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CryptoPunks Clone
Create an NFT Digital Collectibles Platform like CryptoPunks

Digital collectibles are the new money-minting concept bagging humongous revenue.. CryptoPunks is one of the pioneers of this new phenomenon. The story began when Bitcoin created a revolution in the processing of transactions in January 2009 and granted 100% ownership of assets to investors.. Ethereum uplifted it to the next arena in July 2015 by permitting arbitrary computer code to be executed on the blockchain. Larva Labs made use of this robust technology and created unique digital assets named CryptoPunks in June 2017.

We know the rest of the story. CryptoPunks evolved to be one of the biggest news in the blockchain world. The CryptoPunk #7523 was sold for $11.8 million in June 2021, which is the highest sale value for a CryptoPunk for now. It is also claimed that CryptoPunks are the sole reason for the $900 million profits raked by NFTs in August this year.

It is also to be noted that CryptoPunks is not the only pixelated collectible that is doing wonders in the market. The other digital assets that are doing great are Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoKitties, Blitmaps, Polkamon, Vee Friends,etc. With all these virtual collectibles doing great in the market. You can also create an NFT marketplace and trade digital collectibles in a flash.

What Is A CryptoPunks Clone?

CryptoPunks clone is a platform to buy and sell pixelated digital collectibles created automatically by an algorithm. As a techpreneur, you can build a marketplace with an attractive storefront. Robust blockchain technology will help investors to buy and sell virtual assets. In addition to this, you can also create your own unique collection of digital artwork and list them as well for sale. It is time to remind yourself of the proverb, `Make hay while the sun shines 'and launch a CryptoPunks clone platform.

CryptoPunks - The Contemporary Phenomena Of The Blockchain Universe

Did you know that CryptoPunks are the first non-fungible tokens? It was a project kicked off as fun by John Watkinson and Matt Hall. Initially, it was about entertaining the audience, but today, these digital collectibles are being sold for millions of dollars. They are even set to be displayed in traditional art galleries.

The CryptoPunks are simple 24*24 pixelated portraits of human faces that were inspired by the Punk counterculture. Each and every portrait is unique. The difference between each face is solely about the attributes of the face. Some of them have a beanie; some have welding goggles, choker, pigtails, orange side, buck teeth, and more. In addition to these human faces, there are some rare versions of punks like apes, aliens, and zombies. To put in simple words, "this is a cool stuff that took over the blockchain world for a ride it was never ready for."

Today, the highest sale value for punk is $7.58 million. It may sound unbelievable, but without a doubt, CryptoPunks are here to stay as assets every individual desire to own a rare asset.

Salient Features In-Built With CryptoPunks Like NFT Marketplace

It is imperative for an entrepreneur to be well-informed about the features of an NFT marketplace before stepping into this lucrative arena.

  • Store ExhibitoryWelcome the art collectors to your platform with a dapper storefront displaying a virtual asset collection along with options like preview, buy, and sell.

  • Sophisticated Search OptionsBestow the investors with sophistication to find the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) they are looking for from a plethora of digital art pieces by feeding in their requirements on the search tab.

  • Stack ListingEliminate the artists from the toil of listing their non-fungible tokens one by one. And present them with an opportunity to list them all as a bundle or a stack.

  • IPFS The InterPlanetary File System [IPFS] enables sharing and storing of data on a decentralized cloud system efficiently.

  • EtherScanWe integrate EtherScan, a decentralized block explorer with the CryptoPunks Like marketplace for enhanced search and analytics.

  • Multiple Token StandardsThe white-label NFT Digital Collectibles Clone Script is developed to be compatible with multiple token standards. The artists can opt for ERC-721 standard or ERC-1155 standard.

  • Digital WalletThe connoisseurs can integrate their digital wallet with the NFT Digital Collectibles Platform like CryptoPunks in a wink.

  • Bidding OptionThe users with a dire love for art can place their bid on digital creations. However, the highest bidder gets to own the exclusive work.

  • Bidding HistoryWhen a creator lists their work for sale as NFTs, it is susceptible for the aesthetes to bid on it with an urge to own them. The bids placed by all the collectors are recorded on the blockchain network and are made visible for everyone, along with the listing of the art.

  • Instant Sell/BuyAn artist can also opt for an instant selling option without going for a bid. They can enlist the price for speedy sale, and any investor interested in buying it for the price can purchase it swiftly.

  • NFTs For MortgageThe digital assets owned by the collectors can be exchanged for money as collateral for a loan. The NFTs get locked on a smart contract and are released once the owner pays back the debt.

  • Multi-Device SupportNow, the NFT traders can buy or sell crypto assets on more than one device. Left the laptop back at home? they can now pick up their smartphone and enjoy trading seamlessly.

Exclusive Attributes Of A Stunning CryptoPunks Like NFT Marketplace

  • AuthenticityThe word authenticity goes hand in hand with NFT trading platforms. It offers digital artworks credibility and validates the work with proof of ownership rights.

  • UniquenessThe one word that keeps resonating every time someone asks why NFTs are worth so high is uniqueness. It is a well-known fact that crypto collectibles are indivisible, interchangeable, and cannot be duplicated in any case.

  • RarenessEvery digital art minted as a non-fungible token is original and is one of a kind. Thereby making it desirable and scarce for the aesthetes.

  • TransparencyEvery data regarding an NFT is stored in a distributed ledger and can be viewed by any individual, thus providing a high level of transparency.

  • LiquidityA marketplace for tokenized digital assets will witness huge trading. Liquidity is not a question when there is limitless buying and selling of collectibles.

Make Your Step Into The Cryptoverse With A Robust NFT Marketplace Like CryptoPunks

The Detailed Stats Bestowed In The CryptoPunks Like NFT Marketplace

Providing detailed stats on the collectibles listed on the platform insights the collectors to plan on their next asset to conquest. The stats available on our platform are,

  • Bids made by investors that are presently open

  • Current Lowest Price Artwork Available

  • Number of Sales

  • Recently Sold Algorithmically generated artworks

  • The digital collectibles available for sale

  • Top 10 Pixelated Arts (Highest Sale)

  • Total Value Of Sales

  • Values of Sales (24 hrs, week, four weeks)

  • Wrapped digital assets for sale

The Types Of Pixelated Digital Arts In CryptoPunks

The punk images were created in different types along with numerous attributes. These pixelated heads are an inspiration of the Punk subculture from the mid-1970s. Undoubtedly it was a huge scene back in those days. And there are still fans lurking around listening to the best bands of those times.
As an entrepreneur, you could also come up with a unique idea like this to generate algorithmically generated heads. And list it in your own marketplace to relish all the benefits of both NFTs and, of course, your idea. Anyways, insight yourself into the different types of digital punks and get some inspiration.

  • Male
    6039 virtual heads in numbers

  • Female
    3840 in total

  • Ape
    just 24 ape heads

  • Zombie
    88 zombie faces

  • Alien
    only nine aliens

Why Should You Be Launching
Algorithmically Generated Arts Like CryptoPunks?

There are a lot of stats that can lure you into launching a digital asset like punks. But you should also know it's about the uniqueness of the idea and the already existing fan following for the counterculture. So, in addition to the power of NFTs, you also need to mix up some creativity there.

  • A total of 10,000 punk heads are only available throughout the blockchain space

  • The highest price paid for a digital punk is $7.57 million

  • The lowest price at which a pixelated punk is sold is $39,000.65

  • The average bid placed on these digital characters in the last year is $137,375.74

  • Currently, the average open bid amount is $13,853.18

  • The average sale price of all the digital heads from the last year is $140,543.61

  • The total sales value of these punk heads for the last year is $1.8 billion

The numbers seem so lucrative, right? What makes you wait anymore? Give us a call, and let's start to harness your business idea.

The WorkFlow Of The CryptoPunks Clone

The digital heads generated algorithmically have to undergo a few steps before getting listed for sale on an NFT platform.

1 The punks are usually ERC-20 tokens. They are to be wrapped as ERC-721 tokens as a first step.

2 The wrapping process is initiated on a separate website.

3 The original images of the crypto heads are too large to store on the Ethereum blockchain network. Therefore a hash of the actual image is backed up in the smart contract.

4 To verify the authenticity of the virtual punks, generate the SHA256 hash by using the command line, let's say, and equate it with the hash embedded in the contract.

Now, the digital asset is all set to be listed for sale in the marketplace.

1 The creator of the virtual collectibles can now enable the listing by choosing the auction or instant sale option.

2 Once the pixelated heads are out for sale, the aesthetes start bidding on them. Once the auction is over, the bid amount is transferred to the creator, and the proof of ownership is sent to the highest bidder.

Beat The Trend! By Launching A Platform To Buy And Sell NFTs

What Is Wrapping The CryptoPunks?

Wrapping is the process of upgrading a digital asset following certain token standards to other token standards for processing transactions seamlessly.

In this case, CryptoPunks were released as ERC-20 tokens in June 2017 and were introduced to the market before the advent of the ERC-721 standard in January 2018. To adapt to the advancement in the standards and to avoid complexities in transactions, the punks were wrapped as ERC-721 tokens. These wrapped tokens are sold as NFTs. To redeem the original token, they can unwrap it.

In today's scenario, you may not need wrapping as you can directly mint tokens that follow the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standards.

Discrete Characteristics Of CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks are widely known for their punk looks inspired from the mid-1970s. There are a total of 10,000 punk heads. Each digital head is unique, with different features added to the face. These features include different genders, hairstyles, lipsticks, and more.

Check out the different characteristics of the original CryptoPunks.

  • Male Punks

  • Female Punks

  • 696 punks are seen with lipsticks onto them

  • 303 faces have mutton chops

  • 286 digital faces sport a look with 3-D glasses

  • 128 crypto heads have rosy cheeks

  • 94 of them have pigtails

  • 78 of the punk faces are spotted with buck teeth

  • 44 of the punks wear beanies

  • Aliens

  • Zombies

  • Apes

As an entrepreneur and a creative person, your idea should also be built in this way. Each digital asset must have a unique attribute that interests the collector.

Modules To Be Considered Before CryptoPunks
Like NFT Marketplace Development

Supply And Demand

Generating a limited number of pixelated arts increases the demand for the digital assets. Eventually, their value skyrockets in a short time.


Create unique digital portraits and ensure that the supply is limited—the rarer the asset higher the anticipation for owning it.


Liquidity is a must-to-consider factor when it comes to launching an NFT marketplace. Investors can swiftly convert their digital assets into cash without influencing the market price.

Value Estimator

When you launch pixelated portraits, it is important to be aware of the value they can create. CryptoPunks are valued ranging from $331,503 to $7.58 million. There are a few online NFT value estimators.


The value of digital collectibles like CryptoPunks is way too high today compared to the cost of creating a White-label CryptoPunks clone. This promises a high Return on Investment.

Choose The Blockchain To Create Your CryptoPunks Like NFT Marketplace

Bitcoin was the first blockchain to be created. However, it was more transaction-oriented. This led to the advent of its successor Ethereum, the contemporary and one of the most popular blockchains with various use cases. After the gigantic success of Ethereum, a number of blockchains started to enter the cryptoverse with diverse motives. Each blockchain has its own pros and cons. It's up to you to choose the right one.

  • Ethereum

  • TRON

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  • Polkadot

  • Cardano

  • EOS

  • NEO

  • WAX


  • Hyperledger

Appdupe's Coherent NFT Marketplace Development Process

We have been working on the NFT space for a while now. This experience has helped us figure out an agile development process.

  • Requirement AnalysisEvery fresh idea requires in-depth analysis. Our team of NFT experts scrutinizes your project and devises a detailed list of the requirements for the successful accomplishment of your goals.

  • Market AnalysisIt is mandatory to know the market conditions before starting any business. A 360-degree analysis of the industry trends is undertaken to ensure your idea is as promising as innovative it is.

  • Blockchain PlatformWhen it comes to building an NFT trading platform, it is pertinent to choose the blockchain network that best suits your business idea.

  • Front-End DesignOur creative team starts crafting an impeccable design for your pixelated art trading platform that will act as the voice for your brand.

  • Back-End DevelopmentThe blockchain developers kick-start the process of building your marketplace for digital artwork with utmost detailing.

  • TestingOnce the development of the NFT Digital Collectibles Platform like CryptoPunks is done. It is essential to run numerous tests on it to ensure a seamless performance.

  • LaunchGet Set Go! It's time to meet your niche users with the extraordinary marketplace you have built for them to trade digital faces.

Why Choose Appdupe
For White-label CryptoPunks Clone Development?

Appdupe are proficient partners to look upto in terms of blockchain technology, DeFi, DApps, and NFTs.

Creative TeamOur team not only helps with the back-end development but also tips you with ideas that can attract both artists and aesthetes.

On-Time DeliveryWe structure a road map and stick to it. With Appdupe as your trusted service provider, you can launch ahead of your competitors and sweep off all the audience.

Go Cost-EffectiveYou need not be a multi-millionaire to dream about launching a platform to buy and sell pixelated portraits anymore. Appdupe offers the most cost-effective solution.

Round The Clock SupportQueries are dealt with instantly with no further delay. Any day of the week or hour of the day, you get them resolved.

ExperienceAppdupe has worked relentlessly on blockchain technology for years, sharpening its expertise. When you partner with us, you are signing up with a prolific team.

White-Label SolutionWhen we say "CryptoPunks like marketplace," it does not mean your platform is also going to look the same way. It is completely customized as per your business idea and the pixelated portraits you have generated to trade.

Launch A Marketplace With Attractive StoreFront For Pixelated Digital Arts Like CryptoPunks

Tech Stack

Blockchain Network

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This is a service provided by Appdupe to help you build a platform to buy and sell pixelated portraits like CryptoPunks, Crypto Kitties, Bored Apes, and more. We also endorse you creating your own digital collectibles.
Firstly, the choice is yours. You must know which crypto wallet will suit your needs. If you need to know more about it, you can connect with our NFT experts. The wallets we help you integrate are Coinbase Wallet, Trezor Wallet, BitGo Cryptocurrency Wallet, Exodus, CoinPayments Wallet, Trust Wallet, StakedWallet.io, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, etc.
Yes, if you believe that your NFT trading platform will require a side chain along with a primary blockchain network for seamless performance, then we can definitely help you with it.
The value of these digital collectibles depends on factors such as rarity, interoperability, uniqueness, and the collector's interest, like any art. If you develop a pixelated face that can attract the aesthetes and are available in a limited number, then you are ready for a big game here.
The cost to develop an NFT marketplace varies as per your requirements. It depends on the tech stack you want to use, the blockchain you prefer, the wallet you choose, the design you require, and more. Give us a call and feel free to tell us your business plans and get a free quote in a short time.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Dream11, Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.