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Magic Eden Clone
Launch A Solana NFT Marketplace Like Magic Eden

The considerably flourishing NFT market is backed by the buying and selling of different forms of NFTs. The adoption of NFTs is high in blockchain-based gaming platforms, where the in-game assets together comprise the NFT collection. However, the use cases of NFTs are currently multiplying, and the familiar ones are ticket-based NFTs, community-based NFTs, social media NFTs, etc. Does the vertically growing interest among people in NFT trading tickle your entrepreneurial call? Take it forward by developing and launching a trading platform for NFTs.

With many NFT marketplaces out there already, the key ingredient to making your marketplace distinct lies in the blockchain, the features, interoperability, and robustness. Our white-label Magic Eden clone script is a pre-developed NFT trading platform built on the Solana blockchain network. We make it available for you to customize our white-label NFT marketplace solution so as to suit your business specifications and budget.

Magic Eden Clone
A White-Label Solana NFT Marketplace

We have a portfolio of rebrandable or white-label NFT marketplace development solutions, where we’ll consider and implement the customization options you prefer. A new addition to our portfolio is the Magic Eden clone, which is a community-governed platform that works on the Solana network. We have incorporated different elite features into the NFT marketplace to make it hassle-free to access. Additionally, if you want to personalize our Solana-based NFT trading platform, you can specify the same in your requirements checklist.

Our Clients

How Is Magic Eden Distinct From Other NFT Marketplaces?

Magic Eden is a Solana NFT marketplace that is one of the NFT marketplaces that experience a high volume of trades. Another notable trait of Magic Eden is that it is a community-controlled marketplace, where the traders vest the decision-making power. Additionally, Magic Eden is an NFT marketplace cum launchpad that claims to feature only the best of best projects. Hence, Web3 projects seeking massive attention approach this platform to get listed.

Some of the other striking benefits of Magic Eden that draw a line with other NFT marketplaces are 0% listing fees, 2% transaction fees, and 0% bidding fees. Also, the NFT creators who have listed their NFTs on this marketplace are given the right to decide on the royalty percentage for their NFTs when they’re resold.

Sort Of Features Embedded In Our White-Label Magic Eden Clone

NFT Vault

The NFT vault is more of a shop’s storefront where users get to see the collection of NFTs that are up for sale.

Crypto Wallet

We’ll integrate different crypto wallets into the marketplace, and users can sign in for any crypto wallet to store NFTs and access them.

Forthcoming Drops

The upcoming NFT launches are exclusively listed alongside the date under this feature, which will give buyers an idea of the future drops.

Trending Collections

The most trendsetting NFT collections on the marketplace are categorized under the trending collections to let buyers know about the popular drops.


Buyers can access the auction portal to bid for their favorite NFTs. The bidders have to pay the bidding fee, which differs from one marketplace to another.

Trading History

All the trading data like NFTs, buyers, sellers, selling price, etc., will be specified to keep the marketplace users aware of the happenings.


When you choose to build Magic Eden like NFT marketplace, you can also include the launchpad feature that helps Web3 project developers to showcase their projects.

Push alerts

Users won’t miss out on any happenings taking place on the marketplace like buying, selling, bidding, etc., as they’ll be intimated with push messages.

Get Your NFT Marketplace Developed On Different Platforms

Web PortalAs much as we are expertise in developing NFT marketplaces, we’re equally established in designing and developing websites. Get your NFT marketplace that is compatible with web apps.

Mobile ApplicationWe also provide NFT marketplace solutions that are compatible with mobile OS like Android and iOS. We’ll thoroughly optimize the application to offer users a hassle-free NFT trading experience.

Desktop Our desktop version will let traders access your NFT marketplace with more convenience.

Step-By-Step Working Of Our Ready To Launch Magic Eden Clone

  • Sign-UpNew users can access the marketplace after completing the initial setup process/registration process.

  • Connect With Wallet Out of the many crypto wallets the marketplace supports, users can sign-up for their preferred wallet to store and access their NFTs.

  • MintingThe NFT creators can choose the blockchain network in which they want their NFTs to be minted. We are ready to customize your marketplace to support interoperability with multiple blockchains.

  • ListingAfter minting, aka, converting digital files into NFTs, the NFT creators must mention the name, description, and price of the NFTs, which is called listing.

  • Bidding When NFT creators opt for auction-based sales, they must specify the start date, end date, and starting price for bidding.

  • NFTs Transferred To WalletAs soon as the bidding closes, the NFTs will be transferred to the wallet of the highest bidder.

Get To Know Our NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace NFT marketplace development on multiple blockchain networks is one of our highlights. We are high on introducing trending NFT marketplace solutions like NFT marketplace for influencers, celebrities, phygital assets, lending, tickets, etc.

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NFT Launchpad Development Solutions

NFT LaunchpadMagic Eden like platform hosts a launchpad feature where Web3 projects are listed. Similarly, we provide customizable NFT launchpad development solutions along with native tokens development services.

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White-Label NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

White-label NFT MarketplaceOur white-label NFT marketplace development solutions are pre-engineered and are incorporated with tantalizing features and UI. If you wish to personalize the existing features or the UI further, our developers will help with the same.

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DAO-Based NFT Trading Platforms

DAOWe develop DAO-enabled NFT marketplaces where the users will take over the decision-making responsibilities. For DAO-based NFT trading platforms, governance tokens are essential, and yes, we do develop governance tokens.

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Ready-To-Launch White-Label NFT Gaming Platform Solutions

Game NFT MarketplaceOur blockchain gaming developers have introduced ready-to-launch white-label NFT gaming platform solutions. We also take up in-game collectibles development for your NFT gaming platforms.

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Tell Us How You Would Want To Customize Your White-Label Magic Eden Like NFT Marketplace

What Are The Strongpoints Of The Solana Blockchain Network?

Solana is a preferred blockchain for developing NFT marketplaces and other Web applications since it solves existing problems like scalability, slow transaction speed, and interoperability. Have a gist of the competitive advantages of building your NFT platform on Solana.

High Transaction Speed With the potential to process 65,000 transactions in a second, Solana stands as the fastest blockchain. This will help traders to perform trading in a fraction of time and hence, a better user experience.

Low Transaction CostSolana is also known for its low transaction cost, which is $0.00025 per transaction. This transaction cost is absolutely economical when compared to transaction costs of other blockchains.

Scalability Solana is said to withstand high transaction volumes in comparison to other blockchains, mainly Ethereum, as Solana can process 65,000 TPS, but Ethereum can process only 30 TPS.

Customizable Smart ContractsThe smart contracts of Solana are customizable, and developers who wish to bring customizations to their marketplace can customize the smart contracts.

Interoperability Solana allows interoperability, meaning letting digital asset owners move their assets from other blockchains to Solana and experience high transaction speed and low cost.

Why Choose Appdupe For Solana NFT Marketplace Development?

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Customer-centric business approach

100% customizable white-label solutions

Intensively tested solutions

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Pre & Post Deployment Support

Solana-Based NFT Trading Platforms We Can Deliver

  • Sollectify Clone Sollectify is one of the fastest NFT marketplaces since it is developed on Solana and supports the trading of multiple types of NFTs. Want to develop such a fastest NFT platform? Set out to us since we provide you with ready-made Sollectify clone incorporated with features and UI you choose.

  • SolSea Clone SolSea is a popular NFT trading platform developed on the Solana network. This platform imposes the lowest transaction fees ranging from 0% to 2%. Any type of digital collectibles from art, gaming, education, photography, utility, etc., can be traded on this platform. We have a similar Solana-based NFT trading platform solution in the name of the SolSea clone, which is paired with customization options.

  • Metaplex CloneMetaplex is again a Solana-based NFT trading platform where over 15 million NFTs have been minted to date. Generative art NFTs, gaming NFTs, etc., can be minted. This platform also allows multiple integrations, and NFT creators can host airdrops. Get our Metaplex clone which is an NFT trading marketplace built on Solana.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, it is absolutely free. NFT creators can mint their NFT or NFT collections for free of cost on the Magic Eden marketplace.
Magic Eden is built on the fastest Solana blockchain network in order to provide traders with high transaction speed, interoperability, and fewer gas fees.
If you want to create an NFT platform like Magic Eden on the Solana network, you can reach out to the team at Appdupe. We are pioneering the NFT marketplace development space by delivering fully-customized projects.
Generally, creating an NFT marketplace has its own range of complexities depending on the features and other integrations chosen. Hence, to know the cost of developing your marketplace, you need to first ideate your requirements and submit them to an NFT platform development company, and they’ll give you a quote.

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