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TrustPad Clone
Launch an IDO Launchpad Like TrustPad on BSC!

Initial Dex Offerings (IDO) is a technical jargon representing a type of fundraising method. This method is all about raising funds for any decentralized or crypto-based project. IDO is the successor of ICO, IEO, STO, etc and has proven to be the best fundraising method when compared to its peers.

The centralized nature and the high degree of possibility for malicious activities are the setbacks of ICO. To scoop out such shortcomings, IDO came into the scene. The ability to provide instant liquidity is the key benefit of IDO, which makes it advantageous than other fundraising models.

Our Trustpad like IDO launchpad solution is an ingeniously developed IDO launchpad that is coupled with the option for customizations. Our eggheaded blockchain developers have crafted the IDO launchpad like TrustPad on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) that lets you greet crypto project creators to list their projects, raise funds, and hence as the platform owners, you can haul in profits in millions.

TrustPad - An Online Platform For Emphasizing Crypto Projects

Innovations and enhancements are parts of the crypto universe. With an immense number of crypto-affiliated projects mushrooming these days, project owners are seeking an online platform that can showcase their projects.

In this sequence, Trustpad is an absolutely decentralized platform that embodies a hub for DEX projects so as to raise funds for those projects. To spell this out, Trustpad is one of the IDO launchpads where project owners will list their projects to build credibility and also garner funds. And Trustpad will verify the authenticity and the feasibility of the projects and hence list them out on the platform. And now is the time to create a fundraising platform like Trustpad. Go ahead!

Our Clients

How To Access The TrustPad Clone?

  • Step 1 Project owners must sign-up for the platform by keying imperative details like the name of the owner (can give pseudonyms as well), email ID, name, and status of the project. Importantly, the owner must provide links to the project’s official website/social media and white paper.

  • Step 2 Then, the platform’s crew will see through the details provided by the project owners and verify them.

  • Step 3If the projects are found to be legitimate, then those projects will be added to the pools along with the starting date for crowdfunding.

  • Step 4A few days before the project’s crowdfunding opens, investors can request to participate in the crowdfunding. In order to participate in crowdfunding and be one of the early investors, the investors have to purchase native tokens.

  • Step 5 Based on the number of native tokens the investors have owned/staked, they will become eligible to take part in the IDO crowdfunding. This process of letting investors join crowdfunding is called whitelisting.

  • Step 6 On the crowdfunding date, all the whitelisted investors can start chipping in to the project inside the pool. Then, those investors will receive a defined amount of tokens regarding the project.

Unveil The Stage For Featuring Crypto Projects With Our TrustPad Like Fundraising Platform

Elite Features Residing In Our TrustPad Like Fundraising Platform

KYC FormalitiesThe platform owner will verify the credentials of the users/investors and then let them access the platform.

Automated liquidity poolThe automated liquidity pool will facilitate instant trading since it has a repository of liquidity and matches the buying and selling orders.

Multiple staking modulesOur TrustPad clone provides multiple staking modules and platform users can choose the one that is feasible for them.

Digital wallet integrationFor letting platform users stash their funds (cryptocurrencies), digital wallets are integrated. You can customize this platform to add digital wallets like TrustWallet, MetaMask, etc.

Swift access to tokensThe instant token allocation feature of our TrustPad like IDO launchpad development solution enables investors to get access to the tokens of the IDO they participate in swiftly after the launch as per their contribution to the liquidity pool.

Compatible across blockchain networksOur multi-chain launchpad development solution is absolutely compatible across different blockchain networks like Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, Polkadot, etc.

Low gas feesOur IDO launchpad development on BSC incurs fewer gas fees for transactions when compared to other blockchain networks.

Appealing Use Cases Of IDO

OpennessIn general, anyone/investor willing to participate in crowdfunding provided their ID is verified, and they have sufficient funds to invest in.

ScalableOne of the notable use cases of the IDO launchpad is that it can be scaled up to raise funds for a multitude of projects simultaneously.

Secured Integrated with a pile of high-grade security features, the fundraising platform will offer unadulterated security to the data and funds of platform users.

Launch a Native BEP20 Token Like $TPAD for your TrustPad Clone

The token standard for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is BEP20. Simply, the token standard represents the overall functionalities of the token like transferring, viewing ownership details, etc. Every IDO launchpad has a native token depending on the type of blockchain network that launchpad is built with.

The native token for TrustPad is $TPAD, and it works on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Similarly, you need to create a token for your TrustPad clone.

Our team at Appdupe will help you in creating the native token for your platform. The native token that we create for your platform will be based on the blockchain network you select. You can let us know the name of the token, its symbol, and the initial supply of it and we will create the tokens accordingly.

Create Fundraising Launchpad Like TrustPad And Gain Monopolism

Our Multi-Chain Launchpad Development Solutions

Over the formative years, we have been providing customized solutions for every blockchain-based platform we develop. In this row, we can also build you a TrustPad like IDO launchpad on the blockchain network you prefer.

TrustPad Like Fundraising Platform

Based IDO Launchpad
The IDO Launchpad built using the Binance Smart Chain renders advantages like low transaction fees and faster transactions. Since BSC works on the Proof-of-Stake mechanism, it offers rewards for those who stake the tokens on the platform.

Ethereum based IDO Launchpad

Based IDO Launchpad
The Ethereum-based IDO launchpad development is beneficial since it is open-source, reliable, scalable, and interoperable.

Solana based IDO Launchpad

Based IDO Launchpad
The benefits of Solana blockchain technology that deserve to be highlighted comprise faster transactions and lower transaction costs. Solana claims to be the fastest blockchain network among the other established blockchain networks.

Cardona based IDO Launchpad

Based IDO Launchpad
Working on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism, Cardano consumes fewer gas fees, which is significant for users in the first place. Following this, staking, faster transactions, etc., are other notable benefits of Cardano.

Polkadot based IDO Launchpad

Based IDO Launchpad
Polkadot makes it seamless to achieve interoperability. In this sense, Polkadot can interact with other networks, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the platform.

The Spectrum Of Services
We Provide For Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad Development

  • Devising The Roadmap To help you invite investors, we will devise a roadmap that gives a lucid perspective on how your project will take off, the journey, and the ultimate goal. This roadmap will aid you in laying hold of stakeholders.

  • Drafting whitepapersThe whitepaper represents the service/solution the product or the business is aiming to offer to its end-users. After eliciting your business offerings (that you’ve planned), we will draft a whitepaper that will give your stakeholders/users a detailed understanding.

  • DevelopmentWe provide multi-chain launchpad development solutions so as to let you decide the sort of blockchain technology you want for your IDO launchpad.

  • Marketing servicesCarrying out marketing for your fundraising platform will catalyze your platform’s visibility. Our troupe of enthusiastic marketers will plan suitable marketing campaigns and execute ‘em seamlessly.

Top Your TrustPad Like Fundraising Platform
With An Integrated NFT Launchpad

Investing in NFTs has become a vogue. Though experts state that NFTs are dwelling in their budding level, their popularity has been multiplying with every passing day. And chiefly, the number of NFT projects that hit the marketplaces is huge. Hence, project owners are experiencing a tight race, jostling among fellow project owners.

Do you want to throw the limelight on innovative NFT projects and help them raise funds? Then instead of making your fundraising platform exclusionary for featuring DEX projects, integrate it with an NFT launchpad to make it all the more appealing.

Appdupe has a dedicated and seasoned team of blockchain developers who can facilely integrate an NFT launchpad into your crowdfunding platform. Benefits you can tuck in by integrating an NFT launchpad from us include

  • A virtuoso team of blockchain developers

  • Expert Consultation

  • End-to-end customizable NFT launchpad development solution

  • Tested and proven marketing strategies

  • Comprehensive support

Make Inroads Into The IDO Crowdfunding Market By Launching The Trustpad Like Platform

Why Should You Optate Us For Developing Your IDO Launchpad?

As an acclaimed company for blockchain-related services, we take pride in offering customized and top-grade development and marketing services. Below is a list of benefits that comes along if you choose to ally with us for fundraising launchpad development.

- Off-the-shelf IDO launchpad solutions.
- A seasoned squad of blockchain developers, analysts, and testers.
- Perpetual product support.
- Multi-chain integration.
- Comprehensively personalizable and white-label solutions.

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The overall time taken for launching has grounds in the number/complexity of customizations you prefer.
Yes, we will absolutely assist you in creating the native token similar to the $TPAD.
We are here to provide you with the estimated cost, provided we know your requirements and the customizations. Hence, we can disclose the cost of development once we brainstorm your ideas.
Yes, we do provide. Having a team of marketing experts who have a sturdy background in blockchain-related marketing services, we can provide IDO marketing services.
Yes, you can, and we will help us in doing so. Be it the type of application or platform we develop, we provide the option for scalability.

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