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A MarketPlace For The Aesthetes To Trade Digital Arts

A Digital art marketplace is basically like any other real-world marketplace where buyers meet sellers. It provides a digital platform for collectors and creators to come together to buy, sell or trade NFTs. Any digital assets ranging from arts, JPEG, accessories, music, videos, and more are traded in the form of non-fungible tokens.

The transactions in the platform happen securely by connecting with the Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask for the exchange and trade of NFT tokens. Precisely, the platform to buy and sell non-fungible tokens operate in a decentralized manner that is built on various blockchains where NFTs are traded.

The current trends signify that the number of active users performing NFT transactions has grown up to 97% in 2021. Therefore, there is no better time than now to kickstart the development of a marketplace for crypto assets and get drenched with high returns. Approach our team for the best NFT development services and rake in a multitude of profits in less than no time.

Characteristics of the Non-fungible Token Marketplace

  • Unified TokensThe uniqueness of NFTs from other tokens is that they cannot be divided. They are unified tokens that are inseparable, like a ticket to a movie. The ticket cannot be partitioned and used by two people.

  • RarenessThe NFTs are very rare and difficult to find; this makes it a premium token. Developers can develop as many new NFTs as they can, but they also have the power to keep the supply low in order to raise their market value.

  • Unique TokensThe NFTs are termed unique because each and every NFT represents a unique asset that cannot be converted, divided, and duplicated in any case.

  • More Power to Ownership The NFTs stay live on a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) in an associated blockchain network. The creator of the NFT has access to the private key of it, and only they can hand it over to another individual.

  • TransparencyThe NFTs are built on robust blockchain networks that are decentralized and immutable due to the usage of public distributed ledgers. Every token issuance, transfer are all recorded on the ledgers and can be verified by the users at any time.

  • CompatibilityThe non-fungible tokens can be purchased, sold, or traded across different marketplaces and platforms with no restrictions.

Core Features of NFT marketplace

A Non-fungible token marketplace development involves a combination of marketplace and auction platform. So, it should be built in such a way that the user should be able to create their collectibles and sell them as well. Listed below are some mandatory features for carrying out basic operations.

StorefrontAn assortment of information of the items such as their preview, bids, price history etc.

FilterA paramount feature to support easy navigation. You will have the possibility to easily fetch the item that sticks with requirements using tools like category, listing status, payment method etc.

Creating ListingsThe collectible creation page is a smooth sailing entry page to upload a file and fill in the token properties like name, tags, description etc.

Listing StatusThis feature lets you know about finding the NFTs that are eligible for purchasing easily. It informs the stage of the verification process to the sellers.

AuctionThe crucial parts of your platform depend on the auction mechanism. The buying system should be efficient and easy-to-use for the bidders. Options like the bid expiration date and auction watchlist can be more helpful for the users to have control.

WalletOffering a connected wallet can be the easiest option to send, receive and store cryptos and NFTs.

RatingsA prime feature to make a better choice of purchasing NFTs. It doesn’t just stop with providing a benefit, but they also act as a reward for top sellers.

Insights on Our NFT Marketplace Development Service

Client Requirements A meeting is held between the client and our core team. This meeting focuses on the key details of the business requirements of the client. A clear picture of the client’s needs to launch an NFT marketplace is studied beforehand.

Planning Stringent planning is undertaken to develop a robust platform for virtual assets with high user efficiency and security.

Development Our expertise team gets their hands on developing a marketplace for digital arts that matches the client’s requirements.

Launch After successfully developing the app, it is showcased to the client, and on their approval, it is launched on all the compatible platforms the client asks for.

Launch an NFT marketplace with highly creative virtual assets today!

Working of NFT Marketplace

Each NFT token consists of unique information which is also known as metadata that is recorded in its smart contract and its blockchain provides the immutability and security of the NFT. In order to integrate with the marketplace system, the token protocol should be created. Though there are different networks, let's take the usual Ethereum network here.

  • You will install a wallet to store NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

  • Followed by which, you will register on the marketplace with your wallet.

  • Select the items that you want to display.

  • Choose the payment token type that you want to accept and the auction type whether to run it as an auction or sell at a fixed price.

  • Finally, depending on the platform, you can add the secondary sales fee.

Common Standards of ERC

There are several standards for a token built on an Ethereum based blockchain. The common ERC standards set specific functions for a token, avail them with applications and allow them to interact with smart contracts in a presumed manner. The common ERC standards are ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155.

ERC-20 ERC-20 is the most prominent ERC standard used to develop a fungible token. It comes along with functionalities that include transfer and real-time balance tracking of tokens.

ERC-721This is the standard to develop a non-fungible token. An NFT cannot be duplicated, divided and is unique from other tokens. They represent the ownership rights over both digital and real-world assets for the investors.

ERC-1155ERC-1155 is a standard that can be followed to develop both fungible and non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain network. It allows adequate optimization making it more efficient for ensuring the safe execution of transactions.

Get To Know Of Our Top NFT Marketplace Development Solution

Developing a virtual space to buy and sell collectibles is being considered as a potential idea to develop a cryptocurrency marketplace where a mammoth volume of transactions can take place with respect to the ownership it offers to unique assets. This has led to the development of various NFT platforms that aim at different assets.

"Disparate White-label NFT Marketplace Solutions That We Provide"

  • Rarible CloneRarible clone is a platform to create and sell digital assets. It allows the users to create digital arts even without any coding knowledge. A user can mint a photograph, a tweet, a song, or any artwork into NFT and sell it to other users. The users may collect the digital art and build a profile for themselves or create art that can sell for greater value in the future.

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  • OpenSea CloneOpenSea Clone is a cyberspace running on the Ethereum blockchain where users can sell or buy any kind of crypto goods. It is similar to an e-commerce platform.

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  • Axie Infinity CloneAxie Infinity clone is a white-label NFT gaming platform where users buy, sell, and trade digital pets similar to Pokemon. The users can use these pets in different games of the Axie Infinity clone universe. It is a platform for gamers to earn via blockchain networks.

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  • Decentraland Clone Decentraland clone is an Ethereum backed virtual reality platform where users can build, own, and also monetize virtual assets. The users can buy land in this virtual world and build on these properties.

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  • Ghost Market CloneGhost Market clone is a cross-platform compatible digital space where users can buy, sell, or trade products from other blockchain marketplaces.

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  • Gods Unchained CloneGods Unchained clone is a virtual card game where users can buy, sell, and trade cards. Every card is issued as an NFT, making it unique thus, the ownership a special one.

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  • Sandbox CloneSandbox clone is a virtual real estate platform where users can buy virtual land, estate, and even districts. Apart from land, the users can also buy any product from the Sandbox clone multiverse.

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  • Solible CloneSolible clone is a digital space where users can buy NFT items pegged to real items that include socks, cold storage wallets, Dogecoin, paintings, and more.

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  • Sorare Clone Sorare Clone is a fantasy game based on Ethereum where the football fanatics can buy, sell or trade their virtual team with digital player cards.

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Lead the crypto world by launching an NFT Marketplace with our NFT Development Services

Keystone Features of an NFT Marketplace

  • ERC-721 CompatibilityEvery non-fungible token issued is compliant with the ERC-721 standards.

  • Numerous ProductsMore than one product can be developed, and each product has its exclusive total supply limit.

  • SubscriptionsIn some cases, the products can expire; in that case, they can be revived by the users by paying extra fees.

  • Referral ProgramOn referring new clients to work with us, we offer referral commissions.

  • Role-Based Permissions The three prominent roles the store has are CEO, COO, CFO.

  • Hardware Wallet We offer a Ledger Hardware wallet support that is free of security threats.

  • Digital Wallet We use the Javascript checkout button and Web3 technology and offer support for the MetaMask crypto wallet.

Ingenious Multichain NFT Marketplace Development

As a recent annexation to the innovations that our team is providing you, we also offer Multichain NFT marketplace development. With the modern-day technology and latest tools armed at our disposal, we ensure to develop a multichain marketplace that won’t just enable NFT liquidity flow on multiple blockchain platforms but is also extensively scalable to hold millions of market actors.

The developed marketplace will represent artists, digital art lovers, NFT gamers, investors and startups with unique NFT products and services, and they would love it! Here’s how:

  • Low minting fees

  • They can sell just a fraction of NFT while retaining majority ownership

  • They can create a personalized gallery powered by AR technology

  • For users, there is 24/7 NFT music broadcast through the radio station

Your Perfect NFT Marketplace Development Partner - AppDupe

On the grounds that you have learned about our development process, let’s showcase how our team can help you. AppDupe is a software development company that provides a gyration of software development services starting from market research, UX/UI design to deploying on the platforms, bug fixing and support.

Though we have been the market leader in developing many stupendous apps, our cognizance of Blockchain is unambiguous, helping us to become one of the top players in NFT smart contract development.

If you partner with us for your own NFT marketplace development company, there are several options that we bestow you with. That includes custom NFT trading platform development and creating a platform based on your wants and needs. We also help you to develop NFT collectibles that will help you to brim your cash box with ever-pouring revenue.

The Different BlockChain Networks And Our Services

Here are the different blockchains on which we let you develop your NFT marketplace website. Buckle up to get amazed with our way of developing Blockchain solutions.

  • TRONWe help you develop a marketplace for virtual assets on TRON blockchain intending to open up new blockchain applications.

  • PolkadotBuild a digital space for trading NFTs on Polkadot and solve all the shortcomings of NFTs by offering cost-effective options for creators. Speed, privacy, governance are all no more obstacles with this blockchain.

  • Binance Smart ChainCover the universal user base of crypto freaks by offering them options to experience faster transactions and low gas fees by building a digital platform to trade crypto collectibles on Binance Smart Chain.

  • CardanoWe are vigilant when it comes to new trends in the blockchain. As a justice to the statement, we are adopting this newborn innovation. Developing a digital marketplace for NFTs on Cardano is one of our newest additions.

  • EthereumAmaze the fanatics of the virtual world by providing them with the lowest gas fees and broaden your business reach to new heights. Increased scalability and instant confirmation can be the great traits of your marketplace.

  • DappLaunch an NFT Marketplace Dapp and elevate your business revenue by offering people an option to effortlessly trade digital assets like game items, arts etc.

  • EOSStep up the ladder in the crypto bubble by launching an NFT Marketplace built on EOS that sweepstakes even Ethereum. Speed and electricity usage are long-forgotten traits for the users now!

  • NFT Smart Contract Development Our team focuses on developing smart contracts-based solutions that will help you simplify your NFT-based marketplace business.

How to create, Buy & Sell NFTs in the NFT marketplace?

The steps to create, buy and sell in an NFT Trading Platform is as easy as pie. Regardless of the blockchain it is built on, the workflow is similar to each other.

Creating NFTs

The blockchain to issue NFT is decided as the initial step.

Followed by which, the wallet is connected to the platform.

The file that needs to be converted to NFT is chosen.

After this, you will include information like special traits or attributes for showing off the uniqueness.

Information can be set to make the content private for only purchasers to view.

Finally, after confirming the creation of the wallet, the NFT is created.

Selling NFTs

One has to select the item from the collection.

The pricing page will let them fix the price and sales condition, whether it is through an auction or a fixed-price sale.

They can set the royalties and the token they would like to receive for selling the NFT.

As a final step, they might be required to pay a fee to complete the process.

Buying NFTs

Deciding on a marketplace and downloading a suitable wallet is the first step here.

Then the wallet should contain the right cryptocurrency beforehand.

For Pack and art drops, these are the primary steps to keep everything ready at the right time ahead.

The Diverse Sectors That Can Benefit From NFTs

Each platform focuses on different virtual assets. Take a look at the various digital assets and crypto-based collectibles.


ArtDigital artwork is one of the most valuable assets in the NFT Art marketplaces. These arts are mostly a blend of creativity and technology. The artists use Oracles (blockchain to interact with external data) and smart contracts to create images that can be sold for a high value.

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Digital CollectiblesThe first and foremost NFTs that taught people how to use them are digital collectibles. Not to forget the CryptoKitties, which jammed Ethereum in the year 2017. CryptoKitties was a simple concept of buying digital kittens and breeding them to make unique kittens. The list of collectibles goes on.

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FashionThe integration of NFTs in fashion was a breakthrough for the fashion industry. Now, the customers can have a complete picture of where the apparel has been produced, who all have claimed ownership of it before them, and more information. Some sources state that the Carbon dioxide emissions due to the fashion industry have decreased after embedding blockchain into it.

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Real-EstateThe potential use of the NFT real estate marketplace in the industry does not just stop with providing ownership and uniqueness. The reliance on NFT Digital Real Estate platform provides the best streamlined transactions without involving any intermediaries and affiliated costs.

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MusicA piece of music created by an artist needs the support of any music streaming platform or any middleman to release it officially in the market. With the introduction of NFTs, the songs can be minted to NFTs, allowing the artist to have complete ownership of the song. This also cannot be duplicated, making the song more exclusive for music composers. This also acts as a direct bridge between the artist and the fans.

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Virtual AssetsDecentraland allows users to buy and own virtual land and build on them. These virtual assets can also be sold to other individuals.

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Certifications and LicensesWe have all been awarded certificates as soft copies or hard copies whenever we complete a course. Once we apply for a job, we are asked to submit copies of these certificates. Instead, by integrating these certificates with NFTs, the admin of the institution can verify the certificates directly. This also eliminates fake certificates and the fear of losing certificates.

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Domain NamesThis is another use case of NFTs where Ethereum Name Service (ENS) allows the user to exchange a long string number for a domain name < myname.eth > This allows the user to have a better user experience.

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GamingWhen it comes to gaming, the custom of purchasing products in a game is already in practice. It is upgraded with blockchain technology to purchase, sell, and trade products like weapons, suits, and powerful equipment in the games.

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IdentityIntegration of NFTs in identification cards can avoid identification frauds. The medical records, Work IDs, Voter IDs, and more can be turned into NFTs. Digital creators can turn their works into NFTs to avoid copyright issues.

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Social TokensThe Social tokens are mostly based on communities or individuals. It can be something similar to be a part of a community like an apartment or subscribing to a newsletter from an art club.

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Perks of the Introduction of NFTs in Blockchain

The introduction of NFTs has benefitted various industries in many different ways.

Effortless Transfer of Assets

NFTs can be purchased and sold on various marketplaces. Even real-world assets can be minted as NFTs and sold effortlessly.


Non-fungible tokens cannot be duplicated or divided considering the decentralized blockchain and permanent immutable storage of the data of users.

Ownership Rights

The data encrypted in an NFT can be changed only by the owner as he/she alone has the key.

Plunge into the future of blockchain technology with NFT Marketplace Development

Why Choose Appdupe for Your NFT Marketplace Development?

  • Highly- Experienced Team Appdupe is gifted with a team of highly skilled professionals in different aspects of blockchain development.

  • Extensive SecurityAppdupe offers our clients with numerous security features as an inbuilt option to make sure the cryptocurrency exchange platform is highly safe and secure from hacking and phishing attacks.

  • Round the Clock SupportWe offer our clients 24x7 round the clock support on any queries regarding the development services. All queries will be resolved and replied in a timely manner.

  • On-Time DeliveryWe follow an agile methodology when it comes to serving our clients. We offer them with the best solutions on time.

Technology Stack We Use in our NFT Marketplace Development Services

  • Protocols

  • ERC Standards

  • Smart Contracts

  • Dapps

  • Smart Contract Auditing Tools

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We help you with the development of the prominent marketplaces in the NFT space like Rarible, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, Solible, and more.
As per the norms, we usually work based on the ERC-721 standard and ERC-1155 to develop a non-fungible token.
Yes, we provide a token innate to your platform. It is similar to the RARI of Rarible.
No, We offer a broad range of services that includes real-world assets, tokenization of unique certificates, identification cards, and assets are also part of our service.
If it weren’t one, you would not have been looking for it here. Yes, with the volume of transactions and inflow of crypto investments around non-fungible tokens and their marketplaces and the top-notch security and ownership rights that it offers, it is expected to be the future of numerous industries. It is always better to start early. Join hands with us and launch your cutting-edge digital marketplace for NFTs today.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Dream11, Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.