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TRON is gaining fame as the world’s fastest-growing blockchain. And numbers are the solid proof of that. A recent tweet by Justin Sun, founder of TRON revealed, TRON has the highest number of as many as 170,700 active users. This active user count for TRON is found to be four times higher than that of Ethereum, which has 40,133 users and eight times more than 19,532 active users of EOS. TRON Token, abbreviated as TRX, is the foundational currency on TRON Blockchain that powers all the dApps built within the TRON ecosystem. TRON tokens are broadly classified into two categories: TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens.

As a forerunner in Blockchain technology, we feel happy to extend our TRON Token development services in developing a robust operational framework. We help you build TRON tokens for various utilities such as ICO, STO, and native payments through blockchain networks. Collaborate with our expert developer team today and take possession of an enhanced solution for a futuristic decentralized business.

What Is TRON Token Development?

TRON Token development allows users to create and issue tokens on their network. The market for TRON tokens is steadily growing, which is evident from the number of people purchasing TRX tokens from crypto exchanges. TRON token retains all the functionalities of Ethereum, giving it a competitive edge. So, what makes TRON tokens distinctive?

One of the biggest advantages it brings to the table is zero gas fees. Moreover, transactions happen at a relatively high speed. Considering all this, now could be the right time to initiate TRON Token Development and become a part of the booming Crypto market.

Have an idea about TRON token development? Contact our developers and bring your thoughts to existence straightaway.

Our Clients

Our Extensive Range Of TRON Token Development Services

TRON Smart Contracts DevelopmentWe help build TRON smart contracts programmed with a set of terms and conditions to control, verify and execute transactions smoothly.

TRON Token Wallet App DevelopmentTRON wallet securely stores TRON tokens and other ERC10/ERC20 tokens. Our development services extend to building TRON wallets allowing your investors to manage and trade their TRC tokens securely.

TRON Token DevelopmentNot many developers have hands-on in TRON token development since it's a new technology. But we have practically mastered the TRON Token development that helps us deliver error-free apps and tokens to our clients.

TRON Station DevelopmentHire our developers to build a custom API that denotes the actual amount of energy consumed for every transaction.

TRON DApp DevelopmentA dedicated decentralized application can help handle bulk transactions faster and in a cost-effective way. We have rich experience in creating customizable DApps on a number of blockchain networks.

TRON Decentralised ExchangeRealising the need for a decentralized exchange platform, we aid you in building a powerful TRON trading platform. It is designed to support the trading of multiple currencies, tokens, payments, etc.

Types Of TRON Tokens We Develop

  • TRC10 Token DevelopmentTRC10, a native token of the TRON platform, holds value for its security features. Here we create perfect TRC10 tokens as required for your blockchain projects.

  • TRC20 Token DevelopmentTRC20 is an upgrade to TRC10 tokens, which includes smart contracts. Connect with us to build highly secure and capable TRC20 tokens for next-gen blockchain projects.

  • TRC721 Token DevelopmentHaving specialized in creating standard tokens, our team of blockchain developers provides complete assistance in launching your TRC721 standard token with limitless scalability.

  • What Are TRC10 Tokens?

    TRC10 tokens are TRON cryptocurrencies created and issued by the network itself. It is powered by the TRON blockchain and runs without the support of TRON Virtual machine. Users on the TRON network can issue their own TRC10 token in exchange for 1024 TRX. While issuing the tokens, users need to enter certain details like token name, market cap, exchange rate to the TRX, circulation duration, etc.

    The ease that TRC10 tokens offer in creation and distribution makes it more preferable to TRC20 tokens. Moreover, these tokens are supported by any crypto wallet, which enables creators to sell their tokens via ICO. These are the significant reasons that contribute to the demand for TRC10 tokens in the market ever since its introduction.

  • What Are TRC20 Tokens?

    TRC20 is a protocol for smart contracts, which is used to create tokens on the TRON blockchain. Further, they are compatible with the ERC20 standards and use TRON virtual machines. In short, it is upgraded from the TRC10 protocol offering more security because of the smart contracts.

    Smart contracts are nothing but self-executing contracts that execute transactions upon the fulfillment of the written terms in the contract. Thereby it eliminates the involvement of intermediaries in the blockchain network and the cost associated with it. Undoubtedly, TRC20 tokens are a far more secure and worthy alternative to ERC20.

  • What Are TRC721 Tokens?

    TRC721 is the first non-fungible token on the TRON network. It inherits the standards of ERC721, such as transparency, scalability, and security. Each TRC721 has a unique ID and unique value and will be able to represent any type of tangible or digital assets in the real world.

What Are The Merits Of TRON Token Development?

  • Offers top of the line Safety and security.

  • A peer to peer decentralized network that eliminates intermediaries.

  • Cost-effective.

  • Swift and secure transactions.

  • Guided by smart contracts eliminates any conflicts between the parties.

  • Data can be easily tracked through a public ledger.

  • Highly transparent functioning since it works based on blockchain technology.

  • High scalability.

  • Flexible to customizations.

  • Higher throughput.

Prime Features Of TRC20 Token

  • Swift and Secure Payments Imparted with extraordinary security features, payments can be made quickly with enhanced security.

  • Speedy TransactionsA specific protocol defined on a clear note aids in rapid-speed transactions.

  • API IntegrationTRC tokens are built with provisions to be integrated with APIs. Different APIs offer various functionalities based on the user’s requirements.

  • Cross-Platform SupportTRON tokens are developed such that it is compatible with other recognized chain. Having this feature brings in more audiences from various operable chains.

  • Swap TokensIt enables tokens to be easily swapped while using it in the DApps pertaining to quick transactions.

  • Complete TransparencySince all the data are available publicly, any information can be easily gathered in case of any dispute.

  • High ScalabilityIts highly scalable nature accounts for handling 2000 transactions per second.

  • Less Platform FeeThe one thing that most attracts considerable audiences to the TRON network is its highly optimized gas fees. Yes, TRON token services can be availed at a fair gas fee.

Noble Aspects Of TRC20 Tokens

  • TRC 20 tokens draw in a lot more advantages than its close competitor ERC 20 when it comes to setting up smart contracts.

  • It provides a better option to store and transfer tokens on any device.

  • Offers a better bandwidth for information and sharing.

Steps Involved In The Creation Of TRC20 Tokens

1 Firstly, you will have to install a wallet plug-in on your web browser.

2 Next is to create an account and modify it with the token name, token symbol, total supply, etc.

3 It is required to have a minimum of 10 TRX in the account. On ensuring this, you can upload and compile the smart contract.

4 After all this is set, you can install the smart contract.

5 You can deploy the smart contract using TRONbox.

6 Enter all the basic information, such as contract information, social media information, etc., to successfully record the token.

7 The contracts are then validated, and the system asks for confirmation for token issuance.

8 Once you accept that, the TRC20 tokens are launched.

Know About TRON Token Wallet App Development

TRON wallet can be called a multi-functional wallet that safely secures the assets and account data. It also allows quick and easy access to TRON tokens and coins. TRON wallet development aims at establishing improved strength and accessibility to users. However, there are certain aspects to consider for TRON wallet development.

  • The TRON wallet should not charge any fee for the exchange of TRX.

  • It should possess a practical and intuitive user interface to give a fast and smooth experience.

  • It has to be a decentralized network that means it should not hold any private case of the user.

  • The wallet and database can be encrypted with a PIN for strong security.

  • It should have features to carry out all the TRON network operations except creating tokens.

  • Furthermore, the wallet can have API for game developers to integrate and use TRON.

Have A Grasp Of Our State-of-the-art TRON Tools

TRON Grid TRON Grid Provides API interface to the TRON blockchain.

TRON BoxTRON Box helps to organize smart contracts that are signed up in a node.

TRON webTRON web is an API-based Javascript that helps in the functioning of the decentralized application.

TRON StationTRON Station is a Javascript API library and a web framework comprising user-friendly UI with TRON bandwidth and security.

Find Out Our Process Of TRON Token Development

  • Requirement GatheringAs a first step in the development process, we hear and understand your requirements. And after that, we do research in line with your requirements and come up with a solid plan for commencing the development.

  • Development Keeping in mind the requirements, we work on those ideas to evolve into an optimum product. Our developers are adept in handling blockchain technologies; creating token software is a child’s play for them.

  • Quality Check Once the idea has taken its shape, meeting all the requirements, we make it run through a series of tests to make it more intricate. We then proffer you with the market-ready product.

  • UpgradationIf any upgrades or customizations need to be done, we assist in making modifications to the software as per your specifics.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Firstly, you will have to buy Ethereum or Bitcoins using cash. You can then trade these cryptocurrencies on an online exchange and get TRON tokens(TRX).
The answer is No. These tokens do not work like those in the PoW(Proof Of Work) system. They cannot be mined. However, you can stake the tokens you own to validate other people’s transactions. For which you will be rewarded more TRX in return.
The beauty of the TRON network is that it does not impose any fees for making transactions. However, some DApps will charge a fee for completing transactions within the app.
It cannot be exactly given as the development time depends on your customization requirements and several other factors. But, yet we give a fair estimate of the time frame based on your requirements at the start itself, and we make sure to deliver the product on the mutually agreed deadline.
Definitely. Our solution is highly scalable and that means you can integrate any new features and functionalities at any time as per the user’s changing preferences.

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