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The crypto realm is expanding to show undisputed growth opportunities to entrepreneurs and user communities. The benefits that the crypto venture has shown to date are enormous and have pulled the interest over vital Token development. As a credible Token development company, we are esteemed to develop unique tokens across various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Polygon, Solana, and more. We cover the standards like ERC-20, ERC-721, BRC-20, DRC-20, LTC-20, SRC-20 and more. While showing various utilities, tokens developed by our agency let you discover numerous growth nuances.

Making your move towards us can push you to embark on supreme aspects of the crypto realm, showing an updated enhancement route. Our experience with blockchain is advantageous for you; Swift towards us to signify your presence in the crypto universe.

Multi Chain Token Development Services

Our token development services don't stop with a single dimension as we explore various nodes of the business. That said, we deploy the Multi-chain token development services. Here we develop and deploy the tokens that are compatible with multiple blockchains, expressing the aspects of the base blockchains where the function of the tokens. This lets the tokens embrace the perks of multiple chains, gaining more popularity.

Multi Chain Token Development
Cross Chain Token Development

Cross Chain Token Development Services

To enhance the interoperability of tokens, we initiate the cross-chain token development services where the created tokens function to swap between chains. This gives the tokens to explore various unprecedented dimensions of the blockchain networks. As a credible token development company, we initiate cross-chain compatible tokens to develop the business nodes and let the users find impressive nodes like enhanced security, liquidity, and more.

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BRC-20 Token Development NEW

A premium token type that has entered the realm recently is the BRC-20 token. The Bitcoin-based token has disclosed ideal opportunities for an entrepreneur to invest in and witness ensured growth. Using the ordinal protocol for minting purposes, the BRC-20 standard has progressed better, showing high-end revenue slabs. Our proficient developers in our Token development company provide you with the BRC-20 token development and let you slide with the updates.

DRC-20 Token Development NEW

Our services extended to develop unique tokens that are newbies to the crypto realm. One such token development that comes from us for you is the DOGECOIN-based DRC-20 token. Being a wide acceptor and propeller of Decentralized Finance, the DRC-20 tokens let you discover unprecedented heights within the crypto realm.

SRC-20 Token Development NEW

Another Bitcoin-based token that has exposed entailed crypto ability is the SRC-20 token. Apart from showing the aspects of the Bitcoin network, these ideal tokens express uniqueness with the STAMP protocol behind them. This protocol ensures the tokens are immutable and unique. Our ideal token developers let you venture into the crypto realm with the high-octane SRC-20 tokens and their attributes.

LTC-20 Token Development NEW

LTC-20 tokens, the LITECOIN-based tokens that show eminence equal to the BRC-20, express themselves to be active participants in the booming crypto venture. These tokens have a workflow that works according to the Proof-of-Work mechanism, which elevates the reasons to hold these tokens. We ideate the LTC-20 token development for you to have betterment in the crypto realm with unique aspects.

NFT Development

Non-Fungible Tokens indicate digital ownership of any object ranging from paintings to land properties. We undertake NFT development that falls under different categories like generative arts, utility tokens, collectibles, etc.

DeFi Token Development

DeFi tokens are used in Decentralized Exchanges to invest or trade in assets. We develop almost every kind of DeFi token, like governance tokens, security tokens, utility tokens, and equity tokens. Our proficient blockchain developers can accomplish building DeFi tokens on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, TRON, BSC, Polygon, Cardano, etc.

TRON Token Development

TRON tokens make themselves efficient and distinctive from other blockchains by possessing notable merits like zero gas fees and high-speed transactions. Get your TRON token developed from us belonging to any of the following token standards, like TRC-10, TRC-20, and TRC-721.

Ethereum Token Development

Ethereum is well-recognized for its robustness. If you are looking to develop Ethereum tokens, get them developed from us. There are multiple Ethereum token standards and each carries a different purpose. ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-77.

BSC Token Development

BSC tokens belong to the Binance blockchain and define a set of rules that every BSC-based token must follow. BEP-20 and BEP-721 are the existing token standards of this blockchain. Both these token standards are highly compatible with the Ethereum tokens. The use cases of these tokens include raising funds, utility, etc., which are helpful to the crypto community.

Solana Token Development

Solana blockchain network is seemingly one of the quickest networks that charge low gas fees. SOL is the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain that can be staked. We can create highly efficient and reliable tokens, smart contracts, DApps, NFTs, and NFT marketplaces based on Solana.

Polygon Token Development

Polygon, previously named Matic, came into being as a replacement for Ethereum. Polygon has overtaken Ethereum through its properties like high scalability, interoperability, security, etc. Hire our token development company to create sturdy crypto tokens on the Polygon blockchain network.

Metaverse Token Development

Metaverse is the next big thing in the technology revolution. The metaverse tokens are employed in metaverse platforms, especially gaming. Similar to other tokens, metaverse tokens can be traded for buying digital assets. Develop metaverse tokens that can be used in metaverse platforms to trade assets in the virtual world.

Significant Features Of Tokens

  • Create You can create as many tokens as you want. Your token details will include a unique name, symbol, and the number of tokens to be created, initially.

  • Mintable Token minting refers to creating an additional number of tokens for circulation.

  • Burnable As an owner, you can burn the tokens that are in circulation to cut down the supply and create a demand.

  • Cap Tokens can either be soft-capped or hard-capped. Hard capping is allowing a maximum number of tokens to be sold. And soft capping is vice-versa.

Types Of Crypto Tokens We Develop

  • Utility Tokens The purpose of utility tokens is to proffer real-time benefits in supplement to the actual benefits of any crypto tokens. For instance, a crypto project gets released. Investors who buy those tokens can get limited yet early access to the project once it is launched. Alongside, the utility token holders will get benefits that they can enjoy in the real world, like access to games, discounts, membership, etc.

  • Governance TokensGovernance tokens are a kind of crypto tokens that lets holders participate in governance activity of the project/platform like voting. Governance tokens aren’t to be confused with utility tokens in the sense that the former allows users to take part in decision-making, while the latter provides real-time benefits.

  • Security Tokens Security tokens are built to represent the stake or share in the company so as to preserve the ownership of the holders. The security tokens are to be developed under the respective country’s guidelines and as per SEC guidelines.

  • Asset Tokens Crypto tokens that represent real-world assets are named asset tokens. For example, asset tokens can be used to represent real estate properties, gold, silver, bonds, etc. Asset tokens can be categorized into debt, commodity, real estate, and Non-Fungible tokens.

How Come Asset Tokenization Is Beneficial?

Asset tokenization, in general, proffers a lot of benefits, and the major ones include transparency, security, and liquidity. Since the crypto tokens are built using smart contracts, token holders don’t have to experience any risks. Trading assets digitally through tokens will provide a high level of transparency as it is obvious that every transaction gets automatically recorded on the blockchain. And chiefly, trading tokenized assets on blockchain-based trading platforms will increase the chance of liquidity.

List Of Benefits That Surface Up In The Tokens We Develop

Token listing In addition to developing crypto tokens for your projects, we’ll list them on token listing websites or exchanges for more visibility of your tokens.

Atomic swaps Atomic swaps let token holders trade their tokens from one blockchain to another. And the trading is initiated when all the conditions in the smart contracts are met.

Secured and tailored smart contractsWe develop smart contracts that are robust and personalized according to our customers’ token development needs.token development needs.

Unique token developmentCrypto tokens belonging to any category we develop will be greatly unique.

Compliant with SEC guidelinesAdhering to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) guidelines is mandatory for developing tokens and we abide by them.

Know Further About Our Token Development Services

What Are The Parameters That Define Crypto Tokens?

Purpose Every token carries a purpose that defines it. The core purpose can be to collect funds by listing those tokens on respective fundraising platforms.

Privileges There are a special set of tokens that are meant to provide privileges to the holders and the best example is the governance token.

Functionality The functionality of tokens defines multiple parameters like total supply, owner, transfer from, transfer to, etc.

Technical Technical parameters define the overall algorithm or architecture in which the tokens are designed to function.

Token Marketing Services We Deliver

Being a settler in the blockchain development ecosystem for years, we have constantly been upscaling our development solutions and services. We have a team of digital marketers, who will comprehend your project’s nuances, formulate suitable marketing strategies, execute them, and constantly monitor them for better insights.

Here is a list of digital marketing methodologies we provide for crypto tokens like yours. Essentially, every marketing strategy and campaign we devise for projects will be highly tailored to your projects’ audiences.

  • Token Listing Once we develop your tokens based on the requisites you propose, we’ll list the tokens on token listing platforms. Listing tokens will be helpful in uplifting the visibility of your tokens among project investors.

  • Community MarketingCommunity marketing is an all-time effective marketing technique that gathers together existing and potential project investors. The main channels we use for community marketing are Discord and Telegram.

  • Influencer MarketingSimilar to how we narrow down and approach target audiences, for marketing purposes, we approach niche-based influencers. Influencers with a credible fan base can move the needle in favor of your tokens.

  • Website Development Having an informative website for your tokens is important. One of our marketing techniques includes website development and performing SEO so as to get your website ranked at the top of the search results.

  • Content MarketingContent marketing will be more effective since the process involves creating a diversified form of informative content including long-form blogs, infographics, etc., for different channels. And crucially, tracking the reach of the executed content strategies for superior insights.

  • Email Marketing Finding audiences, creating a set of email lists, curating newsletters, and tracking the metrics are everything about email marketing. Our email marketers are absolutely aware that only personalized email marketing can result in expected outcomes.

Eminent Crypto Tokens In Existence

Since we have been detailing crypto tokens and their development, here is a collection of trending crypto tokens.

  • UniSwap

  • Tether

  • ChainLink

  • USD Coin

  • Aave

  • Theta Coin

  • Celsius

  • Huobi

  • Synthetix

  • Compound

What Does Our Token Development Process Seem Like?

  • Define Token PropertiesFirst things first. The initial step is to define the token’s properties, including the token standard, overall supply, name, and symbol of the tokens.

  • Develop Smart ContractsCrypto tokens will be controlled by smart contracts that run on the blockchain. Hence, we will develop smart contracts for your tokens, which will ensure the security and authenticity of your crypto tokens.

  • Quality AnalysisOnce the smart contracts are developed for tokens, they cannot be edited. Thus, post token development, we’ll run quality checks to avoid any potential bugs.

  • Token ListingPost the development and testing process, we’ll list the tokens on platforms, thereby making them visible to those interested in buying your tokens.

Why Should You Shortlist Us For Token Creation Services?

We are a crypto token development company and we bag a decade of seasoning in blockchain applications development and providing marketing services. With that being said, our in-house development team is proficient in developing applications/platforms on multiple blockchains, which helps us in gaining fame across the globe.

We have been providing token creation services for a diverse set of crypto projects. In addition to token creation, we take up the blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and crypto development projects, thereby ultimately helping newbie entrepreneurs to venture into the blockchain sphere.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Token development is an ideal process that the user takes up to create digital tokens and deploy them on the blockchain network. A token can be a digital asset, utility, inscription, and more. These blockchain-based tokens represent esteemed aspects like security, liquidity, and more.
The cost of the token development varies according to the token type and sometimes the asset determination. Each token is of unique quality, and that said, the token development agency displays diverse price ranges to develop various tokens.
Yes, we do develop tokens on multiple blockchains. And in addition, you can specify the token standard in which your token has to be created.
At AppDupe, we, as a credible token development company, widen the service slabs by providing much-needed token marketing services to let your tokens reach potential audiences overseas.
An absolute yes! We use secure protocols to develop robust smart contracts in order to keep your tokens highly tamper-proof.
The existing token types are DeFi, NFTs, and Asset-backed tokens. Certain tokens are employed in payment as well as utilities.
We are active in responding to the queries of our customers or customers-to-be. Anytime you can initiate contact with us via [email protected] or +916382665366

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