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Become our reseller Fully whitelabeled, an empty canvas for you to paint with your marketing skills

AppDupe is happy to announce that we are looking forward to merging in to the background and let entrepreneurs and marketers take it from here. We are now in a phase where we are just focused on getting our products work like a charm. And we are dedicating all of our resources to that endeavour, leaving our own marketing completely lacking. And we are looking to YOU to help us out and make tons of money for yourself in the process.

We curate the scripts and apps from a list of screened vendors, so that you can buy at peace and launch any product/service knowing that constant support and customization is there for you.

What you can do?

  • Put up your own branded site with any purchase mechanism like WooCommerce or Magento or Shopify or just a contact form etc (Or use your existing one)
  • Add AppDupe’s products as your inventory, fully rebranded in any way you want
  • For just $499 for web and $999 per app, we can install our apps in your branding for you to use as your own marketing demos (This is the actual break-even cost we incur in deploying our apps )
  • Sell them to your marketable base as your own solutions, at any price you choose, we don’t even want to know
  • Buy licences at 25% discounted prices from us, give us your client’s details and we will reach out to your clients with your brand’s email id and Skype support and deploy their purchases for them, as if from your brand
  • Your clients will keep getting updates and support for lifetime, through your brand

What we will do?

  • Sign an NDA and a non-client poaching agreement with you (We are seriously happy to just keep doing what we are best at, we are not greedy and we will never kill the duck that lays the golden eggs)
  • After every discounted purchase you make, we shall reach out to your clients from your brand’s email id and Skype support and deploy their purchases for them, as if from your company
  • Keep sending updates and answer support emails from your customers, through your branded support email ids

With this you will have become a brand with THE most searched for products in our era of Uber for X mobile app boom and have a whole support crew at your disposal to take care of everything else that happens after the sales.

How to get started

  • All you have to do to become our reseller, is to buy a copy of any of our products on behalf of your customer. Send us an NDA stating that we will not disclose who we are, if that’ll make you sleep well at night. You can then, ask us to deploy and support your end customer via your branded email id and Skype ids provided by you. We will extend all the courtesies that we show our clients, support, free product updates, etc.
  • From your second purchase onwards, kindly notify us that this is going to be your second purchase as a reseller. From this point, you will be given a special code that you can enter when checking out, so that you get 25% discount, on all our products.

That’s it, you have now become a true master of mobile product re-selling and building your own brand in the process and becoming a force to recon with!

If you need any clarifications on this proposition, please contact: [email protected] to your lion’s share of the multi-billion mobile app market!

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