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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business involves several people structured in a pyramid marketing model. It is a system that keeps expanding and gaining more users, which demands a solution like our Smart contract MLM software that handles the entire process seamlessly, along with establishing transparency in the operations.

Employing smart contracts in the MLM system makes it easy to manage the entire process, along with eliminating the intervention of third-parties. Also, the protocols are predefined and immutable, making it impossible to alter them. At Appdupe, we built MLM software that runs on Ethereum and TRON, offering the highest level of security and top-notch performance. Contact us to join this emerging business trend right away!

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Appdupe’s world-class solutions enable you to gain instant traction in the field. Our white-label clone scripts include,

Million Money Clone Script

Million Money MLM Clone Script is an Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM script backed by Blockchain technology. Its business concept is simple; users can join the MLM program with a minimal amount and refer others to join the platform. Upon successfully joining a new user, the referred user will get a commission. Here, users can make 1500 ETH for every 100 days.

Get Our Solution Clone Script MLM clone is a ready-made solution that helps you launch a profitable MLM like built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. The major aspect of this solution is its transparent attribute, keeping users informed of all details. It allows users to earn 806 ETH for every 90 days with low-cost investment.

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Forsage Clone Script

Our Forsage clone script built on Ethereum Blockchain technology can be launched in your niche in the shortest turnaround time. It is highly secure, ready-made, and easily adaptable. With a decentralized smart contract MLM like Forsage, you can make hefty profits and earn a massive user base.

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XOXO Network Clone Script

Launched on May 21, 2020, the XOXO Network is a top-notch MLM business offering that includes the latest technologies in the market. Similar to this, we offer an Ethereum Smart Contract based XOXO Network clone at an affordable price. It runs on the Ethereum Blockchain with a completely decentralized system.

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Doubleway MLM Clone Script

Our Doubleway MLM clone script is a ready-made clone script that helps businesses customize and launch an MLM platform that supports Ethereum smart contracts, similar to Doubleway. There is no human intervention in this system, allowing users to enjoy a glitch-free, hassle-free experience.

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Ethereum.Cash Clone Script

Ethereum.Cash clone script is a white-label Smart contract based MLM website script with similar features as Ethereum.Cash and some additional features. Its main attributes are its high security and decentralized network. Users have a chance to earn 55000 ETH for every 180 days. A cutting-edge solution at an affordable price!

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ForsageTron Clone Script

At Appdupe, we build an extensive range of MLM clone scripts on both Ethereum and TRON Blockchains. Of these, Smart Contract based ForsageTron clone solutions stand apart with its cutting-edge features and functionality. Offered at a competitive price, it is one of the beneficial MLM solutions that can make you millions in no time.

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Supersage Clone Script

Built on a 100% decentralized matrix system and TRON cryptocurrency network, our Supersage clone offers the highest performance possible. A one-time registration is all it takes to get on board with this excellent MLM business solution. Allows you to earn through spillovers and overflows. Get it now to make multi-millions!

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Multi-Level Marketing: A Golden Opportunity To Make Hefty Profits

Multi-level marketing, also called network marketing or referral marketing, allows both business owners who run the MLM business and users who take part in MLM programs to make huge profits.

Here, businesses reward users for promoting the sales of their products/ services to their friends and family members. Thus, it is a WIN-WIN situation for both businesses as they get to amp up their sales and users to multiply their income.

The Chance: Lucrative MLM Business

Multi-level marketing has phenomenally grown into a billion-dollar industry, garnering millions of users worldwide. The industry is currently valued at over $170 Billion.

This lucrative segment reached this position due to its intensified revenue-generating opportunities and rapid growth potential. The market is still expected to grow at an unprecedented rate, offering more chances for upcoming businesses.

The Problem

Incompetent Traditional MLM Business Model

The conventional MLM business had a lot of drawbacks, including:

  • Dubiety

    It becomes impossible for emerging MLM businesses to build trust among their customers.

  • No Transparency

    Users couldn’t access the information and their transaction details, lacking transparency in the system.

  • Mutability

    The businesses had the option to change their incentive programs, leaving their users stranded and clueless about their income.

  • Late Transactions

    Transactions processed by users took a long time to reflect in accounts, delaying the functionality of the whole system.

The Answer

Smart Contract MLM Software

MLM businesses backed by smart contracts and blockchain technology addressed all the pain points of users, offering a chance to scale big:

  • Assurance

    Since the MLM model is backed by blockchain, users are assured that the system is credible and safe to invest and grow.

  • Transparency

    All data are stored in a distributed public ledger allowing users on the network to access them anytime.

  • Immutability

    The MLM system is highly immutable, terminating businesses from changing them on a later date.

  • Faster Transactions

    Being powered by blockchain, the entire process is automated, eliminating human intervention and fastening the transaction speed.

Earn Hefty Profits By Launching An MLM Software Driven By Smart Contracts!

Consultation To Develop An Innovative MLM Business System

As several businesses are entering the MLM market, there emerges a need to stand out to gain a competitive advantage. There is a constant demand to offer something extra or unique to capture users’ attention.

At Appdupe, we understood this need that has driven us to offer consulting services to businesses wishing to enter the MLM segment. We help them build an innovative solution that stays ahead of the competition.

How Does Our Smart Contract MLM Software Work?

The Smart Contract MLM Software employs the MLM pyramid model where users can earn commission by building their downlines, i.e., by adding more people to the MLM system. Also, it is crucial for users to stay ahead of others in their downlines to secure their commissions.

Vital Features Of Our Smart Contract MLM Software

  • Decentralized systemThe entire MLM system is decentralized, operating seamlessly without the management of a centralized authority.

  • Complete transparencyAll data involved in the system are stored in the distributed ledger, which can be readily accessed by all users on the network.

  • P2P transfersThe software facilitates Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions swiftly, empowering users to transfer funds without any delay.

  • Quick transactionsSmart contract driven MLM software automates all its operations, eliminating human intervention and boosting the functionality of the entire system.

  • Highly immutableOnce the protocols are set, they cannot be changed on a later date, even by the business owners, owing to the immutable nature of the software.

  • High-end securityThe software is embedded with multiple layers of security to ensure all user details are protected from unauthorized access, hacks, and thefts.

  • Multi-currency supportUsers can process payments through any payment method of their choice. Also, the software supports both fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Multiple language supportThe MLM software offers multilingual support, allowing users to view the content in their preferred language. An excellent feature to level up your business worldwide!

Cutting-edge Features

Of Our Smart Contract Based MLM Software

Crypto wallets

Every user is provided with a secure Ethereum wallet to store their cryptocurrencies hassle-free. All the cryptocurrencies received will be held in the users’ private accounts to ensure maximum protection.


The entire MLM system ensures to maintain the anonymity of users and take the utmost care in securing their privacy. No data can be transmitted from the system.

Smart contract audit

It is always good to keep the process workflow in check to ensure that the system offers seamless performance throughout its operations. Hence, regular monitoring is done and audit reports are generated and presented for the reference of business owners.

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Benefits Of A White-label Smart Contract MLM Software Solution

The inclusion of the smart contract in the MLM model offers several benefits, as listed below.

  • Decentralized

    The transactions are processed faster due to the elimination of human intervention.

  • Traceability

    Every activity of the business can be tracked efficiently.

  • Transparency

    Allows all users to access the needed information on the network.

  • Immutability

    All predefined protocols remain unaltered to establish credibility.

  • Risk-free income

    Empower users to earn commission hassle-free.

  • Diverse MLM plans

    Let users choose any MLM plan of their choice.

Why Choose Us?

We have been operating in the crypto exchange platform development field for several years, helping us understand every market in and out. A significant smart contract powered MLM software is the key to launching a successful MLM business that can help you keep going for the long term. We take every detail into consideration, ensuring we deliver a highly secure and scalable solution. The solution we build is highly adaptive as the network keeps expanding, and the marketing system keeps evolving. This way, our solution offers a versatile functionality, offering you a competitive edge.

Adaptive nature
Backed by smart contract

Various Plans Included In Our Smart Contract MLM Software

At Appdupe, we strive to build smart contract MLM on Ethereum and TRON to offer different plans, catering to businesses of all types.

  • Matrix Plan

  • Unilevel Plan

  • Binary Plan

  • Hybrid Plan

  • Working Plan

Avail Our TRON Smart Contract MLM Platform Development Solution At A Competitive Price!

At Appdupe, we build smart contract MLM software tailored to your business needs. We scrutinize your niche and ensure your solution meets the demands of your customers. The best part is, our solutions are cost-effective!

Hire Developers From Appdupe To Develop A Cutting-edge MLM Software On Ethereum and TRON

At Appdupe, we employ the best minds that excel in developing pragmatic MLM software solutions. Our team includes seasoned professionals from all disciplines, coming together to build a high-end solution on Ethereum and TRON. Everyone in the team has gained the complete knowledge of the MLM business system and the nuances of building a robust MLM software. Hire us to launch a high-end MLM software powered by smart contracts in the shortest time possible!


We can give you a detailed cost estimate, only after getting to know your MLM business model and its goals. Feel free to connect with us anytime to discuss your requirements and get a free quotation.

Yes. Multi-Level Marketing, a.k.a. MLM, is a highly profitable business. It helps business owners to gain a massive user base, which in turn generates hefty profits.

The time needed to develop the app is usually very less, compared to other businesses in the market. However, we can give you a time estimate only after analyzing your business model and understanding your requirements.

We have been operating in the app development field for several years, gaining a complete understanding of the market trends. Also, our team includes the best minds who have complete knowledge of their domains. Also, we offer post-launch support, unlike our competitors.

Contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected]. You can also connect via the chat option on our website.

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