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Leveraging our exceptional NFT marketplace development services to deploy your high-demand NFT venture is a wise choice. Our proficient team stays up-to-date with the dominant trends and updates in the NFT market, gaining us the advantage of tailoring your platform with advanced features. With in-depth research and analysis, we build a next-gen NFT trading portal with excellent functionalities that appeal to your target market immensely. Our extended services in creating your NFT trading platform majorly focus on meeting your business requirements and bringing you multiple lucrative opportunities.

Our NFT marketplace development solution is well-known for its customizability, security, and reliability. With your big picture in their mind, our NFT developers tailor the platform with features that check off your business needs, as well as the market-demanding attributes. Implementing profitable revenue models and futuristic functionalities on your platform ensures a highly competitive and remunerative business for you. We entail progressive security measures and advanced scalability models on your NFT platform for it to thrive in the NFT space.

What We Offer NFT Marketplace Services - Excel Services For NFT Marketplace Development

  • NFT Marketplace Design & Development

    We offer comprehensive services to develop your stellar NFT website, which includes the design and development of your interactive user interface with intriguing design and engaging functionalities that enhances the user experience.

  • NFT Token Development & Launch

    Our top-notch NFT development services facilitate you to mint your NFT tokens. Also, our blockchain experts install your platform with the minting functionality to enable the users to mint and list their NFT collections.

  • NFT Smart Contract Development & Audit

    To make sure your platform functions efficiently, our experts create and audit smart contracts that effectively define the working of your platform, including the trading process, the user's activity, etc., and makes the platform secure.

  • NFT Marketplace Maintenance & Support

    Post-launch maintenance and support are crucial for your NFT venture to lead on the market with adaptive updates. With our expert technical and non-technical assistance, you can be assured of the effective functioning of the platform.

  • White Label NFT Marketplace Development

    Your custom NFT platform development is made possible with our excellent white-label solution. With our ready-to-deploy solutions, it takes minimal time and cost to customize and launch your prominently feature-rich NFT platform.

  • NFT Wallet Development

    Integrating your NFT trading platform with a multi-currency-supported NFT wallet will boost its potential to thrive in the market and gain a global audience. We build your secure and high-functioning NFT wallet that allows users to store and manage their NFTs.

What You Get A Thriving NFT Trading Ecosystem Within Just 48 Hours

As a leading NFT marketplace development company, We are stacked with affluent blockchain/NFT experts who can create your NFT venture in minimal time. Our exceptional solutions ease your NFT trading platform development and aid in creating a platform with robust functionalities. Our agile development process enables you to build a high-end platform with seamless features, efficient NFT trading mechanisms, and a reliable support system. Enhance the potential of your NFT venture with our expert’s expertise and proficient skills.

Essential features of the NFT marketplace from the best platform makers!

AppDupe has an unique way of crafting platforms according to the needs and requirements. The below features can be added to your platform when setting up your platform with our extensive crew.

NFT Adaptable TemplatesThe adaptable NFT templates enable creators to flexibly customize the templates to showcase their NFTs efficiently while also increasing the accessibility of the NFTs for its audience.

3D RenderingThe 3D rendering feature not only enhances the visual appeal of NFT listings but also opens up possibilities for showcasing dynamic elements within the 3D artwork, creating an immersive and interactive experience for potential buyers.

Metadata ManagementThis feature enables the users to organize and manage the metadata associated with the listed NFTs effectively, which includes title, description, creator details, attributes, and other relevant data.

Collaboration ToolsThis tool encourages the platform users to interact and collaborate with other users to enhance the value of each other's NFTs. Leveraging this tool has the capacity to boost one’s NFT sales as it enhances its visibility among potential buyers.

Audience InsightsBy gaining audience insights, the creators can better understand their NFT’s audience. With this set of tools and analytics, they can monitor their audience’s engagement and tactically present their NFTs to maximize the success of their NFT offerings.

Social SharingOur NFT platform solution provides users with social sharing tools that allow them to share their NFTs on social media sites. This results in promoting the NFT to an extended audience and increases the potential buyer's engagement.

Video PlaybackWith this feature, the creators have a dynamic and appealing way to present their work and boost the value of their NFTs. Perfect for artists working in genres where motion and sound are important, like animation, music, or sports.

Tools for NFT CreationAs our NFT trading platform entitles specific tools to support and assist the streamlined approach of NFT creation, the users can utilize the tools to create and present their NFTs more easily.

Bid and Offer SystemWith this system in the marketplace, users can place bids and offers on NFTs in a flexible and interactive approach. It enhances price discovery and promotes active participation within the platform.

Royalty SystemThis system in our solution activates a mechanism that allows the NFT creators to earn a percentage of their NFT’s sale price on each secondary market sale. It incentivizes creators to continue producing valuable and sought-after NFTs.

Escrow ServicesOur NFT marketplace development solution ensures secure NFT transactions, with an escrow mechanism that includes holding the NFT and funds until the agreed-upon conditions are met by both participants in the NFT transaction.

Fractional OwnershipUsers can purchase fractional ownership in NFTs; this enables individuals to own a fraction of an NFT's value rather than purchasing the entire NFT, making ownership more accessible and affordable.

Community FeaturesUsers can connect with like-minded collectors and creators by joining communities devoted to particular NFTs, such as digital art or music. This facilitates interaction, collaboration, and engagement among the users of the platform.

Portfolio TrackingWith the help of historical prices and analytics, users can monitor the value and progress of their NFT portfolio over time.

Identity VerificationThis feature enables the user’s access to the platform after diligent verification. It ensures a secured NFT trading ecosystem.

Wallet IntegrationUsers can integrate their wallets with the platform to process payments and transact NFTs efficiently with this feature.

NotificationsIt allows the users to be notified regarding updates in the platform, new bids, offers, or sales, as well as account activity.

User ReviewsUsers can rate and review other users, which promotes community trust and openness within the platform.

Support ServicesThis feature provides users with live chat, email, and phone support options for customer service.

Social Media IntegrationThis feature enables users to connect with other users and share their NFT collections on other platforms by connecting their social media profiles to their accounts.

Management of Smart ContractsThe smart contracts management oversees the security, openness, and effectiveness of the smart contracts that support NFT transactions.

Review of ListingsAssessing the NFT listings ensures their adherence to policies and guidelines, including legal compliance and content standards.

Fee StructureThis feature outlines fees and charges associated with using the platform for buying, selling, and trading NFTs, along with other activities within the platform.

Dispute ResolutionTo assist in resolving potential conflicts, this feature offers users dispute resolution services, such as arbitration and mediation.

Data AnalysisTo monitor market performance, spot trends, and improve user experience, the admin is provided with advanced data analytic tools.

Marketing and PromotionBy utilizing advertising, social media marketing, and other forms of promotional features, the admin can promote the platform to potential users.

Security MeasuresTo guard against fraud, hacking, and other security threats, the platform has put in place a number of security measures. They consist of encryption, two-factor authentication, and other security protocols.

NFT RoyaltyWith this feature in the platform, it facilitates the creators and artists of an NFT to be rewarded with a royalty fee on each sale of that NFT.

Lazy Minting With the Lazy minting feature, the NFT creator need not pay the gas fees initially, and the fee will be charged only at the time of NFT purchase.

Fiat IntegrationOur NFT marketplace solution consists of fiat integration which supports traders in buying their NFTs with compatible fiat currencies.

NFT BundlesThis add-on feature will enable the users to create NFTs in a bundle and also makes it easier for users to buy and sell digital assets at once.

NFT StakingUsers can avail rewards by staking their NFTs with this feature. Staking refers to simply attaching NFTs to a protocol so that stakers can obtain rewards in exchange.

WatchlistWatchlist is an extended value-adding integration allowing the users to view the informative data of digital assets like floor price, trade volume, etc.

NFT RentalsThis feature allows users to rent out their NFTs for a specific period of time in exchange for a fee and generate income from their assets.

Be In Pink By Joining Hands With Our NFT Marketplace Development Company

Assisting you in setting up a promising and influential Industry-specified NFT venture is our objective. We proffer a list of features to tokenize your assets in the market by providing a solid base for an accrescent business venture with our experts!

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Part-time Developers

Full-Time Developers

Hourly Developers

Workflow Of Our NFT Marketplace

Artists / Sellers
  • Registration
  • Wallet setup
  • NFT creation
  • Payment method selection
  • List NFTs for a fixed Price/for auction
  • Set the offer price/ minimal bid price
NFT Marketplace
  • Assess Artist’s NFT Collection
  • Authorize NFTs for listing/auction
  • Smart contract generation
  • Participated auction’s top bids are notified to the buyers
  • Registration
  • Wallet setup
  • Browse NFTs
  • Participate in Auctions
  • Purchase NFTs

Our Clients


Microbuddies NFT Collections We have accomplished skyrocketing creations of Microbuddies NFT collections by our adroit developers.


XT.com Crypto Exchange & NFT MarketplacesXT.com partnered with our esteemed firm to debut their fast-paced crypto exchange and NFT marketplace.


Partnership with EOSOur partnership with EOS sets a reliable platform for creating dApps and high-throughput-driven applications.


Partnership with PolygonOur endless partnership with Polygon drifted seamless and highly scalable decentralized applications.

White Label NFT Marketplace Solutions

We are an industry-leading expert in offering white-label solutions that replicate the most popular and lucrative NFT marketplaces in the present market. It allows you to create a platform that contains high-standard NFT trading features and functionalities. Our white-label NFT platform solution enables its users to tailor the platform to their business needs quickly and affordably in no time!

OpenSea NFT Marketplace
Rarible NFT Marketplace
Blur NFT Marketplace
Superrare NFT Marketplace
Foundation NFT Marketplace
Axie Infinity NFT Marektplace
Binance NFT Marketplace
Nifty Gateway NFT Marketplace
Mintable NFT Marketplace

Enhance Your NFT Marketplace
With High-Functioning Features - Build Your Robust Platform!

Robust Security

Implementing comprehensive measures to protect users’ assets, data, and transactions from any security threats, our experts ensure a safe and secure environment in your platform.

Seamless UI/UX

By designing and building a seamless user interface, we provide a smooth, intuitive, and user-friendly experience for the user and enable them to interact efficiently within the marketplace.

Reliable Smart Contracts

As the smart contract code ensures the proper functionality and integrity of NFT-related operations in the marketplace, our developers make sure to provide you with a highly reliable smart contract.

AML/KYC Compliance

The KYC/AML compliance in the NFT trading portal ensures regulatory compliance and creates a secure NFT trading ecosystem by verifying the user identities, monitoring transactions, and detecting & prevent any illicit activities in the platform.

Cross-Chain Bridges

By facilitating your platform with the cross-chain compatibility, it enables users to transfer their digital assets between different blockchain networks and increase interoperability and connectivity between various NFT marketplaces.

Multiple Payment Integrations

Building a multi-payment gateway integrated NFT platform engages an increased number of users as it allows them to choose their preferred payment methods like crypto payments, fiat payments, etc., and creating a convenient platform.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Join Hands With The Best NFT Marketplace App Development Company

By offering exceptional services and delivering excellent results to our clients, we strive as the best NFT marketplace app development company. We have a highly skilled and experienced team of blockchain/NFT developers and experts who are well-versed in delivering your NFT platform that has the potential to lead in the NFT market. Our experts focus on understanding your vision and objectives for your NFT trading platform and tailor our solution to your specific needs. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we ensure to exhibit your NFT trading app equipped with advanced features and security measures. We empower our clients with innovative and reliable end-to-end NFT marketplace solutions that support your thrive in the NFT verse.

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Manifold NFT Marketplace Development Solutions We Offer

Digital Collectibles

Our comprehensive NFT platform solutions can be used for digital collectible NFTs, like 3D avatars, unique and legendary baseball cards, photo cards, and more. We leverage the power of blockchain technology to create rare, one-of-a-kind assets that can be traded easily in the ecosystem.

In-Game Assets

NFTs are the perfect fit for in-game assets, and we create trading platforms for these assets that are immutable and irreplaceable, using your chosen blockchain network. Our in-game assets include arsenals, skins, and other in-game items, which appreciate in value over time and are sold per demand.

Music and Entertainment

Music and entertainment never go out of style, and we help NFT enthusiasts monetize their passion. With our solutions, musicians can create, tokenize, and list their music or other entertainment assets in the marketplace, catering to both fans and artists.

Virtual Fashion Assets

Our comprehensive solutions make fashion collectibles NFTs, easily monetizable. We build a platform that supports the trades of these virtual fashion assets, including digital clothing, accessories, and avatars. This opens up new opportunities for creators and collectors in the virtual fashion world.

Real Estate

Real estate is an investment for the long-term, but when represented as NFTs, it can enable immediate revenue to the users. We create trading platforms for real estate NFTs with traits such as prices, locations, land area or measurements, and more, allowing for bidding and trading.

Identity Management

NFTs can safeguard your information within the blockchain. We offer a tokenizing mechanism for educational documents, certificates, medical records, licenses, and credentials. This ensures secure storage of data and easy access to it in the future.


NFTs for sports like NBA and soccer bring the audience together in a platform that enables trade and ownership of tokenized assets. Our easily deployable solutions allow users to own tokenized assets based on sports.

Intellectual Property and Patents

NFTs provide a secure option to store intellectual properties and patents using a tokenization system. By transforming these assets to NFTs, ownership can be verified easily and quickly, with a complete history of the asset.

Supply Chain

Supply chains can benefit from the immutability of NFTs, allowing companies to track their products. We offer effective solutions for supply chains that ensure secure and efficient tracking of products.

Our Core Competent NFT Marketplace Development Process
Of A Snug Asset Trading venture

Spotting Project’s Niche

Our unimpeded development takes pragmatic measures with all essential aspects. From ideation of the platform to finding the project’s scope to giving a detailed roadmap, we do it all!

Whitepaper Development

Our whitepaper defines the problem statement in the project and works towards perfecting them with a concise tech overview, monetization of the assets, risk factors, and also the infrastructure of the specified NFT product.

Platform’s Archetype/ Illustration

Validating our NFT Project is done by fine-tuning the project and designing the user interface. We take into account the decisions of the clients and develop a prototype that is user-driven and lucrative.

Interface Development

Our vision is to create a viable product that is highly efficient. We jumpstart with integrating the project with smart contracts, API integrations, and other back-end technological specifications for a perfect functioning marketplace.

Platform Exacting

The longevity of the business requires critical conditioning, and our marketplace development undergoes invested testing. We ensure bulletproof networks with cybersecurity testing and other malicious attacks.

NFT Platform Deployment

The last lunge of our architecture is an endless process with deployment and support to the NFT platform. As we take intense pleasure in deploying an actualized project, our extensive post-launch services are as exclusive!

NFT Marketplace Development Cost - Our Best NFT Platform Packages

We offer a variety of packages to aid our clients in choosing their best-suitable one. Although each package comprehends several services and approaches, our expert’s participation and the deployment of their skills range the same. Select your package and start establishing your remunerative NFT venture with us now!

List Of Blockchain We’re Expert In Developing Your NFT Platform

Our developers are skilled in developing NFT platforms on various blockchains so as to satiate the requirements of our customers. Below is a gist of blockchain technologies that we can build your marketplace on.


Upsurge the transactional speed by immersing the Solana blockchain. The amalgamation of proof-of-stake and proof-of-history consensus results in flashing speeds of transactions at a low gas fee and energy.


Tolerate the enormous speed of transactions that levels more than 600 and thus expand the working efficiency of the marketplace.


Putting a “wow” factor for your marketplace here comes something you need to have - BNB. A fully nourished decentralized network that proffers unique and robust nature to the marketplace.


Ensure zero downtime and rapid mining that can reinforce your marketplace by enhancing its efficiency.


It flexes the marketplace by unleashing high scalability with huge customizations. Polygon being an Ethereum scaling solution uplifts your venture.


Have high precision on your smart contract-based platform with a robust and stringent protocol that staples the blockchain to function simultaneously together.


Allows users to transfer digital assets, tokenized assets, and smart contract-based information without any hindrance of support issues.


A technically sound NFT website with the ability to launch your NFTs. It emphasizes high-end customized public and private segregated networks.


It transforms your venture by developing a feature-rich and superfine infrastructure that projects enriched features on this robust ledger.

Start Your Custom NFT Marketplace Development With Our Expert Solutions

As a leading NFT marketplace development solution provider, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the blockchain and NFT domains. We provide comprehensive services to ensure the smooth and successful launch of your NFT trading platform. Our team of developers utilizes the latest tools to build your robust and scalable NFT trading platform. We also implement advanced security measures in your platform to create a high-secured platform.

Our ready-to-deploy solution enables you to build a custom NFT website with your desired features and functionalities. We tailor the solutions to meet your business requirements as well as with the industry-leading attributes to make it thrive in the market. We believe in fostering strong and transparent partnerships; hence we assist you throughout the development of your NFT venture. Establish a striving NFT trading platform with our dynamic solutions.

Things We Have In Store As
A One-Stop Solution NFT Marketplace Solution Provider!

  • Off-the-rack NFT Platform Solutions Utilizing the market-ready solutions for developing and driving the purposeful platform into success is a deal-maker. We offer white-label solutions to a variety of popular NFT platforms, like OpenSea, Rarible, Sorare, and more.

  • Immutable Infrastructure We use multiple blockchain technologies for every other platform depending on the core ideology of the project. Consulting with the clients allows our esteemed developers to devise infrastructure that is both unique and advanced.

  • Synergic Blockchain BuildersThe projects with us are offered comprehensive services with unique trading experience in the blockchain industry. We focus on delivering a synergic landscape for you that profoundly reveals its essence.

  • Edge-creating Blockchain Line-upsTop-tier blockchains with more than 250+ functioning startups in the industry, we give that edge that our clients long for. Line-up of our tech stack and the interface development retains the long-term success factor in all our NFT projects!

Our Blockchain Tech Stack For Decentralized NFT Marketplace Operations

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Binance

  • Tron

  • Solana

  • Cardano

  • Klaytn

  • Bitcoin

  • Harmony

  • Tezos

  • Hyperledger Fabric

  • Avalanche

  • Cosmos

  • Corda

  • Erc-721

  • Erc-998

  • Erc-1155

  • Dgoods

  • FA2

  • Trc-721

  • Solidity

  • Python

  • Go Lang

  • Rust

  • C++

  • Node JS

  • React JS

  • Next JS

  • Ethers.JS

  • Web3

  • Truffle

  • Openzeppelin

  • Chainlink

  • Hard Hat

  • Metamask

  • IPFS

  • OAuth

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • AWS

  • Github

  • Sentry

  • PayPal

  • IPFS

  • Filecoin

  • Pinata

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Choosing the right NFT platform development company can ensure the successful launch of your NFT platform. With the combination of our expert’s solid understanding of the blockchain and NFT space along with the adept skills of our developers, we ensure creating your feature-rich NFT venture. We provide end-to-end solutions for your NFT trading platform development that encompasses consultation and planning till deployment and maintenance.
The cost for the development of this platform can significantly vary based on several factors like development approach, blockchain network, features, functionalities, etc. The cost also depends on your specific requirements along with the scope of your project. The more complex and feature-packed the platform is, it costs that more. We offer the best affordable packages for our clients that suit their requirements in NFT platform development.
There are numerous blockchain networks that support the development of your NFT venture, and each network is known for its own advantages. Some of the top-rated blockchain networks for your NFT platform creation include Ethereum, Solana, BNB, Corda, Polugon, Avalanche, Hyperledger, and Astar. We at Appdupe have hands-on experienced developers on these popular blockchain networks to facilitate you with an NFT platform on your desired blockchain network and satisfy all your other business needs as well.
Yes, you can create an NFT platform like OpenSea. OpenSea is one of the most popular and widely used NFT trading platforms, and its success has inspired many business minds to create their own platform with similar functionalities. Appdupe offers excellent white-label solutions, including openSea clone, that allow you to build a platform like this popular marketplace with the essential attributes of the OpenSea platform. It also enables customization options that facilitate you to tailor the features and functionalities according to your business requirements.
Attracting buyers and sellers to your NFT website requires a well-rounded marketing strategy and a focus on building a vibrant and engaged community. Developing and defining your NFT platform’s value proposition, including the unique features and benefits to your target audience, helps. For this to flow out excellently, your platform should have such value propositions. Make sure to install your platform with an engaging user interface and advanced features along with user and market-centric functionalities to attract its users. With our experts, you can be assured of developing a next-gen NFT venture that has a high potential to thrive in the market.
There are several factors that decide whether a company is the best in the development of an NFT trading platform. Appdupe ticks off all such factors and leads as the best reputable NFT platform development services provider. Our track record of successful projects and expertise in the NFT market allows us to be one of the best companies. By offering absolutely satisfactory services and solutions along with assured pre and post-development maintenance and technical support, we have assisted many NFT ventures to succeed in the market.
For your NFT website, you will need ongoing support and maintenance to ensure its smooth operation, security, and adaptability to evolving market needs. Typically support and maintenance includes fixing bug and resolution issues, installing the latest security updates to protect from any vulnerabilities, system monitoring and performance optimization, regular compatibility checks and necessary upgrades, ongoing user support, periodic feature updates to stay competitive in the market, regular data backup procedures and implementing robust disaster recovery mechanism, etc. Our dedicated support and maintenance team has the necessary expertise and resources to address these areas effectively and regularly review and update your support and maintenance strategies to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your NFT venture.
It includes the range of services offered by a leading company like Appdupe. Our comprehensive services include consulting, research analysis, ideation, development, launch, and maintenance of your platform. We offer tailored services to meet the specific requirements of your NFT platform.
By partnering with our NFT trading platform solution provider, you can gain professional services from our experts. We in Appdupe have the best professionals for consultation, development, and marketing of your NFT platform. With the combined skillset of our proficient team, we ensure to create a platform that encompasses cutting-edge features and functionalities along with your desired requirements.
Appdupe has the expertise, adept experts, and advanced tech stacks to create your high-value NFT trading application. Tailor your NFT trading platform with market-demanding attributes and make it thrive in this competitive market with our experts. We provide end-to-end solutions that aid in creating your feature-rich NFT marketplace app cost-effectively and in less time.

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