Paxful Clone - The Complete P2P Bitcoin Trading Solution

Proffer the power of superior payment security with a customizable and highly secured cryptocurrency exchange marketplace application that provides a wholesome Bitcoin trading experience. Now at an unbeatable price.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Paxful clone script - Launch a P2P Bitcoin Exchange Website Like Paxful

The emphasis on financial connotations of security and privacy has reached an astonishing adulation, thanks to the entry of cryptocurrency. The highly revered alternate payment system has long been plagued with its inherent difficulties in usage and trading. But the emergence of Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange platforms has metamorphosed the way Bitcoin tradings are done. The immense blocks of convenience and reliability have crowned P2P platforms as Go-To choice for buyers worldwide.

At Appdupe, we proffer the Paxful Clone- a superior Peer-2-Peer Cryptocurrency exchange marketplace on the lines of the market leader Paxful that’s engraved with world-class features, cumulatively conferring a seamless bitcoin trading experience. Connect with us to know more!


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Paxful Clone
- Explained

Paxful Clone is an intuitive peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform that facilitates easy flow of cryptocurrency across the world. Infused with the power of Escrow, it entitles users to buy, sell, exchange bitcoins, and other altcoins without a fuss. Armed with over 300+ payment options, including PayPal, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers, trading bitcoins has never been this easy. Scams and other fraudulent activities are non-existent, owing to the bewildering levels of security and privacy it offers. Besides staggering world-class protection, its features and user interface are sure to entice the international crypto buyers community towards your business. A Clen winner!

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Premium Features of our Paxful Clone

Trading Bot

Increase the probability of securing higher profits with the aid of in-app crypto trading bots.

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Cross Trading

Buying and selling bitcoins are made much simpler with the cross-trading feature in our Paxful clone.

Live Statistics

Reasoned trade decisions are encouraged with real-time statistics of valuation, fluctuations, etc.

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Multiple Payment Gateways

Our Paxful clone flaunts around 300+ payment methods to validate swift trading processes.

Multi-Lingual Support

Leverage a global user base with enabling the proceedings of the platform in multiple languages.

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Launchpad Integration

Our Paxful clone is integrated with a token launch platform to streamline automated P2P exchanges.

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Swift Match Engine

With harnessing the power of our ingenious match engine, buyers are promptly connected with bitcoin sellers.

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IEO Integration

Immediate Tradability is ensured as our Paxful clone is integrated with the Initial exchange offering.


Momentous exchange security is promised, as every single trade is facilitated by escrow in our platform.

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Security Features Of Our Paxful Clone Script

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Accredit an additional overtone of protection beyond the usual login details, virtually eliminating fraudulent activities.

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol

    End-to-End encryption of command and data connections authorize the transfer of files in a heavily secured manner.

  • Anti-Phishing Software

    Unauthorized access is relentlessly banished as our Paxful clone is bestowed with intelligent anti-phishing software integration.

  • SQL Injection Prevention

    Guarantee hyper-efficient data confidentiality and integrity with our realizable SQL injection prevention mechanism embedded in the Paxful clone.

  • Wallet Encryption

    Superimpose a palpable sense of trading privacy by over-the-top encryption of wallet with an undecodable passphrase.

  • GDPR Compliance

    Personal data and privacy of the stakeholders of the exchange platform are secured as our Paxful clone completely adhere to regulations of GDPR.

  • Firewall Integration

    Exponentially enhance your network security with our sturdy firewall software that effortlessly shields the trading platform from digital forgery.

  • kyc

    KYC/AML Verification

    Diligent trading is ensured by implicit verification of buyers and sellers of the platform in accordance with KYC and AML regulations.

  • SMS Verification

    Our Paxful clone transcends the connectivity constraints to inflict higher security standards through login via verification by SMS.

  • Update

    Consistent Software Updates

    Relevancy and smooth trading experience are sustained with a systematic update of softwares, ensuring the absence of bugs/glitches and minor fixable issues.

Launch a Paxful like Powerful P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in a matter of days!

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What will you get with our Paxful clone?

Treat your business with our wholesome package of the top-notch P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  • Android App

  • iOS App

  • Web development

    Web Front End

  • Centralized Admin Panel

  • Updates for Free of Cost

White-label Paxful Clone App Development

Our Paxful Clone is an all-encompassing, all-inclusive cryptocurrency exchange platform script that’s deliberately designed to propel lightning speed crypto trade at unassailable security. Being a white label solution, the Paxful clone can be immediately tweaked to resonate with your business sensibilities and rebranded with your logo and allied business identities. Its multi-compatibility asserts its functionality across mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, etc., with unwavering ease.

How does Our Paxful Clone Work?

When building your cryptocurrency payment gateway, our team follows a systematic development process to guarantee excellent results.

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    Users are prompted to enter their essential information and are registered shortly after KYC verification.

  • 2

    Choose Bitcoin Amount

    Users then enter the platform to choose the bitcoin amount and allied requirements.

  • 3

    Search Sellers

    By harnessing the automated matching engines' power, users are displayed with respective sellers for the trade.

  • 4

    Enquire Sales

    Users are accessed with the details of open orders, availability of sellers, payment modes they employ, and choose a prospective seller from the list.

  • 5

    Seller Details

    Users are conferred with seller's trade history and feedback ratings to zero on compatibility.

  • 6

    Begin Trade

    Users can start purchasing by choosing a seller and input the amount they expect to buy

  • 7
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    Payment and Confirmation

    Users can avail of the escrow service to directly contact the seller and confirm the requested amount of bitcoins.

  • 8

    Wallet Transfer

    The bitcoins are then transferred to the users' wallet in our Paxful clone.

Extensive Features of our Paxful clone

Swift Registration

Users can instantly register a user account into the exchange platform by specifying their email address and generate login credentials.

Profile Set-Up

Configuring user profiles is accredited to users as they can mention their preferences in currency, payment methods, etc.


KYC Verification

Through a user profile, users can authenticate their accounts by undergoing an automated KYC verification process.

Crypto Wallet

Pamper your users with a multifunctional wallet to store cryptocurrency and depict the wallet balance bought through our Paxful clone.

P2P Exchanger

Users are furnished with an automated P2P exchanging module that enables them to request an order, buy and sell cryptocurrency with incredible convenience.

In-App Chat

Embedding a communication channel for significant trade relations between buyers and sellers is done besides integrating third-party chat systems like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Payment Integrations

Keeping the universal appeal and reputation of cryptocurrency, we have bestowed our Paxful clone with many payment options like PayPal, UPI, etc.


Payments security and privacy are established with the escrow system mediating every bitcoin trade happening over the exchange platform.


Authorize your users to avail of uninterrupted support on technicalities and trade over a platform through an exclusive customer support field.

Reviews and Ratings

Sort out the seller community with badges plotting over the customer reviews that are entered right after a transaction, benefiting users to handpick the most suitable seller for their request.

Paxful Escrow Clone Script Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

User activity on the platform can be tracked effortlessly.

Trader Profiles can be viewed/blocked for valid reasons.

The transaction history of users can be willingly accessed.

Customer ratings and reviews can be overseen.

The wallet balance of traders can be monitored.

Trade operations of traders can be tracked instantly.

Trader Dashboard

Transaction history can be readily accessed.

Trade conversion rates can be tracked

Details of affiliate programs can be observed.

Advertisements and Offers can be checked.

Matching engine results can be audited.

Trader’s online status can be monitored.

Amass Global User Base with a Universally Appealing P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform


Why is our Paxful Clone regarded as a World-Class Solution?

At Appdupe, we have reiterated the impetus of cryptocurrency trading with a reliable Peer-to-Peer bitcoin exchange platform in the form of our Paxful clone. Laden with best-in-industry features, it is infused with outlandish security and privacy systems that conserve crypto trading pristine. An inventive clone script that resonates with inherent business sensibilities is what sets us apart from the rest.

Paxful Clone Mobile App Development Services

Benefits of choosing our Paxful Clone

Secure Transactions

Instant transactions at a ramped up security is a defining feature of our Paxful clone.


Cutting-Edge Tech

The multi-functionality of the P2P crypto exchange platform is instituted by deploying breakthrough technology.

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Swift Processing

Cryptocurrency can be bought anywhere anytime all over the world at a superfast speed.


Release the stress of the P2P platform by integrating the services of escrow.

Anti-Scam Tech

Our Paxful clone is strengthened with anti-scamming technology that effectively chucks out fraudulent and hacking activities.

High Commission

Being a highly remunerative solution, the Paxful clone enables you to get paid for every transaction and trading taking place over your platform.

Why start a Bitcoin exchange platform like Paxful?

Bitcoin Exchange Software

Connecting Solution

A Paxful clone isn’t holder of any crypto-assets and rather a superlative exchange platform that connects global buyers with sellers. Less is the risk; more is business stability!

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software


You don’t need to be a regular cryptocurrency enthusiast to indulge in trade in our platform. The intrinsic customer-centric user interface and features arms anyone from a novice to an expert to undertake effective crypto trade.

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By bestowing the platform with more than 300 payment methods, massive amounts of transaction fees are assured, resulting in your business's healthy running.

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Quick Order Processing

Bitcoin transfers between wallets are relentlessly fast, and users can immediately deposit cash in any account. The transaction history helps them keep track of their purchases.

Bitcoin Exchange Website Script

Ramped Up Security

Users can further elevate their account security through the two-factor authentication and integrate the highly popular biometric verification to access their wallet.

Monetization Options in Our
Paxful Clone Script

We have devised the Paxful Clone with the ability to harness multiple revenue streams concurrently.

Trading FeeFor every transaction taking over your P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform, a predetermined percentage of the amount is paid to you as the mandatory trading fee, which forms your business's predominant revenue source.

Listing FeeApp owners are entitled to charge a substantial amount as a listing fee for the integration of new cryptocurrency into your P2P trading platform. The imminent normalization of cryptos promises the launch of more currencies like Bitcoins in the coming years.

Deposit & Withdraw FeeBy monetizing some of your platform's most basic operations like depositing and withdrawing, you can expect tremendous returns of profits from the business.

What’s stopping you from launching the crypto P2P platform of the future?


How to Startup and Launch a Crypto Exchange Platform and App Like Paxful?

Developing a full-fledged Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch seems like a daunting task, but it’s not if you are going for Appdupe’s comprehensive Paxful clone. Diligently conceptualized, stunningly designed and innovatively developed, it is your tried and true solution for launching your crypto exchange platform like Paxful. Connect with us to know more!


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Why choose Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services?

Being the leaders in cryptocurrency exchange app development, we proffer you with an immersive solution that will entice users across the world and leverage the global receptibility of Bitcoins.

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Expert Developers

Hire our Cryptocurrency Exchange Developer

Our in-house team of inventive developers work in tandem with the crypto industry experts to ideate, design, develop, and test your dream P2P bitcoin exchange platform that’s backed up by a robust source code. Customizing the app to level that anything and everything in your app mirrors your app vision and expresses your ingrained market awareness. With experience exceeding a decade, we have mastered the art of conferring our customers only with top-class apps and platforms. Get in contact with us to start your crypto journey now!


Aggregating revenue is made easy as you can get paid through commissions, transaction fees, promotion fees, third-party advertising, etc.

Depending on a plethora of factors such as features to be integrated, tech stack to be deployed, and required customization, the cost varies from project to project. Connect with our Experts to know the exact cost of development.

You can become a fully operational business owner in the shortest time possible as our Paxful clone can be launched in a matter of days.

With integrations such as affiliate programs, liquidity API, trade on binance, margin trade, etc., your business can scale big in a short time.

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