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Blockchain technology is extensively influencing the growth of numerous things around us. By bailing out all the ordeals faced by industries and sifting out the best investment opportunities for investors, it is proving to us its versatility. As a result, crypto enthusiasts are always spellbound by some new innovations born every day out of them all. Recently, after getting a whiff of different collectibles being sold for millions of dollars, the attention has turned to Non-Fungible Tokens.

The myriad of benefits that the NFTs over attracts a huge number of people to tap into this market, especially business developers. Though the crypto market is all about ups and downs, it is safe to say that NFTs are here to stay and that they have a long way to go.

Now that they have tampered with the music, arts and sports industry, it is all set to ingress into the live streaming industry and turn the tides by offering benefits of a decentralised ecosystem. Ergo, develop your own NFT based live streaming platform geared towards the gilded industry!

Key Features
of White-Label NFT Based Live Streaming Platform Solution

OriginalityThe platform lets users access the original contents that are published by their favourite idols even before the world knows it!

Increased TractionAn exclusive platform for the celebrities to connect with their fandom but without losing out on profit they could gain!

PromotionThis is another channel for the creators/stars to promote themselves, thereby paving the way for increased visibility and giving their followers a sense of first dibs.

Our Clients

The Golden Ticket To Enter The NFT Industry Is Here For You! Grab It Now!

Various Development Services We Can Provide
With NFT for Live Streaming Platform

  • NFT Based Video Streaming Platform Capture, mint and turn the special moments into an NFT and give the skyrocketing value for it, though it might be priceless!

  • NFT Based Audio Streaming PlatformExtensive range of audio is all just fuzz now. Who would want them when you can do it, really? Develop an NFT based audio streaming platform and offer a list of NFTs of different artists and rake in millions.

  • NFT for Live Streaming ConcertsCelebrate the highlighting moments from an ongoing magical journey of concerts by turning it into an NFT and make everyone go fangirling!

  • NFT for Pay-per-view VideoYour content, your control! Cater to the curiosity of your fans by allowing them to watch your concert/ videos on payment. Exclusivity is what we call it!

  • NFT for On-demand Audio A governance where it is your audio content with the entire ownership rights on your hand. Does it ‘sound’ better? Get the rewards you deserve by creating an NFT.

  • NFT for Audio PlaylistsBlock out the background noises that come with the music label companies and reach your fans directly. Nothing’s going to stop you from stealing a spotlight when you have your playlist minted to NFT!

  • NFT for Media CollectiblesRarity and uniqueness speak when you know how valuable the collectible or art is, right? So, why let them slip away. Create an NFT now and cast your power on what’s yours!

  • NFT for Artists and CreatorsGive yourself a pat on the back by creating an exclusive NFT that will speak for your creativity and creation’s worth!

  • NFT for Entertainment ContentVodcasting, videos, podcasting, anything you choose to reap out the most profits, it is now completely feasible with NFT creation.

  • NFT for Podcasts PlatformWhy not turn the words of wisdom into a rare thing to listen to? Discussions on a topic, valuable stories and life stories offer everything for those aspirants and philosophers as NFTs!

Pronounced Features Of NFT

Scarcity The scarcity of NFTs is what fuels the popularity of them. Though the developers can generate an assortment of assets they like, they can also limit the number of non-fungible tokens to create a scarcity.

Non-Exchangeable Since each NFTs have unique smart contracts, they are justified to be non-interoperable, making it impossible to exchange or use in any other way. For instance, one Bitcoin will possess the same value as another one after transfer. But NFTs won’t.

UniqueAs a significant trait of NFTs, uniqueness to the digital collectibles help the creators have cruise control over the authenticity of their virtual asset. There is no faking policy when it comes to NFTs.

IndivisibleNFTs cannot be sent as a portion to anyone like other cryptocurrencies, as they are non-fungible and they are unique in their value.

Automated ListingOnce the project is created, the NFT can be listed across various marketplaces, opening up different channels of revenue.

ScalabilityUnique standards being introduced to the world every day in multiple blockchain networks, the performance and yield is set to increase in the future.

Different Non-Fungible Token Standards

ERC-721 Standard The ERC-721 token defines the details of ownership, security and metadata, making every token available, different and unique from each other that are developed on the Ethereum blockchain network.

ERC-1155 StandardThe ERC-1155 standard reduces the transaction and storage costs that are required for storing NFTs on the blockchain network. Both the fungible and non-fungible tokens can be created by this standard.

ERC-998 StandardThis token standard acts as an extension to the ERC-721 standard for any non-fungible token to own other non-fungible ERC-20 or ERC-712 tokens.

TRC-21 StandardIt is a standard interface that lets its holders make transactions without the need to hold TOMO in their wallet to pay transaction fees. Instead, it allows the holders to pay the token itself.

EIP-2309 StandardAn extension to the ERC-721 token standard, which makes it possible to mint a large number of ERC-721 tokens in a single transaction. This saves the gas associated with creating multiple tokens.

How Does NFT Help Entrepreneurs
More Out Of The Entertainment Industry?

The entertainment industry can never go out of trend, just like the fashion industry. Having to move on with the trend becomes a compulsion when you have to keep a tab on every happening. However, by launching an exclusive platform for NFT live streaming, things are done and dusted!

Every fan has this long-term goal to connect personally with their idols but might end up just like a dream. And every celebrity, newbie or veteran personality expects the same. Well, why not then offer them the same? By launching an NFT live streaming platform, you could bestow the users the options to access original contents, mega concerts and also pay-per-view videos, all strikingly exclusive.

Both the entertainment and NFT industries are elevating and getting driven to the future with many advancements. So there’s still room for you to manoeuvre. Make this entry imperial with our NFT Live streaming platform before too long.

Strike A Niche In The Lucrative NFT Industry By Developing NFT Live Streaming Platform Anon!

Benefits Of Choosing NFT For Live Streaming Platform

  • Universal User Base If there is one industry that even the infants won’t hate, it is the entertainment industry. Such is the value it holds in today’s world. Imagine if you bring the two forces, such as entertainment and NFTs, into play, a renowned hit for sure!

  • Optimized User EngagementRewards and loyalty points are the two favourite words for anyone, agree? You could elevate the engagement by offering royalties and virtual points for the users to bid NFTs of virtual and custom souvenirs that they could use for other purposes like competitions too!

  • Stardom Meets Fandom!Artists or celebrities can directly target consumers and perform for them directly. A concert, vlogs or even behind-the-scenes footage, artists can embolden themselves to experience profitable days ahead.

Our Process Of NFT Live Streaming Platform Development

What can you tokenize as NFTs
in the White-label NFT Live Streaming Platform?

Original video contents
Live concerts
Behind the scenes videos
Grand events

Why Choose Appdupe For NFT Live Streaming Platform Development?

We at AppDupe keep track of the ongoing market trends and performance and are always inquisitive about contributing to the cryptosphere. With experience in creating exemplary sets of blockchain technology-based solutions that exhibit par excellence, we are now cultivating dynamic NFT live streaming platform development services.

With our extensive experience and professionalism, we help innovators enter this staggeringly growing NFT sector. If you are a beginner and are coming unstuck about who to find as the development partner - our skilled consultants will guide you through the nitty-gritty of NFTs and provide you with capabilities and perks that the industry has to offer to you.

Million Dollar Industry. Spiralling Popularity. Come Join Us In Developing The Unparalleled NFT Live Streaming Platform In The NFT Industry!

Technology Stack
We Use for NFT Development Services

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the fixed time to launch the white-label NFT live streaming platform as it varies depending on the customizations, business requirements, and integration of all the different add-ons. However, we deliver the project to you on the mutually agreed timeline decided beforehand.
The cost to launch an NFT live streaming platform with AppDupe depends on the configuration you need. You can reach out to us now and get the cost estimate.
We have a masterful NFT developer team who have specialized and drenched in this fast-changing field. The projects we deliver are completely tested, agile and trustworthy. You can avail of extensive post-launch services from us too.
The future is promising for these NFT based solutions and especially apps with live content broadcasting. Our NFT live streaming platform is highly scalable to fit in even the world population, aiding the growth.
The time frame depends on the requirements of the project. However, when you take our services, on-time delivery in the shortest turnaround time is what you can expect.

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Mobile App Daily - Top NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Goodfirms - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
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