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NFT marketplace development service promises to be an ingenious source of endless revenue for pioneers to top business heads. This has been an endurable platform that showcases a wide range of NFT collections to end-prospective users. Adept features that assure a frictionless and seamless trading experience will be perfect for making investments. The NFTs are unique and distinct that drenches themselves in several verticals like arts, memes, music, games, sports, and real estate. Our one-stop workstation kindles your venture to expand and outnumber your competitors.

NFT marketplaces bestow a supreme trading arena that captivates and throws light on creators, crypto startups, and top-rated brands. Highly profitable collections of NFTs include artworks, music collections, video clips, sports-related memorabilia, trading cards, and in-game assets that remind the presence of these marketplaces. Metaverse is an extraordinary 3D environment that stimulates tech stacks like VR and AR to bring new experiences. This ultimately makes NFT marketplaces outshine other blockchain platforms.

Our experts have abundant experience in dealing with these million-dollar-worth ventures’ development over manifold blockchains. Pursue your dream of developing a niche-based or universal platform from our NFT marketplace development company’s premium white-label solutions.

How Come Creating an NFT Marketplace Can Turn The Table In Your Favor?

NFTs deserve an exponential increase in their community and network. Though it is backed with physical assets, it is highly predominant, thus serving as a great business summit. Since all of its endeavors are getting familiar, it provokes the desires and passions of NFT enthusiasts, geeks, and entrepreneurs.


Not just hype, but it is a prediction that the NFT market will substantially elevate up to $130.35 billion with a CAGR of 10.7% in 2022-2030. This degree of increase will be a breakthrough in the development of NFT marketplaces, thus stimulating entrepreneurship to make advancements in the NFT realm.

Our native developers and professionals lying in the grid of developing ravishing blockchain platforms. Thus, you can lay your foundation in this web3 with a well-sophisticated platform like an NFT marketplace.

Our Clients

Microbuddies NFT Collections We have accomplished skyrocketing creations of Microbuddies NFT collections by our adroit developers.

XT.com Crypto Exchange & NFT MarketplacesXT.com partnered with our esteemed firm to debut their fast-paced crypto exchange and NFT marketplace.

Partnership with EOSOur partnership with EOS sets a reliable platform for creating dApps and high-throughput-driven applications.

Partnership with PolygonOur endless partnership with Polygon drifted seamless and highly scalable decentralized applications.

Dive into our NFT marketplace Demo!

Fasten your seat belts to ride through our exclusive demo video that lectures about our NFT marketplace. This video captures a step-by-step procedure that teaches you how to mint your NFTs and list them in the marketplace briefly. So, hop on this journey to explore the fundamentals of an NFT marketplace.

What Are The Emphasizing Features
Of Our NFT Marketplace That Draws Platform Users One Step Closer?

Here is a comprehensive list of the fundamental features we have incorporated into our NFT marketplace development solution. In conjunction with these, you can also instruct us to add a set of additional features for making your platform more convincing.

  • User ProfilesEvery user, irrespective of being a collector or an artist, can create a profile. The assets owned by the users, a display image, and other details can be showcased here.

  • Virtual Art ExhibitoryWelcome the collectors and artists on board with myriads of digital artworks listed on an exquisite virtual exhibitory.

  • Personal Digital WalletsA digital wallet is similar to the real-world wallet, except here users can store and manage their NFTs and digital assets.

  • Listing Assets For SaleAn artist mints their work as a non-fungible asset and lists it on the trading platform for the collectors to adore and place bids on them.

  • Digital Auction HouseThe artists can list their digital artworks for auction. They can either opt for a Dutch auction or an English auction to sell their works.

  • Categorization of CollectiblesThe diverse collection of artworks will be listed on the website. Make it easy for the users to surf for the type of assets they are looking for by categorizing the arts as music, digital arts, generative arts, etc.

  • Search FunnelLooking out for a specific artwork can be made easy with an advanced search filter. The NFT enthusiast can apply the filters to be taken straight to the assets they want to place a bid on.

  • Trade HistoryUsers can see through the list of every previous trading that took place on the platform by accessing this feature. The details included in the trading history are price, date, seller, etc.

  • AirdropsNFT sellers or creators may organize airdrops, a popular promotional event buyers get the chance to grab free NFTs or crypto.

  • Push AlertsPush alerts are triggered to inform users about the platform updates, newly placed bids, NFT sales, payment status, etc.

  • Category ManagementThe digital assets in the marketplace will be categorized, and it’s the job of the admin to manage all of those categories.

  • Profile ManagementEvery creator and collector will have a profile for themselves in the NFT portal. The admin manages all the profiles effortlessly using the admin panel.

  • Stats ManagementThe admin curates the trading stats of the top-performing collectibles and updates them in the marketplace for the users.

  • Blogs ManagementThe admin can post descriptive blogs to educate new users about the platform, the roadmap, etc.

  • Sales ManagementThe admin can monitor all the NFT sales that take place on the NFT portal.

Accentuating Paid Add-Ons in our NFT Marketplace Development Solution

We offer a bundle of paid add-ons with premium functionalities powered with sophisticated features at the best packages.

  • Lazy MintingOur inexplicable service of Lazy minting includes “Just in time” minting during the purchase of the NFT. The NFT creator need not pay the gas fees initially, and the fee will be charged only at the time of NFT purchase.

  • Fiat IntegrationOur NFT marketplace will assist traders in buying their NFTs even with fiat currencies, apart from spending their cryptos. We proffer fiat payment gateway, where it can support one fiat currency.

  • Own Token Development with IntegrationOur mileage reveals exclusive development of Owntokens that can serve as a utility token in our marketplace. We integrate these tokens in a safe and secured manner for long time sustainment.

  • Split RoyaltyWe offer nobility to the NFT creators with reasonable royalty for the exclusive sale of their NFTs. Creators can govern their royalty and split accordingly to other owners, thereby fixing a percentage of royalty to be shared.

  • NFT PacksOur NFT add-on feature will enable the project owners to create NFTs in a bundle. These NFT packs include Sports digital packs, Video game digital packs, Collectible digital packs, etc.

  • Import NFT’sUsing the import NFT feature, users can transfer their NFTs from other marketplaces of the same blockchain network to initiate their trade.

  • NFT StakingMerits for staked NFTs! Users can avail of rewards by staking their NFTs in our marketplace. Staking refers to simply attaching NFTs to a protocol so that stakers can obtain rewards in exchange.

  • NFT RentalOur marketplace is a boon for NFTs with rental capabilities. You can add this renting feature to your marketplace to make it beneficial for both lenders and receivers. We proffer collateralized renting and collateral-less renting to give the users the pride of owning it.

What Does Our NFT Marketplace Development Services Include?

  • NFT Wallet DevelopmentNFT wallet is an exclusive place for depositing the NFTs and its functionality is equivalent to that of crypto wallets. Some of the existing and most popular NFT wallets are MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, etc. Based on your requirements, we can develop NFT wallets for your marketplace.

  • NFT Smart Contract DevelopmentWe’ll build smart contracts for your NFT trade hosting platform that determines the criteria for executing safe and authenticated NFT sales.

  • NFT Platform Maintenance & SupportOur NFT marketplace development company provides post-development support for your NFT portal, which includes services like revamping/upgrading the user interface, fixing bugs, etc.

  • NFT Launchpad DevelopmentDevelop an NFT launchpad from us that can set the stage for fund-seeking NFT projects and interested investors. We provide full liberty to choose the features of the launchpad and also provide native token development services.

  • NFT Marketplace High Load Architecture DevelopmentOur lucrative firm encounters the passion of entrepreneurs by delivering a research-driven UI/UX, back-end forged, token standards, smart contracts, blockchains, and IPFS storage facility-based NFT marketplace.

  • NFT Development ServiceUsing the invasive ERC 721 and ERC1155 token standards, NFTs are developed, thereby proffering new SPL tokens. The highly beneficial core functionality depends solely on the business requirements and the benefits it produces.

  • NFT Security Layer And Its Development KitOur prudent services will surely include configuring security modules that deliver regular audit reports on the performance of smart contracts. We deliberately fix the bugs and errors we find in the software programs that, result in a bug-free and glitch-free marketplace.

Categories Of NFT Marketplace Development Solutions We Can Deliver

Centralized NFT Marketplace DevelopmentIn a centralized NFT trading platform, the functional governance comes under the custody of the marketplace owner. The owner has the superior authority to decide the workflow of the platform. If you want to take control over the happenings of the marketplace, you can choose our centralized trading platform development solution.

Decentralized NFT Marketplace DevelopmentDecentralized marketplaces are fully-automated, and the set of smart contracts are the governing bodies. Further, if you activate your marketplace with DAO, the buyers and sellers will become the governance authorities. We do have market-ready DAO-enabled NFT platform solutions.

Unmasking Our White-Label NFT Marketplace Development Solutions That Are Prone To 360 Degree Customizations

Developing a virtual space to buy and sell collectibles is being considered as a potential idea to develop a cryptocurrency exchange where a mammoth volume of transactions can take place with respect to the ownership it offers to unique assets. This has led to the development of various NFT platforms that aim at different assets.

OpenSea Clone

Rarible Clone

Superrare Clone

Foundation Clone

Binance NFT Clone

Nifty Gateway Clone

NBA Top Shot Clone

BAYC Clone

Veve Clone

Our Other Custom NFT Website Development Solutions

Cross-chain NFT WebsiteWhile we provide an inventory of futuristic NFT website development solutions, how could we miss out on a cross-chain NFT platform? Developing and launching a cross-chain platform will fetch the attention of traders since they can trade NFTs on different platforms built on different blockchains.

Celebrity-Focused NFT PlatformCelebrities never stay away from the spotlight and can’t agree more. We provide exclusive NFT website development services for celebrities. As the name suggests, on a celebrity-focused NFT trading platform, celebrities across the globe come together to sell their NFTs of diverse categories.

Multiverse NFT MarketplaceMultiverse is one exciting hypothesis in the blockchain era, where one can get the immersive experience of the metaverse and enjoy the utility value in the physical world. Develop a trailblazing multiverse NFT website with us.

Phygital NFT PlatformPhygital NFTs are those that are available as a physical property and also as an NFT. We provide development solutions, focusing on different niches, and our phygital NFT platform is one such exclusive NFT trading platform.

NFT Lending MarketplaceNFTs are not only bought and sold but can also be lent. NFT lending platforms let NFT holders use their NFTs as collateral for availing of loans. We develop such a fintech NFT marketplace backed by cutting-edge technologies.

On-Chain NFT MarketplaceOn-Chain NFTs are those whose metadata and the corresponding image are stored directly on the blockchain without them being stored on any storage system or IPFS. We develop and deliver On-Chain NFT platform development on the blockchain you pick.

Breakdown Of Our NFT Marketplace Development Packages

As far as we offer a variety of NFT marketplace development solutions and let you choose one from, we also let you choose the package that best suits your business model. You can always initiate a call with us to get the exact quote for your marketplace.

List Of Blockchain We’re Expert In Developing NFT Marketplaces

Our developers are skilled in developing NFT platforms on various blockchains so as to satiate the requirements of our customers. Below is a gist of blockchain technologies that we can build your marketplace on.

Solana Upsurge the transactional speed by immersing the Solana blockchain. The amalgamation of proof-of-stake and proof-of-history consensus results in flashing speeds of transactions at a low gas fee and energy.

CordaTolerate the enormous speed of transactions that levels more than 600 and thus expand the working efficiency of the marketplace.

BSCPutting a “wow” factor for your marketplace here comes something you need to have - BNB. A fully nourished decentralized network that proffers unique and robust nature to the marketplace.

EthereumEnsure zero downtime and rapid mining that can reinforce your marketplace by enhancing its efficiency.

PolygonIt flexes the marketplace by unleashing high scalability with huge customizations. Polygon being an Ethereum scaling solution uplifts your venture.

AstarHave high precision on your smart contract-based platform with a robust and stringent protocol that staples the blockchain to function simultaneously together.

Cross-chain Allows users to transfer digital assets, tokenized assets, and smart contract-based information without any hindrance of support issues.

AvalancheA technically sound NFT marketplace with the ability to launch your NFTs. It emphasizes high-end customized public and private segregated networks.

Hyperledger It transforms your venture by developing a feature-rich and superfine infrastructure that projects enriched features on this robust ledger.

Decoding Some Of The Prominent NFT Standards Employed For Developing Non-Fungible Tokens

There are several standards for a token built on an Ethereum based blockchain. The common ERC standards set specific functions for a token, avail them with applications and allow them to interact with smart contracts in a presumed manner. The common ERC standards are ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155.

ERC - 721This token standard is to represent the ownership of digital assets that are unique. This type of token standard can be used for developing collectibles, trading cards, and other properties that are highly rare.

ERC - 223ERC - 223 is a token standard that ensures digital assets are transferred securely since it is powered by sturdy smart contracts.

ERC - 998The purpose of this Ethereum token standard is to allow the merging of multiple NFTs and manage them. For example, an in-game avatar can possess power, sword, shield, etc., that are grouped together to represent a single entity.

ERC - 1155This token standard allows the release of multiple fungible or non-fungible tokens all at the same time.

Hire Our NFT Marketplace Developers - Know the strong points of our marketplace builders

Our prudent NFT marketplace development company compartmentalizes a team of skilled developers to levitate the projects. Embracing their years of experience in this industry, you can produce flawless blockchain projects that surround the atmosphere of the crypto realm. For effective management, fluent communication, technically sound regulatory compliance, and functionally elevated products, hire NFT marketplace developers from us. We are bound by the time factor; hence all our software applications and their fixtures are confined within a limited period. Our leading-edge software optimization tools are also under our roof, which drives you to an intact and incredible venture.

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Why We are an Expert NFT Marketplace Development Company?

  • Synergistic effect of web3 and e-commerce
    We have manifold experience in the blockchain industry and web3 landscape.

  • Our unique brainboxes
    About 250+ crypto startups rely on our exclusive services.

  • Leading and competitive edge gained a firm
    Our longevity partnerships with top-tier blockchain firms like EOS and Polygon reveal our extraordinary features.

  • Partnerships with top-rated firms
    We are a reliable industry that profoundly works for clients like Polygon and XT.com.

The Robust Tech Stack That Empowers Our NFT Platform

We offer a plethora of options for you to choose from for your project.

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Yes, it is definitely possible to build yours and for that, you need a development partner like Appdupe who is certified in developing marketplaces like OpenSea for trading NFTs. To make it effortless for you to get your platform developed, we provide ready-made solutions.
An NFT marketplace is a decentralized and online platform where the trading of NFTs happens without intermediaries. These marketplaces are built on blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, etc. Digital wallets are also integrated into these trading platforms.
To date, OpenSea claims to be the largest marketplace for NFTs since the number of NFTs listed and traded on the platform is high. OpenSea supports both primary and secondary sales.
By this question, we can assume that you are looking to develop a trading platform for NFTs. And yes, Appdupe develops and delivers the best NFT marketplace that has a set of basic and advanced features.
Besides the trading platforms, there are other platforms like NFT listing, NFT auction, NFT lending, and NFT launchpad. Appdupe has developed a range of efficient white-label solutions for multiple NFT platforms.
It is directly proportional to a certain set of criteria. If you choose the white-label solution, customization is the only time-consuming factor. Whereas, if you decide on the scratch method, then factors like blockchain, tech stack, features, and the overall complexity of implementation will consume time.
Again, when it comes to the cost of building a platform for NFTs, parameters like the blockchain tech to be used, gas fees, the location of the NFT marketplace development company, features, and tech stack will decide the overall development cost.
One can make money with NFTs by listing and further selling them to buyers on the platform. If it is a primary sale, then the NFT owners will get the sale price. And if it is a secondary sale, then the original creator will keep receiving royalties.
Every NFT minted on the platform will consume gas. This gas fee is called the minting fee. So, the cost to mint an NFT completely relies on the blockchain as the gas fee will vary from one blockchain to another.
Appdupe is an NFT development company that specializes in ready-made or white-label solutions. Providing enterprise-grade solutions, customizations and transparent process are the company’s highlights.

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