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Every passing day, new concepts, compensation plans, and tree structures are introduced in the MLM business segment. Emerging businesses are investing their knowledge to develop an MLM platform and utilize it to its fullest potential to make multi-millions in a short period. This constant evolution has led to the emergence of Smart Contract based MLM businesses that are completely decentralized and automated to offer tamper-proof MLM plans.

Users can participate in the MLM schemes and earn hefty profits by referring many users to form their downlines. If you wish to embark on an incredible MLM business journey, avail our ready-made MLM software solutions to swiftly join the bandwagon. Contact us to get started!

What Is An Ethereum Smart Contract Based MLM Software?

Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM software is a ready-made MLM solution built on the Ethereum Blockchain. By deploying the Smart Contract, the entire system is decentralized, and the processes are automated, ensuring there is no delay in the entire MLM system.

At Appdupe, we offer a highly customizable smart contract MLM solution that supports all types of matrix schemes and tree structures. It can be readily personalized as per your business preferences. We offer the software solution and its customization services at an unbeatable price and help you enter the lucrative segment in the quickest time possible.

Multi-Level Marketing:
Make Multi-Millions In A Jiffy

Multi-Level Marketing, often abbreviated as MLM, is a referral marketing program where businesses earn by offering MLM schemes and users earn by participating in the MLM plans and referring people to join in their downlines.

Also called network marketing, the MLM offers businesses an incredible opportunity to promote their products and services. Here, they can reward users who refer their business to their friends, family, and the known circle. Eventually, both parties get to achieve their goals, leading to a win-win situation.

What Is An Ethereum Smart Contract?
How Ethereum Smart Contract Benefits MLM?

Backed by Blockchain technology, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and an open-source platform that allows users to process transactions without intermediaries. A smart contract is a digital agreement between two users written in the form of computer code. The code runs on the Blockchain, making it immutable and storing it on the public database.

Ethereum smart contract is one of the leading solutions in the field of Blockchain technology. It helps businesses to build a decentralized MLM platform based on the smart contract. Due to its decentralized nature, it becomes effortless to earn the trust and confidence of the target users. In a nutshell, Ethereum smart contract helps businesses build a pragmatic MLM solution that is secure, automated, and risk-free.

Our Offering:
White-label Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Development Solutions

Like every other business, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has also made a drastic shift to the online space to align with the ever-changing business environment. For this, businesses employed the Ethereum Smart Contract to make the MLM system more reliable and resilient.

Our white-label Ethereum Smart Contract MLM software is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, offering 100% transparency and security. Being backed by the Smart Contract, the system is highly immutable that enables tamper protected MLM schemes and supports automated transactions to ensure zero downtime. Also, the processes are automated, eliminating any possible human intervention. A genuinely fail-proof solution!

Grow The Revenue From Your MLM Business Manifold With A Pragmatic Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software!

The Challenges
Incompetent Traditional MLM Businesses

Lack of trust It becomes difficult for businesses to gain the trust and confidence of users when they newly launch an MLM business solution.

Lack of transparencyIn conventional MLM business structures, users can’t view the details of their transactions, leading to a lack of transparency.

Lack of tamper protectionThe traditional MLM businesses have the option to modify their MLM schemes anytime they want, leaving users unsure about their income.

Lack of fast transactionsThe MLM businesses take a long time to process every transaction, delaying the functioning of the entire system.

The Solution
Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software

MLM businesses built on the Ethereum Smart Contract allow businesses to explore their fullest potential and solve any issues in the traditional MLM model.

CredibilityAs the MLM system is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, businesses are able to gain the trust and confidence of the users.

TransparencyTo ensure 100% transparency in the business processes, the transaction details are stored in the public ledger for user access.

Tamper-proofBeing a tamper protected system, the MLM plans cannot be changed by the businesses at all times, assuring users of their constant revenue.

Instant transactionsAs human intervention is eliminated in the Smart Contract MLM solution, it supports quick transactions without any downtime.

How Does Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Work?

The basic functioning of the Ethereum Smart Contract MLM software is to redirect the funds from one user wallet to another, based on the performance of the users. The Smart Contract MLM system does not store the funds on the platform and keeps repeating the profit cycle every single day at all levels.

Here, users can join the platform with a sign-up fee of 0.03 ETH or 0.05 ETH. Then, they have to bring in two direct referrals, who register with the platform with the same entry fee of 0.03 or 0.05 ETH. The newly joined users are the downlines whose entry fee will be passed on to the user who referred them. Users should keep upgrading to the next level by joining referrals under them.

Based on the business model, the tree structure and the levels renew periodically. It is a trustworthy MLM business solution that can help users earn revenue in the long run.

Benefits Of An Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Solution

  • Decentralized system

  • Tamper protected solution

  • Quick payouts

  • No admin access

  • 100% Transparent processes

  • Faster transactions

  • Hack-proof system

  • Risk-free MLM schemes

  • Low investments

  • High returns

  • Crypto wallet integration

  • Traceable assets

Features Of Our Cryptocurrency MLM Software

  • Decentralized networkOur MLM system is entirely decentralized, empowering users to possess complete control over their funds. No intermediaries or admin access is allowed.

  • P2P transfersThe fund transfers take place between one user wallet and another, leading to faster Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions. Here, third-party involvement is entirely eliminated.

  • Tamper protectionThe immutability of the MLM scheme is assured as the system is encrypted end-to-end by the top-notch Blockchain technology. Maximum protection is enabled.

  • Quick transactionsThe Ethereum Blockchain fuels the MLM system to offer faster and efficient fund transfers, due to the lack of an intermediary in the entire system.

  • Complete automationThe elimination of third-parties and the admin leads to a readily automated MLM solution that is efficient in every single functionality.

  • 100% TransparentThe entire system offers complete transparency, and the data are stored in a distributed public ledger, making it accessible for all users participating in the MLM plan.

  • TraceabilityAs all details are shared in a common network, the funds transferred can be quickly traced if the details are needed for user reference on a later date.

  • Hack-proof systemThe Ethereum Blockchain technology offers the highest level of security to protect the MLM system from all possible thefts and hacks, making it a risk-free business solution.

  • Crypto walletsThe MLM software is integrated with cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask and TrustWallet to ensure effortless fund transfers. Any other wallet can also be integrated as per the business requirements.

  • Multilingual supportThe MLM software supports multiple languages, allowing users to access the platform’s content in the language of their choice.

Take Advantage Of The Decentralized Network To Build A More Reliable, Automated, And Transparent MLM Platform!

Backed by the Ethereum Smart Contract, our decentralized MLM platform allows businesses to offer transparent and faster business transactions. The need for intermediaries and admin management is comprehensively eliminated, leading to a fully automated MLM system.

What’s Unique With Our Ethereum Based Smart Contract MLM Platform?

Our Ethereum Smart Contract MLM platform accommodates a global infrastructure built with a network of any number of users. Here, intermediaries needed to process the transactions are removed, offering automated, high-performing business processes.

The platform is strongly immutable to offer a secure environment for the users taking part in the MLM schemes. It is built with high solidity, gas, and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Above all, our MLM solution is a 100% customizable solution, allowing you to modify its compensation plan, tree structure, entry fee, and other possible parts of the Smart Contract based MLM platform, making it unique in every aspect possible.

Top-notch Functionalities Available In Our Smart Contract MLM Solution

Ethereum based MLM scheme
Ethereum based investment plan
Ethereum based gifting plan
Ethereum based MLM model
And a lot more!

Toolkits Employed In Our Ethereum Based Smart Contract MLM Platform

Ganache CLI
Visual Studio Code

Our Process Of Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Development

  • Requirement study

  • Brainstorming

  • Front-end customization

  • Back-end setup

  • Quality checks

  • App deployment

Why Choose Appdupe For Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development?

With an in-house Blockchain development team and tremendous industry knowledge, Appdupe is one of the leading MLM software development companies in the market. We have helped several businesses take over the MLM industry with a perfectly immutable and efficient MLM software built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our clients choose our MLM software solution for a range of reasons, including but not limited to:

Fully automated business processes
Decentralized network
Instant P2P fund transfers
100% Transparent operations
Crypto wallet integration
Secure and quick transactions
No scam
Trustworthy solution
High ROI assured
Completely white-labeled
Quick deployment
Budget-friendly solution

Connect With Us To Launch A Highly Secure And Scalable MLM Solution In A Short Period!

Hire An Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Developer

At Appdupe, we employ the proficient developers who have expertise in developing cutting-edge MLM software solutions. Their expertise, combined with our domain knowledge, helps in building a full-fledged MLM platform that is automated, transparent, and secured. Our developers strive to deliver the fully developed solution on time and budget. Hire us to get your business launched in your niche in the shortest time possible.

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