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The current online games in the market vow to inundate players with incessant entertainment in tandem with earning money for every successful gameplay. Though many online games feature the earning model, their genuineness is out of the question. NFT games came into the scene as a replacement, assuring sheer entertainment and a secured earning model. As NFTs are basically a use case of blockchain technology, security is guaranteed since all the related information sits on the ledgers of the respective blockchain network and from then there is no possibility of security breaches.

The post-pandemic world has got more acquainted with online services, from food to entertainment to a greater degree. If you are capitalizing on this play-to-earn gaming market, you need to pay a close look into the current NFT gaming market, evolving trends, and the unique value propositions you can bring to the player’s table. To help gaming entrepreneurs like you, our game development team has built P2E NFT game solutions that are built on a pioneering tech stack and are bug-free. Over and above, we also have pre-built aka ready-made NFT gaming platform development solutions that are versatile to any customizations.

What Is The Hypothesis Behind Play-To-Earn (P2E)?

The play-to-earn model is already an existing gaming model in regular games like casinos, card trading, etc. However, the NFT-backed P2E model is what has become a matter of moment for online gaming freaks as gaming assets inside the game are NFTs, and when owned, they can be monetized. NFTs hold a certain level of rarity, and the hype for grabbing them will be common among players.

P2E NFT Games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, etc., feature gameplays that will let players invest in in-game assets and then sell them further. Initially, players will have to buy the avatars, which are themselves NFTs, and other gaming assets to start the gameplay. As players keep progressing to further levels, they can trade their in-game assets. Additionally, upon successful completion of levels or probably objectives, they will get rewarded with certain in-game assets or NFTs.

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Types Of P2E NFT Game Development We Can Deliver

Action & Adventure

Action and adventure games can never go out of trend among players. The in-game assets in these action/adventure games include virtual avatars of players, weapons, special powers, etc. Our play-to-earn games on blockchain are customizable solutions that will completely let you choose the in-game assets.


Even today, arcade games never fail to cherish players since it reminds them of their good old childhood days. Arcade games are generally coin-operated games that are installed in malls and restaurants. We have introduced the P2E gaming model into arcade games to rekindle players' amusement and also let them monetize.

Board & Casino

We have transformed the regular Casino, and Board games into a money-making plus entertainment assured play-to-earn model. The avatars representing the players, their coins, scores, and every collectible is a monetizable asset.


We have ready-to-deploy NFT P2E battle games where players can purchase virtual creatures, indulge in different levels of battles, breed their avatars, and get rewarded for winning the battles. Each virtual avatar is distinct in its own way, and hence its rarity level will be high.

Fantasy Sports

We can also develop Play-to-earn NFT platform solutions for fantasy sports games like cricket, soccer, football, etc., on any preferred blockchain network. Our fantasy sports platform solution can be customized to add multiple leagues and tournaments to make it appealing to players.

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What Is The Working Model Of NFT P2E Games?

Play-to-earn games generating NFTs as rewards to players are controlled by exclusively-coded software called smart contracts. There are different technological stacks for developing smart contracts, and once developed, these smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain network. As far as P2E games are concerned, every functionality of the gameplay is coded into smart contracts, and whenever the player performs an action, the smart contract will execute the necessary reaction. For example, a player wins a battle, and he has to be rewarded. In this case, the smart contract will auto execute the function of reward generation.

Customizable Features Of Our P2E NFT Game Solutions

Customizable AvatarsPlayers will be represented by virtual avatars inside the gameplay. Players can customize the attributes of their avatars.

Crypto WalletIn-built crypto wallets let players sign in to their preferred crypto wallet account, and they can trade in-game assets.

Auction Players are allowed to sell their in-game assets to other players either on a fixed or auction basis. If the asset owner chooses the auction mode, they should input the initial price, auction start date, and expiry date.

Integrated MarketplaceWe custom-develop P2E gaming platforms that are integrated with a marketplace to facilitate the trading of in-game assets.

Search BarThe search bar comes in as great assistance for players in exploring the gaming assets. We’ll also integrate the search bar with a set of the latest search filters.

Players DashboardPlayers signed up for the platform will have their own dashboard where they can view their NFT gaming assets, previous transactions, etc.

MultilingualOur play-to-earn NFT platform solutions can be customized to any extent, and in that sequence, we can also tailor-make the platform to support multiple languages.

Our Range Of Ready To Launch Play To Earn Platform Solutions

  • Dungeonswap Clone

    Dungeonswap is a popular role-playing online game developed on the Binance Smart Chain that features different battles. There are multiple levels of battles, and players have to buy the platform’s native tokens to trade the assets. Our development team has introduced a similar version of this game in the name of Dungeonswap clone that can be personalized with features of your choice.

  • CryptoKitties Clone

    Another blockchain-based gameplay that features battles is CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties are the main gaming avatars (that represent the players) which will carry different attributes and hence, different levels of rarity. Our Cryptokitties is a customizable blockchain game that is incorporated with multiple features and is all ready to be deployed.

  • F1 Delta Time Clone

    F1 delta time is a blockchain-based and digital replica of formula 1 car racing. The cars, drivers, and other auto parts are NFT collectibles, which can be traded by players. Unfortunately, this game has been shut down due to license renewal issues. However, you can attract car race gaming freaks to your platform by customizing and launching our ready-made F1 delta time clone.

  • Evolution Land Clone

    Evolution Land is a metaverse gaming platform that is entirely governed by the DAO community. The game hosts different gameplays like battles, education, trading lands, constructing buildings, etc. Our Evolution Land clone is stacked with different gameplays and features that let players gain the perfect metaverse gaming experience.

  • Axie Infinity Clone

    Axie Infinity needs no introduction as this game is one of the money-making sources for gamers in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. Axie Infinity is a battle-centered P2E game where Axies are the avatars. Players who battle with other players and win the battle will be rewarded. We have a pre-developed Axie Infinity clone that has room for thorough customization.

  • My Crypto Heroes Clone

    My Crypto Heroes is also an RPG-style blockchain game with two gameplays, PvP, and PvE. There are 4 types of users, namely creators, warriors, farmers, and traders. The heroes can collect different in-game collectibles by completing battle objectives. The gained rewards or NFT collectibles can be sold in secondary marketplaces. We have come up with our very own customizable My Crypto Heroes clone that you can personalize and launch.

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What Are The Revenue Generating Sources Of P2E Games?

P2E NFT games are turning out to be a revenue-making source more than entertainment. There are ways in which players can monetize from Play-to-earn NFT-based games. Firstly, the well-known in-game asset trading, where gamers can sell their gaming assets to other players and receive the corresponding tokens. The next way is grabbing rewards through accomplishing gaming objectives. And additionally, players have the option to stake the platform’s native currency and get rewards for the time period they stake.

  • Plunge Into The Metaverse With Our Play to Earn Ethereum Gaming Platform Services

    Metaverse is gradually assuming shape with corporate supremos integrating it in their applications to keep users plugged in. Among the variety of metaverse-based applications, Play-to-earn games have the upper hand as it lets gamers experience a cardinal playing experience coupled with revenue-making options. Overall, metaverse gaming platforms aren’t the future, but they are already the new normal. Are you up for the metaverse? If yes, choose us for visionary play to earn game development services.

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How Do We Approach The Development Of Play To Earn Games On Blockchain?

  • Requirements Audit Our maiden step is about understanding and auditing your P2E NFT game development requirements. You can tell us the type of game and the in-game collectibles you want to make available for your users. Upon feasibility study, our developers will head to building your game in different phases.

  • In-Game Assets DevelopmentPost comprehending the in-game assets to be featured in the game, our blockchain game developers will start developing those assets (which are Non-Fungible Tokens themselves) in your preferred blockchain network.

  • Game DevelopmentFirst, we will analyze the type of game you want us to develop, and post, we’ll focus on the current NFT gaming market, the trends introduced, and, of course, perform competitor analysis. Based on the inputs we get and your requirements, we will prepare a prototype and add further specifications on the basis of iterations.

  • Marketplace Development & IntegrationThis is the phase where our developers will bring together the developed game and in-game assets with the marketplace by integrating all of them.

  • Testing & DeploymentOne final phase before we put up your platform for launch is the testing phase. Unit testing, module testing, and functional testing will be done to validate whether the game, marketplace, and assets work well together. Finally, performance testing will be carried out to measure the platform's reliability, scalability, and speed under different workloads. After end-to-end testing, developers will deploy the game on the platforms you specified.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There are many P2E games that provide the best gaming experience. And if you are particular about NFT-based play-to-earn games, then Axie Infinity, Cryptokitties, Dungeonswap, etc., are the trending games. To develop similar games, approach Appdupe, a Play to Earn NFT Games Development Company.
Players can earn money from NFT games in ways like trading the game’s NFT collectibles and staking the game’s native tokens.
Appdupe is the best P2E NFT game development company that has been providing ready-made NFT gaming platform solutions for its customers. They take your customization requests and implement them.

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