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A Fundraising Platform For Bootstrap NFT Games!

The gaming world is up for evolution. It is witnessing a major shift from Play to Win to Play to Earn with the advent of NFTs. The rise of games like Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades, AlienWorlds, etc., has laid a new path in the gaming world by enabling gamers to not just have fun but also earn money while playing.

This new feature in the gaming world has led to the launch of thousands of new games. However, in order to become a whale, these games need good financial support. This is why we need an Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad that helps entrepreneurs take off their gaming projects while offering the community in-game tokens/assets.

Appdupe offers an exemplary NFT gaming launchpad service to develop the IGO Launchpad that will put you on top of the charts in the NFT gaming space. The early adopters are always the ones who reap the maximum benefits. Keeping this in mind, get in touch with us ASAP and kick-start your journey in the NFT gaming world.

A Brief Introduction On The Initial Gaming Offering Fundraising Model

Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) is a fundraising model exclusively for the NFT gaming projects. It is a similar model to other prominent fundraising models in the crypto space like the ICO, IEO, IDO, etc. Breaking down the nature of IGO for you in simple terms: A new gaming project that is in need of funds to kick off enlists itself on an IGO launchpad. The investors do their research on the project, and if impressive, they participate in the IGO and get in-game assets/tokens in return for their investments. Over time with the growth of the project, the early adopters or the investors get to reap benefits from the assets they own.

Our Clients

Initial Gaming Offering Is The Need Of The Hour!

The era of blockchain gaming has already begun. Alongside it, the number of new gaming projects being launched is also skyrocketing. But, how do all these NFT games raise the capital to kickoff? This is where the advent of a new fundraising module exclusively for the NFT gaming industry pops in, The Initial Gaming Offering (IGO).

Although countless other successful fundraising modules and platforms already exist, they are not essentially centered on blockchain games. Thereby, it makes it a tough decision for gamers to list their games on those platforms. Also, the probability of the investors on these existing platforms looking out for DeFi projects is high compared to gaming projects. In order to mitigate these shortcomings, the NFT gaming launchpad development steps in and has been already registered as a success. Be a frontrunner in this booming sector by joining us for IGO Launchpad Development Services.

Various Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development Solutions We Offer

Get inspired by the best in the game. Appdupe brings you White-label NFT Gaming Launchpad solutions of the pioneers.

Salient Features Of Our IGO Launchpad

Compatibility We ensure to build you a White-label NFT Gaming Launchpad that is compatible with all the prominent blockchains like Ethereum, Cardano, Binance, Polygon, etc.

Variant Staking ModulesProvide a fair ecosystem to the users by creating variant staking modules that enable all users to participate in the IGOs.

Automated Liquidity PoolEnable an automated liquidity pool to your NFT gaming launchpad, thus allowing investors to add funds to the pools while generating yields in return.

Digital Wallet Integration Bestow the investors with an option to integrate a crypto wallet of their choice with the launchpad.

Anti-Scam MeasuresInduce trustability to your white-label NFT gaming launchpad by integrating anti-scam measures to track proxy patterns, blacklists, etc.

Cross-Chain SwapStand out in the world of blockchain gaming with Gaming token launchpad development where users can trade tokens across blockchains seamlessly.

Create A Native Token For Your Initial Game Offering Launchpad

A native token is an inherent digital currency for your IGO launchpad. By launching a native token for your platform, you enhance the user experience and also ignite the growth of your launchpad in a myriad of ways. A native token predominantly plays a key role in attracting contributions to the liquidity pool of your platform. It also can be used as a governance token providing the token holders the power to vote on gaming projects that can be listed on the launchpad. Also, it can be made the primary token for all transactions, which in turn also increases the liquidity of the token and thereby the value. Connect with us and launch a native token along with your NFT Gaming launchpad.

Perks Of Initial Game Offering

Initial Game Offering is a new fundraising method that is exclusively concentrated on the NFT gaming sector. This fundraising medium brings in countless benefits attached to it for the play to earn gamings that are being launched now. A few of these perks would be,

  • Sheds light on new gaming projects

  • Helps entrepreneurs to raise the required capital to kickstart their project

  • An easy and speedy funding process

  • Backs efficient NFT based gaming projects

A Series Of Other NFT Gaming Launchpad Services Appdupe Has In Store For You

Apart from Gaming Launchpad Development Services, Appdupe has a lot more services to offer. Have a glimpse of a few of them.

Our NFT Gaming Launchpad Development Process

  • Devise A PlanOur team coordinates with you to devise a roadmap to develop an NFT gaming launchpad as per your requirements.

  • Whitepaper DraftingOnce the roadmap is clear, our writers start drafting a whitepaper for your project that bestows a detailed description, tokenomics, and vision of the project for the investor’s information.

  • Design & DevelopmentA website that exhibits the goals and objectives of your fundraising platform is designed and developed by our team.

  • Native Token CreationWe create a native token for your launchpad. Going forward, this token will be the primary means of a transaction within the platform.

  • MarketingOnce the website, tokens, and the whitepaper is ready to go, we start announcing to the world the launch of your platform by running multi-channel marketing campaigns.

  • Token ListingWe help you list your native tokens on various other prominent fundraising platforms to raise capital for your project.

  • Launchpad DevelopmentOnce the required funds have been raised, our developers will kickstart the IGO launchpad platform development.

Why Choose Us For NFT Gaming Launchpad Services?

  • Expertise Over years of meticulous research and development on blockchain technology, gaming, and NFTs, we have grown out to be a team of highly skilled professionals in the arena of NFT gaming launchpad development.

  • Post-Launch SupportYes, our IGO launchpad development services include the support even after the launch of your NFT gaming launchpad. You can fall back on us any time you come up with a query, and we will be happy to help resolve it for you.

  • Rigorous Testing ProcessWe run countless tests on every level of the development process of the launchpad. This is done to ensure it offers a seamless experience to your users.

  • Secure PlatformWe build you a secure platform that will win the trust of the gaming and NFT enthusiasts on your platform.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our experience of working on myriads of blockchain projects has groomed us to be experts on most of the prominent blockchain networks like Ethereum, TRON, Binance SmartChain, Cardano, Polygon, EOS, Tezos, Solana, etc.
Yes, our Gaming Launchpad Development Services are inclusive of creating a native token. Share your requirements, and we will get it done for you.
In addition to Initial Game Offering, we also help develop Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Initial DEX Offering (IDO), Initial NFT Offering (INO), etc.
The cost for the development of the IGO launchpad depends on the features that will have to be integrated as per your requirements. Thereby, contact us and share your requirements to get a quote for your project.
There is no need to be worried about this matter as we sign a non-disclosure agreement and ensure all the details you share with us are safe.

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