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Fundraising is an integral need for any business to grow big. There are a few fundraising mechanisms that have been practiced in the past, like the ICO, IEO, STO, and more. However, all these fundraising mechanisms have specific drawbacks which have been eliminated in the contemporary and efficient Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

The prominent fundraising mechanisms are centralized. This makes them vulnerable to third-party manipulations, hackers, and human error. Also, private sales enable large-scale investors to purchase a massive number of tokens and then sell them all for a higher price. Decentralization is the answer to all these manipulations, and IDO does it.

We offer an all-inclusive IDO service that includes ideation, conceptualization, road map creation, whitepaper creation, token development, token listing, IDO marketing services, and more. Give us a call to get a 30-minute free IDO consultation with our IDO service providers.

What Is An IDO?

An IDO is a fundraising mechanism in which a blockchain-based company lists its token directly in a decentralized exchange (DEX) for the public to buy and sell them. The IDO assists startups and other blockchain-based businesses in raising funds to scale up their idea in a very short period of time.

Our Clients

The All-Inclusive Services We Offer With Our Initial DEX Offering Solution

  • Devising A RoadmapWe, an IDO development company, help you strategize a sound road map that leads you to develop a successful IDO raising enough funds for your business.

  • Whitepaper CreationWe have a team of subject matter experts who craft you a detailed whitepaper that can elaborate your plans to the investors as well lure them to invest in your project.

  • Token DevelopmentThis is one of the integral processes in launching an IDO. Our blockchain developers build a token exclusively for your business in Ethereum or Binance blockchains.

  • Token ListingIn order to have a successful IDO, you must list your token in the right exchange. Our crypto experts will help you find the exchange where investors will be eager in your project.

  • Marketing ServicesMarketing services are integral to witness a wide reach for the IDO. We follow a multi-channel approach and capitalize on various digital platforms to promote your IDO.

  • Reliable SupportWe have a dedicated team of crypto experts, specialists in marketing, and blockchain developers. We provide support throughout the process to ensure the IDO is successful.

Wondering Why You Should Launch An IDO For Your Project?

Initial Dex Offering Development Solutions We Provide

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DAO Maker Clone

Learn More About The Different Fundraising Methods

ICO Development A company or a startup issues utility tokens to the investors. Here, the company has to take care of all the advertising and marketing or approach companies like us for better marketing service in a cost-efficient way.

IEO DevelopmentThe company lists its tokens in a centralized exchange, and the funding required for the project is raised only through the centralized exchange. The IEO is regulated by the centralized exchange. It provides immediate liquidity. We offer a holistic IEO service.

STO DevelopmentWe help you develop a security token that favors your business and also benefits your investors in a shoulder-to-shoulder manner. We also market it and list it on a platform for investors to buy and sell them.

IDO DevelopmentGo decentralized right from the start. Enlist your tokens in a renowned decentralized exchange (DEX) and start raising funds. It is open to all and can yield you the required amount of funds with the right marketing strategies. Contact us, and we will provide you a comprehensive solution for developing an IDO.

Perks Of Launching An IDO

  • Liquidity This is understood as one of the most beneficial needs for an IDO. An IDO offers instant liquidity to a token without slippage. Most of the prevalent altcoins can be found in DEX as it enables transactions even without high trading volumes.

  • An Open FundraisingWhen you opt for an IDO, you go straight to the public. There is no need for a centralized exchange [CEX] and is not dependent on private investors. The investors can buy the tokens for a nominal price and start trading in them.

  • Instant Trading OpportunityIn an IDO, a token can be traded the very moment it is launched. This allows the investors to purchase them for a very low price and sell them for a higher price, thereby increasing the value of the token.

  • Cost-EffectiveA decentralized exchange works based on a self-executing smart contract. When you launch an IDO, you go directly to a DEX platform without an intermediary. In a DEX platform, you only need to pay the gas fees, which is a nominal amount.

  • Reliable And Secure TransactionsEvery single trade in a DEX platform takes place through smart contracts and is also recorded in the blockchain. This makes it more reliable and secure. Also, the DEX platform does not hold any crypto assets, thereby making it an unlikely place for hackers to target.

Have A Blockchain-Based Project In Mind? Looking For The Best Way To Raise Funds To Develop It

Salient Features Of Initial DEX Offering [IDO]

Alluring The Retail Investors

In an IDO, a debut coin of a blockchain-based project is listed in the DEX platform. This attracts retail investors to trade in these coins in an efficient manner.

Zero Slippage And Tolerance

This is one reason why crypto startups today go for IDO rather than other fundraising methods. The IDO offers zero slippage and tolerance.

Controlled Listings

The ICO model is renowned when it comes to controlled listings of tokens. The IDOs also offer controlled listings of tokens in the DEX platform, similar to the ICO model.


The IDO also has the attribute of IFO, where funds can be traded off for leveraging, which in turn will yield exponentially increasing benefits.

Token Listing For A Nominal Price

In an Initial DEX, offering listing tokens in a DEX platform is a facile process. The only requirement to list tokens is the DEX platform you choose processes a certain LP.

Instant Trading

Scale up your crypto business in a short period of time by opting for an IDO. It is easy, simple, and fast to process trading transactions in an IDO.

Appdupe’s Lucrative IDO Development Process

  • BrainstormingWe have a team of crypto experts who will brainstorm with you to formulate a strategy for your IDO development services.

  • Whitepaper Creation A detailed whitepaper that tells your investors about your project and how beneficial it can turn out.

  • IDO Token DevelopmentA crypto token for your project is developed using cutting-edge technologies while you are preparing yourself for fundraising.

  • Utility ServicesAdd up the value of your digital token by enabling them with utility services on the market.

  • Governance TokenCreate a community by offering the investors governance tokens that bestow them with decision-making powers.

  • ServiceEnhance your business by integrating diverse blockchain technologies to provide seamless services and thereby increase the value of your token.

High Conversion Rate Marketing Services

Any product or service requires marketing to receive a better reach to the audience. For an IDO, effective marketing services can spread the word about the IDO, the project, the benefits of the IDO, and more to the investors.

In Appdupe, we follow a multi-channel marketing approach to capitalize on all platforms to reach the right audience. Promoting and marketing your IDO on different platforms allows you to knock on the doors of investors who would be interested in investing in some funds in your project.

We, an IDO service provider, help you with a 360-degree marketing service that begins with an IDO consultation with our crypto experts, Whitepaper creation, Token designing, Token development, Token listing on a DEX platform that best suits your project, and more. Reach out to us and get a free 30-minute consultation.

Reach The Right Investors And Raise Massive Funds For Your Project

The State-Of-Art Tech Stack We Inject In Our IDO Solutions

  • EthereumThe name Ethereum itself adds value to your IDO. The diverse smart contract features it provides enable you to stand out in the investor community.

  • PolkadotIs multi-chain support and connection the primary need for your IDO? then Polkadot is the tech stack you should opt for.

  • Binance Smart ChainThe Binance investor community is growing wide today; capitalize on this crowd by launching your IDO on a Binance smart chain.

  • TRONThe scalability factor TRON offers can assist in the development and deployment of your IDO.

Why Is Appdupe A Reliable Choice To Launch An IDO?

Crypto ExpertsWe have a massive team that has devoted themselves to the avant-garde blockchain technology and crypto asset management. Their involvement in this technology for a prolonged period has shaped them into professionals.

Personalized SolutionsWe don’t stick to the traditional solutions. We innovate and create personalized IDO development services for your project to make them unique.

On-Time DeliveryThe expertise in blockchain technology and the convention of updating with new technologies have enabled us to deliver all our projects on time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, we customize it in accordance with your project requirements. It ensures that you raise the required funds for your project.
It is your decision whether to integrate KYC and AML features into your solution or not. However, integrating them adds trustworthiness and reliability to the solution.
An IDO can be launched by the token issuer independently by listing their tokens in a DEX platform. We provide holistic support throughout the process to ensure your IDO is a success.
Yes, we value your idea and ensure it is safe with us. We also take responsibility for the safety of your idea by signing a non-disclosure agreement with you.
Yes, we do. Once we have joined hands with you, we are always there for you. We not only provide support post IDO but also give it for free for a specific period of time.
IDO takes up the abbreviation Initial Dex Offering. IDO represents assets (can be anything)in the form of tokens, which will be listed on the decentralized exchanges. IDO development means creating tokens for the assets so as to expose them for sale.

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