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Why Do You Need To Launch A Bitpay Like Crypto Payment Gateway?

Cryptocurrency-based payments are gaining prominence all over the world. This is because cryptos offer users with a variety of advantages, namely decentralization, transparency, low-fees, and anonymity.

In order to process transactions using decentralized currency, a crypto payment gateway like Bitpay is required. Through these platforms, users will be able to easily complete transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

We offer top-notch Bitpay exchange platform clones that are 100% whitelabel and customizable. Our solutions also offer cross-platform support and can be accessed from Android, iOS, and web!

Crypto Payment Gateway Development Is The Need Of The Hour

There are many reasons why users prefer to opt for cryptocurrency-based transactions.

Bitpay clone


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others do not fall under the control of governments or central banks, thereby remaining immune to the effects of inflation and policy changes.

Bitpay clone


Records are maintained on blockchains in an immutable, chronological, and encrypted format. Hence, manipulating transaction records and creating fraud is next to impossible.

Bitpay clone

Low Costs

Cryptocurrencies enable users to connect and settle payments directly. This way, it eliminates the role of middlemen and allows users to save big on costs.

Bitpay clone


When transacting using cryptocurrencies, users are not required to share their private details, thereby allowing them to protect their identity and settle payments in complete anonymity.

Bitpay clone

Cross-border Transfer

Initiating international transactions with cryptocurrency is very easy and hassle-free. Moreover, no additional costs are incurred due to currency exchange and other irrelevant factors.

A Bitpay like crypto payment gateway is required to facilitate transactions in cryptocurrency. These are exclusive platforms that allow users to settle payments in Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and other cryptos easily. Moreover, it removes the hassles of price volatility by displaying the predefined exchange rate to the user beforehand and distancing the user from associated risks. We are a top crypto payment gateway development company offering affordable and whitelabel solutions. Our platforms are built with the best technology and are highly secure.

Our Clients

Exemplar Crypto Payment Gateway Development Services

Our excellent team of developers use their experience and creativity to offer a holistic range of services.

Bitpay clone
Payment Gateway Development

Build a payment gateway that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and allows users to checkout without any hassles.

Bitpay clone
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Create a multi-currency wallet where users can store Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, and other cryptos with ease.

Bitpay clone
Mobile Application

Offer your services on any device and operating system. We help you build apps for Android, iOS, and web.

Bitpay clone
POS Extension

An end-to-end enterprise solution that allows your business to completely immerse into the cryptosphere.

Bitpay clone
API Integration

Expand the reach of your platform through the integration of strategic APIs that improve productivity and efficiency.

Bitpay clone
NFC/AR Functionality

Enhance the user’s experience with a variety of new-age functions like Near-Field Communication (NFC) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Feature-rich & Scalable Bitpay Clone Platform Solutions

Our platforms include the latest features that empower your business.

Quick Transactions

Our platforms support thousands of transactions every second

Instant Conversion

Crypto-to-Fiat conversions and vice-versa are made in an instant

Multi-currency Support

All types of cryptocurrencies and altcoins are supported

Blockchain Integration

Record transactions securely using decentralized ledger technology

Top-notch Security

Protect user’s data and funds against external threats

Wallet Integration

Users can consolidate all of their funds on a single wallet

Multi-lingual Support

Change the platform’s language and extend services to new market regions

Admin Dashboard

Admin can control all operations on the platform without breaking a sweat

Data Analytics

Collate data to understand user trends and market behavior better

Optimized Bitpay Clone That Supports All Cryptocurrencies

Unlock A New Level For Your Business With
A Crypto Payment Gateway like Bitpay

Combining a crypto payment gateway with your business is very beneficial and will help you explore new opportunities.

  • Universal Accessibility

    Payments can be made from any location, device, and operating system

  • Low Fees

    Users will enjoy low transaction fees and save big on costs

  • Next-gen Solution

    Cryptocurrency is pegged as the currency of the future

  • Instant Settlement

    Payments are settled instantly, and records are stored on the blockchain

  • Intuitive POS

    The POS platform can be upgraded with new features and integrations

  • Attractive Alternative

    Customer can settle payments discreetly without revealing their identity

Bitpay Clone Apps Built With Mastery & Insight

When building your cryptocurrency payment gateway, our team follows a systematic development process to guarantee excellent results.

  • 1

    Gather Requirements

    Our team will take note of all your requirements and recommend suggestions that closely align with your business.

  • 2

    Develop Platform

    The developers will build a platform with the best technologies and include all the integrations as well as customizations you requested.

  • 3

    Install & Launch

    Next, we will install the completed and bug-free software on your servers, and you can launch your business!

  • 4

    Update & Upgrade

    As your business grows, you can approach our team to update and upgrade the platform to take on new challenges and needs.

Develop Your Bitpay Clone Script With A Trusted And Proven Company

We excel at building apps and have built innovative solutions in the past for entrepreneurs around the world. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working with us.

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DDoS Protection
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A number of businesses and entrepreneurs will find a payment platform profitable. However, enterprises engaged in retail, restaurant, ecommerce, inventory, customer service, sales, and more will benefit tremendously from our solutions.

Yes, our crypto payments platforms are completely customizable, and they can be modified to support all types of ERC-20 and TRX20 tokens.

A payment platform, like any other business, requires licenses and permissions to operate. It is also advisable to check on the regulations pertaining to cryptocurrency in your country.

Yes, we have an extensive range of products and services that exclusively focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain development. Visit,, to learn more.

Our developers have many years of experience in blockchain development and are constantly upgrading their skillset. We excel in developing solutions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, Azure Blockchain, Corda, Open Chain, Startis, Stellar, and more.

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