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Elevate Your Business With Effective Discord Marketing

Discord is a VoIP chat platform where gamers, influencers, NFT projects, crypto enthusiasts, brands, and anyone can build a community and engage with their members. Although it is not a very popular platform compared to the giants like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it has its own unique features that make it the favorite platform for brands looking to create a large and engaging community. With fool-proof marketing campaigns, Discord can yield businesses a vast reach. The features like adding roles to the community members, creating different discussion groups, etc., helps community owners moderate the members and thus create a friendly ecosystem for all. Know how this amazing platform can be used to elevate your business.

Appdupe crafts a curated marketing strategy that is well suitable for your niche. We run holistic campaigns that cover every corner of your sales funnel like brand awareness, lead generation, conversions, user acquisition, sales, and retention. We can help you do this by writing compelling copies, attractive pictures, and videos, making announcements, interactive posts, etc. Lately, most of the NFT projects have found a home in Discord due to its exemplary community-building feature. If you are a business looking out to build a large community and conduct interactions with them, connect with us and start your Discord marketing campaigns now.

Who Can Benefit From Our Discord Promotion Services?

Brands Brands can establish a strong community with their followers in Discord. Announcements on discounts and offers, upcoming events can all be made directly to the community. It is also one of the best ways to know the pulse of the community. Start building a community around your brand with our competent Discord marketing strategies.

Gaming CommunityDiscord was initially launched for gamers. It helps the gamers to communicate with each other while playing, work on strategies, live stream games, etc. The best part is it is a lite app, thereby not disrupting the game of the players in any case.

NFT & Crypto ProjectsAfter the gaming community, it is the NFT enthusiasts who have relished the benefits of Discord to the maximum. AMA sessions, NFT giveaways, announcements on the launch of the new collection of digital assets, community programs, and more other interactive events are held on the social platform by NFT and crypto communities. Grab our Discord marketing services and let fly your NFT projects.

Our Clients

Perks Of Employing Our Discord Marketing Channel To Your Crypto Project

  • Community Building A Discord Marketing Company like us helps you in building a huge and loyal community for your business in Discord. This can be achieved by hosting targeted social discussions bringing together like-minded people.

  • Networking In addition to building a loyal community, effective discord marketing strategies can enable you to network with similar businesses on partnerships, collaborations, and more.

  • Quick Customer Services Consumers today don’t prefer long waits to get their queries resolved. We will help you create a dedicated server to handle customer requests where you can provide answers to all their queries instantly.

  • Branding We will help you share the story of your brand straight to the clients with attractive images and videos on your Discord channel.

Get Started With Our Discord Marketing Services Now!

Why Are Brands Opting For Discord Promotion Services?

Lately, Most of the brands, games, NFT projects, and crypto projects tend to concentrate more on discord marketing. Although Discord does not have any in-built features that help advertise products, it’s been opted by gamers and NFT enthusiasts widely for the sole reason of building a community. It gives the opportunity to the brands to stay close to their consumers and study their expectations and needs if they successfully try and build a healthy community and establish different channels for them to express their thoughts on the crypto project or the game. The better you know your consumers, the better plans you can craft. So connect with us, and let's build you a huge community in Discord and uplift your business.

Discord Marketing Services

A Quick Glance At Our Discord Promotion Services

  • Dedicated Server For Your BrandFirstly, we create a dedicated channel for your brand with different channels, topics, categories, and roles. We can either help you build one from the existing templates or from scratch. The choice is yours.

  • Set Up A StoreFrontWe will create a storefront to list your games or NFT collectibles. The daily reports and metrics of the sale will be analyzed, and your storefront will be customized accordingly by our team.

  • Invite JoineesWe start inviting new joinees to your Discord server, and to do it; we will organize attractive giveaway and incentive programs.

  • Post Attractive ContentsWe will post different types of posters, designs, and copies that will keep your community engaging and will tempt them to be more interactive in the group.

  • Data CollectionThe analytic data behind every post will be recorded and analyzed to come up with more interactive posts in the future.

  • Promote In Like-Minded CommunitiesOur Discord marketing team will find like-minded NFT or gaming communities and promote your server there.

  • Customer QueriesA dedicated server to handle the queries of the consumers will be created. By doing this, you can reply to your customers instantly.

  • Host EventsHosting events can attract a huge flock of users to your server. We will plan and organize events that are in line with your niche.

A Curated Strategy For Your Business Awaits You

Our Result-Driven Discord Marketing Approach

Our Discord channel marketing or Discord marketing for NFT projects is an amalgamation of a series of steps.

  • 1

    To begin with, we understand your project through research and analysis.

  • 2

    And then, we create a new Discord server for your NFT generative arts or gaming project.

  • 3

    Once the server is developed, we create different channels to guide the audience into the type of conversation they are looking for.

  • 4

    We then come up with creative and interactive posts that build a bond between the consumers and the brand.

  • 5

    To increase the user engagement on the server, we start organizing events, quizzes, giveaways, etc.

  • 6

    In the meanwhile, we collaborate with other well-established and like-minded communities to promote your server.

  • 7

    We also ensure to keep track of the analytic reports and keep studying your consumers. So, we can devise better strategies.

Discord Promotion Services

Why Choose Us For Discord Marketing Services?

There are a few reasons why you should opt for us as your Discord marketing agency. The highlighted ones of them would be our expertise, experience, result-driven strategies, our track record in this space, etc. If you are looking for something apart from the above-mentioned list, we are a team who listens to you, understands your needs and niche, curates the marketing campaigns as per your requirements, and presents you with a quicker result in terms of both numbers and quality. Above all, we are not just a Discord marketing company, but we can also help you with other marketing campaigns like social media ads, PR, Telegram marketing, etc. In simple terms, a 360-degree solution. Connect with us now, and let’s start devising a winning strategy for your business.

Build A Moderated Community On Discord And Win Your Customers Over

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Our services range over a wide variety of businesses. The services include Discord Marketing for Brands, Discord Marketing for Generative NFTs, Discord Marketing for NFT Collections, Discord Marketing for NFT Projects, Discord Marketing for Crypto Projects, etc.

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you ensuring your business idea is safe with us at any cost.

The marketing strategy is unique for each business. Call us and share your idea and we will curate a plan accordingly and quote you with respect to the strategy devised for your business.

The simple answer to this question would be as long as you want us to support you. It depends on the plan we devise for your brand. However, we provide support until you need us.

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