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Crypto Exchange Platform Development

Cryptocurrency exchanges act as tech-powered facilitators of crypto trading in exchange for other assets - predominantly fiat and digital currencies. Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies exist as blockchain-linked digital ownership. The cryptocurrency units will be transferred to the buyer’s wallet address whenever a crypto sale happens. The exchange platforms act as the ‘point of contact’ between a buyer and seller.

As a blockchain-specific company, our approach toward cryptocurrency exchange development revolves around maintaining high-security standards. We specialize in providing custom-built solutions while implementing cutting-edge technologies. We deploy handpicked blockchain developers to cater according to the client's requirements.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Know About The Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform developed on a blockchain network and controlled by smart contracts. Crypto buyers and sellers will sign up for crypto exchanges where they can trade their cryptocurrencies in a P2P manner (i.e., without any centralized control). The Automated Market Maker (AMM) will facilitate the quick trading of cryptos by automatically matching the buying and selling requests. Our cryptocurrency exchange development solutions include both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Further, we let you choose the set of customizations for your exchange. Basically, if you choose us for your cryptocurrency exchange development, you will get a scalable, customizable, and quickly deployable exchange.

Our Clients

Our Crypto Exchange Development Services

Building a market-ready crypto exchange platform takes a great effort. We, as a professional cryptocurrency exchange development company, incorporate a range of development services. Here are some of those services:

  • White-label Exchange DevelopmentThe white-labeling concept brings a slew of benefits like security, affordability, & customizability. Coupled with the cryptocurrency exchange development, white-labeling provides a cutting-edge solution - conforming to the market standards.

  • Centralized Crypto Exchange DevelopmentAs the name suggests, crypto trading happens under the supervision of an intermediary - most probably the platform owner. A centralized exchange platform works more like traditional banks - where transactions happen only after approval.

  • Decentralized Crypto Exchange DevelopmentUnlike centralized exchange platforms, decentralized platforms run extensively without any intermediary’s touch. The transactions happen peer-to-peer - staying true to the rationale behind decentralization. With a built-in automated KYC process, the platform ensures security.

  • Hybrid Exchange DevelopmentSpice up your crypto business with a one-of-a-kind hybrid platform. A hybrid exchange platform is a mix of both - combining centralized & decentralized functionalities. Our approach toward hybrid exchange development revolves around incorporating the functionalities at the right proportions.

  • P2P Exchange DevelopmentA peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange platform facilitates direct-to-direct trading without any intermediaries. Such P2P platforms strive hard to comply with decentralization rules while catering effectively to the crypto trading environment. Our P2P exchange platforms come with a slew of trade-friendly features.

  • Native Coin/Token DevelopmentWe envision cryptocurrency exchange development every time with a native coin/token as most entrepreneurs prefer that way! Exchange platforms often prefer developing a native token/coin for multiple reasons: incentivizing users, facilitating governing rights, etc.

Features Of Our Crypto Exchange Development Solutions

At AppDupe, we often follow market trends to sense users’ preferences. While pursuing cryptocurrency exchange development, we incorporate features that cater to such preferences. Let’s take a look at our one-of-a-kind, feature-filled crypto exchange platform:

  • Powerful Trading EngineOur crypto exchange platform facilitates peer-to-peer trading and real-time transactions with a robust built-in trading engine. Advanced search filters & a user-friendly algorithm form the crux of our trading engine.

  • KYC ComplianceWith our quick KYC verification feature, you can automate KYC verification and raise the reliability of your exchange platform within the cryptocurrency community.

  • Crypto & Fiat SupportThis feature is the hallmark of our cryptocurrency exchange development services - letting entrepreneurs integrate any currency (digital & fiat) with our platform.

  • Multi-language SupportOur multi-lingual support lets entrepreneurs launch their crypto exchange platforms in their regional languages. The system’s architecture bestows good support for hassle-free operations.

  • Admin PanelOur platform has an admin panel dashboard - from which entrepreneurs can have an eagle’s eye view of their business operations. This dashboard is easily accessible for them to facilitate operations.

  • Built-in Automated BotWe deploy an automated bot on our exchange platform with which platform owners can resolve the user queries from time to time. While doing so, they can keep users (customers) happy!

  • KYC and AMLFor crypto exchanges, KYC and AML verifications are mandatory, through which the authenticity of the traders is verified.

  • Automated Market Maker (AMM)The job of an automated market maker is to automate the process of matching the trading pairs from the liquidity pool.

  • Crypto Wallet Crypto wallets store the private keys that are used to access the cryptocurrencies stored on the blockchain. Based on your preference, we can incorporate cold wallets or hot wallets into the exchange.

  • Multi-currency Support We enable your crypto exchange to facilitate the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, TRON, Ethereum, Stellar, etc., which will further increase the transactions on your exchange.

  • Payment Gateway Aid Crypto buyers with multiple payment options like PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, etc., You can specify the payment gateways to be incorporated that will be flexible for your platform users.

  • Smart Admin DashboardThe admin dashboard is the centralized space from which you can surveil the entire happenings of the exchange. You can also personalize the functionality of the admin dashboard as per your flexibility.

Exclusive Security Features Of Our Whitelabel Crypto Exchange

Jail LoginIt keeps login attempts in check and ensures algorithm manipulation. So if there is a failed login attempt three or more times, this feature will lock the login attempt and secure the platform.

Anti-DDoSIt safeguards the platform from phishing attacks like overwhelming traffic aimed from multiple resources.

Data EncryptionEncrypting the data end-to-end ensures the safety of user credentials and other in-platform transaction information.

HTTP AuthenticationWe deploy a highly secure authorization token (OAuth) to prove an identity between customers and service providers.

SSRF Attack ProtectionDefends internal systems from server-side-request-forgery (SSRF) attacks launched by web applications.

Revenue Streams of Our Crypto Exchange Platform

While crypto businesses find one way or another to generate revenue, here are the commonly-used revenue-generating strategies:

  • Withdrawal Fees Users will pay exchange platforms a fee while withdrawing their funds from the platform. The withdrawal fee is entirely upon you - decide what you want people to pay!

    Listing FeesWhen a crypto coin/token owner wishes to list their currencies on your platform, you can charge them a fee. While doing so, you must ensure them a smooth and hassle-free onboarding.

    Sell-on FeesYou can receive commission fees whenever there is a crypto trade happening through your platform.

Grab These Business Benefits From Our Ready-Made Crypto Exchange

We are a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform development company, and our white-label crypto exchange development solutions are the highlighting element that helps us attract crypto business owners. Our business-ready cryptocurrency exchange platform development services will guarantee reliability, customizability, and scalability. Our strong points include

  • Business-ready

  • Smart features

  • Adaptable to customizations

  • 100% scalable solutions

  • Robust architecture

  • Thoroughly tested


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Why Should You Rely On
Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services?

We are a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform development company, and our white-label crypto exchange development solutions are the highlighting element that helps us attract crypto business owners. Our business-ready cryptocurrency exchange platform development services will guarantee reliability, customizability, and scalability. Our strong points include

  • Certified crypto exchange developers

  • Feasible and innovative white-label solutions

  • Quick development process

  • 24x7 project assistance

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There is an umpteen number of crypto exchange platforms - so there is cutthroat competition. It would help if you came up with a unique platform idea to stand out among the rest. Embellish your idea with a cryptocurrency exchange development company that understands your requirements.
As cryptocurrencies are dominating the investment schemes, the exchange platforms serve as the cornerstone. It is the best time now to build a platform than any time before/after!
A white-label exchange is a market-ready solution with proper customizations and immutable security.
Our crypto exchange platform is designed & developed to meet an influx of users/customers effectively without any technical glitches.
The exact cost depends on your customization preferences, requirements, timeframe, etc. Get the exact project quotation at [email protected]

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