White-label Bitstamp Clone Script For Quick Launch

At Appdupe, we provide a ready-made Bitstamp clone script that allows secure storage and swift trading of cryptocurrencies. Includes a robust trade matching engine that makes the entire process effortless.

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Bitstamp Clone Script - Launch a Centralized
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Bitstamp!

Bitstamp clone script, a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange clone script, is the perfect fit for businesses looking to set foot in the thriving crypto world. It is well-known for its security and sustainability. Loaded with all premium technologies emerging in the crypto exchange market. It extends multi-cryptocurrency support, allowing users to trade any cryptocurrency without any hassle.

If you are an aspiring business person interested in the cryptocurrency exchange market, Bitstamp clone is the ideal partner to start your business. Earn a massive user base in a short period of time. At Appdupe, we put our customers first and deliver top-notch solutions at cost-effective prices.

Bitstamp Clone Script- Explained

Bitstamp is a popular centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform from Europe that began its operations in 2011. Our Bitstamp clone script is a white-label solution that is pre-packed with all vital features and functionalities similar to Bitstamp. The crypto transactions carried out in our platform are secured with multi-tier security. The entire platform is protected with security features, like whitelisting, SSH keys, registry lock, and many more. This ready-made solution can offer you maximum value for the money you invest. Gear up your business with this amazing solution right away!

Our Clients

Highlight Features Of Our Bitstamp Clone



The platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc., to enable seamless crypto trading.


The solution extends multilingual support, allowing users to access the content in their preferred language.


No withdrawal limit

No limits on how many cryptocurrencies users can transact at a time, gaining their best interests.

Instant cashouts

Users can readily trade their cryptocurrency and cash out funds in any currency type in seconds.

High TPS

The platform has a high TPS capability, handling any number of crypto transactions per second seamlessly.


Robust trade engine

The trade matching engine automatically matches buyers with suitable sellers, making the entire transaction simple and efficient.

High liquidity

The platform is stabilized to avoid frequent price fluctuations and transaction delays, owing to its high liquidity nature.

Hot/Cold wallet

The cryptos can be divided and stored in both hot and cold wallets to add an extra layer of security.

Smart contracts

Allows users to process their crypto transactions by themselves, without the participation of third-parties.

Security Features Of Our
Bitstamp Clone Script

KYC Verification

The best Know Your Customer (KYC) practices are deployed to confirm user identity before they start trading on the platform.

Registry lock

The domain is locked at the entry-level itself. By doing so, unauthorized or accidental changes of the domain name are eliminated.

SSH Keys

Secure Shell Host (SSH) offers protected remote transactions by authenticating both the client-side and server-side, encrypting the entire network.

Anti-phishing software

Our Bitstamp clone includes an anti-phishing software that identifies and blocks phishing content in any form.  

51 whitelist

Allows crypto withdrawals to only go to verified addresses designated in the address book to ensure safe withdrawals.

High-end security

The cryptocurrencies in the platform are protected by military-grade storage to prevent digital security vulnerabilities.


Eliminates the Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attack that hinders the platform’s functionality by sending unlimited server requests at the same time.

Encrypted wallet

The wallet is secured with multi-tier security to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized thefts and hacks.

Start Your Own Crypto Exchange Platform With Our Trending Bitstamp Clone Script!

100% customizable, white-label solutions. Safe, secure, and reliable. Bug-free clone scripts. Budget-friendly rates.

White-label Bitstamp Clone Platform Development

Deploy the ready-made, white-label Bitstamp exchange clone on both Android and iOS platforms without any hassle. The advanced, secure functionalities will help you offer a seamless crypto trade experience for your users. Integrated with all trending features in the crypto market, our Bitstamp clone is undoubtedly an exemplary solution to consider for your business.
  • Swift trade matching engine
  • Multi-fiat currency support
  • High TPS (Transactions Per Second)
  • Cashouts in seconds
  • Interactive user interface
  • Multi-layer security
Uber Clone Application

The Step-by-step Workflow Of Our Bitstamp Clone Solution

The Step-by-step Workflow Of Our
Bitstamp Clone Solution

  • Users can register with the platform by providing their name, email address, password, and other needed details.

  • Once logged in, users can immediately change the generated password to ensure the security of their accounts.

  • Users can set up two-factor authentication for added protection. After this, they can start to access the features of the Bitstamp clone.

  • Before starting the trade, users can choose to deposit funds in their accounts by transferring funds from their bank accounts or credit cards or depositing the cryptocurrency they own.

  • Users can start their purchase by clicking the Buy/Sell button, choosing the trading pair, and completing the entire process.

  • The cryptocurrencies purchased are credited to the user accounts. They can choose to sell it or transfer the money to their external wallet.

Features Of
Our Bitstamp Clone

  • KYC/AML VerificationProper Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) practices are employed to verify user identity.

  • Trade engineGears up the entire trading process by swiftly matching buyers with suitable sellers.

  • View order bookEnables users to view their order book in real-time where all buying and selling details are presented in the platform.

  • View wallet balanceUsers can readily view the balance of their hot cryptocurrency wallets anytime they want.

  • View open, active tradesThe details of all transactions that are open or active currently are shared here for user reference.

  • Recent ordersThe status of recent transactions and their details are presented for user reference.

  • Inquiry statusUsers can see the status of the inquiries they have raised and the actions taken by the admin.

  • MultilingualThe exchange supports multiple languages to allow users to view the content in their preferred regional languages.

  • Robust dashboardEfficiently manage the overall activities of the platform directly from the powerful admin dashboard.

  • Manage transactionsThe admin can manage all crypto transactions, their status, and detailed information in this section.

  • Manage commissionThe commission received for each transaction that took place in the app can be viewed here.

  • Currency activationThe admin can manage the cryptocurrencies that can be transacted in the platform. They can enable/disable them if need be.

  • CMS systemThe admin can manage the content of the platform in real-time by the Content Management System (CMS).

  • Dispute settlementThe admin can manage any dispute arising between the buyer and seller on the platform.

  • Trade calculatorEnables users to work out the profit and loss of their crypto transactions.

  • Fiat-crypto exchange APIThe platform can be integrated with an API that allows quick conversion of fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

  • IEO/ICOThe fundraising mechanisms IEO and ICO are integrated into the app, empowering business persons to raise funds for their projects.

  • Referral systemOffer incentives to users who successfully refer the crypto exchange platform to their friends and family.

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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash







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Establish A Stronghold In The Crypto World With Our White-label Bitstamp Clone!

Join The Big Leagues With Our Bitstamp Clone

Bitpay clone

Low transaction fee

The Bitstamp clone charges fewer transaction fees compared to other major crypto trading platforms.

Bitpay clone

Robust functionality

The Bitstamp clone is built with an intuitive UI that offers easy accessibility to the platform users. Also, the data of prices and orders are continuously updated, keeping users informed to make better decisions.

Bitpay clone

High-end security

The platform is encrypted with several layers of protection and remains compliant with all rules and regulations of the crypto world. The assets of users are stored in the cold wallet for added security.

Bitpay clone

Instant customer support

Users can go through the FAQ section to resolve their most common queries on buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Also, they can swiftly reach out to the customer support team via email directly from the app.

Bitpay clone

Global reach

Our Bitstamp clone can be launched on all nations present across the globe, helping you scale your business globally.

Why Should You Choose Our Bitstamp Clone

When building your cryptocurrency payment gateway, our team follows a systematic development process to guarantee excellent results.

  • 1

    Highly secured

    Our Bitstamp clone is protected end-to-end with several layers of security to prevent it from unauthorized access, hacks, and thefts.

  • 2


    We offer our development solutions at affordable prices. We examine your business requirements and plan your budget accordingly.

  • 3

    100% Transparency

    It is your solution, and you have complete control over its development process. We share all details about the exchange platform and keep you updated on the development progress.

  • 4

    Domain expertise

    Our development team includes experts who excel in their respective domains. They strive to develop a resilient solution that could meet all your business needs.

Planning To Launch A Resilient Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Bitstamp?

Are you planning to set foot in the crypto world? Willing to deploy a high-end cryptocurrency exchange platform in the market? We build robust solutions that speak for itself. It comes with all the vital features pre-packed. Our solutions are leading-edge and offer the following benefits.
  • Intuitive UI
  • Multi-tier protection
  • User assets storage in the cold wallet
  • Third-party API integration
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Multi-layer security
Uber Clone Application

Our Process of Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Development

Requirement study

First and foremost, we scrutinize your business model and its needs. Based on the analysis, we jot down the feature set and technology stack.

Front-end customization

Being the point of contact with users, the front-end is designed to be intuitive to offer easy accessibility.

Back-end setup

We use cutting-edge technologies to build a robust cryptocurrency exchange platform that is protected with several layers of security.


The fully functional platform is tested for its various capabilities, like storage, security, etc. We ensure that the platform is free from all possible bugs and glitches.


The error-free, secure Bitstamp clone is launched on all major platforms to gain users from all walks of life.

What’s Unique With Our Bitstamp Clone?

Our Bitstamp clone is robust and exhibits seamless functionality. It stands out from others due to the following reasons:
  • Two-factor user authentication
  • KYC/AML Verification
  • Digital assets stored in the cold wallet
  • Crypto-fiat exchange
  • Multi-tier payment security
  • High liquidity integration
  • Constant updation of the market value
Uber Clone Application

Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Unlike traditional currency exchange, there is no defined infrastructure for the functioning of cryptocurrency exchange.
  • In the crypto exchange platform, users can exchange a digital currency from one form to another.
  • A central authority manages the entire system. The disputes that arise between the buyers and sellers are resolved instantaneously.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are protected with several security layers.
  • The buyers and sellers are matched by the trade matching engine only when all their requirements are met.

Enable fast, secure crypto transactions with our leading-edge Bitstamp clone!


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