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In today’s hyperactive world, where you could spot a crypto-freak anytime and anywhere, NFTs are of the great tenor. So far, content creation and earning profits has been paradoxes because of the intervention of middlemen and hosting platforms. Their unethical sharing of revenues have been driving the creators nuts. But thanks to the NFTs that have come to the rescue now.

Looking at the countless perks that these NFTs are offering, Non-Fungible Token development is burgeoning, and creators are hastening towards this direction. With NFT development services, content creators can preserve their ownership for the content they create permanently, publish it and keep filling their pockets with lifelong revenue! On the one hand, though the NFTs can be used as authorization or attestation, on the other hand, one thing that intrigues the interest of people is its non-interoperability. They cannot be traded like regular fungible tokens on exchange platforms. Every NFT has unique metadata, giving them exclusivity.

We are a master NFT Token Development company who have been drenched in the field for years. With Appdupe’s Non-Fungible Token development services, whether you are an individual or an institution, you can earn benefits limitlessly for your tangible or intangible assets.

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

A Non-fungible token is a crypto asset that is unique and indivisible. They cannot be replaced with other similar tokens, as they are unique and non-interchangeable. NFTs are based on the Ethereum protocol called ERC-721 and TRON’s TRC-721, and hence NFTs can also be known as ERC-721 tokens or TRC-721 tokens.

The difference between fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens is that a fungible token can be exchanged, and yet the value won’t change. For instance, Bitcoins are fungible tokens. One can exchange one Bitcoin with another, and the value will still be one Bitcoin.

Whereas a non-fungible token consists of identifying information stored in Smart contracts. This identifying information is what makes NFTs poles apart in value from each other. Unlike fungible assets, the share of a fractional part of these tokens is worthless and non-redeemable. Therefore, these NFTs can be used for gaining ownership over assets like houses, lands and virtual assets.


Our Clients

Our Large Assortment Of NFT Token Development Services

There is a massive set of functionalities that branches out from the NFT development services. Multiple silos, one service, the Non-Fungible token development service is a one-stop solution for all the business needs. Let us look at the different domains that get investors the goodies!


Gaming IndustryIt is one of the top industries that is experiencing a massive transformation because of Blockchain technology and NFTs. As these NFTs provide authenticity and let players exchange in-game collectibles, they solve all their worries that come along with purchasing weapons and rare items.

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ArtMaintaining the copyrights for their works can be considered to be a battle of blood, sweat and tears for artists. However, through NFTs, solving this issue is like a breeze. One can buy a creation and display that digital asset with the pride of having complete ownership over it; With the copyright information like artist’s details, date of origin and asset value, there’s no fear of duplicating them.

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Media and EntertainmentReap the harvest entirely! The entertainment industry has been battling scams like copyright theft, and infringement etc., for over a decade now. But NFTs have made it possible through their unifying idea of digitally attesting every piece of film or media content. Thus, it prevents the files from being copied or shared without permission of the original creator.

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Real EstateA firm ground for real estate deals! The best part about NFTs in real estate is that they do not require any third-party intervention, yet it ensures smooth transactions in buying or selling houses. No more conflicts on the ownership of lands or any real-world assets.

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Crypto CollectiblesA treasure trove for crypto-freaks! NFTs are known well for allowing people to acquire crypto-collectibles of any forms like personalised posters, placards of specific themes etc. They can be then traded off, making it one of the most profitable revenues generating channels.

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Having whipped into shape with Blockchain technology and being the ardent supporters of a decentralized world, we the best NFT solutions provider, believe that Blockchain-driven solutions will offer great potential in solving the key issues of the present world. Above all the intents and purposes, the ERC-721 token development is more likely to empower the digital content creators and investors to have a revenue-generating business without any proxies.

Bearing the different perks in mind, we offer Non-Fungible Token development services that can help businesses to process infinite volumes of scalable tokens based on their requirements. Here are some benefits:

  • There will be complete transparency and ease when it comes to assuring the liquidity of the platform.

  • Since there will be a distinct identification protocol, it adds more value to your digital asset.

  • The verification protocol for tokens is swift and secure, thus ensuring a quick launch in the cryptocurrency market.

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Non-Fungible Token Standards on Ethereum Blockchain

For NFTs to operate properly, it is crucial to consider the different blockchain standards and pick them based on your business requirements. The majority of NFTs are created using token standards of Ethereum - ERC-721 and ERC-1155. These are the standards that ensure that the NFTs can be easily deployed and whether or not they are consistent with different exchanges. Also, they ensure compatibility with wallet services like MetaMask and MyEtherWallet.

Our Ethereum Token Development Company masters in Non-Fungible Token Development on both these standards. Let’s look at them.

ERC - 721 This Ethereum-based token standard was introduced in 2017. In comparison with the ERC-20, this token standard is used to represent a single distinct asset. It also offers representation for assets, including asset tokenization and certification that are indivisible. They are responsible for creating distinct NFTs for digital assets, which hold information in their robust smart contracts. This standard is what represents better transparency about security, immutability and ownership of digital assets.

ERC - 1155ERC-1155 token is another important token standard, which supports both fungible and non-fungible token applications. Though ERC-721 is best suited for creating new assets and their transfer functions, having a wide range of ERC-721 can make the network slow and insufficient. That is when the ERC-1155 token can be helpful.

Non-Fungible Token Development On Variant Blockchain Platforms

Apart from the Ethereum blockchain network, there are various blockchain platforms on which NFTs can be built with ease by our ERC-721 token development company. And just like usual, our Non-fungible token development company of skilled developers have excellent knowledge in developing NFTs on these Blockchain platforms as well. Take a peek at those platforms.

  • NFT Development on Binance Smart ChainOur goal is to make your creation and business reach new heights. True to our promise, our NFT development on Binance Smart Chain helps you carry out transactions on all the platforms like Jugger WORLD, PancakeSwap, Treasureland, and DEGO.

  • NFT Development on TRONWe also develop NFT on the Tron Network for facilitating affordable transaction fees. The TRC-721 token is a standard for issuing NFT on the TRON network. You could digitize your collectible into NFTs to increase the unique value. The token is fully compatible with ERC-721.

These tokens are easily deployable because of TRON’s strong public chain infrastructure. Because of the easy deployment and cost-effective feature, the TRC-721 NFT will experience a considerable adoption from prospective crypto investors.

Peculiarities of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • RareThe value that the NFTs hold in today’s world comes from their rarity. In today’s world, there are very few NFTs. It makes them rare as well as their value lofty. To make it precise, the number of NFTs is inversely proportional to its price.

  • Non-interoperableSince the NFTs follow the ERC-721 standard, they are justified to be non-interoperable, meaning that they cannot be exchanged or used in any way.

  • UniqueUniqueness is one of the most significant characteristics of NFTs. They are fully secured and genuine, as they have a throttle hold over the authenticity of art. Buyers of crypto collectibles can easily distinguish original items from duplicate copies.

  • Indivisible Unlike other cryptocurrencies, you cannot send a portion of these NFTs to anyone. This is because they are non-fungible, and they do not have a defined value.

  • VerifiableThere is no need for any third-party verification when it comes to NFTs. They store ownership data over the asset, and it can be traced back to its creator.

Working of Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs are one of a kind tokens that are managed on a blockchain network. This blockchain network may be EOS, NEO and TRON. In an NFT transaction, the blockchain acts as a ledger that traces the transaction history and ownership of every NFT. These NFTs will have a unique ID, a code and other metadata that can never be duplicated.

The addition of information like the owner’s identity etc., will all be done with the crypto tokens and their smart contracts. Let’s get deeper with the working of NFTs now.

  • Ownership When someone buys an NFT-based art using his cryptocurrency, the art is given a unique token. This peer-to-peer transaction will be registered on the blockchain network along with the details like purchase record and proof of ownership. The owner of that NFT can use it on any digital platform or also sell it whenever needed to interested investors.

    The exclusivity about the NFT is that, though this art may be around on the Internet with its screenshots or its duplicate, the blockchain network will have proof of who the owner is. It makes all the replicas worthless. The ownership can be transferred only using the NFT owner’s private key. No screenshots and no reprints matter as long as the ownership details are stashed away safely on the blockchain.

  • CopyrightsThere are two scenarios for owning the copyright of an art.

    Either the artist can retain the copyrights, or he/she can give up the copyright ownership with consent to the art buyer. When the artist follows the former case, the buyer cannot replicate, take screenshots or even reprint the work. He/She can only own it. While the latter option lets the buyer possess entire ownership for copyrights and art to himself/herself.

Why should you consider developing a Non-Fungible Token?

Non-Fungible Tokens are unparagoned crypto tokens that hold unique value in the blockchain world to come. Eccentricity and rarity are the two traits that people are looking forward to, hence justifying the advancements in the crypto sphere. However, the wonders of NFTs don't get cooped up just inside the blockchain and digital currency world. Tracking digital assets, securing ownership, protecting Intellectual Property (IP) rights are deeds that hold much value in the real world too.

Quick Transactions

The time taken to develop an NFT is not high, and therefore developers can meet the deadlines and can ensure on-time delivery to you.

Wide Range Accessibility

The NFT development can be useful in numerous industries because of the many advantages they bring. The wide range of usability makes it available for any class of people who wish to avail of a cryptocurrency business.

Simplified Design Methodology

We have simplified the designing process based on the exponential surge of users seeking NFTs. Our way of designing has become more sophisticated yet time-efficient.

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Highlighting Features Of NFT Development


The features of NFTs are what accounts for their trustability and long run in the current trend. Listed below are the features that make them stark opposite to the other existing tokens.

  • Greater market efficiency

  • Increase in liquidity

  • No intervention of middlemen

  • Customized smart contracts

  • Global capital investment

Is Non-fungible Token Development Budget-friendly?

With NFT being the war of words now, there is an elevation that we could see in the number of traders who are investing in this phenomenon.It proves to us how easy and adaptable this technology has become. Keeping that in mind, Appdupe paves the way to easier development processes of NFTs and assuring faster growth in your corresponding sector. Our way of developing NFTs is more vivacious that your cash box will be ringing with more money, and the cost is easy on the pocket. So, don’t wait and call our team to hire NFT token developers now!

Non-Fungible Token Development Benefits

Benefits for Buyers

The data cannot be manipulated by anyone.

They can resell NFTs to any investor.

They can earn high returns by having the token for a longer period of time.

Benefits for Creators

They have the ability to prove their ownership.

Supply or scarcity. Everything is under their control.

Consistent income generation for a lifetime.

How Beneficial Is Non-fungible Token Development To Your Business?

Be it game development or any other financial tasks; you can repeat many benefits. By developing an NFT of your own with the Non-Fungible Token Development Company, you can set out the path for a wealthy future and get exposure to various profitable business opportunities. Apart from just integrating smart contracts, you can leverage many other solutions too.

No matter which sector you belong to. You will get to access a large number of ledgers and get deep insights about your industry and other sectors as well. Since you have the entire ownership of the digital asset, more than any other fungible tokens, it can be effective for your crypto business. And you get a lifetime of income for every transaction. What more do you need?!


Want To Take Part In This Buzz And Reap The Benefits?

Here’s A Good News For Startups!

You can easily leverage the benefits of the items without having to fret about the transaction processing fees and security measures.

All the collectibles that you will own can be kept in an organized manner without any complications since there is no need for paperwork or no wastage of time in figuring out the ownership records.

Without the involvement of any Blockchain-based program, you get to identify every user in the network.

Why Should You Choose Appdupe As Your NFT Token Development Company?


When you get in touch with our Appdupe, you are getting a plethora of benefits. Because we are a team of developers who have mastered blockchain technology for years and are best known for delivering the right products to the clients who trust us. Listed below are some reasons why you should choose us.

  • No hidden costs

  • Strict compliance with the NDA terms and conditions

  • On-time delivery of the project

  • Round the clock technical support

  • White-label solutions

  • Efficient planning

  • Premium security

  • Advanced third-party API integration

Tech Stack We Use For Non-Fungible Token Development

  • Smart Contracts

  • Dapps

  • Smart Contract Auditing Tools

  • DeFi Protocols

  • ERC & EOS standards

Hire World’s Master Class Blockchain Developers

Whether your project is an elementary app or a labyrinthian Blockchain solution, our band of well-versed scholars is here to help you with surplus services to wriggle into all the cryptocurrency business compartments. Our high-quality services have been the buzz in the market for the past 3+ years by providing Blockchain solutions to global clients.

Hire NFT Token Developers from our company, and let our team work their magic by delivering you apps like smart contracts, digital cash systems, ledger transactions, Blockchain wallets etc.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We wouldn't. Our designers' team make sure to create unique art for all the customers, and their attention never diverts from providing fantastic products.
Non-fungible tokens are primarily created on the Ethereum blockchain network on the ERC 721 and ERC 1155 token standards because of the support on many marketplaces.
Our NFT development involves everything from brainstorming business ideas to executing them for you. Apart from just this, we have a dedicated team for providing you with the best marketing services at your disposal.
Just reach out to our skilled team, and we will get back to you in the blink of an eye with all the feasible and relevant options and the further steps to get started.
With client's satisfaction being our primary goal, we have been in business for over a decade. We know the pulse of the crypto market and are wizards in providing solutions according to the crypto industry trends. We love to see our clients grow!

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