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NFT Studio - An Overview

The world has already begun to incline towards a virtual space. Metaverses, non-fungible assets, and crypto are creating a new platform for people to invest. In other terms, a new economy is in the making. However, there is still a need for a platform that provides a 360-degree solution for all NFT needs. Let’s say creating, minting, storing, selling, staking, and everything that goes along with the word non-fungible token.

Contribute to this new digital economy by launching your ideas for a NFT collection. We are a community of artists, techies, blockchain enthusiasts, and crypto nerds creating a new ecosystem where any new artist or startup could walk in and build a new DApp or list a digital art for sale. We are the solution for the entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out the mystery behind the three letters, NFT.

Generative NFT Arts - A New Form Of Art

The modern world gives birth to modern ideas and modern art forms. The current one is the algorithmically generative arts. No one expected it would turn out to be something really big when Larva Labs came up with CryptoPunks. But then we all know what it is now.

So, generative arts are created by certain codes written on a smart contract. These codes mostly represent certain attributes that are supposed to be randomly assigned to a specific number of characters. All the conditions for the creation of the digital arts are on the code and are generated in a flash. Let’s say 10,000 unique digital arts can be created just like that. We all know how difficult and time-consuming it is to create 10,000 unique artworks in the traditional way. However, the algorithmically generated pixelated arts have opened a new gateway for the art industry. Create a platform for artists with ideas to generate their pixelated artworks instantly.

Our Clients

Various Strategies And Services We Offer As An NFT Production Studio

Appdupe brings to you an NFT creative studio that can be home to countless strategies, services, and expertise in regards to NFTs.

Blockchain Strategies

Incentive Mapping By initiating an incentive mapping procedure, the NFT based projects signing up with us will get a better understanding of our services.

Token Architecture We help develop tokens for NFT projects on our platform where the native tokens act as a primary interface that supports all the activities on the project.

NFT Marketplace Development As a Generative NFT Art Studio, we also develop NFT marketplaces along with the creation of generative arts.

Minting NFTs We have created an ecosystem for artists where minting their artworks into non-fungible tokens is no more a complex process.

Creative Services

Artist Services We walk the artists through the process of minting, listing their artworks for sale, and promoting their works, etc.

Drop Strategy & PlanningProvide insights to NFT projects partnered with you on effective NFT drop strategies for maximum benefits in the longer run.

Performance Marketing By offering performance marketing services, we support numerous budding artists who may find it difficult to afford expensive marketing services.

Content/Social StrategyContent strategies are an integral part for wider reach of a project. Help entrepreneurs and artists reach their niche with compelling content strategies.

Technical Expertise

Algorithm Design Artists can come up with some earth-shattering ideas but writing Generative Art Algorithms for that is not their cup of tea. We assist them in creating Generative NFT Arts.

Digital Asset CreationProvide the required technical assistance for artists to create digital assets and list them for sale.

R&D We do the needful for startups trying to find a space for themselves in the NFT world with required research and development.

UI/UX Web DesignHelp artists promote their works by creating a website with attractive UI/UX design.

Your One-Stop Solution For All NFT Needs, NFT Production Studio

Foundational Elements That Empowers The NFT Design Studio

  • Interactive ArtworksCreating a collection of NFTs is cool. How about interactive NFTs? A collection of NFTs is created with a Genesis NFT. The owner of the Genesis NFT can edit the attributes of all the NFTs in its clan, although they are owned by other individuals. Doesn’t that sound more fun and interactive?

  • Generative ArtworksThe days of painting or designing countless artworks that come under one collection are done. The artists can now feed the different attributes of the pixelated works in a smart contract to generate a collection of completely unique works. CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, and Meebits are a few examples.

  • Community BuildingOne of the significant steps in the success of an NFT project depends on the community that backs it. Create a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) that offers the collectors opportunities to operate in treasury, vote on new initiatives, submit proposals, and elect officers.

  • Merge & Burn GamesEvoke the creativity in your community and allow them to create completely new NFTs or merge the attributes of two or more existing ones. You can let them burn the NFTs they feel less interested in before creating new ones. This improves the interactivity in the community creating loyal followers.

  • Collective Action CampaignsBring your community on board to promote the collection of digital arts on your platform. This can create a mammoth impact on the reach of your NFT projects. To encourage the collectors to promote the digital assets, reward them with NFTs.

  • Custom AR FiltersNFTs are themselves a breakthrough! Take the promotional activities of projects to the next level by releasing personalized AR filters. These exclusive filters can be collected, used in games, or assigned new. This is more like a movie launching a sticker before the release but with social proof and value.

  • NFT-Based CRMNFTs are a great source for interaction and communication. It provides the artists an opportunity to offer their fans perpetual and endless updates. For example, An artist who is gearing to launch his next collection can release some NFTs beforehand. The collectors who own them will get updates directly in their wallets.

  • Fractional Ownership The exclusivity of the non-fungible assets tends to instill a high value to them. This, in turn, keeps countless interested collectors on the shore. But with fractional ownership, collectors can own a small portion of digital art. They can hold on to the share or sell it.

NFT Studio Minting Engine
Mint 3-D Objects Seamlessly!

Our NFT art studio minting engine will make you one of the pioneers of creating 3-dimensional objects as NFTs. The NFT revolution has begun with digital collectibles like digital arts, photographs, GIFs, videos, and more. But it is not going to be stuck there forever. With the introduction of metaverses like Decentraland, Sandbox, etc., a three-dimensional virtual world is in the brim of creation.

The advancement of NFTs into the three-dimensional creates a need for minting 3-D objects as a whole. Provide artists a platform to create interactive 3D objects using YEW.RS library and compile them by WebAssembly to mint them as a non-fungible token. Connect with a futuristic platform like us that is a wholesome package for all NFT needs.

Your Stories Can Now Create Generative NFT Art!

  • NFT Production Studio
  • Art Library

    Come over and share with us your stories for a super-cool collection of NFTs. We’ll create an art library that documents the elements of your story and enables us to write a code to generate a collection of digital arts based on the theme you dreamt of. Talk to our team now to know more.

  • NFT Platform for artists
  • A New World

    Does your story seem so grand that it can’t be conveyed in just faces? No worries, we got you. Narrate your theme, and we will create an environment that speaks your story to the audience out there. Spell out your imagination, and we will create a new world that NFT enthusiasts would desire to be a part of.

Make A Grand Entry Into The Lucrative World Of NFTs Now!

Myriads Of Popular Generative Arts

Anime Characters

Anime CharactersNaruto Uzumaki, Itachi Uchicha, and Levi. Have you heard of these names? They probably have a huge fan following similar to any living celebrity. Anime and anime characters are the craze now. Host a collection right away.


AvatarsGenerative NFT avatars are the newfound craze among NFT enthusiasts. We all know how people are driving nuts behind the Bored Apes and CryptoPunks. Launch the next CryptoPunks collection.


Theme-Based ArtWorksTreat those artists who have crafted a brilliant theme with an amazing collection of algorithmically generated arts. Theme induces longevity to a project.


WeaponryNFT gaming is an impeccable sector. Create a collection of fine weapons with their own unique features for gamers to use in their gaming world.


ComicsComic characters can be considered the eldest of all these as they carry a 100+ year legacy with them. Suits and props of these characters can also be devised as a collection.


AnimalsThis is likely to be the trend of today. From apes to camels, countless projects have been created as generative arts of animals. These are doing great in the NFT market too.

Our NFT Art Development Process

Here’s a breakdown of the development process of our Generative NFT Art Studio.

  • Tossing Ideas As the first and foremost step, our blockchain developers listen to the ideas you toss for your NFT collection.

  • Requirement AnalysisNow that we know your vision, we start looking out for the right tech stack required to bring your dream to life.

  • Planning As everything is set now, we chart a roadmap to develop your NFT platform for artists on time.

  • Design Our design team starts working on a unique design that would amuse your audience creating a huge impact.

  • Development Our team of blockchain developers starts writing all the necessary codes to create a unique collection of artworks.

  • Testing The testing team runs errands on every step of the NFT studio development process to ensure the platform is glitch-free.

  • Launch We present to you the amazing collection of NFT arts of your dream, and once you approve, we deploy it for you.

Multi-Channel NFT Marketing Services We Offer

Marketing your Generative NFT Arts is as significant as building it. Appdupe crafts a compelling strategy to reach a huge crowd of NFT enthusiasts.

  • PRLet the announcement on the launch of your NFT generative arts be heard all over the globe via top-tier media outlets.

  • InfluencersGo directly to the niche crowd of NFT nerds by letting them know about you by the popular ones among themselves.

  • SEOMake the news about your NFT art collection presented to every NFT enthusiast and amateurs browsing about non-fungible tokens on the web.

  • Social Media AdsSocial media is the most powerful tool to make things go viral. We help you post attractive ads targeting the right crowd on all social media platforms to gain a better reach for your pixelated art collection.

  • BrandingDon’t be just another NFT Project in the ecosystem. We offer competent branding services that make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Email CampaignsGet personal with potential leads by sneaking the unique attributes of your collection into their inboxes. By targeting the right audience with the right kind of mails, you tend to increase your sign-ups drastically.

  • Discord PromotionsDiscord has turned out to be a hub for the NFT communities. Build a strong community and interact with them for the subsequent growth of your project.

  • Discussion ForumsInteract among the NFT enthusiasts out there in the forums trying to find answers to a number of questions on NFTs and Generative Art Algorithms and let them know about you.


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A Short Preview On Why You Should Choose Appdupe

We don’t boast, but these are certain characteristics that make us a client’s favorite development team.

Quality Is PriorityAppdupe is a team that associates itself with a quality product. We are a strong believer in client satisfaction for better growth. This compels us to deliver peerless solutions.

An Experienced TeamWe have built a team rich in knowledge and experience. Our blockchain developers have hands-on experience on countless impeccable projects.

Transparent ProcessWe follow a transparent development process. Every step in operation will be updated to you. So, you are well aware of the status of your project.

Be Fast To The MarketIn today’s competitive world, it is important to be earlier in the market to reap the maximum benefits. We understand this and will help you launch your NFT Platform for Artists ASAP.

Round The Clock SupportGot a query? You can get them cleared instantly as we offer 24*7 support. Call us anytime, and our support team will be available to guide you through the process.

Marketing ServicesIn addition to the peerless development process, we also help your project reach greater heights with our competent marketing strategies.

Create A NFT Studio To Support And Uplift Artists And Entrepreneurs!

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

An NFT studio is an ecosystem of digital arts, artists, and technology to help upcoming artists and entrepreneurs avail services to create generative NFT arts or DApps. It is a one-stop solution for all NFT needs.
Generative arts is a new form of art where the developers feed the different attributes of the artworks in a smart contract. The attributes are randomly assigned to digital arts, creating a collection of unique NFTs.
We build NFT generative arts as per your requirements. Suppose your ideas require the creation of three-dimensional objects, then why to say a no to it. We’ll get it done for you.
Our developers have specialized knowledge of all the prominent blockchain networks. Let’s say Ethereum, FLOW, Polygon, PolkaDot, Cardano, HyperLedger, or any blockchain. You name the blockchain that suits your project, and our developers will develop a platform on it.
The cost to develop a collection of generative arts varies as per your requirements. It depends on the tech stack you want to use, the blockchain you prefer, the wallet you choose, the design you require, and more. Give us a call, and feel free to tell us your business plans and get a free quote in a short time.

Award and Recognitions

topdevelopers.biz - Top Blockchain Development Companies Award
itfirms.co - Top Blockchain Development Companies Award
Mobile App Daily - Top NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Goodfirms - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
Softwareworld - Top Rated NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Topdevelopers.co - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
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