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The year 2021 has etched the beginning of numerous purpose-driven crypto projects. Crypto projects ranging from gaming to finance have raised funds, and several others are in the pipeline to get their share of funds. As enhancements in the blockchain development industry keep spurring, innovative crypto projects will soon become a dime a dozen.

Support brainy crypto project owners, who come up with unique crypto projects, and nurture those projects by acquiring our launchpad development services.

Interestingly, there are different fundraising methods like IDO, IEO, ICO, IFO, ILO, IIO, etc., for crypto-backed projects. You can cherry-pick the type of fundraising model you want to incorporate into the launchpad, and we will abide by it.

What Is Actually A Crypto Launchpad & How Does It Work?

A crypto launchpad, in general, is a virtual dais for staging multiple crypto projects that are in their early stages. So, crypto project owners reach out to launchpad platforms to list their projects, familiarize their projects with potential investors, and eventually raise funds. Now, have a glimpse at the basic functionality of fundraising, irrespective of their type.

  • Crypto projects or startups start off by curating a white paper that explains the ins and outs of their projects. Usually, the white paper lists out the core purpose, the amount of funds needed, the time period of funding, etc.

  • Then they approach a launchpad platform that will serve as a catalyst for raising funds. The platform will examine the project in order to check its authenticity.

  • After the projects are approved, they will be listed on the platform, and investors will purchase the native tokens of the platform and invest them into a project of their wish.

  • Eventually, if the overall funds raised on the platform meet the funding requirements of the project, owners can head to further developments. If it is otherwise (i.e., the funds aren’t sufficient for the project), then the funds invested will be returned to the investors.

Our Clients

An Assemblage Of Fundraising Models For Crypto Projects

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)ICO is a kind of fundraising method where the investors will have to invest their share in terms of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, or the platform’s native tokens. In return, those investors will receive an equivalent amount of crypto tokens or utility tokens. We can provide you with an ICO launchpad.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)IEO is another variation in the fundraising methods. There is a chief difference between ICO and IEO. In the case of ICO, the project owners or the team will indulge in the fundraising process. Whereas in IEO, the third-party platform that hosts the projects will carry out the fundraising process.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)IDO is all about raising funds through crowdsale. However, unlike IEO, the fundraising process is decentralized. Startups looking to collect funds for their forthcoming decentralized projects will list those projects on the platform that supports IDO.

Initial Farming Offering (IFO)IFO has its own set of differences when compared to other fundraising models. IFO is a decentralized fundraising method, where a pre-sales event will happen. Interested investors can participate in the pre-sales and invest their share. A notable thing in IFO is that investors are required to contribute to the liquidity pool. The type of token will differ from platform to platform. For example, in Pancakeswap, users must contribute to the liquidity pool in the form of token pair(s).

Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) ILO is a decentralized fundraising method where the investor or buyers will sell their tokens. Decentralized platforms supporting ILO will have an in-built AMM (Automated Market Maker), which ensures that the order requests (buying and selling orders) are matched swiftly since investors have to contribute to the liquidity pools. The ones who contribute to the liquidity pools will receive bonus tokens in return.

Initial Insurance Offering (IIO)The IIO fundraising method lets investors fund the projects and also acquire insurance for their assets in order to prevent them from market fluctuations. Helmet.insure is an example of a platform that provides security for the BSC assets. This platform runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and lets users choose the type of insurance policy they want.

Initial NFT Offering (INO)These days, NFTs have become a familiar sort of investment and don’t need any introduction. INO is a fundraising method exclusively for upcoming NFTs. The ones who create NFTs (belonging to different forms) can opt for INO so as to get funds for the development of their NFTs.

Initial Game Offering (IGO)One of the latest trends in the cryptoverse is NFT-backed gaming platforms. Investors can invest in such crypto gaming projects through different launchpads. Participants or investors will tuck in benefits like access to special in-game features or discounts. GameFi, Enjinstarter, etc., are the popular launchpads for IGO.

Board Upcoming Crypto Projects That Needs To Raise Funds With Our Launchpad Development Solutions

Features Available In Our White-Label Crypto Launchpad

Know Your Customer (KYC)Validation of the users’ identity is the first step and for that, the KYC procedure is carried out.

Multiple Fundraising MethodsOur crypto launchpad development solution can be molded to raise funds based on different methods like ICO, IDO, IEO, etc.

Automated Liquidity PoolsThe platform provides prompt liquidity for traders. It’s possible since the platform requires its users to deposit liquidity tokens as one of the initial steps.

Compatibility Our launchpad solution is compatible with different blockchain networks, and hence you can choose a blockchain technology of your choice.

In-Built Digital WalletTo aid traders in facilely storing their cryptos, the launchpad platform has an in-built digital wallet. Moreover, you can tell us the type of wallet you want to add to the platform.

Multi-Tier Staking ModuleThere can be multiple rounds of funding based on the total number of tokens staked on the platform.

How Do We Develop White-Label Launchpad Solutions?

  • Stage 1
    Formulating Your Ideas
    We commence off with contemplating your requirements for developing the launchpad. We will hear your requisites carefully and you can share with us the specifications or customization preferences.

  • Stage 2
    Design And Development
    This is one of the key stages in the launchpad development process. Our back-end developers will look after implementing the requirements you stated in the first stage. And our front-end developers will kick-off developing the client-side or user interface.

  • Stage 3
    Token Creation
    Generally, launchpads will have their own native tokens, which will be purchased by the participants of the crowdfunding. The native tokens purchased will be used for investing in the crypto project they prefer. We will create native tokens for your launchpad by jotting down the details like symbol, name, initial supply of the tokens.

  • Stage 4
    Testing And Launching
    Our testing team will indulge in meticulous testing to make sure that your launchpad is impeccable. Since we have ready-made launchpad development solutions, the launching span will be less in comparison to building your launchpad from head start.

Key Benefits You Can Offer By Deploying A Crypto Launchpad

  • Highly vetted projectsAny crypto project listed on the launchpad for fundraising will be verified and then will be made available to the investors. Hence, your launchpad will gain the trust of the investors.

  • PermissionlessThe nature of any decentralized crypto launchpad is openness. Any willing investor is free to pick up a project listed on the platform, purchase the native tokens and invest in the project directly.

  • Expansion of the crypto ecosystemBy letting crypto projects get listed on your launchpad and allowing investors to fund those projects, you chip in to expand the overall crypto ecosystem.

Seep Into The Cryptoverse By Availing Of Our Customizable Launchpad Development Services

We Provide Launchpad Development On Multiple Blockchain Networks

  • Build Your Launchpad On Ethereum The reliability and interoperability of Ethereum are the key characteristics that motivate you to deploy your launchpad on Ethereum.

  • Build Your Launchpad On Binance Smart ChainThe ability to stake tokens, low transaction fees, and the faster trading rate are the notable attributes of the Binance Smart Chain.

  • Build Your Launchpad On SolanaYou can deploy your launchpad on one of the fastest blockchain networks, Solana, which is paired up with benefits like faster transactions and notably lower transaction costs.

  • Build Your Launchpad On CardanoDue to the adoption of the proof of stake consensus, Cardano devours fewer gas fees. And it is evident that investors can stake tokens and get rewards.

  • Build Your Launchpad On PolkadotIf you are aiming to develop a cross-chain launchpad, then choose the Polkadot network since it allows interoperability.

Take A Peek At Our Launchpad Clone Development Solutions

Appdupe, a white-label launchpad development company, has been working on crypto and NFT projects for a long term. One among them is the launchpad clone development solutions. These launchpad clone solutions are pre-built ones bagging all the key features. Here is the list of our top-grade launchpad clone solutions.

  • BSCPad clone

  • TrustPad clone

  • Polkastarter clone

  • DAO Maker clone

  • BSCStarter clone

  • SolStarter clone

Let Us Know Your Customization Preferences For Building Your Launchpad

Reasons For Partnering With Our Blockchain Development Firm

  • Smart DevelopersWe have a clan of smart developers, and hence we come up with smart blockchain development solutions. Our developers make it a priority to pay attention to your customizations and implement the same.

  • Secured platformSecurity of data will be the maiden concern, and hence, we have integrated the launchpad with all the possible security features.

  • Multiple blockchain networksYour wish is our command. You can actually suggest our developers with the blockchain network on which your crypto launchpad development should be based.

  • Extended support We extend our tech support till the project comes to a close. And even if you want us to render support post-launch, we are ready to provide you with it.

The Tech Stack Behind A Robust NFT Crypto Launchpad

Know about all the technical specifications we can help with to build a launchpad.

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, we do develop your launchpad based on the fundraising (it can be IDO, IEO, IIO, or anything) method you prefer.
Absolutely! Native token creation falls under one of the stages while developing your launchpad. All you have to share with us are the name, initial supply, and symbol of the token.
Hey, we can tell you the cost of overall development provided you share with us your requirements. The major cost-influencing factors include the type of blockchain network and customizations.
Yes. We provide marketing services separately, which include promoting your launchpad on multiple channels and through influencers.

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