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Kucoin Clone Script
Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like KuCoin Today!

Revolution is an understatement to describe the chronicles of crypto currency in the decade. Since its inception, it has captivated investors worldwide with its decentralized approach and natural security features that seem to strike off the burden of the volatility of the physical currency. With internet intrusion reaching unprecedented heights, the popularity and usage of cryptocurrencies are only tipped to expand perennially. But one must be vigilant enough not to miss the interconnected difficulties of the use and deployment of these virtual currencies, which was indefinitely solved by the emergence of cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Kucoin Clone Explained

The KuCoin clone is one such intuitive cryptocurrency exchange platform that’s revitalized with the goodness of the Singaporian crypto major KuCoin and an inventive array of groundbreaking security features.

The proficient solution is deliberately devised to deliver a seamless crypto exchange experience. At Appdupe, we present you with our stunning KuCoin clone that can be colossally customized to imitate the best of leading exchange platforms that’s sure to ascend your entrepreneurial efforts. Connect with us to know more!

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Security Features of Kucoin Clone

  • Escrow WalletsSupersize your business traction as any transfer is mediated through the exponentially secure escrow wallets, releasing the ordered cryptos directly into the user wallets.

  • DDoS MitigationEstablish adequate protection of your target and relay networks by engaging the ingrained DDoS mitigation systems, making the denial-of-service attacks defunct.

  • CSRF ProtectionMalicious links from various sites are eliminated the moment they are detected by integrating the cross-site request forgery protection tools into the exchange platform.

  • SSRF ProtectionUnauthorized commands of all kinds in the KuCoin clone are outrightly rejected as it is conferred with the side-server request forgery protection system.

  • Jail-LoginMultiple levels of proof and corroboration are made mandatory to access the crypto wallet in order to ensure maximal security.

  • Two-Factor AuthenticationSuperimpose unassailable security into the staple wallet authentication system with a two-factor verification module that’s executed via email, SMS, phone call, etc.

White-Label KuCoin Clone App Development

Our highly popular KuCoin clone is a complete white-labeled solution that makes branding and rebranding of the exchange platform in your name a piece of cake. Your innate business identities like logo, theme, color, font, UX design, and the home page can be infused into the KuCoin clone to metamorph into a crypto exchange app that resonates with your exact business ideologies and vision.

At Appdupe, we accredit astonishing levels of customization of our KuCoin clone as it could be tweaked at any scale. The end result is a product where even the minutest part mirrors the business nuances employed in the cryptocurrency market. A clear winner in every aspect!


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What's Unique with Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
like KuCoin?

Revolution is an understatement to describe the chronicles of crypto currency in the decade. Since its inception, it has captivated investors worldwide with its decentralized approach and natural security features that seem to strike off the burden of the volatility of the physical currency. With internet intrusion reaching unprecedented heights, the popularity and usage of cryptocurrencies are only tipped to expand perennially. But one must be vigilant enough not to miss the interconnected difficulties of the use and deployment of these virtual currencies, which was indefinitely solved by the emergence of cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Swift Registration

Users can storm into the app in a matter of seconds through smart login credentials and initiate a trade process.

Multiple Trading Accounts

With the aid of a unified dashboard, users can access different trading accounts for various purposes in the platform.

Review Order History

Individual user accounts are embedded with the feature of instantly retrieving previous transactions and trading history.

Advanced Analytics

Reasoned trading decisions are made a commonality as business owners are provided with all vital information on various business metrics through visually appealing reports.

Real-Time Statistics

Trading over the exchange platform is now a cakewalk as users have access to live updates about exchange attributes like fluctuations, currency valuation, rate, market trends, etc.

360° Support

You don't need to be a tech wizard or a crypto expert to handle the business operations as our in-house technical crew is available to proffer extensive support anytime at the touch of a button.

A Wide Array of Ingrained Features

Centralized Dashboard

Right after registration, users are proffered with an advanced dashboard that gives them a wall-to-wall view over the operations taking place in the app.

Live Statistics

The crucial attributes like crypto valuation, exchange rate, the status of coins are available to the user in real-time, encouraging reasoned trading decisions.


Users can willingly buy/sell cryptos from their wallet to other users uninterruptedly through the P2P exchange platform.

Launch Coins

Users are accredited to launch their own cryptocurrency by mentioning the essential characteristics like acceptable payment modes and allied details.

View History

Users can immediately access previous transaction history i.e., deposit, withdrawal, buy and sell history along with their records.

Performance Tracker

The list of most profitable orders and futile orders are presented to the users in the view of depicting real-time trends of the exchange platform.


Users are entitled to register tickets and raise disputes to attract the admin's intervention into problems between buyers, sellers, and escrows.

Admin Dashboard

Cumulating the control of the app's entire functionality, admins can ensure efficient management of the exchange platform at their fingertips.

User Management

Admins are authorized to access the entire details of the user base of the platform and can add/block any user for valid reasons.

Transaction Management

Crucial financial information like the total record of transactions over the platform can be tracked by the admin for verification.

Earnings Management

Commissions earned through transactions and the revenue generated from other streams are available as reports to the admin.

Currency Management

Admins can readily activate/deactivate any currency on the grounds of the market scenario and security reasons with pre-intimation to the users.

Content Management System

A masterful CMS is awarded to the admins to customize the platform's display content according to their preferences.

Order Management

Admins are permitted to approve/reject/remove orders based on the exchange platform's regulations to facilitate smooth transactions.

Wallet Management

Admins are responsible for assigning separate wallets for users and can access the details about wallet balance and transactions that took place.


To the user base of the exchange platform updated, admins can send the latest briefings on fluctuations, rate, currency valuation, the status of their order, etc., through notifications.

User Support

User queries and disputes can be resolved efficiently by the admin through a dedicated support section providing round-the-clock technical support.


Copytrader Solution

Suppose users don't want to immerse themselves in the highly stressful crypto environment yet wish to earn a profit, they can assign managers to indulge in trade representing the users. Investment made simple!

In-App Chat Feature

Skyrocket your user trust by connecting them with other sellers through a highly secure private communication channel where deals and negotiations can be fixed better as users can connect with sellers in real-time.

How does KuCoin Clone Exchange work?


Users are prompted to register with the platform by entering their essential details like email address, phone number, etc., to commence the trading process.


Once verified, users are assigned with individual wallets for the purpose of cryptocurrency storage.


Users can now either post their requirements or choose a deal from existing advertisements for their trading process.

Image placeholder

Buyers can evaluate a seller’s profile as the previous trade details, ratings, etc., are available.


If satisfied, buyers can then resolve their queries directly with sellers through the in-app chat feature and proceed to payment.


With the aid of a range of payment options, buyers can pay the aforementioned amount and send the transaction proof to the seller.

How to start cryptocurrency exchange like KuCoin?

Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchanges are considered a secure and private medium for the global selling of cryptos as they exhibit remarkable user privacy and the absence of fraudulence. Plunging into this lucrative business requires an all-encompassing exchange platform that’s competent enough to execute crypto operations seamlessly.

Our KuCoin Clone is one such powerful solution devised to deliver massive performance even under tedious working attributes. A definitive choice for everyone willing to make big in this niche!


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Our Process of Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Development

Collect client requirements to devise a full-blown development plan.

Based on the geography of incorporation of exchange, product installation is done with the jurisdictional alteration.

Integrate the ingenious crypto match engine.

Embedding the platform with various blockchain integrations.

Ramping up the security with several tools.

Listing of tokens/coins on the platform.

Launch the P2P exchange platform.

Why Choose Us for Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Development?

You collaborating with the numero uno company in mobile app development comes with its inherent perks. Take a look at some of the reasons why our illustrated clients choose us to get the job done.

  • Experience and ExpertiseExceeding over a decade of excellence in cryptocurrency exchange development solutions, we employ only the finest of our developers to create your application.

  • High-SecurityRolling the already-secure app architecture with additional security features, we maintain the cryptocurrency exchange platform's pristine, making it world-class.

  • 360° SupportWe confer our clients with comprehensive support at every touchpoint of the development process extending even after post-deployment anywhere.

  • Robust DevelopmentOur holistic approach to the cryptocurrency app development process ensures tremendous performance and an ability to handle legions of concurrent users and transactions.

  • Affordable CostWe understand that a more significant part of our clients is entrepreneurs; Hence, we proffer top-notch P2P crypto exchange solutions at a killer price without compromising quality.

  • On-Time DeliveryWe are someone who walks the talk as we always manage to deliver the KuCoin clone application on or before the mutually agreed deadline.

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Build a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that’s revered by everyone.

Hire our Cryptocurrency Exchange Developer

Much like cryptocurrency itself, we too share a lot in common- Robustness, global reach, and universal appeal. Our ingenious developers express innate experience and expertise in churning out well-acclaimed peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform development solutions that are centered on a set of genuine values- Momentous security, uncompromising privacy, and an unwavering commitment to proffer superlative crypto exchange experience. Hire our master developers to give life to your crypto dreams!

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You can become a fully operational business owner in the shortest time possible as our KuCoin clone can be launched in a matter of days.
With integrations such as affiliate programs, liquidity API, trade on binance, margin trade, etc., your business can scale big in a short time.
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