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Go Decentralized By Launching An NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea

The non-fungible tokens have been making too much noise in terms of trading volume in the recent past. This market has been doing exceptionally well, wanting all digipreneurs to give it a shot. The most efficient way to bask in the utmost benefits of these unique tokens is to develop a peer-to-peer marketplace to trade NFTs.

The blockchain experts of Appdupe have created a ready-made NFT Marketplace like OpenSea solution for entrepreneurs who desire to innovate in the NFT market. It is a decentralized NFT trading platform that has the potential to attract creators and investors from around the globe. The users can create, mint, buy, sell, bid, and list digital collectibles on the platform. Like we all know, OpenSea has been dominating this industry right from the start. Keeping this in mind, we have crafted a solution similar to OpenSea. Come up with innovative ideas and customize this script to outshine your competitors just like that. Give us a call to know more about our services.

What Is An OpenSea Clone?

OpenSea clone is a white-label NFT marketplace solution for the NFT admirers to create, list, and buy digital assets, rare items, in-game accessories, domain names, digital lands, and more. Although it is similar to the top-most NFT platform, OpenSea, it can be completely personalized as per your business needs. The customization options range from the front-end design to the blockchain network on which the platform will be built.

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Meet The Salient Features Of The OpenSea Clone Script

  • StorefrontThe storefront bestows countless digital collectibles listed for sale by artists from around the globe.

  • FiltersAllow your users to slide through thousands of NFTs to find the one they desire to buy with advanced filter options.

  • SearchLand your cursor straight to the search bar, type the name, content creator, and hashtag and let the NFT marketplace like OpenSea do the magic!

  • Create Listings We know that not everyone is tech-savvy. The app is designed in such a way that the artists can upload files, the description, plugin name, and tags just like that.

  • Buy And BidThe OpenSea clone software is armed with this important feature to help you to buy and sell crypto-collectibles listed.

  • WalletYour users can store and receive the Non-Fungible Tokens with the integrated digital wallet. And the bonus is that they can connect their existing wallet to the online app. Yay!

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Characteristics Of Our Opensea Clone

  • Tradability Though we see that the NFTs are this special and that unique, we all will have a doubt looming over our head about the various use-cases of NFTs. To clear the air, the NFTs are tradable in a number of virtual worlds and secondary markets, and also, as an owner, you can set up bidding, bundling, and you have the complete authority to sell in the marketplace. Simple trading of crypto-collectibles is the promise!

  • StandardizationOur well-versed OpenSea Clone developers, when they have the dab hands at creating an Non-Fungible Tokens marketplace like OpenSea that never as much deviate from creating the inheritable standards for non-fungible tokens that will contribute to the strengthening of the public blockchain network.. You can possess, reuse and control the tokenized assets.

  • LiquiditySince all the NFTs are one of a kind, and the online marketplace holds millions of crypto-collectibles in a single place, there is a huge benefit of instant tradability for investors owing to more liquidity. The large liquidity pool of the marketplace makes it a gold mine for crypto investors who want instant returns or sufficient liquidity.

  • ScarcityThe uniqueness when it comes to NFTs is undebatable. Every NFTs developed are programmed in such a way that there will be a particular property that will not evolve with time, leading to a boost in the uniqueness and value of its creation.

  • InteroperableSince the token standards that NFT follows are, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 of the Ethereum blockchain network, the seamless interaction with multiple blockchain ecosystems is possible, thus allowing people to trade valuable NFTs in various online marketplaces.

Diverse Sectors You Can Explore With Our OpenSea like NFT Marketplace platform

The Non-Fungible marketplace development services open up doors to the development of NFTs of various digital collectibles comprising art, games and virtual assets. You can buy, sell, bid and get the custom stats and analytics all in just a single place. Huge revenue generation for entrepreneurs and highly secure trading for cryptocurrency investors are what our game-changing solution stands for!

ArtStimulate the inner senses of the art lovers from across the globe by developing an exclusive NFT marketplace to showcase the uniqueness of every artwork.

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MusicHarmonize with the wishes of music lovers by creating an extensive marketplace where they can get the unique masterpieces and leading tracks that strike a captivating chord with them.

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GamesThere’s no more of a waiting game for success now! Build an NFT Marketplace where the gamers can purchase the rarest collections, weapons and trade their assets using NFTs.

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PhotographyCapture the best moments of victory in your business by displaying the photography skills of novice photographers and professionals on your online NFT selling platform. There are certainly no negatives!

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MetaversesInterfuse the most futuristic technologies of AR, VR and physical spaces and launch an NFT platform that will be the best of both real and digital worlds!

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DomainsLet users have an entire hold upon the uniqueness, individuality and authenticity for the domains by launching NFT Marketplace for domains.

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SportsArrest the attention of sports fans from every nook and cranny of the world by allowing them to trade from an infinite collection of trump cards representing their favourite players and teams.

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Layout Of OpenSea Clone

The online selling platform will present you with two options to purchase NFTs, like the latest bid and the remaining time of an auction. According to your convenience, you can switch between these two options for viewing. The layout will be as follows:

  • You select a specific NFT created by a user.

  • The layout includes information on the reserve price, the price history, offers made, date of expiration etc.


What are NFT Tokens?

The Non-Fungible Tokens are a unique set of tokens that cannot be traded like fiat currencies or normal crypto tokens. Each of the NFTs has a specific value, making them non-interchangeable and non-interoperable.

They can be used to trade-off assets, including artifacts, rare digital assets, and graphic cards, etc.,

Ethereum Standards For OpenSea Clone Development

ERC - 721 ERC-721 is a global token standard that exhibits the Non-Fungible Token functionality over the Ethereum blockchain network. The attributes that make these tokens stand apart is their attributes of rarity and uniqueness.

ERC - 998Being an enhanced version of the ERC-721 token, the one thing that sets these tokens apart is that they can be associated with ERC20 tokens for boosting usability. The investors can use their NFTs to own other crypto-collectibles easily.

ERC - 1155A token standard specifically designed and developed by the Enjin Network, which can be used to create both fungible and non-fungible assets on the Ethereum blockchain network. It can also be utilized to develop Next-Generation blockchain assets.

Key Features Of ERC 721+ 1155 Token Marketplace Development

Trading Stats

The rankings of each NFT will be listed along with details like the price, trading volume, and other insightful statistics on an hourly basis. By this, the token owners may get to know about the demand from investors and trading position of their NFTs in the market.

Bundle Listing

Our OpenSea Clone marketplace offers bundled services, using which one can list their tokens in bundles. At an efficient gas fee, you can bundle upto 30 items and sell them in a single go.


You can create different types of listings like Dutch auction listings and English auction listings. Let us look at them briefly now.

Dutch Auction:
By entering the starting and ending price along with the auction duration, you can start the crypto-collectible selling auction with the price above the expected demand. Over time, the price declines.

English Auction:
You can start the sale at a minimum price and wait for the bids. After the highest bid, you can accept the most suitable offer of any buyer.

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Workflow Of Our Non-Fungible Token Marketplace Like OpenSea

Let us break down the work module of the OpenSea like NFT Marketplace and present it to you.

  • 1

    User sign up on the online selling platform.

  • 2

    Choose the preferred digital wallet that is further used to store NFTs safely.

  • 3

    Connect with the OpenSea like NFT marketplace platform and choose the digital asset they like to mint as NFTs.

  • 4

    After the Non-Fungible token is created, it is listed for sale.

  • 5

    Sellers can choose a fixed price or choose a bid for an auction.

  • 6

    After item moderation by the admin and NFTs are approved, they are added to the listing for sale.

  • 7

    The owner of the NFT (Content creator) starts accepting bids from buyers, and a detailed list of favourable bids will be notified by the closing of the auction.

  • 8

    The NFT marketplace will handle the transfer of digital assets and processing of peer-to-peer transactions.


Stellar Attributes Of Our NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea Solution

  • Intervention free monetization of content

  • Entirely decentralized

  • Cross-chain interoperability

  • Various use-cases of crypto-collectibles

  • Supports all the leading fiat and digital currencies

Revenue Streams Of Our Opensea Like NFT Marketplace Platform

  • Listing FeesSince the NFT buying and selling platform acts as a hub for thousands of crypto-collectibles, you can categorize them according to various criteria and charge the content creators to take their work for sale through listings on the online platform.

  • Transaction FeesFor every transaction happening through your NFT marketplace platform, you could charge a small percentage as a gas fee for maintaining the functioning of the blockchain network.

  • Initial Setup FeeA minimum initial setup fee can be charged from the creators who want to list their first digital collectible on your NFT marketplace.

  • Private SaleFor every NFT creator to finalize an investor who could purchase the crypto collectible, it might take some time. You can leverage this opportunity to charge a fee from the seller for using your Non-Fungible token marketplace.

  • Minting Fee You can levy this charge from the NFT developers to convert their asset into a valuable NFT on the blockchain network.

  • Selling In BatchesSome creators may prefer to sell numerous digital collectibles simultaneously to several crypto investors through a single auction. On that note, you can charge a specific fee for executing on-chain transactions and gas fees from the content creators, or you can also charge a flat price on the final selling price.

  • Bidding ChargesFrom the interested NFT buyers, a specific fee can be imposed on them to take part in the bidding process.

Benefits Of Our White-label NFT Marketplace Solution like OpenSea

Low Transaction FeesThan any other crypto collectible selling platforms, you can see a large dip in transaction charges.

Multilevel SecurityHacking and Phishing attacks are never present in the dictionary of blockchain technology, as multi-layer security measures are implemented in the NFT marketplace.

CompatibilityYou can permanently forget the term ‘restrictions’ when it comes to buying and selling on the platform, as you could buy an infinite number of Non-Fungible tokens.

Instant Ownership TransferBeing agile is what the solution is known for. You could witness the same with the automatic and lighting fast transactions and transfer of ownership.

Guaranteed ServicesThe OpenSea Clone Script makes sure that the crypto tokens and funds are transferred to the corresponding sellers in real-time.

OpenSea Clone - Unique Selling Point

Offer a platform for the users to trade ERC-721 and ERC-1155 items effortlessly by creating an NFT marketplace. Cater to the crypto enthusiasts a perfect chance!

Customization An appealing marketplace on your own domain, developed in a way to just uplift the level of your NFT trading project.

Profitable RevenueSet your own revenue streams on all the sales of crypto collectibles happening via your OpenSea Clone and pocket a huge amount quickly.

Get Complete InsightThe best game-changer for NFT creators. To keep them on the edge, the marketplace comes with analytics (charts and graphs) and interesting insights to show the trending digital collectibles.

Bring a breakthrough in the NFT industry by launching an NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

Why Choose AppDupe For OpenSea Clone Like NFT Marketplace Development?

AppDupe, being the leading OpenSea Clone development company in providing advanced blockchain technology solutions for years in the market, now provides you with a suitable opportunity to launch an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea, with less coding but more value. By joining hands with us you can witness a number of advantages like

  • Quick launch in the crypto industry

  • Attractive and powerful admin and user dashboard

  • Support for Multi-signature crypto wallets

  • API integration and Third-Party plugins

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • End-to-end customized solutions

  • Round the clock technical support

Technology Stack of Our OpenSea Clone

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The marketplace supports options like fiat currencies, debit and credit cards, payment with cryptocurrencies etc.
Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the fixed time to launch the OpenSea as it varies depending on the customizations and integration of add-ons. However, we deliver the project perfectly to you on the mutually agreed timeline.
Yes, Our design team will help you personalize the front-end design as per your requirements.
Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) are primarily created on the Ethereum blockchain network on the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards because of the extensive support on many crypto collectible selling marketplaces.
We will never do that. We sign a detailed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to ensure you that your unique business ideas will stay with us and never as much leave the place.

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