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Decentralized Finance is a transparent and permissionless market that allows peer-to-peer asset trading. Cryptocurrency lending and borrowing are two of the trendsetting initiatives of the DeFi market. Cryptocurrency holders seeking to avail of loans from DeFi lending & borrowing platforms should initially deposit a certain amount of crypto, and based on that, they can avail of the loan amount. Any market is said to be doing good based on its current market value. Likewise, when it comes to the DeFi market, the total value locked in it is an indication of how well the market is performing. As of July 2022, the Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi accounts for $87 billion.

If you are determined to stretch your entrepreneurship in the DeFi market, we have got plenty of development solutions to aid your business ideas to attain shape. In that row, our DeFi P2P lending and borrowing platform development solutions are industry-grade, robust and customizable. Moving forward, we do provide DeFi consulting services to help budding entrepreneurs like you to know the nuances of the DeFi market and develop business ideas.

Hypothesis Behind DeFi Lending & Borrowing

What Is The Hypothesis Behind DeFi Lending & Borrowing?

A DeFi lending and borrowing platform is a trustless and P2P online platform that sets the bridge for lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies. Suppose a crypto holder is willing to take a loan by approaching the DeFi lending & borrowing platform. In this case, the loan seeker will deposit a specific amount of cryptocurrencies, and in return, they’ll get 50% of the amount (in fiat currencies) they deposited. Also, the borrower has to pay the interest for the loan amount availed, and the lender will decide the interest rate.

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What Are The Must-Have Features In A DeFi P2P Lending/Borrowing Platform?

User DashboardEvery borrower and lender who has signed up for the platform will have access to the user dashboard. Users can navigate to other features and perform trading from their user dashboard.

DeFi WalletThe DeFi wallet is an online wallet that is built to store the private keys needed to access one’s cryptocurrencies. We are ready to integrate your DeFi platform with different DeFi wallets.

Flash LoansFlash loans let borrowers repay the loan amount in a single transaction without submitting any collateral.

Automated Market MakerThe Automated Market Maker is the heart of any decentralized platform/application. The borrower’s request will automatically be mapped to a lender from the liquidity pool.

Payment GatewaysUsers are given access to multiple payment gateways with which they can choose one to buy the loan amount.

StakingUsers can opt for the staking option available on the platform so that they can stake their cryptos and get rewards correspondingly.

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Workflow Behind The DeFi Borrowing & Lending Platform

  • Sign Up For The DeFi PlatformThe interested loan seekers and lenders will first sign up for the platform by completing the mandatory registration and integrating their DeFi wallets into the platform.

  • Lender Deposits Fiat CurrenciesUsers who are willing to lend fiat currencies to borrowers will have to deposit the sum into the liquidity pool.

  • Borrower Initiates Loan RequestThe borrower will initiate the process by sending a loan request and submitting a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, which will be the collateral for the availing loan.

  • Request MappingSince the entire functionality is controlled by in-built smart contracts, the borrower’s loan request will also be automatically sent to a lender. The lender will fix the interest rate, and if the borrower agrees to it, the smart contract execution will commence, and the loan amount will be credited to the borrower’s wallet.

  • Loan RepaymentOnce the loan period comes to an end, the borrower has to repay the loan, or else the lender will own the cryptos, which the borrower has submitted as the collateral.

What Are The Perks Of Using A DeFi Lending/Borrowing Platform
For Lenders & Borrowers?

TransparencySince DeFi platforms aren’t bound by a centralized authority, every trading activity remains transparent to the users.

Secure & ImmutableThe lending and borrowing platform functions on the governance of smart contracts, hence no chance for security breaches. Also, none of the user-related information or transactions can be modified.

Staking RewardsEvery user who stakes his cryptocurrencies in the liquidity pool for the mentioned timestamp is eligible to get staking rewards.

Tax-free Availing loans via DeFi lending/borrowing platforms are absolutely tax-free.

Our Pre-Built DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platform Development Solutions

Aave Clone

Aave CloneAave is a community-governed, open-source DeFi lending and borrowing protocol that lets users borrow loans against crypto collateral. Aave supports interoperability between multiple blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. Our developers have built the Aave clone protocol, which is a plug-and-play solution integrated with all the necessary trading features.

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Compound Clone

Compound CloneCompound is also a P2P and community-driven crypto lending and borrowing protocol that is secured by smart contracts. We have a pre-built version of this protocol in the name of Compound clone, which is futuristic, robust, and personalizable.

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Capitalize On The Expanding DeFi Lending & Borrowing Market By Developing A Tailor-Made Platform From Us

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A DeFi lending market is a non-custodial and transparent market that facilitates businesses and individuals to seek loans.
Decentralized lending is where one can lend loans to borrowers on a decentralized platform, and the lender can fix the interest rate. The borrowers should submit crypto assets or collateral as a surety to avail of the loan amount.
Presently, Aave, Compound, and DAO Maker are the familiar DeFi lending/borrowing protocols. At Appdupe, we are ready to provide you with similar yet tailor-made lending and borrowing protocols.
A DeFi loan collateral defines crypto assets that any loan borrower must submit to receive loans. This collateral will be released to the borrower once he repays the loan amount.

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