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Sorare Clone - Launch an NFT Marketplace
for Trading Digital Football Cards!

Football is a sport with a humongous fanbase. Football players are celebrated all over the world with utmost love from their fans. But the question of what do the fans get in return has been made silent for a long time. Now, we have an answer to it. Die-hard fans can leverage their sports knowledge to earn using NFTs.

A fantasy football game with crypto collectible cards of players. The users get to purchase sports cards of players and use those trading cards to create a team for themself in respect to the leagues taking place in real-time. The better the players they choose, the higher is their chance of winning. By winning a bet, the user is rewarded with cryptocurrencies, most probably Ethereum (ETH). They can use this winning amount to buy better players and increase their probability of clinching bets. They can also sell these trading cards on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Doesn’t it sound so exciting?

Appdupe’s Sorare clone is one such fantasy football NFT game. Deploy it now and taste the miracles that can happen when NFTs and football fans come together. Call us for a free 30-minute consultation and get more insights from our NFT experts.

Sorare Clone- A Beginner’s Guide To The New Age
Fantasy Football Game With NFTs

Sorare clone stands out from all other fantasy sports by a very far distance by amalgamating NFTs with them. It is a fantasy sport like DraftPunk, DraftKings, Dream11, FanDuel, and many more.

In Sorare, the user registers themself with the Dapp first. Then they integrate their crypto wallet with the platform for processing seamless transactions. As a reward for onboarding with the app, the user is provided with ten trading cards of football players.

The new players can participate in Rookie games, and once they win and start earning, they will be upgraded to Manager level games.

The player can create or participate in a game corresponding to a league that is happening in real-time. To participate in an exciting football match the user has to select five trading cards of players they own. It includes a defensive end, goalkeeper, middle linebacker, quarterback, and one player of the fan’s choice.

After the match starts, the user moves up the ranks if the players he/she has chosen perform well. If they end up at the first rank by the end of the match, they are declared to be the winner and are rewarded with prize money in Ethereum (ETH) or the native token (SOR) of the Sorare clone platform.

The user can now buy more player cards and upgrade their team for enhancing their winning chances.. And the story goes on.

Our Clients

What Is Sorare Clone?

Sorare clone is an NFT platform based on a fantasy football game. It provides football fans to collect both the trading cards of their favorite players and also participate in fantasy games and enthrall themself.

It is developed with user-friendly features that can optimize the playing experience. The hardcore sports fans can earn and entertain themselves endlessly.

As an entrepreneur, you are probably aware of the NFT space and the recent happenings there. Sorare clone is an online platform that can pave the way for you into the crypto verse and relish on the revenue it showers all over. And do not forget that the Sorare clone is completely customizable so that you can even create your own platform for other sports like American football, baseball, cricket, hockey, mixed martial arts (MMA), tennis, and more.

Give us a call and open yourself to the new-gen fantasy games.

Key Features That Make The Sorare Clone Phenomenal

There are a few attributes in the Sorare clone that are solely responsible for the awesomeness of the Sorare clone
NFT based fantasy football game.

  • A Crypto WalletWhen you build an NFT marketplace, it is essential to have a crypto wallet to enable seamless transactions in the app. We got our Sorare clone equipped to integrate robust wallets like Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, etc. You just have to choose one according to your convenience.

  • Digital CollectiblesDigital cards represent real-life football players minted as NFTs. These virtual assets are the key to the value addition of your fantasy football game as each and every trading card is unique. It can be used as a collectible in addition to using in leagues.

  • MarketplaceAn NFT marketplace for the users to buy and sell their digital cards of players. The sports fans can enlist both their crypto assets for auction or instant sale. In a decentralized sale, the highest bidder gets to buy the player card.

  • Fantasy Football GameA speculative gaming interface for users to create a team with the trading cards they own and participate in leagues, series, or tournaments.

A Lucrative Fantasy Game With Crypto Collectibles

Sorare Clone Cards- A New Crypto Collectible
To Be Cherished By The Football Fans

The Sorare Clone card is a digital collectible that represents a football player. The users can use these trading cards to participate in contests and win rewards. Once purchased, these NFTs can be owned forever until or unless the user sells them in a marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible.

Every football player has a card; the value of the card depends on the performance of the starin the real world. For example, the trading cards of football players like Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo can have a higher value when compared to the cards of other players.

In addition to the records of the player, we have also included some other factors that can boost the value of the cards. The valuable cards are categorized into three. Meager, Super Sparse, and Sparse.

  • MeagerOnly one card is minted for a player; they come in black color. [Add an image of a player like Messi or Ronaldo with the mentioned color]

  • Super SparseTen cards are minted per player; these are yellow cards.

  • SparseHundred cards are minted per player; these cards are red.

The Meager cards are without a doubt highly valued as there is only one such card in the Sorare clone platform. Followed by Super Sparse and Sparse cards. There are white cards that are offered to every new user; however, these trading cards do not have value as every single user gets to own them.

How Can An User Get Their Hands On Sorare Clone Cards?

On registering with the Sorare clone platform, every new user is awarded ten white cards of players. These precious cards can be used by the newbies to enroll themselves in rookie games. Once they start earning by winning these games, they can afford to buy the other cards from the Transfer Market. They can also get their hands on other trading cards via Airdrops. The other popular way to own the cards is by buying the cards they want is to buy from other players who have enlisted them on third-party marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, etc.

How Does Our Sorare Clone Work?

Our Sorare clone has an exciting gameplay algorithm that incites the adrenaline in the players throughout the process.

1 A new user signs up with the Sorare clone by entering the required credentials.

2 The player integrates their crypto wallet with Sorare clone for a seamless transaction experience.

3 The newbie fan gets to play in rookie games for the first four weeks as they will be rewarded with ten white cards, and they will be called Managers.

4 The player uses five trading cards per game.

5 They can start buying new cards from the transfer market once they start earning by winning games.

6 After four weeks of gameplay, the user is promoted from Manager to New Manager.

7 Now, the real game starts, and the player uses five trading cards for every league they enroll to play.

8The users have to wisely choose the players. The better the football stars perform in real life, the more the chances of winning are for the users.

9Once the fan has got the knack of the game and starts to win, they can start buying better player cards from the Transfer Market to increase the probability of their win.

10The users can enter the Transfer Market, and they will be welcomed by a list of numerous player cards. The player can place a bid on the trading card they wish to buy. If their bid is the highest, then they get to own the rare collectible.

Special Edition Cards From Sorare Clone

Sorare clone offers the users specific special edition cards. These exceptional cards are directly authorized and signed by the clubs themselves. These Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are minted very less in number and are available for purchase only for a specific time period. These constraints and licensing from clubs make the special edition cards more exclusive compared to the Meager, Super Sparse, and Sparse cards. These noteworthy cards have high plausibility to be treated as collectibles by investors.

Relish The Benefits Bombarded By Our Sorare
Like NFT Marketplace

  • A readymade solution that can get you into the lucrative NFT market in a week.

  • A cross-platform compatible marketplace

  • Diverse Revenue generation streams

  • Go global! With multi-lingual assistance

  • SEO Friendly platform

  • Alluring loyalty programs to create a reliable user base

  • A stellar platform with enormous exciting features and profit-making opportunities for the players.

Sorare Clone- A Fantasy Sports Based NFT Marketplace

The crazy football fans and users are welcomed to the Sorare clone marketplace once they finish their four weeks of rookie games. It is time they start to play some real clashes with the New Masters. But to participate and win these games, the user needs to own trading cards of players who are performing recently. The Sorare clone marketplace is the place the football fanatic has to head to buy all their favorite player cards.

The player cards are listed in the NFT marketplace; the user can surf through the blockchain-based platform and has to be extremely picky before they choose to make their bid on the player cards, once the users are done with bidding if their bids were the highest the trading cards are automatically transferred to the fan. The player can use these digital cards to participate in fantasy games and win whopping price amounts. It is advisory for the sports fans to bid on young players; this is because if a user buys a digital card, they can own it forever unless they themself decide to sell it. If lucky, the user’s road is going to be bombarded with crypto assets.

Appdupe Brings To You A Stellar White-Label Sorare Clone Script

Our Sorare clone script is a carefully crafted code by our skilled blockchain developers to create an exciting fantasy football game hoarded with player card collectibles of real-life football players like Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo. The users have to own these trading cards to enroll themselves in leagues and tournaments. Every time they win, they are showered with an unbelievable amount of money.

The Sorare clone script is a combination of a fantasy football game and an NFT marketplace. The players have the opportunity to make it big in a short time. It is intuitive and lucrative and allures both football fans and NFT investors. It is 100% customizable, allowing you to implement your creativity in it to innovate and build a football fantasy game based on NFT like never seen before with added fun and revenue. Talk to our NFT experts to know more about this awesome script that can get you to places you never imagined.

Sorare Clone- A multitude of benefits, exciting UI, and diverse revenue streams

Enlisting The features Of Our Sorare Clone

Get to know about the impeccable features of the Sorare clone for both users and the admin.


A highly transparent marketplace with every transaction recorded in the distributed ledger.

An intuitive user interface[UI] and a leaderboard for users to keep track of their position in the contest.

High-End AR and VR technologies to create an eye-pleasing graphic.

The user gets to make real wealth by winning contests with exciting cryptocurrency rewards. Integrated digital wallets ensure a peerless betting and transaction processing experience for the users.

An Escrow arrangement is followed, assuring safety for the investments made by the user.


A dashboard that showcases all the analytical data on the performance of the Football-themed NFT marketplace.

A robust content management system[CMS] and customer relationship management[CRM] tool.

An exclusive page to monitor the transactions taking place in the marketplace.

A well-built infrastructure to feed data

Management of Ad modules.

A sturdy system to manage all user information in a single window.

What Makes Our Sorare Clone Stand Out
From Other NFT Marketplaces?

Our Sorare clone is a Football NFT marketplace with similar features and functionalities.
It shines brighter than other NFT trading platforms in a few ways,

A Fantasy Gaming Platform

Sorare clone is not just another NFT marketplace. It is embellished by an entertaining fantasy football game where the users get to utilize the player cards they bought it via auctions. These collectibles help in participation in different leagues.

In-Built Exchange Market

The next best thing about our Sorare clone is the users not only get to bid on the digital cards enlisted in the marketplace but also list the trading cards that they wish to sell.

Win Leagues In Ether

The user is rewarded in Ether every time he/she wins a contest depending on the value of the cards they own.. This can provoke the excited kid in the users to play more to earn more, making Sorare clone their favorite getaway spot.

White-Label Sorare Clone Script With A Sturdy Security

Our Sorare clone development services include security as the highest priority so the users can feel safe with their investments.

  • A multifaceted safety mechanism feature is embedded with the script in order to ensure that none other than the user gets access to their account at any means.

  • The ownership of the token a user holds cannot be transferred to another user unless a transaction is initiated on the blockchain network.

  • In case of security threats, the user’s account will be temporarily locked automatically by Sorare clone. The player will now be provided with a private key to open their account again.

Your user's cryptocurrencies and crypto-collectibles are completely safe with the Sorare clone.

The Game Play Of Sorare Clone Software

The gameplay of the Sorare clone is so simple that users from all walks of life can understand and win rewards.

  • The leagues in the Sorare clone are categorized into different levels in order to maintain a balance. If not, there are high chances for players with trading cards of football demigods in form to easily win against other users with new or out-of-form professionals.

  • Each category has a certain limitation on the usage of trading cards so that no participant over dominates the others.

  • On winning the contests, the users are rewarded with either special edition cards or Ether.

Astound The World With A Brand New Fantasy Game Based On NFTs

Our NFT Marketplace Development Process

  • Brainstorming Join us for a call or meet us directly and let us have a talk about everything under the sky of sports-oriented NFT marketplaces.

  • A Rigid PlanWe craft a well-calculated plan to develop a white-label Sorare-like NFT marketplace hoarded with exciting features and is lucrative for both the admin and the users.

  • Impeccable DesignOur talented designers start working on a user interface that has the potential to make your target audience skip a breath.

  • Back-End DevelopmentWe use the robust tech in town to build a back-end infrastructure that surprises your users with peerless performance.

  • Running TestsWe run numerous penetration and security tests on every stage of development to ensure the Sorare clone is free of bugs.

  • LaunchLet’s go hit the market and lure crazy football fans and investors by announcing the launch of your Sorare clone.

Why Choose Us For Sorare Like NFT Marketplace Development?

Appdupe has got a number of reasons in our backpack to leave you in awe. Listing a few below,

  • A ProdigyWe have been holding our hands along blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) long before the buzz. This gives us a head start in terms of experience and expertise.

  • Free 30 Minute ConsultationCall us and talk to our NFT experts for free and clear all your doubts about crypto collectibles and Sorare clone development.

  • Diverse OptionsWe have equipped us with efficiency on everything that is termed either blockchain or NFT. You name the blockchain network, Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, TRON, or any other blockchain. We will build you a scintillating Sorare clone according to your business requirements and operational scope.

  • Personalization Bring your unique ideas to the table, and we will assist you in embedding them in our readymade script and create a brand new Sorare clone that stands taller and apart from the Sorare trading platform itself.

  • Get Ahead Of Your CompetitorsWe can assist you in launching an NFT marketplace like Sorare in the shortest possible time as we have already built a readymade script. And all that requires now is customization.

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Of course, we do. American football, Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi, or any game we can get done for you.
Yes, we do. In addition to the main blockchain network, we can integrate a sidechain like Polygon to boost your operational capacity.
Yes. The Sorare clone script is a blend of a fantasy game and an NFT marketplace to buy and sell digital trading cards.
The range that you want to customize is the limit. If you ask for the stars, then we will get you there.
As an entrepreneur, Sorare clone can give you a start you never dreamt of. It is both lucrative and also has a lot of range to be innovative. What more can you ask for.

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