can see details like:

  • The list price or reserve price.

  • If there are any open offers.

  • If the NFT is still owned by the creator or if it is offered on the secondary market.

If the user selects a particular NFT, they might find details like:

  • Number of views.

  • Number of editions available.

  • Price of the NFT.

  • Bidding history, Trading Volume etc.

Unique Traits Of Our SuperRare Clone


The SuperRare clone script is completely decentralized, thereby ousting the need to be relying on an external authority to process it.

Cross-chain Bridging

The SuperRare like NFT marketplace, is developed in such a way that the platform can be operated over different blockchain networks.


A prominent advantage of the marketplace is that it easily converts content into cash effortlessly. Hence, artists, content creators, designers, painters, and photographers get a high value for their work.


It is built in a way that the users may now contribute to the upgrades of the platform by voting on it. They will receive decision-making powers. Investors can influence the development and growth of the NFT marketplace by placing proposals.

Multi-currency Support

The NFT marketplace is developed to help you scale your business to newer heights by accepting multiple fiat and digital currencies.Both buyers and sellers can protect themselves from fluctuations by using stablecoins.

Reach The Top Spot In The NFT Industry With Our NFT Art Marketplace Like SuperRare

Our Process of NFT Art Marketplace Development Like SuperRare

  • Selecting The BlockchainYou will select the right blockchain network on which you expect your marketplace to execute all the functionalities. And you will tell us all your ideas and expectations.

  • WireframingOur team will illustrate to you a wireframe that will contain all the features and functionalities, and on your approval, the next step will be initiated.

  • DevelopingOur proficient developers’ team will start implementing their expertise while knitting your ideas to the marketplace development process so that every spec can be checked.

  • TestingWithstanding challenges will be rated here based on the different error tests run on the SuperRare clone. Once it is tried and tested, we will wait for your opinions and views.

  • LaunchingAfter your nod, the team will deploy it on the blockchain network of your choice, and your platform will be alive and running.

Digital Art NFT Marketplace Development

Why Choose Us For SuperRare Clone Development?

AppDupe has been helping clients thrive by developing fast-loading and user-friendly NFT marketplaces. Having learnt the intricacies of blockchain technology, crypto collectibles, and cryptocurrency,trading for these years, we follow the advanced development trends to make the NFT marketplace immutable, secure, and transparent. Thanks to our expert team that keeps our makes our state-of-the-art solutions which helps you in leading the industry.

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The marketplace supports options like fiat currencies, debit and credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and also stablecoins.
Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the fixed time to launch the NFT marketplace as it varies depending on the customizations and integration of add-ons. However, we deliver the project to you on the mutually agreed timeline.
Of course. We develop both Android and iOS apps made with a world-class tech stack. This ensures a consistent increase in investor activity.
The cost to launch an NFT marketplace like SuperRare with Appdupe depends on the configurations you need. You can reach out to us now and get the cost estimate.
Connect with our dedicated support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the live chat option available on our website.

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topdevelopers.biz - Top Blockchain Development Companies Award
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Mobile App Daily - Top NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Goodfirms - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
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