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BSCPad Clone
Launch An IDO Launchpad On Binance SmartChain

Today decentralized projects are kicking off in a huge way. Thanks to their lucrative nature and the tonnes of benefits they bring along. However, the credit goes to the stalwart blockchain technology that boosts the tech industries to be more creative and innovative by providing them a safe, decentralized ecosystem. Despite all the positives, countless new projects find it difficult to see their sunshine, and that is where the role of Initial DEX Offering (IDO) comes into play.

An IDO launchpad is a decentralized fundraising platform that provides a stage for new crypto projects to establish their vision and ideas to the crypto crowd. These projects get both spotlight and capital by getting listed on the DEX launchpads. BSCPad is one such launchpad that ensures a safe space for budding decentralized projects. Launch a BSCPad clone with us and set up a new ecosystem that encourages aspiring projects to flourish in the market.

What Is A BSCPad Clone?

BSCPad clone is a pre-engineered solution for a decentralized token launchpad. It is a platform to stage new blockchain projects, also a place where investors of all kinds, from a whale to a small-time one, could walk in and buy tokens of projects they are interested in. This launchpad can be completely customized as per your ideas and can also be launched not just in Binance SmartChain but on a blockchain of your choice. Don’t wait anymore; give us a call, have a discussion with our crypto experts, know more in detail about how launching a BSCPad like launchpad can get you to better places in the blockchain world, and kickstart your project right away!

Our Clients

Breakdown On The Fundraising Process Of IDO Launchpad development on BSC

A step-by-step breakdown on how a project can raise money on BSCPad like launchpad.

  • The entrepreneur submits their documentation, whitepaper, and yellow paper to the decentralized fundraising platform for verification.

  • The project is analyzed by the community members of the launchpad and on their approval, the project will be awarded permission to get listed for IDO.

  • Round 1

    • The company can go for the pre-sale of IDO tokens anytime.
    • Simultaneously the investors stake enough coins to participate in the ‘Allocation Round’.
    • During the pre-sale, if the soft cap is reached, then the pre-sale is claimed to be successful.
  • Round 2

    • The unsold tokens in the first round are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the users who staked enough coins to get the guaranteed tiers.
    • The second round lasts until all the tokens are sold.
  • Locking Period

    • The tokens are locked for a 30-day period to avoid instant selling of tokens.
    • After the locking period, the tokens are listed for sale.

BSCPad - An Overview

BSCPad is the first decentralized fundraising platform on the Binance SmartChain. It is one of the most successful IDO launchpads that has helped countless decentralized projects to raise capital and increase liquidity by issuing tokens. The significant factor for the tremendous success of BSCPad is their creation of a fair ecosystem which most of the other IDO launchpads failed to do. In most of the IDO platforms, all the users who stake their coins don’t get to participate in the IDOs and buy tokens. But, BSCPad was the first to bring in the two-tier system, which provided a fair system for all users to get their allocation in an IDO with no lotteries of bots. It is a demonstrable fair system that rewards the users with incentives to hold tokens.

You can now build an IDO launchpad similar to BSCPad and attract a huge crypto audience in a short time. Contact us for more info about this development process.

Create A Native Token For Your BSCPad Like Fundraising Platform

At Appdupe, we not only help you with IDO Launchpad development on BSC but also aid you in developing a native token for your platform. The native token of the BSCPad platform is BSCPAD. This native token will be paired with the tokens of the emerging projects as a liquidity provider.

Also, the investors, in order to get an allocation to participating in an Initial DEX Offering, will have to stake a specific amount of the native tokens of your BSCPad clone platform. This, in turn, will both increase the value and liquidity of your native token, establishing your platform as a powerful player in the decentralized fundraising arena.

Launch An IDO Launchpad On The BSC Network Now!

Key Features Of BSCPad Like Fundraising Platform

VisibilityWe create a fundraising launchpad like BSCPad that acts as a stage in providing visibility to bootstrap crypto projects.

Fundraising ModelsOur BSCPad Like IDO Launchpad Development includes the integration of other top fundraising methods like IEO and ICO based on client requirements.

Authenticity ProviderThe BSCPad clone platform will run thorough vetting processes on emerging crypto projects before listing for IDO. Thereby only credible projects are listed.

Automated Liquidity PoolOur Fundraising Launchpad Development process includes the integration of an Automated Liquidity pool which enables investors to contribute to the liquidity pool and generate yields.

Digital Wallet IntegrationProvide your users with a myriad of options so that they can integrate the digital wallet of their choice with the IDO platform.

Multi-Tiered Staking ModuleCreate a fair ecosystem for the users by building a multi-tier staking module with our white-label BSCPad clone development solution.

Why Should You Opt For An IDO Launchpad Development?

BSCPad Like IDO Launchpad Development will aid you in contributing to the blockchain community in a considerable way. Also, knowing the fact that Initial DEX Offerings are undeniably the most effective way to raise funds in the decentralized ecosystem, it is expanding on a bigger scale. It is always wise to be a part of a growing economy like IDO launchpads as they can help you in several ways as a startup. There are still many more reasons why you should go for IDO launchpad development,

  • Large scale adoption

  • Community backed

  • Thoroughly vetted projects

  • Flexi-pools

  • Multi-chain compatibility

  • Permissionless

  • Multi-tier staking module

  • Inclusivity and fairness

Create Fundraising Launchpad Like BSCPad:0 time

Create Fundraising Launchpad Like BSCPad & Establish A Fair-Tier System Of Decentralized Fundraising.

What Makes Our BSCPad Like IDO Launchpad Development Unique?

Multi-Chain CompatibilityOur BSCPad clone solution is compatible with all prominent blockchain networks like BSC, PolkaDot, Ethereum, TRON, Polygon, etc.

Manage The Investor PoolThe admin can manage, create multiple investor pools and maintain the investor-pool token allocation ratio.

Multi-Tiered Staking Module Our BSCPad clone comes with a fair token allocation module that is powered by the multi-tiered staking module.

Instant Token AllocationOur IDO launchpad development on BSC allocates the tokens to the investors instantly on the launch of the IDO without any delay.

Investor DashboardThe users of the BSCPad like IDO platform will be presented with a dashboard where they can track all their investments.

Benefits Of Our Fundraising Launchpad Development Solution

  • Rapid Trading The investors can trade their tokens as soon as the sale for the crypto project has commenced with no further wait.

  • Instant LiquidityOur IDO launchpad is integrated with a liquidity pool that involves no slippage. Hence providing instant liquidity to the investors.

  • Minimal CostWe have built an IDO launchpad that incurs a minimal amount to deploy smart contracts for tokens. This factor can attract a huge number of investors to your launchpad.

  • Fair Fundraising ModuleOur decentralized fundraising platform is developed with a multi-tier staking module that creates a fair fundraising ecosystem.

Various Filters In Our White-Label IDO Launchpad

  • Upcoming ProjectsThe crypto projects that will be ready for an IDO launch soon will be listed here.

  • Recently Listed ProjectsThe newbie projects that have launched their IDO can be viewed here.

  • Trending ProjectsThe bootstrap blockchain projects that have been widely accepted by the investor community can be viewed here.

  • Lowest Price The projects that have listed their tokens for a minimal value can be witnessed here.

  • Highest Price The high-priced crypto projects can be witnessed here.

  • Most-viewedThe projects that have been viewed by more number of investors will be listed here.

Create A Decentralized Fundraising Platform On Binance Smart Chain Network

Why Choose Us For BSCPad Clone Development?

  • Expert ConsultationOur blockchain experts guide you through the process of a decentralized fundraising platform and the benefits you can reap by launching them.

  • Post-Launch SupportAppdupe’s journey with you doesn’t get over once the development process is done. We stay and support you and resolve youtube queries even after the launch.

  • Scrutinized Testing ProcessOur testing team runs countless tests on every stage of development to ensure that your BSCPad Like Fundraising Platform is free of bugs.

  • Secure Platform It is important to build a safe and secure platform for the users to invest in crypto projects listed on your launchpad. We help you with that in an extensive manner with smart contract auditing and many other processes.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our team is an expert in handling all the prominent blockchain networks like Ethereum, TRON, BSC, Cardano, Polygon, Polkadot, EOS, Tezos, Solana, etc.
Yes, it is an IDO launchpad, but at your request, we can help you integrate other fundraising models like IEO and ICO.
Yes, we do know the gravity of the role of a native token on a decentralized fundraising platform, and we develop a native token for your platform.
The cost to develop an IDO platform can vary based on your requirements. Connect with us and share your requirements to get a detailed quote.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure that your idea for a DEX platform is safe and secure with us.

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