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NBA Top Shot Clone
Create NFT Sports Marketplace Like NBA Top Shot!

Appdupe is an NFT marketplace development company. Our NBA Top Shot clone is a sports marketplace solution that can be listed with packages of some extraordinary moments from games as non-fungible tokens. It is also spiced up with features like “Challenges” where the players are challenged to collect a set of packages that comprise certain awesome slams and dunks. As a prize for collecting these moments, the user is rewarded with a widely-loved scarce situation from the main game.

Our NBA Top Shot clone is customizable, enabling entrepreneurs like you to implement your creativity here. You can maybe go for a different blockchain from the original one for speedy transactions with low gas fees. Or maybe you can opt to enlist special scenarios from another sport like Football, Cricket, Rugby, or Hockey. Or you can opt for a generic platform that bestows short videos of special circumstances from every sport and capitalize on all the sports fans.

Appdupe will help you build a stunning sports marketplace and take charge of the phenomenal trading volume and a market cap of NFTs. Connect with us today!

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NBA Top shot clone development

What Is An NBA Top Shot Clone?

NBA Top Shot clone is an NFT trading platform for sports collectibles similar to the original marketplace. Numerous exciting features tags along with this dynamic platform. It is embedded with features like challenges, package drops, a marketplace, a blog section to guide your users, and more. Our team of NFT experts helps you personalize this sports fanatic podium as per the niche you determine to target.

Our Clients

Exuberant Features Of NBA Top Shot Clone

StoreFrontTreat the sports fanatics with a plethora of moments they would love to watch on repeat all their lives and sports cards of their favorite athletes listed with a three-pointer design.

Decentralization Bestow a completely decentralized platform promoting transparency on all transactions and data of the collectibles.

Digital Wallet IntegrationEnable the fans to connect their crypto wallet with the marketplace. They can recharge their wallet with cryptocurrencies and ferry seamless transactions.

Multi-Device CompatibilityThe investors can use the White-label Sports NFT Marketplace from any device. Missed their laptop back home? They can sign in from other devices and start collecting their favorite sports moments.

Government AttributesTo ensure security and to avoid fraudulent activities, we integrate regulatory compliance, KYC, AML verification, and more.

Package dropsSurprise the sports enthusiasts with package drops of a collection of new moments from the leagues.

Waiting RoomThe users interested in participating in the drops and owning some collectibles can be made to wait in this virtual space.

GuidePresent all your investors to get to know about your platform and how it works with a section of guides explaining all they have to know.

ShowcaseBoasting is part of our human traits. Let the fans show off all their collections and trigger the hunger of other fans by displaying them in a digital showcase.

ChallengeKindle the sportsmanship in fans by giving them tasks to collect a set of moments, and if they do, gift them with a rare moment that no other fan will be able to own. Doesn’t that sound so good as a sports fan.

Launch A Dream Sports NFT Marketplace With NBA Top Shot Clone Now

A Brief Story Of NBA Top Shot- Get Inspired!

NBA Top Shot is a platform for the fans of this prestigious league to own video clips of some auspicious moments from the matches. It can be an awesome three-pointer or a fabulous dunk. It is an official site of the NBA partnered with dapper labs. As NBA Top Shot is a licensed product of the NBA itself, the authenticity and the credibility of the non-fungible tokens are assured.

The NFTs act as a digital certificate in the blockchain that provides the collector the ownership of the particular moment. This adds up to the value of these collectibles. The packages in the sports NFT marketplace are grouped as follows,

  • Common- 1000 digital copies of the moment are available on the platform

  • Rare- 150 to 999 copies of NBA highlights are listed

  • Legendary- 25 to 99 copies of the NFTs will be listed

  • Platinum Ultimate- 3 virtual copies of the highlights will be available

  • Genesis Ultimate- Only one non-fungible token of the moment is available in the blockchain

The NBA Top Shot not just presents the digital assets for sports fans to own these highlights. The sports marketplace kindles the fans with other events like challenges, package drops, and more.

Today, NBA Top Shot sums up to a market cap of $731 million, and players like Lebron James alone have a CSV of $9.9 million. NBA Top Shot has proved that sports fans are ready to make their investments for their favorite stars. Partner with us for an NBA Top Shot Like NFT Marketplace Development and start raking in profits right away!

The Four Pillars Of Our NBA Top Shot Like NFT Sports Marketplace

The NBA Top Shot Clone script is built based on the four aspects that make a marketplace for the sports buffs.

  • PacksPacks are a collection of different clips of highlights minted as non-fungible tokens from the league matches. A detailed description of all the moments in the pack is provided for the supporter's info. There are three types of packs, the common pack, rare pack, and legendary pack.

  • MarketplaceThe marketplace is where the users can buy or sell the best moments of sports history. It is open 24/7 allowing the fans to trade at any time. It has search filters for the investors to find the pack they are looking for easily.

  • CommunityBuilding a community is an important aspect of any sports collectible marketplace. Keep the group notified and engaged about all the new pack drops and challenges. Let them stay intrigued to buy all the packs, so they rake the maximum benefits.

  • CollectionEnlist the breathtaking highlights of a sportsman as collections. This will invite the fans to collect the NFTs of their favorite athlete in particular. Ensure to create picky collections every sports enthusiast would love to own.

Digital Collectibles You Can List In Your
White-label NBA Top Shot Clone

Every sport has its best moments and players celebrated by fans around the world.
Turning those into collectibles can turn out to be a treat for the fans.

Sports Cards

Sports cards are considered to be prominent digital collectibles for any NFT sports marketplace. It innately attracts a large audience, thereby plummeting the trading volumes.


Every fan goes crazy when they witness an ace show by their favorite player or team. Recording those beautiful moments and owning them is a special gesture for true sports maniacs. Reward them a chance to do so and watch them rage over your marketplace.

Player Accessories

A signed tee-shirt of a sports star or a ball kicked to goal to win a world championship, don’t they sound really special? Mint them to non-fungible tokens and get the attention of the investors.


Bring in the trophies, mementos, and awards to your marketplace. Every award is unique, and minting them to NFTs can spike up its value in a few seconds.

What Are Moments?

The term moments in an NFT sports platform is similar to real-world moments. It's the epic events that happen in a league. Each moment is a short video clip minted as a non-fungible token. Kindle the spirit of fanhood in the users by bestowing them to own a number of awesome moments created by their favorite sportsmen.

A moment is a combination of,

  • On-match highlight video-clippings

  • Guaranteed authenticity by the sports board

  • Different types of moment tiers

  • Player stats and details on the significance of the highlight

  • Badges

Now, launch a marketplace and start creating moments your users will love to own.

Marketplace- The Blue Chip Of An NFT Platform

Marketplace undeniably plays a pivotal role in a sports collectible platform. It is a digital podium where all the fans list their best moments for sale and also come in search to add some amazing moments to their collection. The users can search the highlights they want by player name, team, set, or tier. The epic events are categorized as hot moments, tiers, sets, players, latest listings, and more. This categorization allows the investors to explore the sports collectibles effortlessly. We can help you build a stellar storefront that can both lure the audience and also be extremely user-friendly.

NBA Top Shot Like NFT Marketplace Development

Benefits Of Launching A White-label NBA Top Shot Clone

By launching an NBA Top Shot Like NFT Sports Marketplace, you are signing up for a lot of benefits.

Easy-To-UseThe NBA Top Shot Clone Script is developed by blending the ecommerce marketplace with blockchain technology. The investors can step into the platform and buy a collectible similar to ordering a commodity in an ecommerce store. This attracts a huge audience to your NFT trading platform.

Seamless PaymentA peerless digital wallet like MetaMask can be connected to the NBA Top Shot clone. This ensures a seamless payment experience for the users.

No Risks The collectibles listed on your sports NFT trading platform are unique and authentic, eliminating the risk factors like scams or counterfeits for the investors.

Immortal AssetsUnlike real-world assets, digital assets are imperishable. A sports card can get destroyed, but a digital fan card stays in the blockchain forever. The investor can pass the assets to their generations.

Get Yourself Insighted On Sports NFT Marketplace Development

How Does Our White-label NBA Top Shot Clone Work?

Our NBA Top Shot Like NFT Sports Marketplace is an easy-to-use platform with a simple workflow.

  • The user registers with the platform and goes through the KYC to get verified.

  • Once they are in, they can connect their digital wallet to the platform to start making transactions.

  • As a beginner, the collector can buy a starter pack. It will be open only for investors with less than three purchases on the platform.

  • Once the users have started creating their own collection, they can now participate in package drops and receive some rare compilation of moments.

  • They can sell the match highlights they own in the marketplace.

  • They can also list it in their virtual showcase and display their amazing collection of the best sports moments in history.

The Different Tiers Of Collection You Can Include In Your
White-label NBA Top Shot Clone

Present your players with a diverse tier of collections based on rarity. Let them try to go for the most scarce ones to earn more.

Common Tier Like the name says, these are common collections open for all. There are a total of 10,000 copies of these highlights in the sports marketplace.

Fandom Tier This tier is not subjected to the number of mints but the dynamic demand of the fans. It can be purchased in the arena. However, the count of mints can be either higher than a common tier or less than a rare one.

Rare Tier The number of mints of a league highlight circulating in the white-label sports NFT marketplace in a Rare collection may range between 500 to 5000. A trademark symbol like the Neon corners bestowed in the original NBA Top Shot can also be used.

Legendary Tier The legendary collections are the most sought-after tier by the players. The number of mints may range between 50 to 500. Owning the legendary collection can add up to the huge value to the fan’s collection.

Ultimate Tier The ultimate collection can be offered in two ranges, namely the Platinum Ultimate with 3 to 5 copies of the moments and a Genesis Ultimate with just 1 copy of the moment in the blockchain.

Our NBA Top Shot Like NFT Marketplace Development Process

Market Analysis

It is important to know your market before starting any business. Let’s try other sports markets rather than going for the same basketball league. Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, and other sports have a huge untapped fanbase that can favor you big time.

Technical Assistance

Get connected with our team of NFT experts and clear all your queries before starting to build your own NFT platform.


We create a roadmap to develop your sports NFT marketplace and launch it in the market as early as possible.


Our design team will start creating a stellar design for your marketplace that will make your investors raise their eyebrows.


Our expert developer team gets their hands on the coding part of your marketplace using a high-end tech stack.


The testing team runs numerous tests on all steps of development to ensure that your NFT platform is glitch-free.


The all-set-to-go sports marketplace is launched in the market.

Marketing Services

Apart from developing and launching the white-label sports NFT marketplace, we also help you market it and onboard a huge audience to your platform.

Why Choose Us For NFT Sports Marketplace
Development Like NBA Top Shot?

  • ExperienceWe have an in-built team of experienced blockchain developers. They have developed various NFT marketplaces successfully enabling them to be an expert when it comes to NFTs and blockchain.

  • Agile Development ProcessWe follow a strict and systematic approach when it comes to building a marketplace. It helps us to develop robust platforms in a short period of time.

  • Complete CustomizationWe offer 100% customization to build your NBA Top Shot clone. We design and develop it as per your requirements.

  • Long-Term SupportWe offer support services even after the launch of your NFT trading platform. The service comes for free for a specific period which is then followed by a small fee. It is aimed to ensure that you never get stranded in any case.

  • End-To-End ServicesAppdupe offers a 360-degree solution when it comes to NFT marketplace development. From fundraising to kick-start your project to market it to the crowd.

  • Global StandardsWe help you build an NFT platform on par with the already existing marketplaces like NBA Top Shot, OpenSea, Rarible, etc.

Outgrow Your Competitors With An NBA Top Shot Clone Call Us

Tech Stack We Use To Develop White
label Sports NFT Marketplace

The tech stack to build your NBA Top Shot Clone script is chosen carefully to ensure maximum benefits.

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

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No worries. We have a robust marketing team that will help you get through the competition and stand tall in a global stand as a leading marketplace.
Call us and speak to our team of NFT experts and get all your queries answered. NFTs are undeniably the future; it's better to start early than to regret the future.

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