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NFT wallets combine NFT and crypto investments in unison. The influx of NFT demand has inspired entrepreneurs to embrace NFT wallet development to bolster their investment preferences. On the one hand, these wallets act as investors’ paradise while serving as a business opportunity. As non-fungible tokens take the investment world by storm, investors prefer hack-proof and immutable wallets. If you’re on the cusp of an entrepreneurial journey, launching your NFT wallet might pay dividends!

As a professional NFT wallet development company, we provide entrepreneurs with off-the-shelf solutions to forge multi-chain NFT wallets. Are you interested in our affordable services? Contact us today!

Types of NFT Wallets

An NFT wallet is merely a crypto wallet that supports blockchain protocols that hosts digital assets (NFTs). Based on how NFTs are stored, the NFT wallets broadly fall under these three categories:

Hardware Wallets These wallets deploy a USB-like physical device to store and safeguard digital assets like the NFTs. Since they use cold storage systems, they also have this name - the ‘cold’ wallets. As hardware wallets aren’t connected to the internet (in any form), the common belief is that - they are hack-proof wallets.

Software WalletsSoftware wallets (aka) Hot wallets form the core of NFT wallet development services as they are much more convenient and easily accessible. These wallets could be anything online - can be a browser extension, a mobile application, or even a desktop application. Such wallets deploy two-factor authentication (2FA) or a seed phrase to secure funds.

Hybrid WalletsA hybrid wallet can send/receive cryptocurrencies and digital assets (like NFTs) - with added security steps like co-sign withdrawals and much more. Such wallets deploy a two-in-one approach, combining both hardware and software wallets. Hybrid wallets leverage both wallets in one unified wallet while neglecting the shortcomings.

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How Does NFT Wallet Development Work?

NFT wallets don’t store the exact digital asset (NFT); instead, they hold the same address of that asset on the blockchain. These wallets store such addresses with an embedded private key, allowing the wallet owner to access the digital assets from anywhere at any time.

To access your crypto assets or NFTs, keeping your private key secure takes precedence over ensuring the security of your wallet. Giving the wallet your private key and waiting a short while for the exchange to finish are both necessary to make an exchange. Compared to other internet-based installation doors, it makes transactions safer and more secure. You don't need to worry if you can remember your login information.

  • NFT Wallet Creation Service Provider
  • NFT Wallets Serve as Investment Portfolios

    A portfolio is an individual’s or an institution’s entire collection of investments, stocks, and much more. Outside the traditional investment world, a portfolio is nothing but a wallet - for example, an NFT enthusiast may have a portfolio that showcases their NFT investments or a digital artist that showcases their artistic expertise.

    Investment management is much easier now, thanks to a new NFT desktop wallet. While, in the traditional investment scenario, managing the investment portfolios was a privilege. Wealth management brokers deprive their clients off more-than-usual charges. The new breed of NFT desktop wallets bestow people with an ever-accessible way to manage their portfolios. Nowadays, people prefer several categorical NFTs like art, accessories, beverages, text, and videos.

Signature Features of Our NFT Wallets

  • DiversificationNFT wallets are designed to withstand market turbulence. But wait - how is it possible? Such wallets diversify the NFT investments around multiple projects - so that if one investment tanks, another can rescue it.

  • Multi-chain SupportThe multi-chain compliance has become a must-have feature for an NFT wallet. As NFTs are minted on different chains, it becomes obvious for NFT wallet development to bestow the multi-chain support to accommodate categorical NFTs.

  • Impermeable SecurityNFT wallets still remain a soft target for phishing attacks and cyber hacks. It is the responsibility of an NFT wallet development company to ensure the wallet’s hack-proof functionality.

  • User FriendlinessNFT wallets, especially software-based ones, must boast user-friendly features and easy-to-use functionality. Our wallet developers prioritize striving to enhance the user experience, resulting in hassle-free NFT movements & crypto transactions.

  • NFT Marketplace APIIntegrating our NFT wallets within the NFT marketplace ecosystem is easier with our integration-friendly APIs. Doing so would increase the scope of such wallets, increasing the user base.

  • Multi-sig SupportDelegating the access rights to multiple owners is possible with this feature. All you need is to collate the digital signatures of owners (you wish to impart) to authorize transactions.

How Much Does NFT Wallet Development Cost?

Our 5-step NFT Wallet Development Process

Developing an NFT wallet takes a company-specific approach.
Being an adept NFT wallet development company, we deploy this five-step approach for most of our clients:

  • Wallet Selection Amidst the options, we urge our clients to select & convey the wallet type they wish to develop.

  • Market Research Conducting extensive market research is the first step of NFT wallet development, showcasing the aspects of an attention-grabbing wallet.

  • Feature Identification Once we know the expectations of the target market, we inquire about the must-be-included feature list from clients.

  • Design & Coding Upon getting approval from clients on our prototypes, we start our back-end work with handpicked wallet developers.

  • Testing & Launch Our QA engineers test the wallet platform for bugs and problems. Upon clearance, we deploy the wallet on blockchain.

NFT Wallet Clones We Have With us!

  • Metamask Clone

    Metamask is an NFT wallet that sends/receives Ethereum-based digital assets from one address to another. Leveraging the metamask clone helps you launch an identical wallet, facilitating hassle-free NFT movements.
  • Trust Wallet Clone

    Trust Wallet is a one-click platform offering access to NFTs from multiple blockchain networks. If you’re fond of creating hack-proof wallets, place your bet on the Trust wallet clone.
  • Enjin Clone

    Enjin has an excellent user interface and amazing safety features like biometrics and auto-lock. The wallet also features a market where NFTs may be traded using its ENJ token, Enjin. Additionally, it offers one-click access to numerous decentralized applications built on Ethereum (dApps). A customer support service is a significant additional benefit.

Why choose us for NFT Wallet Development?

AppDupe is a pioneer in blockchain-related solutions & services, catering to clients over the past five years.
Do not choose us for who we are - but for what we offer and how it will benefit you. Here is what we offer:

  • Technical ProwessHaving handled a handful of blockchain wallet development projects, we drive experience from those and implement them here.

  • Regular UpdatesOur developers keep clients in the loop regularly to inform them about weekly project updates.

  • Complete SupportOur duty doesn’t end with wallet launch - we deploy 24/7 post-launch technical support to our clients.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A multi-sig-compliant NFT wallet is a digital wallet that operates with multiple signature addresses. It means there must be more than one signature to facilitate a transaction.
It depends on whether you impart a white-label solution or a customized solution. Also, the exact cost depends on the features you wish to incorporate - multi-chain support, API integrations, and much more.
When one NFT holder sells their NFT to another person, it’s merely a transfer of the token’s ownership & address. The NFT wallet keeps hold of such token addresses. The receiver will access the token with a private key.
While you can send/receive NFTs from one wallet to another, this auto-detection feature showcases the assets. Without which, you may not be able to see NFTs natively. Metamask is one popular wallet incorporating this feature.
An NFT is believed to hold value - if it is that - wallets accommodate such NFTs; imagine the prominence of wallets! And as time goes by, NFT wallets become an inevitable factor in managing blockchain-based investments.

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