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By Developing An NFT Marketplace Like Foundation

If you are an entrepreneur or someone who is directly dealing with digital content and are poring over to get the optimal benefits of NFT marketplaces, then white-label NFT marketplace like Foundation is the right option. Whether it is stashing away millions or your goal is to attract artists, both are in the cards. You can reap more returns by surpassing any hurdles and directly reach a global audience, without a snag, and only with skill!

As a professional NFT development company, AppDupe has weaved ‘n’ number of NFT development services from auction marketplace to peer-to-peer exchange communities, focussed on instantaneous and safe trading over a blockchain. Give a ring to our support team, and we will back you up in creating an NFT marketplace like Foundation app.

What is Foundation Clone Script?

Foundation Clone is a white-label NFT marketplace that carries out the buying, bidding, selling and creation of digital assets and collectibles by leveraging Non-Fungible Tokens for the operation. Our white-label Foundation NFT Marketplace is specifically designed with the latest technology and tools to make sure that it fits the immediate needs of your business, and you can rack in big bucks provided the rage for NFTs.

Our Clients

Why Are Auction Platforms For NFTs Crucial Today?

NFTs might be a great influence to many, but there is no wrong in saying that creators in the existing market are the only ones who are getting drenched with perks. Lots of NFTs are still in the dark due to the lack of visibility and reputation. To dodge these spanners in the works, our innovators have integrated an auction platform like Foundation, which enables the creators to mint their NFTs and list them.

The Foundation app like NFT auction marketplace allows the audience to bid for the NFTs that might interest them, hence offering a huge asset value to the NFTs. Duly, the popularity of the auction portal and the trust of the investors will help you drive your platform forward in the market. Our incomparable bidding system with English and Dutch auction methodologies are devised in a way to make the process a glide.

  • English AuctionIn this auction, the bids are called out in ascending order. The highest bidder wins the digital collectible and pays for the amount of their bid. This is the most recognizable auction form.

  • Dutch AuctionThis is an inverse of the English auction, where the price starts high and will progressively lower until a buyer accepts the price. The winning bidder will pay for the price set when they accept.

Key Features Of Foundation Clone Script

The Foundation Clone script executes efficient NFT trading off via certain definite features which will define the quality in service delivery.

  • Categorized asset classification

  • Individual tracking of trade performance

  • Unlimited digital asset listing

  • Time constrained trade-off

  • Multi-currency platform progress

Wishing To Launch An NFT Auction Marketplace Like Foundation?

How Does The Foundation Clone Work?

For Creators

Creators join the community after receiving an invite link.

They must have their Metamask wallet connected to the platform to open a creator profile and mint their NFTs.

They will set a price for the NFT and put it up for auction on the platform.

Creators list the NFT for a reserve price, and once the initial bid has been set, the 24-hour auction begins.

If a proposal is set within the last 15 minutes, the auction extends for another 15 minutes.

After the collector wins the auction, the NFT is transferred to their wallet.

For Collectors

The collectors sign up on the platform to create or sell an NFT by connecting their accounts and wallets.

After they create their profile for buying their NFTs, they can go through the list of digital collectibles and bid for an NFT.

Once the collector wins the auction, the NFTs are transferred to the wallet and displayed on the profile over the NFT marketplace platform.

The collector can share this information through social media and sell it whenever they need it on a secondary market like OpenSea, Rarible.

Type Of NFTs That Can Be Traded In Foundation Clone Script

Not just in the art and gaming industry, but NFTs have found their ground in industries like

Create An NFT Auction Marketplace Like Foundation Today!

Get the top-notch NFT marketplace development services to launch your own NFT marketplace like Foundation.

Being an industrious NFT development company, AppDupe has great proficiency in the crypto market. Having known the ins and outs of the field, we help by providing the best NFT marketplace development services to launch your own Foundation Clone. Built with leading-edge technology, not just the performance, but the security walls are up so high for every application, ensuring a well-secured trading platform. Join hands with us to experience brilliant services.

With Appdupe, Create Your Own NFT Auction Marketplace Like Foundation Instantly

Businesses or individuals who are dealing with digital content can create an NFT marketplace and attract millions of artists to shed their light on their content. For a community that otherwise has to bend over backwards, this is definitely a great twist. Our savvy NFT development company has so far handcrafted hundreds of peer-to-peer protocols for quick and safe trading over a blockchain.

Developing Challenging Projects Is Our Favorite Pastime. Drop In Your Ideas And We’ll Make It Simpler For You!

Create Your Own NFT Marketplace With Us

How The Layout Of Foundation Clone Will be Presented?


The sleek UI/UX of the Foundation clone illustrates everything in an elegant way. Whether it is the list of NFTs, the latest bid or the remaining time of an auction, this app carries a design that entices users with comfortable and eye-pleasing viewing.

Pieces of information assorted in the layout for a streamlined trading

  • Shortest auction occupying the list’s top.

  • Information on time left of an NFT’s auction.

  • Current bid.

  • The rarity of the NFT.

  • Brief description about NFT.

Benefits In Launching An NFT Auction Marketplace Like Foundation

  • Grander Value By setting up a marketplace that has bidding will offer huge value to the platform. By giving a matchless bidding opportunity, you can embolden yourself to get your NFTs sold for millions of dollars.

  • Enhanced VisibilityAn NFT auction marketplace like Foundation will drive the crypto community to your platform since you provide a great chance for everyone to take part. Therefore, the more the traffic to your platform, the merrier is your business visibility.

  • High LiquidityMarketplaces with this auction feature offers liquidity instantly to your NFTs and outsource your NFTs to great investors and provide high liquidity to your NFTs.

  • Revenue StreamWith consistent audience traction to your NFT auction marketplace, you can be poised for a stable revenue stream. The gas fee and service charges will offer financial benefits to your platform.

Revenue Model Of Foundation Clone Script

  • Sales FeeIncrease the popularity and prosperity of your NFT marketplace bilaterally by charging a fee from the collectors for enabling the sale through the platform.

  • Service FeeYou can impose a service fee for every payment processed through the Foundation like the NFT marketplace. The higher the sales, the grander the revenue making your wallet big!

  • Listing FeeCharge a percentage from the creators who want to list their NFT in the Foundation clone. Augment the demand and global reach both in tandem.

The Roadmap Of Developing White-label NFT Auction Marketplace

With AppDupe, businesses can build an NFT marketplace and launch within a week. Our ready-made Foundation clone platform offers prospects like white-labelling, indefinite scalability. Enterprises can transform the entire marketplace dashboard with features and design. Besides, the functionality can also be custom-built and added to the dashboard.

1 Select targeted products.

2 Select the role of users in the marketplace.

3 Scope the marketplace development process.

4 Develop smart contract.

5 Token onboarding.

6 Test & Live.

Billion-dollar Industry Growing Up And High. Want To Make An Entry Into The NFT Market? Get Our Foundation Clone Software

What Can You Do With A NFT Auction Marketplace Development Solution Like Foundation Clone Script?

  • Ranking The nifty trait of the NFT auction marketplace is that all the NFTs are listed based on factors like volume, average, price and more that gets updated on an hourly basis. This unique feature gives an idea about their NFTs in the market.

  • Bundles We develop a Foundation clone that offers bundled services to the users through which the creators can list their tokens in bundles. A calibre of listing upto 30 items can be held by the app and sell at once at a respectable gas fee.

  • Bidding With the NFT Auction Marketplace Like Foundation, one can create different kinds of listings, such as fixed-price listing, Dutch auction listing and English auction listing.

Why Choose AppDupe For Foundation Like NFT Marketplace Development?

Ever since its advent, AppDupe has been known to serve the best NFT development solutions in the industry. We offer an extensive range of Blockchain-based services that are unwaveringly making businesses thrive.

  • Tough SecurityWe craft solutions with diligence for providing surpassing safety.

  • Ardent SupportOur team works tirelessly to ensure that our clients get uninterrupted services and support.

  • Absolute TransparencyWe never deter from promises, and with drudgery, we ensure that there is transparency in each process.

  • Engaging User Interface We paint the whole user interface to your business needs. We might not be sure about your business needs, but once said to us, it is done.

  • Smart Integration To give users a comprehensive NFT marketplace experience, our team will be armed with the best API and external wallet integration facilities. Choose APIs, integrate and captivate the user base.

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NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

An investment platform that is completely devoted to launching trading to NFTs is called an NFT Marketplace. Though the concept may seem familiar, it is different from the standard crypto exchanges that involve the swapping of tokens.
An NFT marketplace provides great opportunities for businesses to list different NFT tokens while enabling P2P trading of collectibles.
You can create your own NFT auction marketplace like Foundation by hiring a top technology development partner who has expertise in blockchain technology and NFTs. AppDupe holds valuable experience and expertise in creating end-to-end NFT marketplace platforms.
Based on the scale and complexity, the cost to build a Foundation like the NFT marketplace could vary from project to project.
Don’t take our word for it. Try out our services, and we’ll let you decide the answer! Contact us for the best deals and services.

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