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For a long time now, the reception for the NFTs plainly portrays that it is something more than a passing fad. The concept of digital assets in the form of NFT tokens isn't specific to a particular group. Which is to say, it attracts people from all walks of life with varied interests such as investors, collectors, art lovers, so on and so forth. What seasoning is to food, likewise Veve clone is to NFT marketplace.

With that said, now introducing the Veve clone app, an NFT based marketplace with a mix of Augmented reality features bringing liveliness to the digital space. Veve clone development lets users bring their favorite characters into the real world. It endows a lucrative opportunity for zealous entrepreneurs to garner a high return on investment by launching an exciting NFT marketplace app with AR features.

At Appdupe, we fathom your business goals and bestow you with the finest Veve clone. Join forces with us and give your best shot in the crypto-verse by creating an NFT marketplace like Veve.

What Is Veve Clone?

Veve clone is a digital marketplace where digital collectibles of various brands such as Batman Adventure Time, Monster Hunter, DC collectibles, etc., are sold. It is a premium platform for purchasing licensed digital collectibles that are powered by Distributed Ledger Technology.

On top of this, the Veve clone development with augmented reality features let users showcase their collectibles and customize their virtual showrooms. Hence, Veve clone is not just a marketplace to buy digital collectibles but also provides a real-world experience in the digital space.

Our Clients

What Is An NFT Marketplace?

NFT marketplace is a platform for buying and selling unique pieces of art, collectibles, trading cards, all in a digital form. For this, crypto wallets are essential to make exchanges for buying or selling in the NFT marketplaces. NFT marketplaces are decentralized systems that work on blockchain technology, ensuring the transparency and immutability of the trading exchanges. They are built on different blockchain platforms that include TRON, Binance Smart chain, Ethereum, etc., offering strong security to digital assets.

Remarkable Features Of Our White-label Veve Clone

  • All-inclusive MarketplaceEnhance the user experience with a marketplace feature using our Veve clone script. It provides a comprehensive outlook of the unique collectibles, their prices and serves as a central spot for all buying and selling of NFTs.

  • TrackingShow up the complete transparency of your services through the tracking option. It enables the users to track the owner details straightaway and thereby eliminating third-party interventions.

  • TraceabilityThe traceability feature is of much significance in allowing users to access the liquidity pool of the NFT marketplace. And not to miss, NFTs as such possess high liquidity.

  • New projectKeep the information in fingertips for your users on every new NFTs that lands on the marketplace. It attracts a sizable number of wallet holders to make purchases in your app.

  • BiddingThe beauty of NFT marketplaces is the ability it grants to buy assets through bidding. Your users don't have to compromise on prices. The bidding option gives them the liberty to trade by negotiating.

  • Ownership As our Veve clone works on decentralized platforms, ownership rights are protected, guaranteeing its authenticity.

Our Nft Marketplace App Development
Services Extend To Various Niches


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We Develop NFT Tokens For Various Standards

NFT tokens acts as the medium for exchanges and each of them is unique and indivisible. This accounts for the rarity and tokens and there are different types of NFT tokens.

ERC-721 It was the first standard released in 2017. Written on Ethereum blockchain its coding is more effortless and reusable. Every ERC-721 token is unique and holds a different value which accounts for its improved security, immutability and ownership.

ERC - 1155It is an improved standard to ERC-721 that applies for both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Compared to ERC-721, it charges less fees as it allows massive transfers of tokens.

FA2FA2 is a token standard on Tezos that supports a wide range of token types. It generates a standard API for transferring tokens, checking token balances, managing operators, etc.

dGoods dGoods is an open source, free token standard for handling various types of virtual exchanges in EOS blockchain platform.

TRC-721TRC-721 standard is introduced by TRON network. These tokens represent tangible assets in the real world that can be moved in digital form while retaining its value. It offers high security in owning and managing data documents safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

BEP-20BEP-20 is more similar to ERC-20, but it is built on a smart chain of Binance platform. Here the transactions are facilitated by BNB.

What Are The Distinguishable Traits Of NFT Marketplace Development?

  • IndivisibilityNFTs cannot be divided into fractions because they are indivisible in nature. Therefore only whole transactions are possible

  • AuthenticityNFT tokens are thoroughly verified and authenticated

  • Non-exchangeableSince each of the tokens is unique, one token cannot be exchanged with another as its value differs

  • TradeabilityThe tokens can be sold in multiple marketplaces, which grants the token holders with unrestricted trading capabilities

  • StandardizationNFTs can be created on a public blockchain for relevant standards that govern its control, ownership, etc.

  • LiquidityIncreased tradeability paves the way for increased liquidity which is a characteristic of NFT tokens.

  • Immutability and ScarcityDevelopers can define the number of tokens that can be created and other details in the smart contract. It defines the nature and properties of the tokens that cannot be modified or altered.

Predominant Features Of A White-label NFT Marketplace App

  • StorefrontLike an eCommerce site, the NFT marketplace should also have a storefront to display information about the product sold on the platform. In view of this, we develop solutions with an attractive and intuitive front-end storefront that is exhilarating and allures users to your NFT marketplace.

  • Search FiltersSearch filters are necessary to make the process of buying faster and hassle-free. Our solutions come with advanced filters that allow users to sort items by categories such as price, rarity, artist, etc., improving their marketplace experience.

  • Product ListingsMakes the process of listing an item as easy as winking for the seller. Product listings aid the seller with clear instructions on how to flaunt their product in the NFT marketplace.

  • Status Of ListingEnable both the buyer and seller to be aware of all the information related to the listing in fingertips. The product listing feature reveals details such as the authenticity of the file, how many bids it has received during the auction, etc.

  • Buying And AuctionVariety is what makes the usual thing exciting. Offer different selling mechanisms such as timed auctions, direct buying, etc., to let users purchase at their luxury.

  • Wallet OptionSecurity is what is the prime concern when it comes to money exchange. Considering this, we develop crypto wallet solutions backed with high-end security features to make transactions worry-free.

  • RatingsRating can be viewed as a tool to assess the quality of services. It immensely helps buyers and sellers to carry out their business.

  • Multi Currency SupportGive users the ability to make transactions the way they want. With the multicurrency assistance feature, users can trade using local currency, global currency, or even cryptocurrency as per their wish.

  • Simple Protocol Simple Protocol feature aids even users without technical knowledge to manage the software like plain sailing.

Different Types Of Filters To Sort Categories In A Veve Like NFT Marketplace

  • Recent Listings

  • Lately minted

  • Closing bids

  • Lowest price

  • Highest Price

  • Old listings

  • Most viewed

  • Highly sold product

Advantages Of NFT Marketplace App Development

  • Unique and user-friendly interface

  • Charges very less transaction fee compared to other integrated exchange platforms

  • Wallet integration ensures tokens and funds are transferred to respective users seamlessly

  • Backed by multilayer security features guarantees safe and secure transactions

  • Implementation of smart contracts ascertain the ownership rights when trading is completed

  • Users have the flexibility to buy or sell any number of tokens on the marketplace

  • Less traffic congestion

Who Can Give A Shot At Veve Like NFT Marketplace Development?

Exchange Owners

DeFi Platform Owners

Artists & Investors

Museums and Auction Houses

Music Artists

Business Owners

Product Holder

Step By Step Workflow Of Veve Clone NFT Marketplace

  • 1

    Users can sign up onto the NFT platform.

  • 2

    The next step is to set up a crypto wallet account using which users can send and receive gems for trading purposes.

  • 3

    Store option in the app displays digital collectibles with auction dates and other related details for users to make purchases.

  • 4

    Purchased items can be exhibited in virtual showrooms with the augmented reality provisions.

  • 5

    The virtual showrooms can be shared with people. Other users can visit and buy collectibles if they want by paying the bid price.

  • 6

    Market space in the app enables trading digital collectibles or making a secondhand purchase of collectibles from other buyers.

  • 7

    The Veve clone NFT marketplace then regulates the exchange of funds and digital assets once the auction is completed.

Capitalize On NFT Marketplace Business Like Veve For Umpteen Gains

Boundless Trading

NFT marketplace enables users to trade any collectibles from music, arts to virtual lands in the form of non-fungible tokens.

Maintains Unique Standards

Non-fungible tokens are built on several standards and each of which retains its own distinguishing characteristics allowing users to trade in the marketplace.


NFT token standards such as ERC721 and ERC1155 operate on any of the token platforms, thereby proving to be effective for business

Ownership Rights

The ownership of NFTs is completely possessed by the sellers, and there are no interventions by any other third parties. The seller has complete control over the digital assets.

Amplified ROI

The craze for NFTs is on the surge now that shows the possibility of acquiring high returns on investment and profits through multiple revenue sources.

Our Development Strategy To
Create An NFT Marketplace App Like Veve

  • Gathering the needs and requirements of the NFT marketplace business from the clients

  • Do thorough research based on the requirements and devise a fully functional plan

  • Undertake the NFT marketplace development process using the latest tech stacks

  • Exposing the developed products in a diverse environment and check how it performs

  • Bug-free products are then set to go live on app platforms

Join Us To Develop An NFT Marketplace App With AR Features

AppDupe offers ready-to-launch solutions built on blockchain technology for startups to flourish their business in the digital realm. Our offering covers a wide range of services, from creating tokens to building robust trading marketplaces. Understanding your needs, we infuse the latest technology in developing a product that does not fall short of innovation.

Notable Virtues Of Our NFT Marketplace Development Services

  • High-end security features

  • Complete Transparency

  • White-label NFT marketplace app solution

  • Thoroughly tested glitch-free products

  • Flexible to customizations

  • Round the clock technical support & maintenance services

  • Expert developer team

  • Adept knowledge of blockchain technology

Technology Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Unfortunately, it is quite not possible to give the cost estimate until you give your requirements. The cost of the development significantly depends on the configuration you require in your NFT marketplace. Reach out to our expert team, give your needs and get the price estimate right away.

The NFT platforms can be customized to support payments through debit/credit cards, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and so on.

Ofcourse, yes! We can almost tokenize anything that a user is willing to sell. The specialty of NFT is that each token holds a unique aspect that adds up to its value.

Imagine an NFT marketplace similar to an art exhibition except that all the arts are converted into NFTs. These NFTs can be auctioned and sold, but the sole ownership lies with the owner.

NFT marketplace design is such that of an eCommerce platform where purchasing and selling products is done conveniently. It is that user-friendly.

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Mobile App Daily - Top NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
Goodfirms - Top Blockchain Development Company Award
Softwareworld - Top Rated NFT Marketplace Development Company Award
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