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How Is The Metaverse Transfiguring Online Gaming Platforms?

Metaverse is seemingly attaining a broad spectrum of adoption, mainly in the online gaming sector. In the forthcoming years, the metaverse will find its place in different sectors and thereby gain the upper hand. If you are stuck with the question, “does the metaverse see any future?” then certainly, the answer is “they do.” Online gaming platforms have never derailed from keeping players hooked up, more adeptly, and there can’t be apt reasons other than the gameplay and the competitive nature instilled.

Now, it’s all about how the application of the metaverse amplifies the gaming experience. While 3D gameplay in itself is tantalizing for players, the Play2Earn feature integrated into the metaverse-based NFT games further augments the gaming spirit among players. On the whole, metaverse games carry a whole lot of drawing factors. Touch base with us, a metaverse-based NFT game development company, for tailor-building your NFT gaming platform and setting it out as a leading one.

Develop Your Metaverse NFT Gaming Platform - Set Out With Us!

We, a metaverse game development company, bask in developing numero uno blockchain games that ascertain to upheave the gaming spirit. Further, our gaming platform development services comprise creating unique virtual avatars (to represent players) and building an integrated marketplace where players can trade in-game collectibles.

Being a pre-eminent blockchain gaming developing company, we provide white-label gaming platform development services, where we recreate popular gaming platforms along with the proportion of our customers’ specifications. Without frills, we are involved in providing personalized metaverse game development services. If you are an eager beaver in terms of building an enchanting metaverse gaming platform, we are your first call.

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What Are The Striking Traits Of Metaverse Games?

  • Realistic ExperienceMetaverse games are the powerhouse in terms of delivering the most realistic gaming experience. One of the crucial traits of metaverse games is the bewitching playing experience since games of this sort have grounds in extended reality (a blend of VR and AR).

  • Play2EarnIn contrast to just hosting games, metaverse-based games let players bag cryptocurrencies, which are available in the attire of in-game assets on the platform. Players are allowed to buy and sell in-game assets. They can encash (in the desired currency) upon selling those assets/collectibles on crypto exchanges.

  • Portability Of In-Game AssetsInteroperability is a notable trait of the metaverse. In terms of metaverse gaming platforms, players are facilitated to mobilize their in-game assets from one game to another as the ownership of assets is safe in the blockchain.

  • SocializationWhile letting players get drenched in the virtual ecosystem, the metaverse platforms facilitate PvP (Player Vs Player) and PvE (Player Vs Environment) so that they can invite their friends to the platform or play with the existing players and get fully involved.

Join The Vogue To Create a Metaverse NFT Game on Blockchain Network

Exceptional Attributes Of Metaverse NFT Gaming Platforms

  • Decentralized Metaverse gaming platforms are decentralized, and DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) makes it a possibility. Hence, metaverse games aren’t bound by any centralized system, which strikes players with advantages, like reliability and transparency.

  • Governance While rich gaming experience, decentralization, and play2earn are the remarkable traits of the metaverse gaming platforms, the issuance of governance tokens to the players is a remarkable benefit for players. Holding the governance token enables players to vote for any modification or upgrade that is about to happen.

  • Potential To EarnMetaverse games enable players to earn cryptos, which are available inside the game as assets. The assets can be of the category, avatars, skins, weapons, powers, etc., depending on the classification of gameplay.

  • Ownership Of In-Game AssetsThe blockchain technology with which the metaverse gaming platform is built ascertains the ownership of the player’s in-game assets. Hence, players need not bother about claiming ownership of the assets they earned inside the game.

Metaverse Blockchain Game Development
Advantages Your Players Will Take Home

In recent times, Metaverse is extracting the hype it deserves from a variety of audiences and industries. With that being said, the revenue from the metaverse market is expected to make $800 billion by the year 2024. In this, the metaverse gaming industry is alone predicted to chip in $400 billion, which comprise gaming assets trading and advertising as primary sources of revenue.

Our metaverse blockchain game development solution encompasses personalization that gives you the freedom to pick the blockchain to be used, number of features to be integrated, etc. Our metaverse platform renders these advantages to the players:

  • 100% decentralized

  • Play-to-earn ecosystem

  • Integrated marketplace for trading in-game assets

  • 3D gaming environment

  • Customizable avatars

Strong Points Of Launching A Metaverse Game Platform

The sort of “blockchain coupled metaverse games” are providing an unrivaled playing experience and launching a gaming platform of this kind will fetch you advantages (for you and your platform users) like

Colossal audience base

ROI generation

Unbeatable virtual gaming experience

Secured gaming platform

Voting privileges

Invade The Metaverse By Employing Our Metaverse VR Game Development Solution

Our White-Label Metaverse Game Development Solutions

Axie Infinity Clone
In the metaverse gaming ecosystem, Axie Infinity is a top-rated one. Our team has built the Axie Infinity clone, a similar gaming platform that focuses on the metaverse and play-to-earn amenities. Our white-label Axie Infinity clone is a personalizable solution, meaning you can customize the entire platform from the axies (virtual avatars) to its features to the blockchain tech used.

Decentraland Clone
One of our alluring metaverse VR game development solutions is Decentraland clone. This platform is unique in its way by letting players not only indulge in gaming but also allow them to purchase lands on the platform and further sell them anytime. Notably, we also create the tokens for your Decentraland like gaming platform that is necessary for trading assets.

Sandbox Clone
Sandbox is a similar metaverse NFT platform to that of Decentraland. We have a ready-to-deploy Sandbox clone solution, which if you need, can be customized. As of this platform, players get the privilege to buy (and sell) virtual lands and enhance them further. Most of all, they need native tokens for buying any sort of virtual property, and we develop those tokens as well.

Mobox Clone
Mobox is yet another NFT gaming platform that highlights features like in-game assets trading, NFT farming, etc. Specifically, this game lets players mobilize their in-game assets from one game to another, thereby providing them the fullest gaming experience. If you are in desire to create a metaverse NFT game on blockchain network similar to Mobox yet in a customized manner, get our Mobox clone.

Illuvium Clone
Out of the many RPG (role-playing games), Illuvium is a notable and interesting game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The gameplay revolves around finding and hunting down deity-like creatures. Players can form a team and buckle up to confront opponents. Get your Illuvium clone custom-developed from our team that guarantees a seamless and captivating experience.

Why Should You Ally With Us?

Obviously, NFT metaverse gaming platforms are taking off in terms of adoption, and the same will keep pressing on in the future. Get your metaverse gaming platform developed from a pioneering blockchain development company like us as we have state-of-the-art white-label solutions, which will make your gaming platform development all the more simple.

  • Tailor-built development solutions

  • White-label metaverse gaming solutions

  • Innovative and user-friendly interface

  • Customizable virtual avatars

  • On-time delivery

  • Technical support

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, we do provide custom-made NFT metaverse gaming platform development. Our white-label solutions are ready-to-launch solutions, which, when customized, can be molded to your requirements. Alright! Let us know how you would like to develop your gaming platform.

Yes, we leave it to your choice. Our blockchain developers carry expertise and experience in building gaming platforms on different blockchains. So, you can decide on the blockchain technology to be used.

Our gaming development solution is inclusive of creating native tokens as well. For creating your platform’s native tokens, we need you to mention their name and count (supply).

Before giving a clear picture, we need a detailed sketch of your requirements (the way you need your platform to be). Once you convey the requirements, our developers will perform a complete analysis, and based on the complexity of implementing your requirements, they will frame the deadline.

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