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IDEX Clone Script -
Launch a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform!

Harness the power of absolute security and privacy in transactions imparted by electronically-created, decentralized assets popularly known as cryptocurrency. The emergence of cryptos has been nothing short of being disruptive as it flaunts a supremely crucial characteristic - privacy. This had conferred cryptos to be an ever-reliable alternative to conventional physical currencies as they are very volatile and dodgy. The 50 million growing wallets are the testament to cryptos’ skyrocketing normalization, and it can be deemed only to grow in the near future.

At Appdupe, we proffer you with a top-notch, extensively secure crypto platform - the IDEX clone, an entirely decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform customized to mirror your ideas and expectations. Connect with us to know more!

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IDEX Clone -

IDEX Clone app is a premier Ethereum-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that’s fashioned on the market leader IDEX. With the ability to support over 300 ERC20 tokens that’s part and parcel of the Ethereum ecosystem, it is the go-to solution for anyone looking to make big in the crypto market. Being a thoroughly decentralized solution, it employs a smart contract system to connect buyers and sellers automatically. In other words, the P2P crypto exchange is seamlessly facilitated.

Our Clients

Highlight Features of
IDEX Clone Script

KYC/ AML Verification

Impeccable security of the crypto exchange platform is established as every user is verified in accordance with the regulatory requirements of KYC of the particular region.

Atomic Swap

Decentralized crypto trading is enriched by executing the superfast atomic swapping technology during peer-to-peer exchanges in the platform.

DEX Order Book

Heightened levels of transaction security are assured as the IDEX clone exhibits its own order book that can facilitate streamlined retrieval of buy and sell orders.

Multi-Sig Crypto Wallet

In addition to the fundamental verification field, i.e., PIN and passwords, access to the wallets is granted only through authentication by multiple methods, including SMS and email verification.

Multi-Crypto Pairing

Pamper your users by authorizing them to trade crypto pairs from the entire spectrum of registered cryptocurrency, resulting in enhanced business traction.

Smart Contract

With the aid of the revolutionary blockchain technology, the transactions are facilitated over unhackable public databases, ensuring a fastened collection of transaction fees.

Maximal Security

We wield a wide array of security tools and verification softwares to infuse an overtone of sky-high protection that safeguards the IDEX clone from threats and vulnerabilities.

Live Market Statistics

Reasoned trading decisions are encouraged among users as they are provided with real-time data in the form of charts that depict attributes like currency valuation, price, exchange rate, etc.

Multilingual Support

Leveraging a global user base is no more tedious as the IDEX clone can extend its decentralized crypto trading services in most of its major languages.

Complex Trades

Massive volumes of exchanges are made hassle-free as the multifunctional IDEX clone is sweepingly optimized for trades of any size and frequency.

IDEX Clone App Development

At Appdupe, we excel in developing intrinsic decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the shape of the IDEX Clone app. Deploying an ingrained approach to develop crypto apps, we principally focus on proffering an ultra-smooth exchange experience at an exceedingly secure environment. Drenched in world-class features and nailed down with pristine security tools, the IDEX clone spills wholesomeness in every sense.

Build a 30X Faster Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

Our IDEX clone is the singular solution that's sure to strike gold in the market

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Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services with
IDEX Clone

White Label Exchange

Branding and rebranding become a cakewalk with our white-labeled IDEX clone that can be tweaked to any extent to resonate with your app vision and requirements. Moreover, it can be launched in a matter of a few days!

Customized Exchange Development

We refine and alter the IDEX clone with features and integrations aligned with your business sensibilities based on the requirements and market trends. It can further be scaled as per needs.

Crypto Trading Bots

Exponentially increase the probability of attaining profits by integrating the intelligent crypto trading bots that automate the process of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges at an instant.

End-to-End Encryption

Software wallets and hardware wallets with private keys can be shielded from any kind of phishing attacks by encrypting the entire flow of information regarding the transactions and negotiations taking place in the platform.

Multiple-Server Hosting

Lightning-fast transactions are made possible by hosting the IDEX clone on staggering decentralized networks like the cloud architecture or a network of globally distributed servers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency is processed by integrating powerful third-party APIs. Besides, many payment methods ranging from credit/ debit cards to online payments are made available for users’ convenience.

Why Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange like IDEX?

  • Perennial trading operations based on Ethereum is expedited by decentralized crypto exchanges like our IDEX clone. Earn each day!
  • Being a real-time decentralized exchange platform, the IDEX clone is sure to entice a massive number of loyalists and showcase enormous trade volumes.
  • Security concerns like hacking are literally and figuratively insurmountable due to private keys' storage in globally distributed networks.
  • Eliminate the influence of disinclined third-parties and accelerate the transaction process within the unbreakable secure limit.
  • Transactions are not dependent on any central authority's ever-changing rules and detrimental regulations, making buying and selling innately independent processes.
  • You can participate in exchanging cryptos even without revealing your personal identity, which marks a stark difference from that of conventional banking systems.

Benefits of Starting an IDEX Clone

What if launching a singular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange app showers every stakeholder of the business with benefits? Our IDEX clone is one such solution.

  • Express Transactions
  • Robust Security and Privacy
  • Protection of User Identity
  • Global Decentralized Servers
  • Complete control over transactions
  • Individual Wallets
  • Immune to digital threats
  • Doesn't need to comply with financial law

How does the IDEX Decentralized Exchange Clone Work?

Step 1

Users are prompted to register on the IDEX clone and are verified by following the KYC regulations.

Step 2

Users, armed with their smart contracts, place buy or sell orders on the platform.

Step 3

If they find compatible buyers/sellers, users can confirm the transaction order by paying through various payment methods.

Step 4

The seller's digital signature is verified by the platform and ensures that it matches with the seller's account.

Step 7

At the end of the process, the requested cryptos are credited to the buyer account instantly.

Step 6

The authorized transactions are then sent into the arbiter that dispatches them to maintain the sequence of crypto mining.

Step 5

The signed trade after verification is submitted to Ethereum by the exchange.

What Can You Expect from
Appdupe's IDEX Clone?

Instant Trade

Converge the power of reliability and agility as we assert transactions in the blink of an eye.

Hassle-free Trading

Hitches, glitches, twitches, and any shortcomings are non-existent in our offering. Trading at its simple best!

Immersive Trading

Delightful crypto trading experience is imparted for every single transaction on the platform.

Launching our Own Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform is Now a Piece of Cake.

Our IDEX clone app does the job for you.

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Wallets and Tokens supported with our IDEX clone

  • MetaMask
  • JSON
  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • Private Key
  • ETH
  • KNC
  • OMG
  • EOS
  • BAT
  • ENG
  • SALT
  • MANA
  • RDN
  • SNT
  • BQX
  • GTO
  • ELF
  • POWR
  • AST
  • LINK
  • ZIL
  • ADEX
  • DAI
  • DGX

Our Process of Decentralized Exchange Development

Requirement Analysis

Once you confirm our partnership, our graceful customer relations executives collaborate with you to immerse into the requirements, needs, and app vision.

Research & Planning

Our crew of master designers, crafty developers, and crypto experts work in tandem to devise the possibilities and proffer you with a full-blown action plan with clear milestones.


Wireframing the app in its entirety is done by our designers, who infuse the UI with a nonchalant mix of creativity with the crypto market's working business sensibilities.


Embracing a riveting technique of decentralized crypto exchange development, the IDEX clone is staggeringly coded to possess many security features and functionality.

Quality Assessment

The absence of bugs/ glitches is ensured as our software testers diligently scrutinize the script and chuck out any kind of vulnerabilities that result in a robust application.


Only after your approval, we install the app on your preferred network and make sure that the IDEX clone is ready to rage!

Why Choose Us for IDEX like Decentralized Crypto Exchange Development Project?

idex app clone

Market Leaders

With an industrial experience exceeding over a decade, we thoroughly understand the crypto game and know the secret to seize success in this niche market.

idex app clone

Token Creation

We are experts in designing and coming up with exclusive tokens for your exchange platform and integrate them for universal trading purposes.

idex app clone


We religiously adhere to the mutually agreed upon regulations of the Non-Disclosure Agreement specially made for crypto technology.

idex app clone

Exclusive Integrations

Recreating your exact app vision is our favorite pastime. Exclusive APIs can be integrated to sharpen up the already existing functionality of the exchange.

idex app clone

On-Time Delivery

We always move from words to deeds, and our inventive app development process arms us with the ability to deliver the app on or before the predetermined date.

idex app clone

360° Support

Right from ideation to delivery and even after deployment, we entitle you to avail round-the-clock support of any dimension. Customer satisfaction is our foremost concern!

Leverage a Global User Base with Our IDEX Clone Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange App.

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Hire Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Developer

At Appdupe, we assign only the best of our developers who have immense experience and expertise in cryptocurrency exchange development to your project. We understand the necessity of perfection and ingenuity, as these two attributes defined our foray and ascendence in this industry. Hence, we cumulate our entire spectrum of resources and prowess to fabricate something extraordinary - in this case, the IDEX clone app. It is only logical to hire our tech pioneers, a.k.a developers, for the task of equipping you with a world-beating cryptocurrency exchange clone.


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Tech Stack Powered In Our Mobile Wallet App Development


Revenue generation is made easy as you can get paid through commissions, transaction fees, promotion fees, third-party advertising, etc.

Depending on a plethora of factors such as features to be integrated, tech stack to be deployed, and required customization, the cost varies from project to project. Connect with our experts to know the exact cost of development.

You can become a fully operational business owner in the shortest time possible as our IDEX clone can be launched in a matter of days.

With integrations such as affiliate programs, liquidity API, trade on Binance, margin trade, etc., your business can scale big in a short time.

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