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Create Fundraising Launchpad Like BSCstarter
Deploy A Community-Oriented Launchpad

Futuristic crypto-based bootstrapped projects that aim to raise funds are progressively increasing. A perfect congregation for housing such projects is a launchpad, where potential investors may choose to invest in projects, thereby getting some privileges based on the projects.

In the sequence of launchpads featuring IDO projects, BSCstarter is a community-oriented launchpad where community members are given the right to vote for the projects. If and only if the projects receive a prescribed number of votes, they will be listed on the platform for raising capital.

Developing a similar launchpad is all the more breezy with our white-label BSCstarter clone development. For detangling more information on this, strike us a call.

BSCstarter Clone
An All-Set-To-Launch IDO Launchpad Development Solution

BSCstarter clone is a straightforward solution for developing a launchpad that accepts personalizations to any extent. Apart from our launchpad development solution being customizable, we provide a scalability feature so as to adapt to future requirements.

With this ready-to-hit-the-marketplace decentralized launchpad development solution, you can launch the platform in no time and start flagging crypto projects to get listed for fundraising. If you are inquisitive to know in particular about the customizations, our team is accessible immediately.

Our Clients

BSCstarter - A Paraphrase

BSCstarter is an exclusive launchpad for bootstrapped crypto projects built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSCstarter is a fully-decentralized and community-based launchpad that helps potential projects to acquire capital.

This launchpad doesn’t demand any kind of vetting process like KYC, thereby sticking to the term “decentralized.” Once the projects are listed on the launchpad, community members or investors can deposit funds in terms of the launchpad’s native tokens.

As per BSCstarter, community members can participate in voting if they own at least 1000 native tokens. For a project listed on this launchpad to get approved, it must receive more “Yes” votes than “No” votes alongside at least a 10% of the total native tokens.

If you are engrossed in developing such a beneficial launchpad, then consider customizing our BSCstarter clone.

Get Native Tokens Developed For Your IDO Launchpad From Us

Our BSCstarter clone development includes creating native tokens with which investors will be able to fund the projects. Our developers will sit with you and get inputs for developing the native tokens for your BSCstarter like launchpad.

You are free to put down the name, symbol, total number of native tokens, and we’ll confine them to it.

Splash Spot Light On Crypto Projects By Launching BSCstarter Like Launchpad

What Are The Notable Benefits Of Native Token Holders?

In a fundraising platform like BSCstarter, investors must purchase the native tokens and invest those native tokens into the projects of their choice. The purpose of native tokens doesn’t just stop with investments, but they have some sheer benefits trailing behind. The one who holds the native tokens are referred to as Holders. Below, you’ll spot the list of benefits the holders can bag if you create fundraising launchpad like BSCstarter.

  • Participation In IDOThe crucial and obvious benefit of holding native tokens is the ability to shell out the tokens in projects listed.

  • Voting PowersAs of BSCstarter, holders who manage to stake at least 1000 native tokens will automatically be eligible to vote for the projects.

  • Earn BNBEvery sale happening on the original BSCstarter platform will incur a 2% BNB fee. In which case holders who stake a minimum of 1250 native tokens will earn rewards from the BNB fees.

  • Discounts Holders who have 1250 or more native tokens can be given a 10% discount on the project’s presales event.

You can provide such appealing benefits to your platform users as well by incorporating similar perks into our white-label BSCstarter clone.

Core Features Of The BSCstarter Like IDO Launchpad development solution

  • KYC Before heading to accessing the platform, users of the platform will have to take up the KYC formalities.

  • Token Listing The token listing feature lets project owners list their tokens without hassles.

  • Swift liquidity We will employ the Automated Market Maker in the launchpad platform development solution, which ensures users get liquidity instantly.

  • Quick trading Project owners can list their projects on the platform and start receiving funds for the same. Overall, there is zero waiting time from listing to raising funds.

Briefing On IDO Launchpad Development On BSC

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a reliable and popular blockchain network next to Ethereum. BSC is an upgraded version of Binance in terms of fewer gas fees, faster transactions, and environment-friendliness.

Decentralized launchpad development on BSC is effective due to the low transaction cost and fast transaction rate. Most of all, BSC has an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), thereby adding more feathers to its cap. EVM does the job of executing smart contracts and provides additional functionalities to the Ethereum blockchain, thereby ensuring users have a smooth experience.

Since BSC has EVM, it is obvious that BSC can also support every Ethereum-based project.

Benefits Coupling The IDO Launchpad Development On BSC

Catch a glimpse of the benefits rendered by developing your IDO launchpad on BSC.

  • SecuritySecurity will be the key concern for your launchpad users. Our BSCstarter Like IDO Launchpad Development solution is drenched with pioneering security features, which will remove potential threats.

  • Integrated WalletThe availability of an integrated wallet makes it all the more simple for investors and project owners to store/transfer funds.

  • Receptive Back-EndOur IDO launchpad solution has a highly responsive back-end that ensures a seamless user experience throughout.

Create Fundraising Launchpad Like BSCstarter By Partnering With Us

Why choose us for BSCstarter clone development?

Getting your launchpad platform development solution from us is rewarding in a variety of facets. Here is a stack of the advantages of developing your launchpad from us.

  • Experienced and intellect team

  • 360-Degree customizations

  • On-schedule project delivery

  • Rigorously-tested solutions

  • Continued tech support

Our Top 5 White-Label IDO Launchpad Development Solutions

Our team of blockchain developers is high on exploring the cryptoverse and hence has developed IDO launchpads on different blockchains. The below is a pile of our white-label IDO launchpad development solutions.

Tech Stack

Blockchain Network

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can. You can also come up with any other customizations in addition to including features.
After gaining clarity on your requirements, we will specify the time limit for completing the development process. And we’ll keep you updated regarding the development process throughout.
Yes, we do develop IDO launchpads on multiple blockchains apart from BSC. If you have plans to develop your launchpad in a different blockchain, feel free to discuss it with us.
Since you have the option to customize your launchpad entirely, you can also add the digital wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase, etc.

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