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Launch a Top-Notch P2P Crypto Exchange App with our WazirX Clone

Cryptocurrency is the torch-bearer of the digital revolution of the 21st century that has shredded the shackles associated with conventional currency. It’s super-fast, supremely secure and what’s not.

Modern startups operating in Fintech are exponentially successful, and entrepreneurs are looking for transcending the crypto wave into revenue with peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platforms. If you’re someone looking to hit the crypto ball out of the park, well, you are at the right place.

WazirX Clone Explained

WazirX Clone is a premier P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform script modeled on the lines of the top Indian crypto player WazirX. It employs a range of popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc., and facilitates buying and selling of them among a legion of users.

Intensified with momentous security levels, the WazirX Clone is an embodiment of first-rate features and delightful crypto exchange experience. It’s inherent high scalability denotes its ability to handle millions of transactions and concurrent users seamlessly. A go-to option in every sense!

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Highlighted Features of WazirX Clone

  • Margin TradingBorrowing funds and securing crypto assets is now a cakewalk as our WazirX clone facilitates margin trading at ease.

  • Multiple Coin SupportDon’t restrict your arsenal with Bitcoins. Our innovative P2P crypto exchange platform supports other cryptos like Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether, etc.

  • Real-Time PricingUsers are proffered with live price updates of the cryptocurrency, encouraging reasoned trading decisions and increasing trust on your platform.

  • Trading BotOur WazirX clone flaunts a crypto trading bot that automates buying and selling processing with an emphasis on high profitability.

  • Dispute ResolutionEffective resolvement of tokens/disputes between every stakeholder of the platform i.e., buyers, sellers, and escrows, are ensured by the admin’s immediate intervention.

  • KYC/AML VerificationEstablish zero tolerance to fraud by enforcing a mandatory verification of user identities following KYC regulations.

  • Payment Gateway IntegrationA versatile range of payment options, including PayPal, Amazon Pay, debit/credit cards, is available for users to buy cryptos in the platform.

  • IEO LaunchpadRaising capital by trading crypto tokens is offered and simplified with our IEO launchpad integration into the WazirX clone.

  • WalletConfer your users with a unique wallet for the purpose so as to facilitate bitcoin transactions from other users of the P2P exchange platform.

Security Features of WazirX Clone

Bitpay clone
Two-Factor Authentication

Our WazirX clone is forged with an unassailable two-factor authentication, including biometric verification besides the staple username and password.

Bitpay clone
Asymmetric Encryption

Confidentiality and non-repudiation of crypto transfers are asserted by employing the convenience of asymmetric encryption into the platform.

Bitpay clone
HTTP Authentication

Vulnerabilities and threats from any network connections are virtually eliminated by embedding HTTP authentication in our WazirX clone.

Bitpay clone
Email Verification

Access into the user wallet is authorized only after it is authenticated through email verification.

Bitpay clone
Escrow-enabled Wallet

Staggering sense of transaction safety is assured as every transaction is employed through an escrow wallet, and only after confirmation, cryptos are transferred to the user wallet.

Bitpay clone
Jail Login

The User wallet is immensely secured with multiple authentication attributes and verification arrangements.

Highly Secured WazirX Clone Softwarethat’s fit for Instant Launch

Leverage a global user base with our imaginative WazirX Clone available at an unbelievable price.

How does the WazirX Clone P2P Exchange Work?


Users are requested to register into the platform by entering their essential information like email address, phone number, and once registered; they are assigned with individual wallets.

Payment Options

Sellers can then post advertisements about their offering in terms of currency type, exchange rate, accepted payment method, limits, etc.


Buyers receive notifications about these selling offerings and pick the most suitable and compatible ad that matches their needs.

Image placeholder

Once the buyer confirms the transfer, a chat head appears and facilitates the negotiation between the two parties.


The buyer is then prompted to pay the stipulated amount through various payment options available on the platform.


In the event of the seller verifying the transaction, admins direct the escrows to release the requested amount of cryptos from their wallet to the user wallet instantly.

WazirX Clone App Development

Appdupe’s holistic approach to cryptocurrency exchange platform development is evident in our WazirX clone, fortified with supersized security tools and spectacular features, designed to unanimously proffer a superlative P2P crypto trading experience. Massive action is the word!

Stellar Features of our WazirX Clone

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Advanced Security Integrations
  • Push Notifications
  • Instant Access to Transaction History
  • Fully Encrypted In-App Chat
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Multi-currency Wallet

of Our WazirX Clone Script

  • Legion of Payment OptionsWith the number of payment options available exceeding 300, users are able to indulge in transactions almost by any method.

  • Independent P2P TradingBestow the absolute sense of freedom in exchanges as users can independently buy and sell cryptos without interruption by third-parties.

  • Multilingual SupportConsidering a global user base and innate universal acceptability of cryptos, we proffer our services in all major languages of the world.

  • Centralized DashboardsBy arming the business owners with a god's eye view on the platform's entire business proceedings, effective management is ensured.

  • Review and RatingsCorrective measures can be instituted as admins can access the user reviews and feedback on various sellers and the overall process.

  • Offline WalletsBesides the imperative online wallet, admins can secure the cryptos in an exclusive offline wallet during transactions.

  • Escrow-MediatedUsers need not worry about fraudulent activities as our WazirX clone processes the transactions through escrow wallets, a hyper safe medium of crypto exchange.

View Orders

Users are entitled to access the real-time order books with allied details, including crypto type, exchange rates, price, payment method offered, etc.

Manual Trading

Buyers/sellers who are unwilling to exchange through automation can instead prefer the manual trading option and buy/sell cryptos to the respective users.

Recent Orders

To deduce the nature of trade, users are accredited to monitor the most recent orders along with their detailed transaction information.

Top Gainers/Losers

To immerse users into the platform's functionality, the report of best performing traders in descending order is provided.

Order Tracking

Users can instantly view the status of live and active orders and be notified throughout the transaction process.

Raise Disputes

If users aren't satisfied with the process or feel conned, they can readily raise disputes about the particular transaction and request for admin's intervention.

Pair/Trade Search

Users are bestowed with an advanced search bar that sorts out sellers/buyers based on various filters. Crypto pairing is also made available for them.

Admin Dashboard

Admins are conferred with a centralized dashboard embedded with a multitude of control systems that aid in meaningful monitoring of the platform.

Currency Activation

Admins are authorized to integrate new types of cryptos into the platform and activate/deactivate their transactions with will.


For every crypto exchange taking place in the WazirX clone, admins can assign unique OTPs to them and process the transactions only after OTP verification.

Manage Orders

Admins can strenuously access the total orders, affiliates, reports, and track their completion status with regularity as managing orders becomes a cakewalk.

Pair Management

Based on the live-market valuations and exchange speculations, admins can effortlessly manage the crypto pairs employed in the platform.

Analytical Reports

Admins are equipped with advanced analytical reports that picture the app's performance besides comparison charts and statistics of crucial business metrics.

Commission Management

The essential information about the platform's financial health, such as total revenue through commission, commission percentage, total profit, etc., is available to the admin.

Admin Panel

The business owners can completely customize their admin panel based on their preferences to monitor the platform activities.


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URL: https://www.tradingexchangedemo.com
Username: [email protected]
Password: demo@ted


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Advanced Features

  • CSRF ProtectionEliminate the scare of malicious links as our WazirX clone is fixed with an advanced cross-site request forgery protection system.

  • DDoS MitigationSecure your P2P exchange platform from denial-of-service attacks as an ingrained DDoS attack preventer is installed inherently.

  • Anti-Fraud ManagementVulnerabilities and threats originating from unsecured networks are made non-existent by integrating powerful anti-phishing software into the platform.

  • End-to-End EncryptionEvery bit of internal communication and transaction data are encrypted to up the security ante of our WazirX clone. 100% privacy is established.

Launch an P2P Crypto Exchange Platform
that’s faster than anything else.

Tech Stack
Powered In Our Dave Clone Application

Our WazirX Clone is developed with High-Security Standards

Having actualized cryptocurrency exchange platforms for more than a decade, we certainly are deep-rooted with what we consider to be backbone crypto- the emphasis on security. That’s the prime reason why we have incorporated an all-encompassing development process that includes world-class, universally-acclaimed security testing techniques that establish nothing short of impossible security level. Our crypto experts have analyzed thousands of exchanges to surmise possible defects and constructed our WazirX clone in such a way that it is immune to any threats and vulnerabilities. Take a peek at some of the security checks performed at our offering.

Cyber Security Score Check

The Presence of critical security attributes such as AML, SPF, WAF, 2FA, X-Frame, SSL, Cookie-Security, Anti-Phishing software, etc., are ensured to proceed a rooted cybersecurity score check at our WazirX clone.

Penetration Test

We deploy extensive layers of penetration tests to chuck out potential security concerns and malfunctioning and effectively evict in-app glitches if any. Only after the test clearance, the development process is permitted to resume.

Bug Bounty

Our quality assurance engineers employ some of the most stringent evaluation processes to filter out errors in configurational functionalities that have escaped the other security walls. The final P2P crypto exchange platform can be deemed absolutely free from shortcomings and bugs.

How to Startup a Platform like WazirX?

Incubating a peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform right from scratch is no more daunting, especially with Appdupe’s WazirX clone. We have assorted every single functionality and features of premium P2P platforms and enhanced them with our inventive security integrations. For anyone willing to launch a first-class platform like WazirX, we are arguably the most trustable choice.

Our WazirX Clone App
Development Process

  • 1

    Requirement AnalysisOur team of graceful customer relationship representatives collaborates with you to scribe down your entire range of requirements and sketch out the app vision.

  • 2

    PlanningOnce we cumulate the requirements from you, our crew of master developers, designers, and crypto experts spill their genius to present a full-fledged action plan.

  • 3

    UI/UX DesigningKeeping the inherent business sensibilities of crypto in mind, our designers harness their creativity to come up with spectacular iterations of UI design for your app.

  • 4

    Development Our expert developers bring the revolutionary in-house blockchain technology into the play and diligently code the entire exchange platform with perfection.

  • 5

    Testing The WazirX clone is deliberately tested with many security tools to ensure the platform is free from any vulnerabilities, glitches, and bugs.

  • 6

    Deployment We take care of the platform's comprehensive deployment into the client network and make sure that it is instantly compatible to process crypto transactions.

  • 7

    Support We provide sweeping support right from ideation to post-deployment, and any modifications can be infused into the app without a fuss.

The Most Secured WazirX Clone is Now Available
at an Unbelievable Price.

Why Choose our
Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script?

Over the years, Appdupe has emerged as the one-stop-shop for every cryptocurrency development solution, thanks to our ingrained use of groundbreaking technology. Here are some of the reasons why everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to corporates avail of our service for cryptocurrency exchange platform development.

  • Lightning FastBitcoin transfers are processed in a blink of an eye, owing to the use of servers owned by the exchange.

  • Trade Any CoinWe don't restrict the handling of our WazirX clone to bitcoins. In fact, a range of popular crypto coins can be traded.

  • High LiquidityThe instinctive ease of transaction powered by our clone app entices scores of users and thereby increases your platform's liquidity.

  • Large Investment HandlingRecording a longer history of transactions is a definitive feature of our WazirX clone as it can seamlessly handle huge investments and transactions.

  • Easy-to-UseThe entire app architecture is designed explicitly to proffer unparalleled crypto exchange experience to the users.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Revenue generation is made easy as you can get paid through commissions, transaction fees, promotion fees, third-party advertising, etc.
Depending on a plethora of factors such as features to be integrated, tech stack to be deployed, and required customization, the cost varies from project to project. Connect with our Experts to know the exact cost of development.
You can become a fully operational business owner in the shortest time possible as our WazirX clone can be launched in a matter of days.
With integrations such as affiliate programs, liquidity API, trade on binance, margin trade, etc., your business can scale big in a short time.
You can connect with our support team over a call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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