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Evolution Land Game Clone
Launch NFT Gaming Platform Like Evolution Land!

The era of Metaverse is all set to take over. Build a bridge to the virtual world for your audience with a game like Evolution Land. Now, don’t think how Himalayan it is to build an NFT game like Evolution Land, Appdupe got you.

Our Evolution Land clone is a simulation game that represents the real world. It is spread out over a vast space with a lot of mapping and activities to do. Your users will not just have to keep concentrating on the game and winning but can also chill and have fun. So, by developing a virtual simulation game like Evolution Land, you will be able to attract the GenZ and the millennials effortlessly.

Now, get in touch with us. Let’s start building that virtual world of yours that is all about fun and games.

Evolution Land- The Story

Evolution Land is an NFT game that uses cross-chain technology. It is a virtual world with around 26 continents, each continent built on a different blockchain. The users can buy lands, farm, mine, erect buildings, sell the lands, etc. When it comes to constructing buildings or extracting the mines, the players can hire other gamers as workers and pay them. Also, like the earth, the land in Evolution Land will have resources in it that can be extracted using miners and either sold or processed further into other resources like in the real world.

The game has both non-fungible tokens and fungible tokens. The lands, buildings, resources, etc., will be non-fungible tokens, and the currency used to buy all these will be fungible tokens. So, that’s the story of this amazing NFT game. Let’s build one together and entertain your audience!

Our Clients

Enter the Metaverse in style with a play2earn game like Evolution Land

Features Of Evolution Land Game Clone

Apostles Apostles are animated characters that represent the players in the virtual world. Each apostle will have some unique genes, which in turn will dictate the roles of the player in the Evolution Land. The roles include mining, healing, research, and fighting.

MarketplaceThe in-game assets in the NFT game, which includes apostles, resources, lands, etc., can be traded here in the marketplace. Apart from trading, the players can also hire workers here.

Digital Wallet IntegrationA digital wallet like MetaMask will be integrated into the Evolution Land clone platform. The wallet will be mandatory for the users to signup for the simulation game.

Cross-Chain Token EconomyJoin the premium list of the very few NFT games that have adopted the cross-chain token economy with our Evolution Land clone script. Each continent in the virtual world is built on different public blockchains. Thus exchanging assets between continents is executed through the Darwinia network.

Manifold Of Non-Fungible Tokens On Evolution Land like
Virtual Simulation NFT Game

The Evolution Land clone is a virtual world with a manifold of attributes, out of which most of them are non-fungible tokens.

  • LandEvery block of land that is spread out over all the continents of the Evolution Land clone is an NFT. The amount of land blocks available in this virtual world is limited. The gamers can hold the lands, sell them, mine them, or erect buildings on them.

  • Buildings The buildings in this simulation game consist of square blocks and architectural nodes. To construct a building, the gamers require square blocks. They can use their creativity and construct a building. This building will be minted as an NFT. Also, other gamers can use the same architectural design to construct buildings on their land for which the original creator gets royalty.

  • PropsThere are a number of props in the Evolution Land clone script, and each one of them comes with certain attributes and use cases. These props will be created by our developers as per the storyline of your game.

  • External PropsThe NFT Based Gaming Platform, Like Evolution Land, is developed in a way that external props, avatars, etc., can also be inserted and used here. This feature will attract the whales to bring their NFTs from the big NFT projects to use them here.

The Evolution Land Clone Society

A society is an integral part of the real world. This is thereby implemented in the NFT Based Gaming Platform Like Evolution Land. Check out the three major components of the society of the virtual world.

  • OccupationThere are a number of occupations that a gamer can associate themself within the game. It includes miners, elemental workers, construction workers, transportation workers, etc. The gamer can register themself to any one of the works at a time. They will receive jobs and get paid respectively.

  • Social ConnectionsEvolution Land, like the NFT game, will be a platform where gamers can connect with strangers and socialize without any hassle. To make these connections trustworthy, the simulation game will be backed by blockchain contracts like mortgage financing of blockchain assets, blockchain marriage certificates, etc.

  • Governance ModelEvery native token holder will have the right to vote on the decisions that will impact the future of the virtual world. Apart from the development of the NFT game, the users will also play a role in deciding the name of the lands, props, construction, and other matters like third-party projects, DApp, etc.

Build a simulation game that would be the most-loved NFT game of the next decade

How To Play Evolution Land Game Clone?

The Evolution Land-like NFT game we build for you comes with easy gameplay.

  • The gamer has to log in to their digital wallet, e.g., MetaMask.

  • To start playing, the gamer has to first buy a piece of land and then an apostle. A user can have upto 5 apostles for a piece of land.

  • Now, the gamer has to add their apostles to the land they own.

  • The apostles start mining the land for Gold, Wood, HHO, Fire & SIOO, etc.

  • The resources keep growing as the apostles keep mining.

  • The user can claim those resources to their wallet whenever they feel to do it.

  • These resources can either be used by the player to construct buildings, process them, or sell them.

The Gameplays Of Evolution Land Like NFT Game

NFT Collectibles

As the first and foremost step, it is important to create an apostle. The talents of the apostles will be determined by the genes. The users may have to breed unique apostles to create offspring of advanced genetic variation.


The gamers can train their apostles through education and make them proficient in working or fighting. By educating their apostles, the gamers make themself equipped to survive in the virtual world.

Free Market

The in-game assets can be traded in the free market. The users can buy/sell lands, apostles, resources, or even hire workers, find soulmate apostles, etc.


Evolution Land clone offers a manifold of careers in addition to miners such as warriors, doctors, musicians, etc. Each player can find a suitable career for their apostle.

Play To Earn

The revenue of the game will be shared with the players. The revenue channels may include a new land auction, new apostle sales, apostle birth fee, magic potion sales, Inter-continent Import tax, etc.


The players own the NFT game like Evolution Land, as it is a decentralized autonomous organization.

The Key Technologies We Focus In To Build An NFT Game

To build Evolution Land like Virtual Simulation NFT Game, there are a few key technical aspects that have to be looked into.

  • BlockchainThe Evolution Land Game Clone Development will be executed on a blockchain that will suit the needs of the game in and out. Our team will brainstorm on this aspect and consult with you about the chosen blockchain network.

  • WalletOur developers will build a platform that will be wallet-integration friendly. This will enable the users to store, stake, and transfer their NFTs to anywhere inside or outside the ecosystem effortlessly. s

  • Admin PanelThe admin panel is a dashboard that is exclusively for the game creators like you. It will provide you with complete control over the game and also help you with growth hacks.

Our Development Process Of Evolution Land Like NFT Game Development

The development process of Evolution Land clone is a transparent process enabling the game creators to be aware of the complete process.

  • IdeationLike every other development process, we also start with brainstorming. We take your idea and storyline for the NFT game and analyze it to understand the requirements to build it.

  • DesignOur creative team will start designing the NFT game in the exact way you dreamt it to be. It will not be just a game to earn but also a visual treat for the gamers.

  • DevelopmentOur extremely talented developers team will develop the game in a way it is secure and also provides a seamless experience to the players.

  • TestingWe run hundreds of tests on every phase of the development process to ensure that the NFT game has no glitches.

  • DeploymentYou say it; we do it. Once you are satisfied with the product, we will go ahead and deploy it for you.

A visually pleasing NFT Based Gaming Platform Like Evolution Land awaits you

Why Choose Us For Creating NFT Game Like Evolution Land?

The era of NFT games has already begun, and Appdupe is one among the very few teams that have already adapted to this new era.

  • At Appdupe, we practice complete transparency. As the game creator, you will be kept updated throughout the development process.

  • We have a well-experienced gaming team who takes care of everything from pre-production to concept art and asset production 2D and 3D asset. We got you!

  • When you join hands with Appdupe, that means you can forget about the development process and rest. As we provide 360-degree development services from design, minting tokens, native token development, wallet integration, and whatnot.

  • Do you find that Tokenomics is a huge task to do? No worries because at Appdupe, we will help you with the tokenomics part too.

  • And if you are thinking about a marketing strategy for your NFT game, Appdupe can help you with that too.

  • Yes, come to us and get a complete package! Make that call already.

Technology Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Evolution Land clone is a play2earn virtual simulation game. The gamers can build a city for themselves in this virtual world.

The cost of Evolution Land Like Gaming Platform Development depends on various factors like the technology used, the virtual environment, and more. It would be great if you could give us a call and share your idea so that we can give you the exact pricing.

This can sound like a huge process, but Appdupe is here to ease the process for you. We’ll work together with you, understand your requirements and build you a game that reciprocates your vision in and out.

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, ensuring that your ideas stay safe with us.

Straight off, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at +916382665366 .

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